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C. Alice Roberts

     The first white men to reach Butler county found it the home of a powerful Pawnee nation which was living peacefully after having subjugated the neighboring tribes. Today Butler County is a quiet, industrious agricultural community. But the period between is a story of pioneer hardships, struggle against fickle weather, and of the problems involved in constructing a civilization amid a wilderness.
   The early French traders discovered a large permanent encampment of Pawnees under Chief Kittikorak on the present site of David City. There they remained until about 1785 when the infiltration of white settlers through the Alleghenies caused Kittikorak, to move far to the south with a majority of his tribesmen.
   The Platte river, Butler's northern boundary, was named by the early French traders. The Pawnees were a lively, playful people fond of racing, dancing, wrestling and games. Their camp, approximately fifty miles west of the Missouri river and close to the Platte, covered some 100 acres. They were then rulers of an empire. The Pawnee nation recalled by old timers of today was only a remnant of sorry, homeless beggars, their glory gone, foraging here and there for food, not knowing how to adapt themselves to new circumstances.
   About 1800 a trader carried smallpox among the Indians, and it killed thousands of them. Those who escaped migrated westward, leaving many dead on the way. The Indians' strength was further depleted by a great three-day battle between thousands of Pawnee and Sioux.
   By 1810, fur trade had become so successfully organized that a permanent trading post was established on the Missouri. By 1840 government orders were needed to eject settlers from the Indian lands, and by 1854 the clamor of the intruders had extinguished the Indians' title to the land. However, it was 1875 before the last Pawnee was sent to a reservation. In the meantime, early settlers were accustomed to seeing Pawnee, Omaha, Ponca and other tribes traverse the country in search of food. The Pawnees, under Black Chief, maintained a permanent camp in the region now called Butler County.
   However, names like Skull creek and Bone creek still tell of tragic meetings between pioneers and Sioux after the Indians became a strong nation. In later years the tribe fled to the west and north.
   The first white man in this region had no plans for establishing homes here. The traders, of course, remained only long enough to get a stock of furs, and then returned to Detroit or New Orleans. To the succeeding wave of white men, Butler County was just another part of the road to California and Colorado gold fields and the Oregon country. The Mormons, too, passed through this region. Their thousands of wagons left, not a trail, but a highway 50 to 300 feet wide, which was not erased until after years of farming. The Mormon Trail entered at the southeastern corner of Butler County and joined the old Government Road. This Government Road crossed the center of Butler's eastern border and followed ridges in order to avoid Indian surprise attacks. A third trail--the Overland or California Trail made by the Forty-niners hugged the river and came in near the county's northern border. Few of these travelers stopped.
   In 1859 David Gardner, on his way to Pike's Peak, met the returning unsuccessful fortune hunters, and decided to travel no farther. While working for a ferry company, he carried 4,000 Pawnee under four chiefs across the Platte. Each chief paid for his clan's passage with a $10 note, which was later redeemed.
   Butler County's first rancher was George Reed, a freighter carrying 250 cattle across the plains. Hearing Indians were causing trouble, he bought enough land to winter his herd and then decided to stay. Thompson Bissell and two men named Simpson and McCabe, also had ranches but ranching in this region lasted only ten years.
   The County was organized June 26, 1856, by a proclamation of Governor Cuming. It was named for Congressman W. O. Butler of Kentucky, Nebraska's first territorial governor. An 1858 act of the territorial legislature named Mahala City the county seat, but it was never more than a paper city. Butler was considered along with Seward, Saunders and Lancaster Counties as the site for a permanent state capitol but received little notice from the commissioners. Charles H. Whaley represented Butler, Calhoun, Green and Platte Counties in 1860, although the census of that year lists only 27 Butler County residents. A village established on Skull creek in 1857 failed to last through the Pike's Peak gold rush of 1858-59, but did leave the county's first permanent building.
   S. D. Shinn established two county "firsts" by organizing a Platte river ferry in 1858, and making the first private land entry in June, 1860. Shinn and his partners took out toll bridge rights

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Butler Co.

in 1861, and seven years later introduced a steam operated ferry.
   Ten years after Mahala City was named county seat, an election brought out a total vote of sixty-eight. Officers chosen then were Hubbell Pepper, clerk; David Gardner, treasurer; C. C. Loomis, probate judge; William Butler, sheriff; J. A. Taylor, coroner; W. T. Richardson, surveyor; and James Green, Henry Wilson and David Reed, commissioners. Government was administered from private homes until a $915 courthouse was completed in February, 1872, at Savannah, the renamed county seat.
   In 1871 residents of Section Six made a determined effort to move the county seat to a more central location. A mile long train of citizens entered Savannah to get the county records, but a truce was finally called. A petition signed by 504 persons was presented the commissioners the next year and a vote on the question was ordered at the next election. But all the trouble was in vain--David City judges left the ballot box to watch a dog fight and the results were not allowed. In 1873, however, another election gave the county seat to Section 19 by 39 votes. A site was surveyed and named David City, a courthouse built, and the records removed. It was all done so swiftly that some persons were suspicious of trickery. After a first division of the county into quarters, each surveyed township was made a precinct in 1874 with the exception of Richardson, which was given two.
   When the county seat was moved to David City, merchants forsook Savannah, leaving it to die three years after it was founded. Butler Center and Henniganville were others which perished following the election. The village of Lone Star was renamed Dwight and Skull Creek became Linwood.
   For nearly ten years after Shinn took out his land there were few other entries. Even the free homestead act of 1862 failed to attract many permanent settlers and railroads were the first to take out any extensive claims. In 1869 the Union Pacific was granted 97,000 acres, about one-fourth of the county. Another 5,760 acres went to the Burlington in 1872. The census of 1870 recorded a population of 1,290, but by 1890 government land had nearly disappeared.
   An agriculture report in 1870 listed 15,000 acres under cultivation, with wheat, corn, oats and potatoes the principal crops. These four items alone were sold that year for approximately $135,000, and other crops had a value of $30,500. Steady harvest successes had built up confidence in Butler County farmers, and they prospered until the April blizzard of 1872, which killed many cattle and severely damaged crops. In October of the same year an extensive prairie fire caused $20,000 damage in Butler County alone. Crop prices climbed dizzily and corn skyrocketed to $2 per bushel only to fall back down to fifteen cents a bushel in 1873 as the result of a bountiful crop. Blessed with an abundance of agricultural products, however, residents of the county held a fair that year.
   In 1874 Mormon crickets descended on the prairie in clouds, devouring not only crops but even the pioneers' clothes if they were left exposed. In 1875 the settlements were stricken by an epidemic of infant cholera, which the few doctors were unable to check. A daughter of Riley Beach was the only child surviving in the vicinity of David City. However, immigration in the next few years increased, stimulated by railroad advertising in eastern states and Europe.
   Mrs. J. V. Wood and Mrs. Frances G. Crowley, the county's first school teachers, held classes in a log school on Bone creek. Several years later, in 1869, Hubbell Pepper, county clerk, organized nine school districts to take care of the 153 children. A year later there were 204 children. By 1876 the schools numbered fifty-four, and the first grant of state educational funds gave Butler County more than $1,100. Land speculators contributed to school taxes, and a suit against the Union Pacific brought in $15,000 in unpaid taxes for 1872 and 1873.
   Churches, too, were erected. Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans and Catholics were the first to have their own houses of worship. Before that, Quakers, Congregationalists, and Christians had met in homes, sometimes together and sometimes separately, or they held services when some pastor came from a neighboring county.
   The great immigration of the seventies had built up cities which were large enough to support newspapers, and each community, hoping to become a metropolis, wanted its own publication. The Butler County Press was one of the businesses which followed the county seat from Savannah to David City in 1873. Four years later Culmar McCune came from Osceola to found the David City Republican. During the nineties, there were eighteen publications in the county. Many of them, of course, later failed, but several have published continuously.
   The next fifty years produced the usual run of "ups and downs" for Butler County, including a coal famine in the late nineties, hog cholera plagues, malignant spotted fever in Linwood, the dream of a power plant on the Linwood canal to supply 100 cities, including Lincoln and Omaha. In 1902 the Platte Valley State bank failed, costing Butler County citizens an estimated $60,000 to $250,000.
   In the late twenties and early thirties, Butler County began observing its golden anniversaries: weddings, city birthdays, settlements, church organizations and founding of banks and newspaper, all were celebrating fifty years of advancement-- the advancement of Butler County from a desolate prairie area to a region of prosperous modern farms


Who's Who in Nebraska

Butler Co.

   ABBOTT, CHARLES: Merchant; b Athens Co, Ohio Nov 29, 1863; s of William Abbott-Mary Ann Coleman; ed Carter Ky; m Lillian Hermle Feb 25, 1892 Chester; s Earl Leslie, Charles Morris; d Gladys (Mrs Oliver McGarvey), Doris (Mrs C W Desgray), Phyllis (dec), Edith (Mrs Urban Schultz), Margaret; 1886 came to David City; 1888-95 owner meat market, David City; 1895- owner ice plant also Abbott's Lake; 1916-24 owner fruit & vegetable firm, David City; 1900-02 mbr town coun; owns land in David City; C of C; IOOF; KP; Meth Ch; Rep; res David City.

   ALBRIGHT, PAUL JOHN: Merchant; b Allentown, Penn Feb 3, 1884; s of John Albright-Louise Broghamer; ed David City HS: New England Conservatory of Music 1901-02; m Pearl B Curry Sept 16, 1908 David City; 1902-11 with father in store; 1911- owner & mgr of store; C of C; pres Comml Club 1924-25; Golf Club: AF&AM, past master; hobbies, golf, travel; res 847 7th, David City.

   ALDRICH, MRS SYLVIA E STROMAN: Homemaker; b Wollcottville, Ind Apr 20. 1870; d of Samuel Stroman-Catherine L Bower; ed Ulysses HS 1888; m Chester H. Aldrich June 4, 1889 Ulysses (dec Jan 10, 1924); s Charles (dec 1890), George S, Chester H Jr, John (dec 1927), Fred F; sch tchr 1888; VP & mbr lib bd; Meth Ch; mbr exec bd of Rep St. Central Com; hobby, home; Mr Aldrich was Neb sen in 1907 & gov of Neb 1911-13, also at one time was supreme court judge of Neb; res Ulysses.

   ANDERSON, WILLIAM JOHNSON: Manager of Oil Company; b Westmoreland Co, Penn July 2, 1877; s of John Carol Anderson-Sarah M Hill; ed Butler Co; m Effie S Boyers July 12, 1899 Brainard; d Vera Grace (Mrs Garth Osterhout); 1888 with father came to Butler Co from Penn; 1899-1914 farmed in Butler Co; 1914-15 mgr Spelts Elevator Co, David City; 1916-16 part owner & mgr of Farmers Elevator; 1919-21 mbr Neb legislature; 1920-25 real est & ins agt; 1925-30 ret; 1930-39 mgr Farmers Union Co-op oil Co; C of C; dir Comml Club; dir sch bd dists 50 & 63; dir 27 years, Butler Co Agrl Assn; hobby, hunting; off 306 D; res 886 4th, David City,

   AXEN, GEORGE E: Manager Lumber Co; b Scribner, Neb June 1, 1893; s of Carl Axen-Amelia Ellerman; ed Pilger; m Erma D Koehler June 2, 1932 Scottsbluff; s Duane G; 1916-19 mgr Nye Schneider Fowler Co, Fremont; 1919-21 had farm ints in Cuming Co; 1921-30 prop Pilger Bakery & Cafe; 1930-34 P M, Pilger; 1935 mgr N A Allen Lbr Co Ulysses, B & Better Club; Luth Ch; Rep; res Ulysses.

   BAKER, CHARLES ELMER: Dentist; b Pender, Neb Aug. 23, 1898; s of Charles W Baker-Ellen M Pritchard; ed Pender HS 1917; U of N, DDS 1923; Delta Sigma Delta; studied 3 years under Dr James Mark Prince; m Mattis Adee Nov 28, 1923 Lincoln; s Charles Mark; d Kathryn Mae; during World War ent US res force Apr 16, 1918 disch Oct 16, 1919; 1923-25 dentist, Pilger; 1925-29 dentist, Omaha; 1929- dentist, David City; ch mbr & helped write charter for Wesley Guild of Lincoln, later nationalized & made mbr of Phi Tau Theta; 1923 chancellor comm KP, initiated as mbr grand lodge 1934; VP Central dist Dental Soc; ADA; past master AF&AM; father came to Neb in spring of 1886 & settled in Pender; off Manning Bldg; res 268 N. 4th, David City.

   BECKER, GLEN AUBREY: Lumber & Coal Dealer; b Davis, Ill Sept 3, 1872; s of George W Becker-Agnes I Osterhout; ed David City HS: Neb Wes, Lincoln; m Phoebe Doty Nov 25, 1900 David City; s Glen Aubrey Jr; d Virginia Margaret (Mrs Sanford V Griffin); 1893- lbr & coal dlr, David City; 1912-29 mbr sch bd; city treas 6 years; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; C of C; AF&AM 51; OES ch 20; Meth Ch; Rep; res David City.

   BUCHTA, ELSIE A: Homemaker; b Butler Co, Neb Oct 19, 1873; d of David Armagost-Sarah Bobb; ed David City HS; m William Carl Buchta Oct 9, 1895 David City; s Marion Arthur; d Jean Elsie (Mrs. Donald J Dickens); 1928-30 mbr U S congressional com, Butler Co; past mbr Delphian Soc; 1922- bd mbr ARC, 1928-88 co chmn; DAR, state librarian 1923-24; chmn co Liberty Loan drive during World War; OES; Rebekah, state pres 1910; Congl Ch: Rep; hobbies, needlepoint work, travel and study of history; father (dec) was Butler Co sheriff 2 terms & farmed 50 years; res David City.

   BUCHTA, WILLIAM CARL: Mayor; b Edwardsville, Ill Jan 13, 1866; s of John Buchta-Johanna Sophia Kaiser; ed Madison Co; Coll of Horology & Optics, Chicago 1892-93; m Elsie Armagost Oct 9, 1895 David City; foster s Marion Arthur; d Jean Elsie: 1884-90 opr farm on shares with brother, Edwardsville Ill; 1893-1925 owner & opr jewelry store in David City; 1908 traveled in Mexico to Gulf of Tehauntehec, 1926 toured Europe, visited islands of Mediterranean & bordering countries, also US & Canada with Mrs. Buchta; 1926-33 opr optical bus, David City; 1934- mayor; mbr city coun 2 terms; C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Shrine; David City & Neb OES; IOOF; Rebekah; MWA; past chmn bd of trustees, Congl Ch; Rep: hobbies, travel, gardening, flowers; res David City.

   BURDICK, DONALD EDWIN: Physician & Surgeon; b David City Neb Sept 1, 1902; s of Harry Edwin Burdick-Bertha Agnes Hill; ed HS; U of N, BSc, MD 1927; Sigma Nu; Nu Sigma NU; Alpha Omega Alpha; m Lucille E Wingfield June 12, 1926 David City; s James Edwin; d Jean Elizabeth; 1927-28 interne Allegheny Gen Hosp, Pittsburgh, Pa; 1928- prac med in David City; Butler Co Med Soc; Sixth Dist Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; hobby, collecting stamps; off 400 5th; res 440 9th, David City.

   CAMPBELL, VERN: Area Manager Telephone & Telegraph Co; b MeCool Junction, Neb May 17, 1890; s of John Campbell-Content Ong; ed McCool Junction HS 1907; m Rose McGregory Feb 15, 1920 David City; s Gordon; d Helen; 1909-12 with York Co Tele Co, 1913 mgr at Gresham; 1915-24 in construction work tele & teleg co, David City; 1924- mgr Lincoln Tele & Teleg Co: David City; during World war with 323rd field signal batt in communication work, 7 mos O-S disch May 17, 1919; Amer Leg; 40 & 8; C of C; AF&AM; RAM; hobby, fishing; res David City.

   COE, ROY B: Furniture Dealer & Undertaker; b Crawfordsville, Ia Aug 4, 1870; s of Sterling D Coe-Mary M Crawford; ed David City; m Mamie Churchill Dec 25, 1893 Escondido Cal; s Sterling C; d Irma G; 1887-1924 worked in father's shop; 1925- owner & mgr furn & undertaking bus; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; C of C; KP; Rep; hobby, woodwork; res David City.

   COUFAL, EDWARD A: Attorney; b near Brainard, Neb Sept 25, 1881, s of Frank Coufal-Kate Shonka; ed Brainard; Schuyler HS; U of N 1906-08; Alpha Tau Omega, Theta Nu Epsilon; m Hazel Mench Feb, 1919 David City; s Frederic; 1908 adm to bar; 1908- prac law David City; 1910-15 Butler Co Judge; 1920 mbr constitutional conv; mayor,1919-23; mbr exec com Neb St Bar Assn; Amer Bar Assn; Uni Club, Lincoln: during World war chmn Butler Co ARC & appeal agt; KC; mbr Dem State Central Com, mbr exec com several years; hobby, reading; res David City.

   DAVIS D D: Auto Dealer; b Schuyler, Neb Nov 20, 1895; s of E E Davis-Mary E Phelps; ed Schuyler HS 1913; m Fannie E Watson June 20, 1919 David City; s Don D, Norman E: d Mary Beth; 1913-30 in auto bus; 1930- Chevrolet Dlr: 1928-32 & 1939 mbr city coun; during World War at Kelly Field, disch Dec 23, 1918 cadet aviation flying sch; C of C; Amer Leg, past post & co comm; AF&AM, past master, RAM; OES; Dem; hobby, travel; res David City.

   DAY, W D: Filling station proprietor; b Mt Orab, O Mar 8, 1869; s of Albert M Day-Ophelia Kazakus; ed Ohio; m Ella Hewitt Feb 1 1899; came to Neb 1884 & settled in Ulysses, prior to 1899 opr gen store; 1899-1918 oprd livery & transfer bus; 1912-14 co supvr; 1918-24 P M; 1934- opr William Day Filling Sta; 6 years mbr town bd; past mbrComml Club; IOOF; Dem; res Ulysses.

   DIERS, CARL E: Merchant, b Ulysses, Neb Feb 6, 1893; s of Henry Diers-Winifred Towner; ed Ulysses HS 1910; U of N 1911; Northwestern U, DDS 1913; Xi Psi Phi, Theta Nu Epsilon; m Luetta Gubser Sept 18, 1919 Ulysses; s Henry, Robert, Donald; d Catherine; 1914 dentist, Hastings; 1915 dentist Ulysses; 1915-17 with Diers Store in Ulysses; 1919-21 with Diers Store, Scottsbluff; 1921 owner Dier's Store which father founded in 1883; 1927- chmn sch bd; past mbr town bd; during World war in mobile service, park unit 350 O/S 1917-19; Amer Leg, past adjt; AF&AM; Scot Rite 320; Sesostris Shrine; IOOF; BPOE; Chris Ch; Dem; hobby, hunting; off & res: Ulysses.

   DIVIS, CHARLES JOSEPH: Retired; b Butler Co, Neb Jan 22, 1889; s of Charles Divis-Anna Rejda; ed Bruno. HS; m Stazie Kostka Dec 15, 1905 David City; 1905-15 clk for Horacek


Who's Who in Nebraska

Butler Co

Bros, Brainard; 1915-25 mgr Horacek Bros; 1925-36 owner C J Divis Gen Mdse; 1936- ret; 1924 secy & mbr sch bd; 1909-11 dir Farmers State Bank; 1929-31 dir Brainard State Bank; Comml Club; 1934 mbr pub sch bldg com; ZCBJ; Dem; co committeeman; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Brainard.

    DOLPHER, V E: Bank Cashier; b Horton, Kas June 7, 1892; s of V E Dolpher-Christina Rasmussen; ed Pocasset Okla HS 1911; Normal Training School, Chickasha Okla; Gem City Bus Coll, Quincy Ill; m Edna Francis Dec 27, 1915 Effingbarn Ill; d Ruth, Helen, Norma; 1914 ent banking bus, Oberlin Kas; 1914-18 asst cash First Natl Bank, Decatur; 1918-19 asst cash, Otoe Co Natl Bank, Nebraska City; 1920 cash, First Natl Bank, David City; pres 2nd Regional Clearing House Assn; Neb Bankers Assn, chmn banking prac div; C of C; MWA; IOOF, treas; hobbies, race horses, hunting, fishing; off First Natl Bank; res David City.

   DUFEK, JOE FRANK: Merchant; b Brainard, Neb Feb 16, 1896; s of Frank J Dufek-Anna Sedlak; ed Brainard; m Marie Horacek Nov 3, 1920 Brainard; s Franklin Lee, Elden: 1911-15 clk hdw store, David City; 1915 clk Rupp & Dietz Hdw, Seward; 1916 in Mexican border service; 1919 city water commr, Brainard; 1920-24 owner impl store, David City; 1914- owner gen mdse & hdw store, Brainard; during World War in 20th inf, replacement unit 345th inf AEF, O/S July 1918-Feb 28 1919; Amer Leg post 273, comm 1925: chmn Americanization com; mbr Comml Club, dir; 1937 mbr town bd; 1924-31 mbr fire dept; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Brainard.

   DUNCAN, J GLEN: Produce Merchant; b Siam, Ia Sept 29, 1883; s of G W Duncan-Adney J Smith; ed Westboro Mo HS 1901; Gem City Comml Coll, Quincy, Ill 1902-03; m Jessie Cecil Cassada Oct 9, 1910 Conway Ia; d Kathleen; 1906 farmer in southern Ia; 1910 clk in produce store, David City; 1910-11 opr creamery one year at Storm Lake Ia; 1912- engaged in produce bus, David City; mbr city coun 4 years; VP C of C 2 terms; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; MWA; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res David City.

   DWORAK, JOSEPH J: County Clerk: b Brainard, Neb Jan 5, 1897: s of Charles Dworak-Katherine Toman; ed David City 1915, LBC 1916; 1916-18 & 1919-22 bkkpr in Butler Co St Bank, David City; 1922-29 Butler Co dep treas; 1929- co clk: during World war 1918-19 with US army, Camp Grant Ill: Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; C of C; Amer Leg; KC, past financial secy; MWA; Golf Club; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, baseball, football; off Courthouse; res 1290 5th, David City.

   EBERLY, JOHN: Owner Seed Co; b Octavia, Neb Oct 8, 1887; s of Levannes Jacob Eberly-Sarah Ann Strickler; ed David City; U of N 1905-06; m Aliene Wilgus Feb 9, 1910 David City; s John Wilgus, Richard Edwin: d Doris Aliene; 1906-07 emp by Jordan Drug Store, David City; 1907-11 bkkpr Central Neb Natl Bank; 1911-22 asst cash; 1922-34 cash; 1934 owner & opr Central Seed Co. David City; pres bd of edn; worshipful master AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobbies, music, golf, 1927, '31, '32, '34 winner David City golf championship; off 2nd & C; res 781 6th, David City.

   EVANS, J E: Secretary Building & Loan Association; b Cedar Co, Ia Oct 20, 1875; s of John H Evans-Crissie I Leech; ed Cedar Co & Wilton Junction Ia; m Alice Mae Brimm Dec 29, 1897 Muscatine Ia; s Ray E, Robert T; d Gladys Mae (Mrs Ivan Doseff); 1892-1902 farmer & livestock raiser; 1902-03 VP Atalisa Ia Savings Bank; 1903-05 cash, Downey Ia Savings Bank; 1905-10 cash, Peoples Savings Bank; 1910-20 cash Citizens Savings Bank, Cedar Falls Ia; 1920-28 cash, Johnson Co Savings Bank, Iowa City; 1925-27 secy Surety B & L Assn, Lincoln; 1930 VP Charles E. Walters Co of Omaha; 1930 off mgr & secy David City B & L Assn; Cedar Falls Ia C of C, 5 years chmn & dir; AF&AM, Iowa City; Meth Ch, mbr finance com; Rep, secy Butler Co Central Com, 1924 helped org Rep campaign; res 882 H, David City.

   FLYNN, WALTER P: Postmaster; b Butler Co, Neb Aug 22, 1872: s of Frank Flynn-Sarah Martin; ed David City HS: Northwestern U, DDS 1899; m Mary Walter Nov 6, 1900 Rising City; s Frank; d Marial (Mrs Ted O'Melia); 1900-30 dentist, Ulysses; 1933- PM by apptmt; past mbr sch bd & town bd; Neb Ch Natl Assn of PMs; AF&AM; Congl Ch; Dem. hobbies, hunting, fishing, livestock; res Ulysses.

   GATES, JENNIE VIRGINIA: Owner Bakery & Cafe; b Millersburg Ill June 15, 1865; d of James Gibson-Mary Ann Lemon; ed Millersburg; m Gid Warne Gates Apr 13, 1887 Herald1; s Arch J; d Nadine, Lucille; 1882 came to David City; with husband oprd bakery & cafe estab 1877 by his father; daughter Lucille active mgr since death of Mr Gates in 1928; AOUW, D of H; Meth Ch; res David City.

1Herald discontinued as postoffice, now served by Chambers.

   GILMORE, RICHARD CALVIN: Veterinarian; b York Co, Neb Jan 17, 1892; s of Encil E Gilmore-Sarah Catherine Eastman; ed McCool Junction HS; Kansas City Veterinary Coll, DVM 1916; m Margaret Donovan June 30, 1920 Central City; s Vernon Lee; d Betty Jane; 1912-15 with father on farm, York Co; 1919- veterinarian, Ulysses; during World war 1917-19 with 30th div, veterinary corps, first lt, 59th Inf brigade; AEF, O/S May 10, 1918 to May 10, 1919, in 28th div with 103rd English regiment; Amer Leg, post 347, comm 4 years; Neb Thoroughbred Horse Breeders Assn, pres 1936-37; Neb St Veterinary Med Assn; 1922-28 & 1937-39 mbr town coun, chm 1924-28; hon mbr fire dept; IOOF; Chris Ch; Rep: hobby, race horses; father was York Co farmer 50 years; res Ulysses.

   GRAMLICH, RALPH: Physician & Surgeon; b Sarpy Co, Neb Aug 1, 1886; s of John Gramlich-Joanna Gramlich; ed South Omaha HS; U of N, BA 1907; U of N, MD 1914; Acacia; Nu Sigma Nu; m Wilhelmina Bristol June 1, 1914 Omaha; s John B; d Joan; 1915-37 prac med, Walthill; 1937- prac med, David City; C of C; Butler Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Amer Assn of Rwy Surgs; Walthill AF&AM; Omaha Scot Rite; Meth Ch; Rep; res David City.

   GRAYBILL, ARTHUR: Plumber; b Mapleton, Ia June 9, 1885; s of C C Graybill-Mary Alexander; ed Monona Co Ia; m Lottie Hiner June 23, 1910 David City; d Marjorie Anna; 1903-05 emp in hdw store, Castana Ia; 1905-10 owner harness shop, David City; 1910-20 emp in Ammon Hdw Store, David City, 1920- owner plumbing shop, David City; 1932-36 mbr town coun; 1932- mbr park bd; AF&AM 51; Meth Ch, trustee; Rep; res David City.

   HARRIS, FERN WANSER NEILL: Homemaker; b Brainard, Neb Dec 18, 1887; d of George Wanser-Mary Alice Jones; ed Ulysses HS; Neb Wes, bachelor of elocution 1910; m Lewis C Harris July 11, 1935 Osceola; d Dorothy, Mary; 1905-06, 1908-09, 1910-15 tchr, Butler Co; 1920-21 city editor Peoples Banner, David City; 1922-30 Butler Co supt of schs, editor of Butler Co School Visitor; 1930- 34 tchr grade schs, Columbus: secy Co Supts Assn 1 year; Womans Club; DAR, ch historian; OES, asst conductress; Pythian Sisters, mistress of records & correspondence; Meth Ch; Rep, vice chmn Butler Co; hobbies, needlework, flowers; res David City.

   HARVEY, H RAY: Restaurant Owner; b Ulysses, Neb Nov 10, 1894; s of Thomas Harvey-Mary C Pearce; ed Ulysses HS; m Olive Larkin Dec 9, 1913 Surprise (dec 1926); m Myrtle McKay Dec 22, 1937 Nevada, Mo; s Wayne, Tommy; d Maryanna; 1913-23 farmer Butler Co; 1923- owner Harvey's Place, Ulysses; Dem; hobby, football; res Ulysses.

   HASTINGS, LOVEL SHELDON: District Judge; b Boone Co, Ill Nov 1, 1866; s of Henry Hastings-Elenor Lytle; ed David City HS; m Eva Sheldon Sept 23, 1893 David City; d Valdeva (Mrs S W Combs), Norma (Mrs Willard Messenger); 1885-87 read law under J C Roberts, David City; adm to bar 1887; 1887-1922 prac law David City; 1891-95 Butler Co atty; 1903-05 state senator, Butler & Seward Cos; 1912 mbr town coun; 1913 mayor David City; 1912-13 pres bd of edn: 1923- judge of dist court 5th judicial dist; C of C; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; IOOF; BPOE; KP; Meth Ch; hobby, fishing; off Courthouse; res 1187 D, David City.

   HOLLAND, MRS AGNES THERESA: Superintendent of Schools; b Des Moines, Ia Mar 3, 1874; d of Michael C Delaney-Catherine Hanna; ed St Francis Acad, Council Bluffs Ia; PSTC; KSTC; Midland Coll; m Daniel Holland July 1, 1897 David City (dec 1937); s William; d Kathryn (Mrs. John Swift); 1892- 98 tchr in Butler Co; Butler Co dep assessor 4 years; bkkpr in dept store, David City 2 years; 1931 Butler Co supt of schs; NSTA; Neb St Assn of Co Supts; Ben Hur Lodge; Cath Daughters of Amer; Cath Ch; hobbies, reading, charity; res David City.

   HOUDESCHELDT, FRANK E: Railway Agent; b Pleasant Dale, Neb Oct 2, 1898; s of John Henry Houdescheldt-Lillie May Brong; ed Pleasant Dale; Anselmo HS; m Maria A Olexa Dec 2, 1918 York; d June Evelyn; with CB&Q RR 23 years, Ulysses agt since 1924; past mbr city


Butler Co.

Who's Who in Nebraska

coun; ORT; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Ulysses.

   HRANAC, JOSEPH C: County Judge: b Geneva, Neb Apr 20, 1903; s of Frank Hranac-Mary Krejci; ed Geneva; U of N, LLB 1926; Phi Delta Phi; 1926-31 & 1935-37 prac law, David City; 1981-35 Butler Co atty; 1937- Butler Co judge; Neb St Bar Assn; Comml Club; secy treas Golf Club; Uni Club, Lincoln; off Courthouse; res 253 5th, David City.

   HUGHES, ALICE CARY COUFFER: Secretary-Treasurer of Abstract & Loan Company; b Harlan Ia, Aug 16, 1871; d of George Marlin Couffer-Sarah Catherine Virginia Atkinson; ed David City; Western Normal Coll, Shenandoah Ia; Zanerian Art U Columbus O; m Alfred LeRoy Hughes June 12, 1912 Washington, D C, (dec 1931); 1891-94 tchr Aurora; 1895-96 tchr, Steubenville O; 1897-99 tchr, Pierce; 1900-12 statistical illustrator for govt, Washington, D C; 1912-13 homemaker David City; 1931 secy-treas A L Hughes Abstract & Loan Co, Inc; Owls Club; PEO; DAR; OES; DUV; Meth Ch; 1879 Mr Hughes came to Neb, was adm to bar, settled in David City Mar 1980, prac law & abstract bus until death; off & res 449 D, David City.

   JELINEK, STEPHEN HERMAN: Dentist; b Wilber, Neb Nov 28, 1887; s of John Jelinek-Johanna Pisar; ed Wilber HS; Creighton U, DDS 1911; Delta Sigma Delta; m Anna Houser June 22, 1910 Omaha; s Herman John; 1911- dentist, Brainard; 1914-15, 1925-37 mbr village bd; 1914-15 mayor; 1916 mbr sch bd, treas in 1916, chmn since then; chmn sch bldg com, 1934; org & 1st pres Comm Club, Brainard; during World war chmn War Savings com: org ARC, Brainard; mbr Liberty Loan Com; Central Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; Chris Ch; hobbies, reading; res Brainard.

   JOHANNES, FRANK A: Auto Dealer; b Abie, Neb Mar 22, 1891; s of Frank Johannes-Antonie Virgl; ed Abie HS; m Anna C Janovy Feb 8, 1913, Fremont; s Creighton; d Marjorie, Betty Ann; 1910-18 in grain and lbr bus, Linwood; 1918- Dodge car dlr, David City; Chrysler distributor since 1929; Comm Club; ZCBJ; IOOF; Izaak Walton; Meth Ch; hobby, fishing; res David City.

   JORDAN, LORAN: Druggist; b near Panora, Ia July 11, 1872; s of D C Jordan-Jane Wolfe; ed David City HS 1885; Gibbon Comml Sch 1886-87; m Bessie L Willis Sept 6, 1899 Gresham; d Dorothy; 1887- 94 with R M McCollom Drug, David City; 1895-1905 owner drug store Gresham; 1905- owner & mgr drug store, David City; C of C, past pres; Neb Pharm Assn, pres 1923; AF&AM; KP; hobbies, golf, travel; res David City.

   KASPAREK, EDWARD: Service Station Owner; b David City, Neb Apr 1, 1883; s of Rudolph Kasparek- Petronella Nemec; ed David City; m Mabel Poster Nov 19, 1907, Beatrice; 1898-1901 worked for Arthur Myatt, David City; 1901-03 with B & M Clothing Co, Oklahoma City; 1903-07 traveling musician; 1907-10 in Bloomington; 1910-18 McCook; 1918-30 with David City Ice & Storage Co; 1930- owner & mgr Kasparek Service Station, David City; mbr Burlington Concert Band; hobbies, music, fishing, hunting; res 412 S 5th, David City.

   KLEIN, ALOIS JOSEPH: Clergyman; b Frauenthal, Bohemia Feb 6, 1866; s of John Klein-Catherine Stepan; ed Classical Gymnasium, Budejovice Bohemia 1886; Budejovice Seminary 1886-87; German U of Prague 1887-89; Clerical Seminary of Klagenfurt 1889; ordained June 15, 1889 in Cathedral of Klagenfurt, Carinthia, by Dr Joseph Kahn; 1889 came to Amer; 1889-91 pastor of St. Wenceslaus parish, Wahoo, also missions of Weston & Brainard, erected new ch at Wahoo; 1891-93 pastor of St Ludmila's Ch, Crete, also missions of Weston, Brainard & Wilber; 1893- pastor at Holy Trinity Parish, Brainard, built ch 1906, sch 1916 & rectory 1927; later given chg of several parishes, 1895 St Francis Ch, Alverno, 1897 Dwight & Touhy, 1901 Bruno & Bee, 1902 Loma; 1898 appointed mbr diocesan bd of consultors & examiner of jr clergy; 1909 appointed Vicar Gen of diocese of Lincoln, served under 3 bishops; named administrator of diocese during vacancies in 1911 & 1917; Aug 26, 1913 named Monsignor by Pope Pius X; 1922 named Honorary Canon by Archbishop Stojan of Bohemia; 1929 aptd Protonotary Apostolic by Pope Pius XI; 1933 apptd by Bishop Kucera as dean of Brainard deanery; June 15, 1939 celebrated golden anniversary of ordination to priesthood, during which time he founded 4 congregations, org 12 branches of benevolent socs, erected 5 chs, 4 rectorles & 1 sch; 1895 & 1922 visited Bohemia; has internatl reputation as apiarist, agrl experimentalist; writer, published several English treatises on agr & bees, many Czech poems in various periodicals, many articles in Bohemian Natl Encyclopedia, articles on bees in Encyclopedia Brittanica, German-Czech translation of Dr May's "In The Pacific Ocean," English-Czech translation of Washington Irving's "Alhambra," Charles Lamb's "Tales From Shakespeare," Dr Huebsch's "Marigolds"; life mbr Neb Beekeepers Assn, pres 1911-17, pres emeritus since 1917; U S D A considers him expert authority on artificial propagation & reproduction of plants by cutting, layering, grafting & budding; Cath Workmen, past state chaplain; ch mbr KC, David City; during World War dir ARC; hobbies, bees, agriculture; res Brainard.

   KLOSTERMAN, HENRY FREDERICK: Banker & Farmer; b Oldenburg, Germany March 26, 1904; s of August Klosterman-Anna Hillen; ed Oldenburg Germany HS; Agrl Coll, Oldenburg, Germany 1921; U of N 1927-28; Alpha Gamma Rho; m Oda Vermillion July 12, 1932 Minneapolis Kas; s John Carsten; d Ann, Catharine; 1928-32 farmer near Ulysses, Butler Co; 1932- mgr of farms for Klosterman Trust, David City; 1934 dir First Natl Bank; 1934-37 VP First Natl Bank; farms 700 A in Butler Co. 800 A Boone Co, mgr of 28 farms; Luth Ch; Rep; res David City.

   KREYMBORG, M GLENN: Pharmacist; b Moorhead, Ia Dec 15, 1901; s of Louis F Kreymborg-Mae Egan; ed Kennard HS 1919; Creighton U, PhG 1923; Kappa Psi; m Mary Redgwick Aug 6, 1925 Omaha; s Robert Glenn; d Mary Lavonne; 1919-23 in drug bus, Fremont; 1923-32 in drug bus, Omaha; 1932- drug bus, Brainard; vol fire dept, past secy; Comml Club; Indep; hobby, golf; res Brainard.

   KREYMBORG, ORVAL CLAIR: Physician; b Ricketts, Ia Apr 23, 1903; s of Louis F Kreymborg-Mae Egan; ed Fremont HS 1920; Creighton V, 1921; U of N, MD 1927; Phi Beta Pi; m Marie Kessler Aug 20, 1928 Omaha; s Lou Clair, James K; 1927-28 interne, St Catherines Hosp, Omaha; 1928-29 priv prac, Hartington, Beemer & Lyons; 1929- priv med prac, Brainard; mbr vol fire dept; Neb St Vol Firemen Assn, chmn edn com; 6th Dist Med Soc, pres; Neb St & AMA; Comml Club, seek; Dem; hobby, fire dept-, res Brainard.

   KRIZ, ALBIN JAMES: Merchant; b Brainard, Neb Dec 1, 1908; s of John Kriz-Josephine Vachal; ed Brainard HS, mbr HS basketball team; KSTC 1922 & 1926-27; U of N 1924-25, played freshman football; m Gertrude Rerucha May 23, 1928 Brainard, s Melvin John; d Louise Marie; 1922-23 tchr, Butler Co; 1926-28 tchr & coach, Brainard pub schs; 1928-33 ptr of Charles Divis in gen store, Brainard; 1933-36 P M; 1936- ptr of brother Otto in gen store; Fedn of Neb Retailers; 1933-36 secy Comml Club; mbr fire dept, pres 1933-34; KC, dep grand knight 1929; Holy Trinity Ch; Dem; hobby, athletics; father was Butler Co farmer & co commr 21 years; res Brainard.

   KRIZ, OTTO: Merchant; b Brainard, Neb Sept 12, 1910; s of John Kriz-Josephine Vachal, ed Brainard HS, 4 years mbr football & basketball teams; Amer Bus Coll; m Alice Bruner Aug 24, 1937 Brainard; d Patricia Ann; 1933-36 clk for Charles Divis, Brainard; 1936- ptr of brother, Albin in gen store; 1939- mgr Farmers Union Co-op Oil Co; mbr fire dept, VP since 1938; Holy Trinity Ch; Rep; hobby, athletics; res Brainard.

   KROHN, EDWIN A: Banker; b Chicago, Ill July 1, 1890; s of Joseph O Krohn-Adaline Peterson; ed Antelope Co; law course, LaSalle Extension U Chicago; m Helen Pofahl June 27, 1920 Norfolk; s Joseph; d Leora; with Farmers State Bank of Newport prior to 1920; 1920-28 cash Farmers & Mchts Bank, Garrison; 1928-32 cash Ulysses State Bank; 1932- pres Ulysses State Bank; during World War with 326th machine gun batt. O/S 1917-18; Neb Bankers Assn; AF&AM, Scot Rite, Tangier Shrine; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Ulysses

   MCVAY, EDWARD: Funeral Director; b Clarinda, Ia May 25, 1892; s of M C McVay-Carrie Strong; ed Clarinda HS; Hohenschuh Carpenter Coll of Embalming 1913; m Sadie Bagnall Nov 20, 1913 Clarinda Ia; s Charles E, Richard, John; 1911-15 in prac, Clarinda Ia; 1915-17 furn dlr & undertaker, Emerson Ia; 1917-18 ptr of O E Davis, David City; 1919- owner funeral home; Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res David City.


Who's Who in Nebraska

Butler Co.

   MACHUREK, CHARLES CHASE: Sheriff; b Princeton, Mo May 15, 1889; s of Frank Machurek-Katie ___ ; ed St Louis Mo; David City HS; m Bessie Heflin Oct 7, 1907 Omaha; s William; 1907-12 worked in restaurant, David City; 1912-15 emp in hdw store, David City; 1915-17 worked in dept store, David City; 1917-35 in real est & auto bus; 1935- Butler Co sheriff; mbr legislative com, Neb Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn, chmn Eastern Neb group; Comml Club; KP; BPOE; Rep; hobbies, horses, hunting, fishing; res David City.

   MADSEN, MATHIAS ANTON: Merchant; b Denmark Sept 26, 1870; s of Niels Madsen-Karen Thompsen; ed Howard Co; m Hansina Stockholm Sept 10, 1902 Dannebrog; s Carl J; 1890-99 farmer, Howard Co; 1901-03 ptr in gen hdw store, Dannebrog; 1903-10 owner hdw store; 1910-23 owner hdw & furn store, Merna; 1923-26 clk in hdw store, Lincoln; 1926- owner hdw store, Ulysses; 1937-39 councilman, mayor 1939; former councilman, Merna; 1898-1900 mbr sch bd dist, Howard Co; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; AF&AM 187 worshipful master 1938; mbr Danish Brotherhood since 1902; Luth Ch; Dem; res Ulysses.

   MALOVEC, WILLIAM ANTHONY: Implement Dealer; b Abie, Neb Jan 13, 1886; s of Joseph Malovec- Barbara Vavra; ed Abie HS; Fremont Normal; m Anna Barcal Feb 24, 1908 David City; d Marguerite; 1901-08 worked for father on farm; 1908-14 farmer in Saunders & Seward Cos; 1914-17 in flour & grain bus, David City; 1917-25 part owner impl bus; 1925- owner & mgr W A Malovec Impl Co; 1925- exclusive dlr John Deere Impls, David City; past mbr Brainard sch bd; Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; C of C; ZCBJ; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 340 4th; res 123 7th, David City.

   MIZERA, FRANK HAROLD: Attorney; b Morse Bluff, Neb Aug 3, 1889; s of John Mizera-Jennie Soucek; ed Morse Bluff HS; PSTC; U of N, BA, LLB; m Vlasta Sterba Oct 28, 1919 Omaha; s Robert Frank, Franklin Harold, David John; 1908-09 supt Walthill HS; 1912-17 law off, David City; 1919- prac law, David City; during World War, enl US army Oct 22, 1917 disch June 4, 1919, O/S 11 mos; Amer Leg; 1919-23 city atty; 1923-31 Butler Co atty; 1933-36 atty for HOLC; past dir Butler Co Natl Farm Loan Assn; past dir Butler Co Power Dist, 1938; Neb St Bar Assn; Comml Club, ch mbr & dir; mbr BSA com; C of C; ch mbr & past dir Golf Club; First Congl Ch, past chmn bd of trustees; past chmn Butler Co Dem Central Com; off Wolfe Bldg; res 1320 6th, David City.

   MURPHY, MICHAEL DENNIS: Plumber; b Montreal, Canada July 18, 1871; s of Michael Murphy-Ellen Flynn; ed Montreal, Canada; Columbus, m Margaret Fox Aug 8, 1893 Ulysses; s Marvin William, Raymond Joseph; 1882-83 in plumbing & heating bus, Montreal Canada; 1883-87 in plumbing & heating bus, Columbus; 1888- in plumbing & heating bus, David City; mbr Comml Club; MWA; Ben Hur; Cath Ch; res David City.

   OWEN, MRS FLORELLA F: Copublisher; b Greenville, Ill: d of C F Clark-Margaret Fenton; ed Gem City Bus Coll, Quincy Ill; m John H Owen Dee 18, 1907 Denver; d Margaret Alice; 1901-05 sch tchr, Red Oak Ia; 1905-06 att bus coll; 1906-07 secy, Fisk Rubber Co, Denver; 1907-10 homemaker, Denver; 1910-33 bkkpr for Butler Co Press, David City; 1933- co-publisher with husband, Butler Co Press; NPA; Owls Club; DAR, past regent; OES, ch mbr; Congl Ch; Dem; res 1045 6th, David City.

   OWEN, JOHN H: Editor & Publisher; b Montgomery, Mo Apr 24, 1873; s of James M Owen-Helen H Cowan; ed Mexico Mo; m Florella F Clark Dec 18, 1907 Denver; d Margaret Alice; learned printers trade while in HS; 1894-97 with Mexico Mo Ledger; 1897-1905 worked in St Louis Mo; 1905-10 in Denver; 1910-33 bus mgr & assoc editor Butler Co Press, David City; 1933- ptr of wife, editor & publisher Butler Co Press; NPA; mbr bd of dir Neb Good Roads Assn; active in road improvement, Butler Co; ch mbr C of C, past bd mbr; mbr lib bd; Golf Club; AF&AM, past master, Sesostris Shrine, Scot Rite 32o; MWA; Congl Ch; Dem: hobbies, good roads, out-door sports; res 1045 6th, David City.

   PHILLIPS, S W: Veterinarian; b Kansas City, Kas Dec 22, 1883; s of Winfield Phillips-Mary Jane Bates; ed Star City Ind HS; Kansas City Veterinary Coll, DVM 1912; m Una Maud LeMaster Dec 22, 1906 Portland Ind; s Donald Keith; d Mary Louise (Mrs L O Wilson); 1912- veterinarian, David City; 1931- chmn Co 4-H Club; past pres, dir Neb Veterinary Med Assn; Amer Vet Med Assn; C of C; MWA; AF&AM, Scot Rite 32o, KT; res David City.

   RICHARDS, WILLIAM: Clergyman; b Cornwall, England Aug 25, 1879; s of Joseph Richards-Honor Jane James; ed Cornwall England; Butte Mont Bus Coll; Wheaton Coll, Wheaton Ill; Atlanta Ga Theological Seminary; m Laura Hamilton Mar 18, 1909 Steamboat Springs Colo (dec); s James Laurence, Charles Erskine; d Honor Jane; m Anna May Howard Sept 3, 1926 Monroe Center Ill; 1908-10 pastor, Danbury; 1910-14 pastor Holdrege; 1914-17 pastor Hyannis; 1917-22 pastor David City; 1922 mgr & owner greenhouse; 1918-33 pastor, Linwood; 1934- pastor, David City; moderator of state conf of Congl Chs 1914; del to natl coun New Haven, Conn 1915; mayor 2 terms, David City; mbr park commission 4 years; lib bd 8 years, secy; Comml Club; hobby, raising flowers; res David City.

   SABATA, RAY E: County Attorney; b Dwight, Neb Feb 20, 1906; s of Robert J Sabata-Frances Coufal; ed Superior HS; U of N, BA, LLB; Acacia, past pres; Phi Delta Phi; m Margaret Zellinger Sept 18, 1933 David City; 1931-35 prac law, David City, with Coufal & Shaw; 1935- Butler Co atty; Neb St Bar Assn; C of C; AF&AM; Rep; res David city.

   SCHAAF, HAROLD HOMER: Attorney; b Milford, Neb June 29, 1903; s of H O Schaaf-Jennie E ___; ed David City HS 1920; U of N, LLB 1925; Phi Alpha Delta; m Esther B Innis June 20, 1934 Lincoln; s Romer David; 1925-29 with Coufal & Shaw, David City; 1929-37 Butler Co judge; 1937- prac law, David City: 1927- treas fire dept; C of C, past secy; ROA, secy treas Fremont dist; Amer Bar Assn; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; Royal Order of Jesters; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, mil law; res 1266 5th, David City.

   SCHAAF, HOMER OTTO: Insurance Agent; b Minier, Ill Nov 21, 1868; s of Jacob Schaaf-Margaret Jane Baker; ed Minier, Ill; m Jennie E Schultz Dec 15, 1898 Seward; s Harold Homer; 1887-1904 in grain bus, Milford; 1904-05 secy, treas Spelts Grain Co, David City; 1905-07 mgr Spelts Grain Co; 1907-18 pres & gen mgr Schaaf Grain Co, Inc; 1919-37 abstractor & ins agt; 1937- ins agt, David City; 1911- secy bd of edn; 1913-14-15 pres Comml Club; AF&AM; RAM; Scot Rite; Shrine; Royal Order of Jesters; OES; res 708 4th, David City.

   SEMIN, FRED A: Music Teacher; b Brainard, Neb Oct 24, 1910; s of Fred C Semin-Theresa Novak; ed Brainard; Uni Sch of Music; Phi Mu Alpha; 1932- music tchr, Brainard HS; orgr & dir Brainard Municipal Band; mbr NSTA; Neb Music Educators Assn; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, music; res Brainard.

   SEMIN, FRED CYRIL: Farmer; b Butler Co, Neb Oct 23, 1884; s of Joseph Semin-Mary Kaderbek; ed Butler Co, Grand Island Bus Coll; m Theresa M Novak Jan 25, 1910 Weston; s Fred A; d Agnes T; 1906 farmer, Butler Co; 1910-31 dir sch dist 35; 1915- pres Farmers Elevator, Brainard; 1929-31 dir Brainard State Bank; Comml Club; Cath Ch; Dem; res Brainard.

   SHAW, MARION A: Attorney; b Osceola, Neb Apr 2, 1893; s of Lawrence M Shaw-Etta Moffet; ed Osceola HS 1912; U of N, LLB 1917; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Theta Nu Epsilon; m Laura J Pratt Apr 8, 1918 Evanston Ill; d Jane, Susan, Patricia; 1919- prac law, David City; 1929- regent U of N, past pres of bd; city atty 9 years; during World War, 1st lt in battery B 339th field arty, O/S 7 mos, disch Feb 5, 1919; Amer Leg, dept judge advocate, past dist comm, past post comm; Uni Club, Lincoln; Butler Co & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C, past pres; AF&AM; Scot Rite; mbr congl com, rep conv 1928; past secy, Butler Co Rep Central Com; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res David City.

   SHRAMEK, JOSEPH: Wholesaler; b Des Moines, Ia Feb 6, 1870; s of Joseph Shramek-Frances Burian; ed David City; m Anna Kasparek Nov 25, 1897 Kansas City Mo; s Joseph John, Thomas Robert; d Josephine Melba, Irene Anna, DeLallis Frances; 1886-88 clk George L Thorp; 1888-91 traveling salesman for John L Pratt Co; 1891-1905 cattleman Sioux Co, 25,000 A ranch; 1905-09 farmed & oprd several liquor establishments; 1909-19 VP Butler Co State Bank: 1919-31 pres Butler Co, State Bank; 1931-38 real est dealer; 1933- wholesaler of malt liquors; dir & org of Union State Bank, Omaha; past mbr Bankers Assn; C of C; VP David City hosp bd, chmn Liberty Loan drive during World War; past pres


Butler Co.

Who's Who in Nebraska

Butler Co St Bank; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 348 4th; res 927 7th, David City.

   SIMANEK, JOSEPH EDWARD: Service Station Manager; b Klouzov, Bohemia July 2, 1891; s of Joseph Simanek-Josephine Stransky; ed Omaha: m Hattie Adam Nov 14, 1917 Bruno; s Leonard Edward; d Marcella Bernice; 1907-09 emp in farm work; 1909-17 mechanic, Omaha; 1917-18 mechanic, David City 1918-20 traveling salesman; 1920-25 mechanic, David City; 1925- owner & mgr Sunshine Tire & Battery Service; C of C; KC; Cath Ch; hobbies, hunting, baseball, fishing; off 538 4th; res 1085 4th, David City.

   SMITH, MRS ESTELLA THORPE: Bank President; b Seward; Neb May 27, 1872; d of William Brounfield Thorpe-Margaret Jacks; ed David City schs: Brownell Hall, Omaha 1891; m Alfred K Smith Mar 7, 1907 Omaha; 1923- pres Bank of Brainard; trustee Brownell Hall; mbr PEO & OES, David City; David City DAR, state auditor; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, DAR work & travel; res Brainard.

   SMITH, HENRY JACOB: Manager of Co-operative Association; b Octavia, Neb July 16, 1885, s of Hellar Smith-Mary Kurt; ed Butler Co; m Antoinette Rerucha Nov 28, 1911 Octavia; s Raymond, Lawrence, Eugene; d Rose, Clara, Lucile, Margaret; 1909-20 opr of farm & breeder of Polled Hereford registered cattle; 1922-25 buyer & seller of livestock; 1925-35 owner & opr poultry & egg bus, David City; 1935- mgr Co-op Produce Assn; mbr city coun; past recorder KC; Cath Ch; hobby, inventions; father (dec) came to America from Luxemburg & settled in Neb; off Co-op Produce Assn; res 1190 6th, David City,

   SMITH, PETER: Implement Dealer; b Gjording, Denmark Dec 29, 1886; s of Peter Smith-Marie Johnson; ed Denmark; m Ruth Cooper June 29, 1932 Milford; d Margaret, Elinor; came to Amer 1906; prior to 1914 farmed; 1914-22 with Babson-Dickman Impl Co; 1922-34 with Farmers Union Co; 1934- owner Ulysses Impl House; mbr sch bd 1939; past mbr town bd; Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; AF&AM, past master; Scot Rite 32o; IOOF; Meth Ch; hobbies, contract bridge, gardening; res Ulysses.

   STANARD, JOHN T: Physician & Surgeon; b College Springs, Ia Feb 8, 1887; s of James G Stanard-Hattie A Rathburn; ed Raymond HS; Lincoln Med Coll 1909; Tau Alpha Epsilon; m Mabel E Hotchkiss Sept 7, 1910 Raymond; s J Stanley; 1909-12 prac med, Tamora; 1912- prac med, Ulysses; Neb St Med Assn; past mbr IOOF; Past sch bd mbr; Chris Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Ulysses.

   STEPHENS, JAMES M: Grocer; b Nashville, Ill Dec 24, 1874; s of John A. Stephens-Mary Ellen Nolan; ed Ulysses HS 1893; m Osa M Day Dec 28, 1898 Ulysses; s Richard E, James M Jr, John A, Robert S, William M; d Gladys A (Mrs A A Flyg), Mary Eleanor; 1895-1900 with Roberts Gen Store, Ulysses; 1900-26 pres, Stephens & Schmidt Merc Co; 1926-38 in real est & ins bus; 1938- owner & mgr Stephens Groc, Ulysses; past mbr sch bd, 18 years; past mbr town bd; past city treas; past mayor: AF&AM, past master; IOOF; Chris Ch: Rep; hobby, civic affairs; res Ulysses.

   STOOPS, CHARLES: Retired; b Logan Co, O July 21, 1867; s of William Stoops-Esther Antrim; ed Bloomfield Ia; Southern Ia Normal, Bloomfield; m Margaret Perkins May 9, 1887 David City; s Benjamin O; d Marie (Mrs Charles Sayler), Margaret Ann (Mrs Floussfish); 1872 came to Ia; 1885 came to Neb: 1885-88 emp in clothing store, David City. 1888-90 ptr in firm Wright & Stoops: clothing store; 1890-1924 opr clothing store; 1925-30 again in clothing bus; 1930- ret; past VP, pres City Natl Bank; org City Savings Bank & became pres, liquidated 1930; 1933 named conservator of City National Bank, formed new bank, became pres; 1936 First Natl, Central Natl & City Natl Banks consolidated under name of First Natl Bank, pres since; ch mbr MWA; KP; AF&AM 51, Sesostris Shrine, res David City.

   THOMAS, ALBERT VALENTINE: Attorney; b Seward Co, Neb Apr 27, 1881; s of Jacob Thomas-Anna Henninger: ed David City HS; U of Mich, LLB 1905; m Florence P Robare Oct 12, 1909 Lincoln; s Edgar V, Ivan D, Kenneth C, Donald J; d Eleanor P (Mrs N G Mahlin), Hazel M; 1905- prac law, David City; 1907-28 Butler Co atty; 1925-1926 & 1928 city atty, David City; 1932- mbr sch bd, VP; treaas vol fire dept 2 years; helped org Neb Assn of Co Attys, secy 3 years; 1935-36 secy pub lib; trustee David City Cemetery Assn; ch mbr Comml Club; Neb St Bar Assn; AF&AM 51; RAM 30; secy MWA 1906; Congl Ch, trustee; Dem, chmn Co Central Com; hobbies, fishing, stamp collecting; off First Natl Bank Bldg; res 138 5th, David City.

   TOMEK, PHILLIP ANTHONY: Attorney; b Saunders Co, Neb May 1, 1887; s of John Tomek-Cecllia Rerucha; ed Prague HS; Fremont Normal, BA 1908; Chicago U, LLB 1918; holds Neb tchrs life certificate; m Margaret Green Aug 9, 1909 Creighton; s John G, William, Phillip A Jr (dec Feb 23, 1939); 1909-11 supt of Abie schs; 1912-16 dep treas Butler Co; 1916-22 Butler Co treas; 1923- 25 Neb sen; 1930-31 state representative; 1923- gen law prac; 1938 candidate for it gov; Neb St & Am Bar Assns; mbr legislative com 2 years; mbr com on administrative agencies; ch mbr first dir David City Comml Club; KC 1717; Cath Ch; Dem; co chmn Dem St Central Com 8 years, mbr 8 years, chmn of speakers bur 2 years; hobbies good govt, horticulture, has 120 specimens in yard; res David City.

   TROTTER, FRANK W: Merchant; b Monticello, Ill Nov 26, 1885; s of George W Trotter-Mary Bush; ed Monticello Ill HS 1903; m Nellie Justice July 30, 1907 Columbus; d Ruth (Mrs Edgar Thomas), Helen (Mrs Lee Smith); 1903-05 newsdealer, Monticello Ill; 1905-07 in dry goods bus, Monticello Ill; 1907-08 bkkpr impl co, Spalding; 1909- owner & opr gen store, David City; past pres Comml Club; ch mbr Consolidated Mchts Buying Syndicate; MWA; hobby, Boston Terriers; res David City.

   VANDERKOLK, WILLIAM E: Department Store Owner: b Butler Co Neb Aug 19, 1879; s of Seth Vanderkolk-Amelia Parnell; ed Butler Co 1895-96; m Alta Milligan Mar 17, 1902 Octavia; s James S, Kenneth E; d Bernice Luella (Mrs Thurman J Hinds); 1896-1910 farmed near Octavia; 1910-16 in real est bus; 1916-33 opr of agcy various trucks & autos, including Reo trucks, & Chevrolets, Dodges & Pontiacs; 1933- owner & mgr of dept store; C of C; IOOF; Rep; hobby, sports; res 680 D, David City.

   VESLEY, FRANK ANTON: Superintendent of Schools; b Bolivar, Mo Sept 18, 1906; s of Anton Vesley-Mary Bohaty; ed Blue Rapids Kas HS; U of N, BA 1930, candidate for MA 1940; Komensky Club; m Gladys Baldwin June 17, 1928 Council Bluffs Ia; s Richard Eugene, Donald Ray; 1931-35 supt of schs, Pleasanton; 1935-38 supt of schs, Leigh; 1938 supt of schs, Brainard; 1928-29 asst in Uni extn work; mbr Four-Co Ednl Assn, 1939- secy-treas; NSTA; Natl Rifle Assn; Leigh Comml Club 1935-38; Brainard Comml Club; ARC chmn, Pleasanton 1935-38; 1939- ARC chmn, Brainard: Congl Ch; hobby, guns; father was farmer in Marshall Co Kas 30 years; res Brainard.

   WHITE, CHARLES GERALD: Farm Implement Dealer; b Seneca, Kas, Apr 15, 1898; s of George Edward White-Daisy Elmira Russell; ed Seibert Colo: m Catherine Medinger; s Keith Eugene; 1916-20 farmed in Saline Co Kas; 1920-33 farmed in Butler Co: 1933- owner & mgr of White Impl Exchange; opr of 320 A farm W of David City; C of C; dir PCA; pres Co-op Produce Assn; past twp chmn AAA; past dir dist sch bd: secy & treas Farmers Union; hobby, travel; off 360 4th; res RFD 3, David City.

   WILSON, FOREST: Contractor; b David City, Neb Feb 9, 1891; s of Daniel H Wilson-Gelia Augee; ed David City HS; ICS; m Lydia Kletke Sept 18, 1916 Fremont; s Donald Dale; 1911-17 carp, David: City; 1917-29 ptr of Harry L Wilson, brother, contr; 1929- owner contracting bus, David City; mbr Master Builders Assn 1927-32; hon mbr fire dept, active mbr 1912-18; IOOF; KP; Chris Ch; Rep; off Wolfe Bldg; res 380 8th, David City.

   WITHERS, ALLEN- W: Manager Grain Company; b Clearwater, Mo Mar 1, 1892: s of Harry C Withers-Martha Wussow; ed Ulysses HS; m Myrtle Grimm July 11, 1916 Ulysses; d Jean; 1914- mgr Farmers Grain & Supply Co, Ulysses; during World War was at Camp Funston, unassigned; mbr sch & town bds; AF&AM, past master; IOOF; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Ulysses.

   WRIGHT, HOWARD LESLIE: Miller; b Greeley, Neb July 12, 1899; s or William Wright-Emma McDowell; ed Ord; m Martha Wuzniak Oct. 23, 1923 Ord; 1917-24 with father in flour mill, Ord; 1924- with brother in milling bus, Brainard; mbr Ord fire dept 3 years; mbr Brainard fire dept 5 years; Neb Millers Assn; Comml Club; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Brainard.


Who's Who in Nebraska

Butler Co.

   WRIGHT, THOMAS GARDNER: Miller; b Greeley Co, Neb Mar 24, 1890; s of William Wright-Emma McDowell; ed Greeley HS; m Clara Collison June 15, 1918 Ord; s Merlyn Gardner; d Marcella June; 1909-24 with father in flour mills, Ord; 1924-with brother H L Wright, Brainard, in mill; mbr Ord fire dept 11 years, 1924 mbr sch bd; 1909-24 Ord Comml 4-Club; dir Brainard Comml Club; mbr Brainard Municipal Band 14 years; Neb Millers Assn; Meth Ch, mbr bd of stewards; Rep; hobbles, hunting, fishing; father was opr of flour mills at Greeley & Ord Neb, also in Minnesota & Iowa over 50 years; res Brainard.

   YOUNGBERG, GUS: Auto Dealer; b Skara, Sweden Mar 30, 1893; s of John Edward Youngberg-Christine Youngbloom; ed Chicago; m Hazel Tschudy Sept 20, 1917 Chicago; s Gustave Andrew; d Mary Ann, Betty Mae; 1910-13 with Ford Motor Co, Chicago; 1914-17 with Studebaker Co, Columbus; 1918-24 with Ford Motor Co, Columbus; 1924-31 with Ford Motor Co, David City: 1931- owner & prop of garage, Chrysler dlr; during World War with Co C ammunition train 8th div, disch Dec 21, 1918 at Camp Lee Va; Amer Leg, past finance ofcr; Congl Ch; hobby, fishing; res David City.

   ZINNECKER, HAROLD LEWIS: Hotel Owner & Manager; b Columbus, Neb Aug 26, 1904; s of Louis G Zinnecker-Anna L Burns; ed David City HS 1922; U of N, BSc 1926; Cornell U grad work 1929; Pi Kappa Phi; m Gretchen Empkie Feb 12, 1931 Council Bluffs Ia; s Harold Lewis Jr, Bennett Burns, John Frederic; 1928- mgr & owner of Perkins Hotel, David City; C of C: Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, stamp collecting, gardening; father came from Germany to Ky, 1875 moved to Neb; res 1280 N 6th, David City.



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