Tekamah in 1887 Lincoln State Journal

The County Seat of Burt County - On the Chicago, St. Paul, Minnesota & Omaha Railroad - One Hundred and Fifteen Miles From Lincoln - Population Eighteen Hundred

     Tekamah, the county seat of Burt county is located in the southeastern part of the county, partly on the bottom and of the Missouri, and partly on the contiguos. It was named by W. N. Byers to whom the honor fell by lot. The first claim made on the present site of the city was on October 7, 1854. The town was incorporated early in history, on March 14, 1855, and became the county seat at that time.

     Tekamah has two fine school buildings. Her schools are well conducted and receive the hearty support and attention of the citizens. There are five well organized church societies, the Methodist Episcopal, Baptist, Lutheran and Episcopal, all of which have substantial church edifices.

     The county surrounding the town cannot be excelled in its facilities of stock and grain raising. Ample evident of this fact is found in the uniformally well to do condition of the farmer, and the vigorous business which their patronage furnished the city of Tekamah. One of the largest canning factories in the state is located at this place. The output for last year was 1,000,000 cans. It is also the site of a splendidly equipped grist mill, which is obliged to run night and day to keep up the the demands, of its patrons. A $5,000 creamery is now in process of construction, and a complete system of water works is among the improvements of the present season.

     The leading mercantile interests of Tekamah are represented by two bank (sic), ten dry goods, twelve groceries, two hardwares, five clothing stores, three drug stores, five boot and shoe dealers, five hotels, three lumber yards, three coal dealers, fifteen general merchandise forms, three mills and factories, one furniture store, two newspapers and two agricultural dealers.


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