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Tekamah Journal Extracts

Submitted by Bill Wever
January 6, 1910

Death-Grundy Thompson, former Bertha resident, now Washington

January 13, 1910

Marriage-Elonzo S. Dutro/Mildred Peterson, both of Lyons.

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Will Lilly, son

Death-N. P. Shinbur, Oakland, formerly Tekamah

January 20, 1910

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Dimmick, girl, Decatur

Death-William Murphy, Decatur

Marriage-Sam Lydick/Selma Jacobsen

Relocation-E. E. Frary to Colorado

Death-Mr. and Mrs. Brand, infant son, Summit

Death-Mrs. C. L. Edgerton, fomerly Lucy Ann Mossberger

Jan 27, 1910

Death-Mrs. Hennig, Decatur, former Amelia Caroline Lange

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marr, son

February 3, 1910

Relocation-Chas. K Ott family to Lincoln, NE?.sold interest in Lyons Sun newspaper

Death-Mrs. Will Gunsolly, Decatur

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Grant Farrens, girl, Decatur

February 10, 1910

Divorce-Granted to Mrs. Elza Curtsinger

Divorce- Filed by Clint Metz?wife deserted him.

Death-Mrs. Julia Hanson, mother of Mrs. J.P. Olinger near Sloan 

Marriage-Laban Robinson/Miss Beuna Gradipee

Relocation-Bob Hodgins family to Gregory, South Dakota, Bertha

Death-Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gilbert, 7 year old son Loren

February 17, 1910

Marriage-Edward B. Adams/Miss Mabel Paup, Los Angeles, will reside in Tekamah

Relocation-I. L. Mathison family, formerly Burt county to move from Presho, S. D. to Fort Morgan, CO.

Death-Eddie Holland, 17 yrs. old resident of Arlington

Relocation-Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson relocate in Sweden, Bucktown

Relocation-Edwin Goodwin from South Dakota to Burt county, Bucktown

Relocation-S. J. Smith family to Colorado

Death-Henry Brune, Dubuque, IA; brother of Burt county resident , Joe Brune

Married-Oscar E. Bring/ Miss Edna Baker Salser

Death-Mr. amd Mrs. Frank Valder, 2 yr old boy

February 24, 1910

In Memorium-Rev. Chase C. Sawtelle, ministered in Korea

Marriage-Jno. Block/Miss Edna Trowbridge

Marriage-Pete Pearson of Thurston, NE/Alma Johnson of Oakland, license issued

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Bert Matney, boy

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Bob Redding, girl

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnson, boy

Marriage-George Georgeson/Amy Snyder, Silver Creek

March 3, 1910

Death-Mrs. Peter B. Gamerson, nee Ellen Elizabeth Dyer

Death-Mrs. Harding, Oakland

Relocation-Mr. and Mrs R. L. Ladd and young son to Hartford, Conn.

Marriage-Mr. Charles L. Gammel/Miss Maud Mason

Death-Mrs. S. T. Matthews, nee Nancy Elizabeth Evans

Relocation-James Hale family return to Burt county from Washington state, were previous residents

March 10, 1910

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Moore, girl

Death-Mrs. Andrew Carlson, nee Elizabeth Olsen

Marriage-Ernest Rogers/Katie Viles

Relocation-J. D. Cornelius, Canyon City, CO

March 17, 1910

Relocation-Dr. Luxford from Arion, IA to Decatur

Relocation-Mrs. H. S. Jack and Mildred to join family at Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada

Relocation-Homer Stout family to Colorado.

Relocation-E. E. Frary, Iles Frary and family moving to Olathe, CO.

Death-Mrs. Rose Montgomery, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. H. Miller, Sioux City

Death-Joseph Ray, obituary

March 24, 1910

Death-William Crawford obituary

Death-Robert Daley, brother to Mrs. C. W. Conkling, Charlestson, OK

Death-Mrs. Rose Montgomery, obituary

March 31, 1910

Relocation-Frank Phillips family will move to Sioux City

Birth-Mr. and Mrs. Murray Quick, girl

Death-Delia Mitten Homet, sister of D. C. Mitten of Tekamah, death; Camptown, PA

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