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FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Tekamah, NE 1889 - Burt County
Nebraska Ancestree - Fall 1987 Vol. 10 No.2 pg. 47
Submitted by Arthur Gorgen - Jordan, MN
Taken from "The History of the Presbyterian Church in Nebraska"
Transcribed by Kathie Harrison - November 29, 2000
By permission of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society
"The First Presbyterian Church of Tekamah, Nebraska was organized by the Rev. J. M. Peebles, M. D., in 1889.... Rev. Jeremiah B. Long became the first pastor in April 1870.... Rev. Long was Irish by birth, left an orphan in early years, he was reared by a wealthy family in Indiana and educated for the Presbyterian ministry in the Chicago Theological Seminary. This was his first charge. The Rev. George R. Carroll of Council Bluffs, Iowa, was at the time the synodical missionary for the territory, who arranged for the pulpit supply. The alternate supplies were Rev. Dr. J. Peebles of Decatur, Rev. George D. Stewart of Omaha and Rev. McCandlish...."

"The charter members were: C. K. Conger and wife, Mrs. Mary Sutherland, Mrs. Evelyn Ludwick, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Caroline Hawks, Mrs. Hannah Wallace and Mrs. Abbie Cochran. C. K. Conger was elected the first Ruling Elder." In addition to the ministers already named the following were:

Rev. John C. SLOAN (1873 - 1878)
Rev. William J. YOUNG (1878 - 1880)
Rev. John V. GRISWOLD (1880 - 1883)
Rev. John C. CHERRYHOLMES (1884 - 1886)
Rev. Lester D. WELLS (1887 - 1888)
Rev. Robert M. L. BREDEN (1888 - 1890)
Rev. Everet SMITS (1891 - 1893)
Rev. Alex G. WILSON (1894 - 1902)
Rev. J. D. KERR (1902 - 1904)
Rev. Robert W. TAYLOR (1904 - 1914)
Rev. Benjamin A. FYE (1914 - 1919)
Rev. Paul C. JOHNSON (1919 - 1922)
Rev. Arch J. KEARNS (1922 -____)
"The Ruling Elders constituting the Session at the present time (1924) are: R. L. ADAMS, R. J. MITTEN, C. A. JACK, S. BRECKENRIDGE, J. F. NESBIT, H. E. VALDER, C. A. VALDER, James A. CLARK , G. L. DUNN, F. W. PALEN, J. L. POTTER, P. C. BRANDT, and D. W. GREENLEAF." "The Trustees are (1924): J. F. NESBIT, F. F. WARD, Dr. M. WOOD, Douglas SUTHERLAND, Herman TRAGGE, J. E. BRECKENRIDGE, Roy WETHERALL, James A. CLARK and C. A. VALDER.

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