Small Burial Plot

NE Ancestree Vol 2, no. 2, page 95 - Fall 1979

From: North Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society NOTES (newsletter) May 1979, Lyons (Burt County), NE

Small Burial Plot, S20, T21N, RIOE.

ELIPHALT LUTHER, U. S. Rifles, War of 1812.
J. Howard, son of J. W. & F. A. FREEMAN, d. May 1, 1881, aged 11 ms. & 21 ds.
Jessie L. of T. B. & M. J. BENNETT, d. Nov. 1, 1879, 1 yr. 1 mo. & 22 ds.
Asher J. son of J. B. & S. B. BOLDON, d. July 29, 187(5 or 7). aged 1 yr. 8 mo. & 9 d.
Our Mother, Mary E., wife of Wm. L. G. TRUAX, d. July 8, 1871, aged 25 yr. 10 mo. 26 d.

Carolee Geiser of Omaha told that her ancestor, Mary E. TRUAX wife of a veteran of the Civil War, had not been privileged to arrive at her now home alive. She had died when close enough to the Nebraska destination that they had brought her body the rest of the way in order that she could be buried near her family's home.


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