1917 Gazetteer Business List


Vol. XVI

Business Directory for 1917

POLK-McAvoy Directory Co., Omaha, Nebraska






CRAIG. Pop 550. Burt county.
A village on the C St P M & O Ry 9 miles w of Tekamah the county seat. Has Methodist, Presbyterian and Christian churches, 2 banks, a hotel, an opera house, 2 grain elevators, an electric-light plant and water works. A weekly newspaper, the News, is published. Land sells at $150 to $225 per acre. Ships grain and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W C. Ralph A McPherson P M
Bovee Mabel Chiropractor
Bovee Opera House Elmer Boyee mngr
Burke Francis D restaurant
Carlson Aug. farm impts
City Water & Light Plant Jno Shellberg comnr
Commercial Hotel Otto Graves propr
Cooper Herbert phys
Craig Cemetery Assn Jesse Freeman sec
Craig News The W D Smith & Sons pubs
Craig Telephone Co Walter D Romans mngr
Crumbaugh Lawrence W vet surgeon
Farmers State Bank (capital $35,000) J C Martin pres E J Martin cashr
Farmers Union  Co-operative Assn C E Crane pres H B McPherson sec Andr Nelson treas J J Bennett mngr lumber
First National Bank (capital $25,000) T A Minier pres A L McPherson cashr.
Friis Christian P gen store
Garner Jno T hardware
Gordon Joshua D hardware
Graves Otto propr Commercial Hotel
Grimes Burnie S pool
Hamilton L G & Co (L G Hamilton Jas Cornis) garage
Hassing Louis C baker
Holmquist Grain & Lumber Co Fred Ericson mngr
Johnson Jas P gen store
Kay Guy Garage
King Jos F harness
Larson Chas A barber
Lewton Ellis E drugs
McDonald Will E meats
McPherson Ai L ins agt
Mallette Thos automobiles
Martin Everett J ins agt
Minier Theophilus I grain elevator
Owens Arthur H r r. exp and tel agt
Pool Geo W drugs
Smith W D & Sons (Walter D Jas L and Loraine H) pubs The Craig News
Stewart Pearl milliner
Thompson Jesse R dentist
Thurber E M Co R H Thurber pres E M Thurber sec gen store
WESTERVELT ALFRED E Physician and Surgeon
Whitney Amaziah (est of) furniture
Young Jno W produce
DECATUR. Pop 800. Burt county
An incorporated village 8 miles w of Onawa Ia. on the C & N W Ry the shipping point. Has Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist and Latter Day Saints churches, a bank, flour and saw mills, a grain olevaor and opera house. A weekly newspaper, the Herald, is published. Mail stage daily from Onawa Ia. fare $1.
S S Farrens P M.
Ashley T R lawyer
Brewster C N billiards
Brown I C blksmith
Busse G H hardware
Butcher Bros sawmill
Byram H G gen store
Calnon D C gen store
Calnon & Lambert blksmiths
Case Frank feed
Decatur Herald The Elbe Neary pub
Decatur Opera House J W Ollroy mngr
Donohoe C L baker
Eagleton Bros gen store
Earl E A pumps
Elliott S H harness
Ettelman D W furniture
Farhat & Andoush gen store
Ferdig & Case meats
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (Capital $60,000) J B Whittler Pres E A Hansen Cashr
Gallup A G livery
Gallup Hugh grain elevator
Gregg Wm B phys
Hullihen Fred E billiards
Lambert & Worley wagonmakrs
Luxford W J phys
Malney Jas moving pictures
Marteeny L flour mill
Moss Jas E lumber
Napier P W undertaker
Neary Elba pub The Decatur Herald
Olbrey Harvey V barber
Page G E barber
Parker F F farm impts
Phipps Lyman C harness
Rohde E shoes
Sears Edgar A phys
Skalovsky Michael gen store
Stafford T A barber
Stephenson C B civ eng
Stephenson W J phys
Thomas Geo H grocer
Watson D B elec

LYONS, Pop 1,000. Burt county. Settled in 1880 and incorporated as a village in 1883; On the C St P & M & O and the C B & Q Rys 22 miles n w of Tekamah the county seat. Has Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian and Swedish Mission churches, an opera house, 2 banks, a hotel, 5 grain elevators, a feed mill, gas and electric light plants and water works. Two weekly newspapers, the Mirror and the Sun, are published. Land sells at $150 to $200 per acre. Ships grain, live stock and cream. Exp Adams and Am. Tel W U. Chas J Hultberg P M.
Adams Jno K drugs
Bills R. Earl baker
Boyce Van V pub Lyons Sun
Bring Oscar E dry goods
Brink Robt ice
Buckley Sisters (Ruth A and Julia A) milliners
Cass Wm wagonmkr
City Light Plant & Water works A W Cass supt
Classen Fred H real est
Clements & Co (Emory S Clements Delbért E Lyon) gen store
Crellin Henry harness
Qrowell Mrs Jennie restaurant
Darling Chas A. real est
Denman Frank J bowling alley.
Everett Hotel Ryan & Ball proprs
FARMERS BANK THE (Capital: $25,000--and---Undivided Profits $7;000) Franklin: Everett Pres W S Newmyer Cashr
Farmers Elevator Co A F Hein mngr
Farnam Frank A produce
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (Capital $25,000 Surplus $25,000) Geo W Little Pres J B Thomas Vice Pres Ernest McDowell Cashr
Garvis Bros (David and Rovenia) pool
Garvis Noah L feed barn
Gates Sisters (Josephine E and Lois E) restaurant
Givler Lumber Co Ellis H Givler mngr
Green Chas W restaurant
Heintzelman Wm ins agt
Heyne Chas H dentist
Hildreth Mortimer L phys
Holmquist Grain & Lumber Co Jas Burns mngr grain elevator
Johnson Chas A blksrnith
Karo Paul A meats.
Keettel Wm C phys
Kimberly Clothing Co Geo B Kimberly mngr
Laase Frank F hardware
Loppnow Fred W tailor
Lyon Waldo H D E Lyon mngr feed mill
Lyons Cemetery Assn J C McElhinney sec
Lyons Co-operative Co Thos McKinzie pres C O A Peterson sec and treas E G Coffin mngr gen store
Lyons Gas Co W H Lyons pres J F Piper Sec
LYONS MIRROR THE Moses M Warner Pub Job Work Legal Blanks--Largest Circulation Peoples Favorite Paper
LYONS MONUMENT WORKS (Harry I and Paul E Van Nostrand) Dealers in High Grade Foreign and Granite Workmanship
Lyons Opera House C E McMonies mngr
Lyons Sun Van V Boyce pub
McDowell Ernest ins agt
McElhinney & Peterson (Jos C McElhinney Peter Peterson) furniture
McMahan T Alb vet surgeon
McMonies Chas E garage
McMonies D & Son (David and Howard) clothing
Martin Harry A Jeweler
Moseman Arthur grain elevator
Mullman Chris blksmith
MUSSACK A C & SON (August C and Earl) Billiards Pool and Tenpin Alley
Neitzel Geo blksmith
Neymyer Christ S drugs
Newmyer Wm S ins agt
O'Connor Jno A barber
Peabody Chas O photogr
Peters M C Mill Co Peter Heintzelman mngr grain elevator
Peterson Edw vet surgeon
Reel Theatre M D & R V Tollinger mngrs motion pictures
Riesche Wm barber
Robins Jas dentist
Ryan & Bali (Van H Ryan Gertrude Ball) proprs Everett Hotel
Ryder Frank D phys
Sanborn Ralph W barbor
Schrumpf Wm agt C St P M & O Ry Am Exp and W U Tel Co
Shaw SamI & Son (Saml and Chas E) farm impts
Shumway J & Son (Jeremiah and Martin L) lumber
Snethen Edw agt C B & Q Ry Adams Exp and W U Tel Co
Snyder Geo A feed barn
Solt Wm F drugs
Stass Simon Shoemkr
Stiles Jas (est of) Mrs May Stiles mngr gen store
SWANSON BROS (Charles O and Alvin W) Garage Automobiles and Supplies
SWANSON CHARLES O (Swanson Bros) Lands Loans Investments and General Insurance
Thomas Jno B hardware
Thompson Edw P. auctioneer
Warner Moses M pub The Lyons Mirror
Westram Gust feed barn
White Harry S. notary public
WHITE INVESTMENT CO (Andrew J and Harry S White) Lands Loans and Investments Farm loans a Specialty
Wlgton Elliott D lawyer
Young Guy U garage

OAKLAND. Pop 1300. Burt county. Settled in 1879.  Incorporated as a city of the second class in 1896. On the C St P M & O and the C B & Q Rys 16 miles n w of Tekamah the county seat. Has Swedish and English Methodist, Swedish Baptist, Swedish, English and German Lutheran, Swedish Mission and Free Mission churches, an opera house, a hotel, 3 banks, 3 grain elevators, bottling works, a commercial club, an electric light plant, a municipal gas plant and water works. A weekly newspaper, the Independent & Republican, is published. Land sells at $150 to $200 per acre. Ships grain, cattle and hogs. Exp Adams and Am. Tel W U. Oscar T Swanson, P M.
Anderson Chas E automobiles
Andreen & Edquist (Chas Andreen Eric Edquist) meats
Askwig Edw auctioneer
Baugh Ed A Co L A Baugh pres E A Baugh sec and treas gen store
Benson Harry W phys
Benson Nels pool
Bowen Roy barber
Bristol Elmer G propr Palace Hotel
Carlton Carl G pub Oakland Independent & Republican
Carroll Jno W housemover
Chemeler Anna milliner
Cull Abraham L ins agt
Evans Robt A. real est
Farmers Co-operative Union E V Anderson rnngr grain elevator
Farmers Mutual Insurance Co, S L Wallerstedt pres Alf Gustafson sec
Farmers & Merchants National Bank(Capital $50,000) Valentine Neumann pres A L Neumann cashr
First National Bank (capital $50,000) J. W Holmquist pres A L Cull cashr
Force C Wm hardware
Ford Andr O garage
Gustafson J Alf harness
Gustafson Rudolph L conf
Hammerstrom Alex Furniture
Hansen Julia C milliner
Hanson Carl T restaurant
Hanson Mads P blksmith
Harding W A & Son (Ellen L and Eugene W) drugs
Hedman Alb P notions
Holmquist Grain & Lumber Co J W Homqulst pres A C Holmqulst sec and treas
Hopkins Nevin W hardware
Hopkins & Larson (Donald B Hopkins Heimer A Larson) proprs Majestic Theatre
Jacobs Wm L photogr
Johnson Chas W shoes
Kramer Bernhart gen store
Krasne Max gen store
Kull Gust A lands
Larson Chas O grocer
Lindahl Esmer produce
Lund Chas A bottler
Lunds Opera House C A Lund mngr
Lund Walter H meats
Lundstrom Swan A blksmith
Lutheran Cemetery Assn Alex Hammarstrom pres
McLain Peter L livery
Majestic Theatre Hopkins & Larson propr motion pictures
Merritt Jno P osteopath
Miller Henry A ins agt
Minier Wm E ins agt
MOSSBERG BROS (Victor and Gustav) Machine Shop and Auto Livery
Neiburg Gerhard D Wall paper
Nelson Adolph prop Oakland's Harness & Shoe Store
Nelson Ernest F hardware
Neumann Arthur L ins agt
Oakland Commercial Club Peter Palmer pres Nevin W Hopkins sec.
OAKLAND'S HARNESS & SHOE Store Adolph Nelson Propr Bring Your Work In Harness Repairing Neatly Done All Work    
Oakland Indepentent & Republican Carl G Carlton pub
Oakland State Bank (capital $25,000) W E Minier pres W E Minier cashr
Oakland Water Works & Gas Plant Hans Hanson comnr
Osterberg  Wm C gen store
Packwood Saml L conf
Palace Hotel Elmer G Bristol propr
PALMQUIST & SON (Frank G and Harry C) Furniture Pianos Rugs and Picture Frames Embalmers and Funeral Directors
Person Swan P jeweler
Peterson Henry C agt C St P M & O Ry Am Exp and W U Tel Co
Peterson Mrs Hilda conf
Peterson & Larson (Lawrence Peterson Jno L Larson) farm impts
Priest Hiram A barber
Roberts Drug Co (Reno E Roberts Adolph E Osterberg)
Rosen C E & Sons (Mrs Clara E Jno P and David J) grocers
Samson-Swanson Co Oscar Samson pros W S Swanson sec and treas grain elevator
Servine David produce
Sommer Viget wall paper
Star Mercantile Co W V Becker pres Gust Nelson sec gen store
Stauffer Carroll O lawyer
Steinbaugh Carl C clothes clnr
Swanson Magnus tailor
Swenson S Aug phys
Teich Electric Co (Carlton and Quinton Teich)
Ticnor Louis O agt C B & Q R R Adams Exp and W U Tel Co
Wahlstrom Alf jeweler
Wallace Jno E dentist
Weaver Arthur elec light plant
Weseen Gust, wagonmkr
Westrick Chas S vet surgeon
Wickstrom Axel F clothing

TEKAMAH. Pop 2,000. Burt county. Settled In 1854. Incorporated as a city in 1855. The county seat, on the C St P M & O Ry 42 miles n w of Omaha. Has Presbyterian, Adventist, Christian Science, Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran and Methodist churches, a public library, a hospital, a commercial club, an opera house, 2 hotels, 3 banks, 3 grain elevators, a brick and tile plant, fire department, water works and an electric light plant. Three weekly newspapers, the Journal, the Herald and the Democrat, are published. Land sells at $50 to $200 per acre. Ships corn, hay and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W U. Jno Canfield P M
Amick Elmer N shoemkr
ANDERSON ARTHUR M (Anderson & McGREW) Abstracts
ANDERSON & McGREW (Arthur M Anderson Matthew S McGrew) Real Estate
Baker Geo hardware
Barrett Jas G furniture
Booth Jno A cigar mnfr
Braun Henry L jeweler
Brookings Hotel Clem L  Russell propr
Brookings Willard E grocer
Brune Wm blksmith
Bryant Edw W lumber
Burt County Democrat Geo L Jordan pub
Burt County Herald Jas R Sutherland pub
Burt County State Bank (capital $30.000) H M Hopewell pros R K Hancock cashr
City Electric Light Plant A F Rhoades supt
City Water Works A F Rhoacos comnr  
Clark Jas A lawyer
CONKLING CHARLES W Real Estate Loans and Abstracts (See p 72)
Connealy Will county surveyor
Cornish Jas E garage
Crowoll J M Co (Jas M Crowell Edw Latta) gen store
Deaver H Clark ice
Dunn Geo L notions
Dunshee Max S dentist
Eckley Chas S blksniith
Elliott Richd E feed
Ellis Chas S restaurant
Enyart Burt C lawyer
Farmers Clay Products Co W Sedgeley pres Robt Corneer sec brick mnfrs 2 1/2 miles w
Farmers Grain & Live Stock Assn Peter Christianson mngr
Farmers State Bank (capital $25,000) A D Nesbitt pres D W Greenleaf cashr
First National Bank (capital $100.000) Edw Latta pres E I Ellis cashr
Fischer Peter W harness
Foree Jas R real est
Fraternity Hospital Lukens & Johnson proprs
Frew Thos J grocer
Fuller-Norseen Co (Chas D Fuller Carl G Norseen) drugs
Gano Dry Goods Co E J Gano pres Carrie F Gano sec and treas
Gates Chas W photogr
Gill & Smith (Delmar Gill Dale Smith) bakers
Greenlaf David W ins agt
Hartnell Wm M blksmith
Haswell Chas livery
Hemping Harry drugs
Holmquist Grain & Lumber Co Christ Peterson  mngr grain elevator
Hopewell Walter M lawyer
Houston E C & Co (Emsley C ând Richd T Houston) lumber
Jack C A & Son (Chas A and Chas H) hardware
Jack & McMullen (Arthur H Jaek Asa C McMullen) gem store
Jeep Clothing Co (Christel and Victor Jeep)
Johnson Mark barber
Jordan Geo L pub Burt County Democrat.
King Howard cigar mnfr
Kokes Anton R drugs
LaRue Leonard S Ins agt
Latta Bur grain elevator
Lawson Sylvester feed mill
Lukins & Johnson (Isaiah Lukins Henry A Johnson) phys
Lydick Jas W feed barn
Lyric Theatre Melvin B Moore propr
MacDonald & Smith (Chas MacDonald Ray J Smith) mens furnishings
Marsh H Noah auctioneer
Maun Nicholas J dentist
Mencke Bessie M milliner
Merchants Commercial Hotel Mrs Stella Peterson propr
Mitten Darwin C musical mdse
Mitten & Nesbit Co R J Mitten pres Chas Nesbltt sec J F Nesbitt treas gen store
Moore Jackson L jeweler
Moore Melvin B propr Lyric Theatre
Nesbit Andr D phys
Parker Mrs Anna M photogr
PENRY BONNO I Up-to-Date Dry Cleaning and Pressing and Guaranteed Tailoring
Peterson Mrs Stella propr Merchants Commercial Hotel
PRATT E DUANE Lawyer Real Estate Farm Lands and Farm Loans
Reinert & Deaver (Louise Relnert Roxie J Deaver) milliners
Reinert & Lester (Frank E Reinert Chas D Lester) farm impts
Retail Merchants Credit Assn Chas McDonald sec collection agts
Rhoades Herbert county atty
Robinson Jno S nursery
Russell Clem L propr Brookings Hotel
Schaefer & Son (Valentine and Geo) Vet surgeons
Schroeder Chas M lumber
Servine Frank A produce
Shamburg Jerome J Blksmith
Sherman Jno W gunsmith
Show Chas A livery
Singhaus Jno A lawyer
Smith C Harry garage
Stanfield Orrin dentist
Sutherland Jas R pub Burt County Herald
Tamplin Jas W pub Tekamah Journal
Tekantab Cemetery Assn G A Ireland sec
Tekamab Commercial Club J F Nesbitt pres Herbert Rhoades sec and treas
Tekamab Journal Jas W Tamplin pub
Tekaman Library Mrs Edna Jacobs librarian
Tekamab Opera House A M Anderson mngr
Titze Wm barber
Tunberg Henry meats
Ulrich Fred C meats
Van Nostrand Harry I granite wks
Wassum Saml A r r exp and tel agt
Webster Harvey L auctioneer
Welch Bros (Almon C Barton and Frank F) garage
Welch Burteen D grocer
Willert Menno D harness
Wilson Frank M shoernkr
Wise Homer vet surgeon
WIXER GEORGE H Furniture and Undertaker's Supplies Picture Framing Rugs and Linoleum Phone 88
WOOD L G General Contractor and Builder
Wood Merritt phys
Workman Wm B livery
Wragge Herman J ins agt

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