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Burt County Administrators and Teachers 1910-1911

Tekamah 8th Grade Gaduates 1923

High School Graduates

Blackbird, Craig, Decatur, Lyons, Oakland & Tekamah

Tekamah Grads at College 1910-1911 


Whos Who in Burt County 

Record of County Officials of Burt County 1855-1884

Burt County Personal and Property Taxes April 1872 


                                                                                                           Nebraska State Gazeteer                                                                                                               

Business Directory 1890-1 

Farmers List 1890-1

Business Directory 1917


Nebraska State Genealogical Society

Articles related to Burt County, NE

in back issues of Ancestree (journals)

Fall 2000

Nebraska State Genealogical Society has granted permission to NEGenWeb Project for the publication on-line of their Ancestree Journals aged over five years. All articles are to be posted only on NEGenWeb Project websites. Ownership remains with NSGS.

Vol. 1, No. 2 Fall 1978 "Gift of Love - A Storm Cellar"

Vol. 2, No. 2 page 95 Fall 1979 - "Small Burial Plot"

Vol. 3, No. 2 page 43 Fall 1980 - "Grace Lutheran Cemetery"

Vol 5, No. 1 Summer 1982 - "Paddock Hill Cemetery, Burt County" and "Cemetery Burt County, NE Tekamah"

Vol 9, No. 1 Summer 1986 - "Noteworthy Men of Tekamah and Vicinity"

Vol 10, No. 2 Fall 1987 - "First Presbyterian Church - Tekamah, NE 1899 ...


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