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Additional information for 1900 without event coding. Date of publication given without page or column number. Emphasis is on names of interest to Mr. Masters for his personal research.

Date of issue
Jan. 5, 1900

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran church annual business meeting. Jonas Swanson, Peter Anderson elected deacons and trustees for 3 years. William Swanon elected to auditing committee.

Clara Anderson took train for Sioux City.

S.L. Wallersted visited.

August and Gust Johnson of Wausa, boys who have been visiting here, returned.

Elmer Johnson finished vacation and returned to school at Grand Island.

Jan. 12, 1900

Ellen Johnson entered first grade. John Johnson entered 8th grade. Anthon Johnson entered 5th grade. Albert Anderson the 3rd Grade, Gust Gustafson the 2nd grade.

Peter P. Swanson, who has been in this section for some time, left for Galesburg, Ill., where he may remain.

Herman Johnson a member of Oakland Concert Co.

Mrs. Walt Johnson returned to Wausa.

George Anderson entered Dr. Simon's drug store to learn the art of pill-compounding.

Jan. 19, 1900

S.W. Johnson arrived from Spencer, Boyd Co. to visit his brother Mat and other relatives and friends.

Carl A. Anderson and family spent day at Lyons.

OH Anderson teaching the Liberty School.

SL Wallerstedt ("Sim") in Omaha selling cattle.

Victor Johnson visiting friends and returning to Wayne.

Jan. 25, 1901

Jan. 26, 1900

George Anderson absent from 1st Primary, due to illness.

William Johnson and wife came up from Omaha where they had been with their little boy for treatment by a specialist.

Miss Rena Swanson left for Omaha to make a stay with her sister, Mrs. E.J. King and family.

Miss Martha Anderson returned to her home at Madison.

August Swanson left for Fremont, then on to Lincoln...on bicycles.

Feb. 2, 1900

Mrs. Johnson and daughter Thyra visited the 1st primary and high room.

Dead letter for Miss Gusta Anderson.

Harry Anderson went to Omaha to attend school for some time.

Claus and August Johnson of Wausa to consult with doctor.

C.E. Anderson and Wm. Oberg have leased the wagon shop of J. Newlean. New firm is Oberg and Anderson.

E.W. Harding went to Decatur to attend funeral of Grandma Chapin.

Feb. 9, 1900

No absence or tardies. 2nd Grammar, Herbert Johnson, Edgar Johnson,, Esther Johnson. 1st Grammar, Esther Johnson, Ebba Anderson. 2nd Intermediate, Anthon Johnson, Emma Anderson. 1st Interm., Ivan Swanson, Sigurd Johnson, Harry Johnson, Sina Johnson, Laura Swanson,, Ray Swanson, Bertha Swanson. 2nd Primary, Mable Lundstrom, Franklin Johnson. 1st Primary, Roy Johnson, Miles Swanson, Reuben Johnson.

Resignation of John Johnson as city treaurer.

Louis Anderson up from Lyons to visit Swaburg.

Eric Anderson from Cuming Co. to visit Swaburg.

Nils Johnson and son Benny up from Fremont in Swaburg.

Sidney Swanson back home from trips abroad.

August Swanson back from multi-city trip.

Miss Lydia Gustafson leaving for Omaha to receive medical treatments.

C.A. Anderson bought four lots in town, and will build a home in the spring.

Miss Annie Anderson visited Omaha.

E.B. Anderson up from Blair to visit friends in A.P. Kull's family.

Mrs. W.A. Harding returned from visiting her son, B.C. in Pulaski, N.Y., after his wife died. Mr. Harding is spending the winter at Ashville, S.C.

Mrs. August Anderson left for St. Louis to visit relatives.

Feb. 23, 1900

At Martin Hanson's wedding, the following people attended, giving gifts. Mr./Mrs. JP Anderson, Renius Gustafson, Mrs. MW Johnson, Mr./Mrs. Julius Johnson, Mr./Mrs. Andrew Anderson, Mr./Mrs. Andrew Johnson, Albin Johnson, Mr./Mrs. P. Johnson, Chas A. Johnson, Mr. LJ Johnson, Mr./Mrs.Alfred Johnson.

Olof Anderson visited Omaha.

Alfred Johnson down from Bancroft.


ellie Anderson went to Omaha to stay a few months.

Mar. 2, 1900

Miss Anna Swanson visited 2nd grade.

Sigard Johnson leaving school, as parents are moving from Oakland.

John Swanson, Geo. Peterson and John Johnson of 2nd grammar have left school to work.

C.A. Anderson bought residence property of F. Uehling, and will move there. Mr. Anderson recently bought four twon lots which wre turned in on the deal t Mr. Uehling.

Mrs. August Anderson returned from her visit with relatives at St. Louis.

John A. Gustafson of St. James, Minnesota was visiting his cousin, A. Gustafson.

Mar. 9, 1900

No absences/tardies. 2nd Grammar, Edgar Johnson. 1st Gramar, Louie Samuelson, Esther Johnson. 2nd Interm., Anthon Johnson, Emma Anderson, 1st Interm., Ray Swanson. 1st Primary, Miles Swanson.

20th Century club meets with Mr. Sidney Swanson.

Joe Johnson of Swaburg visiting in Oakland.

Andrew Frost and Matts Anderson with their families went up to pay their respects to Eric Anderson's of Cuming Co. last Sat.

Amos Anderson left for Fremont Monday night.

Ellen Andeson entered 2nd Primary.

Mar. 16, 1900

Misses Annie and Mary Anderson visited the high school room.

Miss Alma Samuelson at Lyons visiting.

Miss Lillian Anderson down from Sioux City to visit friends and parents.

Miss Mary Johnson from near Tekamah, visiting.

Charley Johnson visiting his sister in Blair.

Charles Gabrielson of Kackley, Kansas, visiting with his uncle Jonas M. Johnson.

John Olson, age 72, father of Mrs. Erick Anderson, became violently insane, and taken beore board of insanity at Tekamah.

Mar. 23, 1900

Harry Johnson and Aaron Johanson bought land.

Oscar Swanson left 8th grade, due to work.

Anthon Anderson of Omaha visiting Kull family.

Swan Anderson of Wausa visiting his brothers here in Oakland.

Mrs. Wm Johnson and Miss Ida Peterson went to Omaha where Mrs. Johnson's child is being treated by a specialist.

Miss Phena Johnson went to Pender to visit.

Miss Emily Anderson went to Omaha to visit.

Gust Johnson in Tekamah to secure his citizenship papers.

Andy Anderson and Perry Allen represented Lyons in our city. (??)

Erick Anderson was called to Tekamah by the serious illness of his father.

Dead Letters - Mary Johnson, Mr. Ottow Johnson.

Mar. 30, 1900

A.J. Anderson bought the J.P.Johnson residence. JP Johnson will move to South Dakota soon.

Jonas M. Johnson's home quarantined after visitors from Sweden, having been on a small-pox infested boat, passed through town.

Ivan Swanson visits E.J. King's family of Omaha.

Mrs. Oke Johnson went to Omaha to visit her daughter Mrs. A.J. Colson.

Rachel Tunberg went along to visit her auntie, Mrs. Lindell.

Ed. Johnson and E. Sundberg here from Omaha for funeral of John Olson.

A.G. Johnson, who attends the State University, was up for the Palmquist-Johnson wedding and left for Lincoln again.l

John P. Johnson returned from Wausa visit.

Dead letters - Miss Emma Anderson, Miss Mable Johnson.

Apr. 6, 1900

Bennie Johnson of the 2nd Intermediate left schoool owing to the removal of his parents from Oakland.

Mr. Andrew Anderson visited with relatives for three weeks at Basford.

Departef for Fremont to superintend his father's farm near the city.

Harry Anderson in Omaha with cattle shipment.

Will Swanson, who's been in Minneapolis for weeks, returned home.

Tickets sold to Andrew R. Johnson, G.P. Johnson to go to Sweden via New York the 18th. Will sail on the Oceanic of the White Star Line.

Claus Johnson returned from Omaha trip.

C.A. Johnson and wife returned from Pender, where they visited relatives.

Bert C. Harding "came back" from Pulaski, N.Y.

Apr. 13, 1900

AM Anderson has purchased the old Dickinson residence.

Miss Pauline Swanson up from Omaha to visit parents.

Apr. 20, 1900

Albert and Arthur Johnosn of 2nd intermediate left school due to work.

Sister of merchant Mr. Frank Anderson is out on a visit from Omaha.

Reported in Swaburg.

Mrs. John Anderson of Bega was visiting her parents, Mr./Mrs. Mattson of Swaburg.

Mrs. Johnson from Thurston Co. visiting Oakland.

Miss Annie Johnson came up from Omaha to stop over a few days with Wm. Oberg's family before going to Thurston Co.

Sidney Swanson to take charge of Oakland creamery mgmt on May 1.

Rev. John Torell, now located at Swedeberg, visiting his father and sister Mrs. Anderson.

Wili Swanson returned home from visiting Omaha.

Victor Johnson down from Wayne to join his wife and attend the Peterson-Young weddng.

Charley Anderson, an old Oakland boy, was up to spend a few days with friends, before retrning home to Omaha.

Old letters, Emil anderson, Oleson & Anderson.

Apr. 27, 1900

W.A. Harding back from winter stay in Ashville, North Carolina.

August Anderson lost ten tons of hay by fire accidentally started by Andrew Stormquist.

John Anderson resigned as section foreman at Craig.

May 4, 1900

Andrew Johnson and mother of Henry Co., Ill. are visiting relatives in Kessler District.

Miss Rena Swanson, stopping to see her sister, Mrs. E.J. King at Omaha for some time.

Miss Marie Swanson has been nursing in the Askwig family near Bancroft and is now sick, possibly with typhoid.

J.P. Anderson, A.J. Anderson, Andrew Johnson and P.E. Erick bought tickets to Sweden and sail from New York on the Laconia Cunard line May 5th. (Return on Aug 10. Names are, Peter Anderson, Andrew Anderson, Andrew Johnson.)

John P. Anderson had heart attack while in town. Recuperating.

Miss Marie Swanson left for Omaha, quite ill. A.L. Cull went with her.

May 11, 1900

John F. Johnson shot a bald headed eagle which measured 6 feet from tip to tip.

E.A. Anderson went to Omaha to see an oculist for his eyes.

Marie Swanson sick at the Clarkson hospital in Omaha.

School report. No absences or tardies. High School, Fred Harding. 2nd Grammar, Edgar Johnson. 1st Grammar, Esther Johnson. 1st Intermediate, Rosa Anderson, Ivan Swanson, Harry Johnson, Laura Swanson, Ray Swanson, Axel Johnson. 2nd Primary, Reuben Swanson, Franklin Johnson. 1st Primary, Raymond Johnson, Reuben Johnson, Minnie Swanson.

May 18, 1900

Emily Anderson elected as teacher, Miss Dasie Johnson didn't put in an application, which was regretted by the board.

A.M. Anderson of Tekamah visited his parents sunday.

Charley Anderson, 3.5 mi. SE of Oakland, has been ill this weekk.

John A. Lindell and family up from Omaha, and visiting friends.

E.C. Johnson came down from Clument, Mich., and will go on to Wausa to open a jewelry store.

May 25, 1900

Olive Swanson returned to school after 6 weeks. - 2nd Grammar. Minnie Swanson of 1st Grammar returned after 5 weeks.

District #46, the Young-Shipman district, holding graduation exercises. Ellen S. Johnson graduating.

CP Anderson made business trip to Lyons.

F.O. Anderson, Swaburg merchant, was in Oakland.

Andrew Anderson, brick maker, on business in Omaha.

Mrs. Sarah Anderson preparing to build a neat cottage east of Andrew Renard's on two lots she owns.

O.A. Johnson up from Craig.

Mrs. Alfred Ostrand arrived home from her visit with her parents at Salina, Kansas. Alred met her at Omaha.

Harry Anderson who has been attending school at Omaha, returned home Friday.

B.C. and E.W. Harding drove to Decatur where they visited with relatives.

Miss Gusta Erickson has been visiting Charley Anderson's family and other relatives, returning to Omaha.

Mr. John J. Herman, formerly known at Herman Johnson, who has been studying music at Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kans. will open a studio at Oakland, Neb. June 6, 1900.

Andrew Anderson hauling matierals for a new barn in Kessler District.

Jun 1. 1900

A.M. Anderson buys residence in Tekamah.

Joseph Swanson, who has resided at John N. Nelson's for two years past, left for school in Omaha.

Miss May Swanson returned from a visit at Lyons.

Miss Salina Johnson is a minister from So. Dakota who was visiting here.

Free Mission conference.

Mrs. C.J. Swanson went to Randolph to spend a few days with relatives.

June 3, 1900

Newly elected officers of Oakland High School Alumni are - Sidney Swanson, president. George Anderson, secretary.

Andrew Anderson returned after visiting relatives in Wakefield.

Gus Swanson down from Wausa for funeral of CJ Beckman.

Mrs. Alvina Johnson arrived from Sioux City in response to the notice of her brother's death.

Charles Samuelson and Gust Engdahl in Omaha visiting the first of the week.

Hilma Johnson recommends Dr. Haslam during her illness in Omaha.

No tardies, absences. High School, Fred Harding. 2nd Grammar, Olga Johnson, Edgar Johnson, Esther Johnson. 1st Grammar, Esther Johnson, George Swanson, Hannah Johnson. 2nd Intermediate, Eva Lundstrom, Emily Anderson - teacher. 1st Intermediate, Rosa Anderson, Ivan Swanson, Harry Johnson, Sina Johnson, Bertha Swanson, Dasie C. Johnson - teacher. 2nd Primary, Reuben Swanson, Ellen Anderson. 1st Primary, Raymond Johnson, Minnie Swanson, Arthur Lundstrom, Roy Johnson.

Old letters, Chas. Johnson, Miss Mable Johnson.

June 15, 1900

Rev. J.H. Johnson of Wakefield and a brother of W.J. Johnson of Silver Creek came down to Tekamah.

Miss Annie Anderson went to Omaha to visit.

W.M. Johnson expanding the Oakland bakery and restaurant.

Henry Anderson in Omaha and back.

Mrs. C.J. Swanson and children left for Mitchell, S.D. where they are visiting.

Elmer Johnson attending the Grand Island college arrived home on vacation.

O.E. Swanson came back from his stay at Sioux City.

June 22, 1900

Surprise party given to Mr./Mrs. O.H. Anderson by O.D. Beemer family. Present were, Misses Jennie and Mary Olson, Gertie, Ada and Hannah Johnson, Lina Newell. Hulda Henry, Olga Larson, Almeda Abrahamson, Delia Babbitt, Anna Johnson, Mesdames Beemer, Theo and O.H. Anderson. Messrs Bert, Oliver and George Erickson, Chas. Olson, Chas. Nelson, Fred Hilander, Herman Larson, Jno. Newell, Ernest Anderson, Eddie Nelson, Charley Johnson, Alf Babbitt, Arthur Manritx. Mr. Anderson to attend summer session of school at Lincoln, where Mrs. Anderson's parents live.

Chase Johnson down from Sioux City and joined his wife in a visit at Father Becman's.

Mrs. Andrew Anderson left for Coffman where she goes to join her husband.

Charles Anderson, the engine Hostler went to his home at Elkhorn, Neb.

Mrs. C.N. Anderson and daughter Emily departed for St. Peter, Minn., to visit relatives.

J.R. Anderson of Wakefield is filling in for John A. Nelson, Edwards & Bradford's gentlemanly manager.

John Anderson and wife up from Omaha to visit A.W. Tell and family.

Mrs. A. is daughter of Mr. Tell.

Miss Clara Hedburn of Lindsburg, Kansas, and Miss Mary Anderson of Smoland, Kansas, have been visiting their relatives, the family of Peter Nelson, C.S. Carlton and the Wallerstedts.

June 29, 1900

O.E. Hypse and wife treated to party by Sidney Swanson, John Lindahl, Willie Swanson, John Anderson, Erick Gustafson, Rena Swanson, Leontine Johnson, Huldah Samuelson, and others.

O.E. Hypse and wife have begun housekeeping in Mrs. Swanson's home.

Mrs. Charles Johnson and Mrs. Emil Engdahl visiting at G.W. Engdahl's home from Wausa.

Mrs. Chase Johnson returned home to Sioux City.

Emil Johnson and family down from Thurston to visit relatives in Oakland.

July 13, 1900

Mrs. C.J. Swanson returned from Mitchell, S.D.

A.G. Anderson left for Excelsior Springs, Mo. for a short stay.

Miss Marie Johnson and Nettie Lundstrom came up from Omaha to visit with Oakland friends.

Miss Clara Johnson went to Blair to visit.

O.E. Hypse is enjoying a visit from his Father G* Johnson of Wakefield this week.

Fred C. Harding went to Decatur for a visit with friends and will probably take in the Indian pow-wow.

W.A. Harding confined to his home the past week with rheumatism.

Mrs. John Anderson, living 6 miles S. of Oakland, has been sick for about 12 years, the last 5 years in bed.

Mrs. Joe Johnson of Swaburg was very sick.

Eph. Johnson of Swaburg went to Lincoln to attend the sttae convention as a delegate from Dodge Co.

Joe Johnson and family of Swaburg visiting family of Chas Anderson of Oakland near Oakland.

July 20, 1900

Anna Anderson had insanity trial.

Surn and Peter Swanson reimbursed.

J.R. Anderson visiting Wakefield.

Miss Martha Anderson who had been staying with her parents, left for home in Omaha.

July 27, 1900

Eph. Johnson of Swaburg received some gunpowder into his eye while killing a chicken.

Marie Swanson went to Bancroft to visit.

F.A. Wallerstedt and family up from Omaha visiting Burt county relatives and friends.

Messrs. Edwin Anderson and his friend Mr. Maser arrived from Idaho Falls with a carload of horses they'll auction off.

Mrs. C. Anderson and Miss Emily returned home from St. Peter, Minn., where they were visiting among relatives.

Aug. 3, 1900

Lindell's in Omaha on visit.

Mrs. Clara Atterton of Concord is a guest of L.A. Wallerstedt's.

Miss Pauline Swanson of Omaha up to visit her mother and friends.

A.M. Anderson of Tekamah in Oakland on a visit.

Andrew Anderson started up his new steam brick making machinery.

Mrs. M. Swanson and son Ivan went to Omaha to visit E.J. King's family.

Mrs. Johnson came down from Sioux City to visit her sister Mrs. A. Hammarstrom.

Charley Anderson, looking after the interests of the Edwards & Bradford Lumber Co., since Johnny Nelson's illness received a hurry up call to Whiting, Ia., where he will be high man for the company for some time.

(Listed on pg 5, Col 4 of Aug 29 issue, "Johnny Anderson" returns. Maybe confused with Johnny Nelson?)

Old letter, Mrs. Huldy Anderson.

Aug. 10, 1900

Ernest Johnson returned from Omaha on a visit.

Mrs. Charles Smith and Theodore Swanson of Omaha are visitors at Peter Johnson's.

E.C. Johnson, Wausa jeweler, spent a few days with M.W. Johnson, returned home.

Eph. Johnson of Swaburg runs as candidate for legislature.

Aug. 17, 1900

B.C. Harding manager of the telephone system just installed in Oakland.

Gustus Johnson of Wakefield is guest of his son, O.E. Hypse.

Mrs. Hogan and sons from below Tekamah up to visit with John F. Johnson's family.

Arthur Johnson came down from Sioux City to visit.

Alfred Johnson of South Omaha arrived to visit relatives.

Andrew Anderson's young son ate fly paper.Doctor called, paper recovered.

Jonas M. Johnson went to Wausa to look after property interests there.

Charles Johnson left for his home at Laurel after visiting his brother Oke Johnson a few days.

Edwin Anderson returned to Idaho Falls after auctioning horses.

Charles Anderson returned from Omaha.

Mrs. Lillian Bell up from Omaha and is visiting her parents Mr./Mrs. Andrew Anderson and other relatives.

Mis Mary Johnson went to Wayne to visit and be present at the Commencement exercises of the Wayne Normal.

Miss Nannie Swanson up from Omaha to visit at home for awhile.

Aug. 24, 1900

Rev. Swanson of Wakefield was here.

Mrs. R. M. Bell stayed with her parents, Mr./Mrs. Andrew Anderson before returning home to Omaha.

Mrs. W.B. Anderson of Omaha visiting her sister Mrs. C.H. Anderson.

Ed. W. Peterson, of Stanton, Ia., visiting Andrew Anderson's home on west side.

Oscar Anderson back after 4 month stay in Sweden.

O.H. Anderson and wife returned from Lincoln where he's been attending summer school. Will teach at Liberty again this year.

Mrs. E.C. Johnson and son Ernest left for Wausa after three week stay at M.W. Johnson's home.

Gust Anderson reports hail so bad that his grape vines were cut completely to pieces and all fruit knocked off and destroyed, as well as fist sized pieces going through his porch roof. Reported from Pender.

Aug 31, 1900

M. Swanson went to Battle Creek to look over real estate interests.

Misses Hulda and Lillie Johnson of Wakefield returned home after stopping at P. Palmer's.

Martin Oberg succeeded Sidney Swanson as manager of the Oakland creamery.

John Anderson went to Wausa to spend a few days.

Harry Johnson and bride arrived from their trip to the Colorado mountains.

Andrew Lundstrom joined the army and reported this week for duty at Fort Crook. Crooked toe kept him out before, but he made it in this time.

Sept. 7, 1900

Miss Hannah Nohling of Rock Island, Ill. visited with Gust Johnson's family.

Misses Lillie and Alma Beckman of Omaha, visiting A.G. Johnson's.

Arthur Johnson went to Sioux City to visit.

Gust Johnson came down from Wakefield.

A.G. Anderson did business in Tekamah.

Mr./Mrs. M.W. Johnson returned from visiting friends at Wausa.

Sidney Swanson went to Omaha to take up a new job with Hygia Creamery Co. in that city.

Charles Anderson visited his brother-in-law, Mr. Wallberg who underwent surgery recently.

Sept. 14, 1900

Attending Swedish Lutheran Festival at Wahoo, Swan Lundstrom, John Anderson, Will Swanson, Mr./Mrs. Olof Anderson, Nina Swanson.

Mrs. S. Anderson's family moved into their new house on the west side.

Miss Emily Anderson departed for Chicago to visit with friends.

Mrs. John Johnson and Miss Tilda Anderson visited the first intermediate.

Minnie Johnson entered 8th grade.

Sept. 21, 1900

H. Jeger moved into Nels Anderson's residence.

BC Harding was at Omaha visiting.

Mons Johnson who visited from Illinois to see his sister, returned home.

A.F. Anderson and family of Mexico City, Mexico, returned home.

Mrs. E.J. King of Omaha is up this week with her parents, Mr./Mrs. M. Swanson.

M.N. Nelson bought the farm of M. Swanson for $8,300.

A.J. Anderson bought another lot of C.O.Jonas, adjoining his property.

H. Swanson is a tailor.

Sept. 28, 1900

Old letter, Miss Esther Anderson.

Kr. Carl Swenson is president of the Lindsburg, Kansas college.

C.A. Johnson visited with relatives in Pender.

Mrs. C.H. anderson and chidlren went to Omaha to visit Mrs. Anderson's parents.

John A. Anderson, north of the German Lutheran church, sold his land to Marcur Kerl for $7,200.

Mrs. Hannah Swanson spending week in Omaha.

Mrs. Oke Johnson spending week with her daughter Mrs. Colson of Omaha.

Emil Johnson made a new mail clerk at Marquette. News from Omah.

J.P. Johnson of Blair robbed. Apparently runs a clothing store for men's furnishings?

Andy Anderson of Lyons is an old hotel man, and will soon take possession of the Park hotel. Report originated in Bancroft.

Oct. 5, 1900

No absences or tardies. High School, Fred Harding. 2nd Grammar, Esther Johnson, Minnie Johnson, Edgar Johnson. 1st Grammar, Eva Lundstrom. 2nd Intermediate, Sina Johnson. 1st Interm., Laura Swanson. 2nd Primary, Mabel Lundstrom, Minnie Swanson, Raymond Johnson, Reuben Johnson, Ray Johnson, Axel Johnson.

E.B. Johnson returned to Sioux City after preaching.

Mrs. Laughlin, mother of Dr. Arthur of Omaha, has been the guest of W.A. Harding's family this week.

Al and John Swanson went to Sioux City for a visit.

Will Swanson returned from Omaha.

A brother of Gust Anderson of the west side, arrived last night from Sweden.

Mrs. C.H. Anderson and others returned from visits at Omaha.

Miss Elizabeth Anderson is up from Omaha visiting Oakland friends.

Joe Johnson of Swaburg visited Oakland.

Frank Johnson of Flournoy complained about John Sandberg not keeping peace.

From Swaburg, Ola Johnson was an Omaha visitor.

From Swaburg, Andrew Anderson from north of Lyons was down visiting.

From Swaburg, Andrew L. Anderson and wife returned from their trip to Alcester, S.D.

Oct. 12, 1900

Gust Ostrand is a hog farmer.

Old letters, Mr. A.B. Anderson, Augustus Johnson.

Harry Anderson returned from a short stay in Omaha.

Miss Hannah Swenson of Omaha was a guest of Rev. Swanberg's family a few weeks.

Mrs. C.O. Johnson and children have been visiting her brother's family, C.J. Johnson, and left for her home at Laurel. She recently returned from the east where she had been visiting and among other places was Hasting, Mich., where Miss Daisie Johnson is now stopping.

Mrs. CJ wanson returned from a week's visit with her brother J.E.'s family at Sioux City.

Oct. 19, 1900

F.O. Johnson and wife went to Blair to visit their daughter.

Edward and Charles Norberg, relatives of the Misses Samuelson arrived from Lindsburg, Kan. for a visit.

Andrew Lindstrom sailed with others soldiers for Manila.

Hans Johnson, 8 mi. NE of Oakland, cut his foot with ax.

Nels Anderson went to Pender to visit.

A. Swanson, friend of John Elming, arrived from Keene, Neb. to work.

John P. Swanson left for Wausa to look up a farm to purchase.

Miss Elizabeth Anderson completed her visit and returned home to Omaha.

Betty Anderson has entered the 6th grade.

Supervisor proceedings, Swan Johnson, Peter Swanson, John P. Anderson Otto Swanson, all had taxes reimbursed to them from prior years.

Oct. 26, 1900

The Misses Samuelson were visiting in Omaha.

Alfred Lundstrom and Mat Holcomb arrived from their home, Sharon Springs, Kans to visit relatives and friends awhile.

Miss Rena Swanson returned from her Omaha trip.

Andrew Anderson closed down the brickyard after successful season.

Nov. 2, 1900

Charley Lundstrom was an Omaha visitor.

Mrs. Annie Anderson visited her daughter Annie at the Norfolk Hospital.

Nels Anderson had his hand broken while digging a well at John Blomgre's.

J.P. Anderson, the harness-maker, painted his house.

Harvey A. Harding went to Pender to visit relatives and attend a speech.

Mrs. Alvina Johnson, after a visit with her parents, returned to Sioux City.

A.J. Anderson bought N.P. Nelson's farm west of Craig for $50/acre.

Nov. 9, 1900

Perfect attendance and spelling in 2nd intermediate, Bertha Swanson, Emma Anderson.

Alfred Lundstrom left to return to his home at Sharon Springs, Kan.

Mrs. Blenkiron arrived t pay her daughter Mrs. C.J. Swanson a visit.

C.L. Van Nostrand up from Omaha erecting a stone over John Lindell's infant's grave.

Mr. John Anderson of Oakland, Neb. has been visiting his brother, E.M., this week and returned home today. Mr. Anderson is a well-to-do farmer of Burt Co. and lately on his birthday gave each of his eight children $1300, besides giving his oldest daughter 80 acres of land. Reported from Dixon Tribune.

Nov. 16, 1900

Mr. W.A. and Harvey Harding visited the different school depts.

Perfect spelling at 2nd intermediate. Emma Anderson, Rosa Anderson.

A.M. Anderson of Tekamah was in town between trains.

Miss Sabina Johnson and Miss Holm left yesterday for their homes in South Dakota, where they will remain.

Harvey A. Harding and daughter visited two weeks before going home to Washington D.C.

George Anderson mentioned in what might be a laundry franchise.

Nov. 24, 1900

Peter Palmer and wife have 15th Anniversay in Oakland with following guests - Mr./Mrs. Swan Lundstrom, Oke Johnson, P.W. Swanson, Mr. Alvin and Wm. Swanson and Albert Johnson.

Mrs. Swanson and daughter Clara visited the 1st Primary. Perfect Spelling, Berta Swanson.

Charley Anderson, south of town, severely kicked by a horse. Doctor called.

Miss Mathilda Johnson up from Omaha, called by death of her sister Mrs. Lindberg.

Will Swanson is new manager at Peavey's elevator.

Miss Blanche Blenkiron arrived from Wausa to spend a few days visiting her aunt Mrs. C.J. Swnson and family, when she will go to Colorado Springs, Col., to spend the winter in school.

Nov. 30, 1900

No absences or tardies, High school - Fred Harding, Martyn Lundstrom. 2nd Grammar - Esther Johnson, Olive Swanson, Edgar Johnson. 1st Grammar - Ebba Anderson, Betty Anderson, Eva Lundstrom. 2nd Intermed - Sina Johnson, Minnie Johnson, Bertha Swanson. 1st Intermed. Ray Swanson (Emily U. Anderson - Teacher). 2nd Primary - Mabel Lundstrom, Minnie Swanson, Roy Johnson, Axel Johnson, Raymond Johnson. 1st Primary - Harry Lindell, Arthur Lundstrom, Rudolph Gustafson, Arthur Lindell.

Miss Amy Johnson visited school. Axel Johnson entered 2nd intermediate last week.

Perfect spelling- Emma Anderson, Bertha Swanson.

Charley Anderson went to Elk City to spend a few days at his home.

Swan Lundstrom visited Omaha for a few days.

Albert Johnson went to Omaha to visit for a few days.

Old letter, Mrs. Lottie Anderson.

Dec. 7, 1900

Miss Marie Swanson visited Omaha.

Alfred Johnson was up from Craig.

Harry Anderson went to Thurston on business.

Peter Fisher of Craig is assisting A. Gustafson in his shop.

P.J. Swenson, of Omaha, and Peter Anderson, in Sweden, have asked for newspaper deliver.

Henry Anderson visiting Wausa a few days.

Dec. 14, 1900

C.H. Anderson and wife of Oakalnd saw Joe Johnson of Swaburg.

Miss Anna Anderson after a visit with her folks, returned to Pender Saturday.

Jack Weander up to visit his old friends Fred Johnson and family near Concord.

Miss Hannah Johnson and brother Oswald, returned from Blair, where they were visiting their sister Mrs. Peterson.

Olof and Andrew Anderson, brothers of Mrs. Fred Adeen, arrived from Sweden this week to make their home in free America.

John Anderson, of Moline, Ill., is here on a visit with old Illinois friends and is a guest of A.O. Ford's, Mrs. F. being a relative.

E.E. anderson, rep for music house of Schmoller & Mueller of Omaha has been working in Oakland the past week.

J.A. Johnson left for a two month visit to his native country Sweden.

Dec. 21, 1900

Emil & Charley Johnson in Blair.

Gus Anderson and Gus Ahlquist in Omaha to do some shopping.

CP Swanson and Ed Johnson returned fro Bancroft near where they have been working with a threshing outfit.

Rev. Oscar Anderson of Plattsmouth in town holding services at west side Mission church, and at Oakland church.

Dec. 28, 1900

Alfred Ostrand and wife went to Lincoln.

Harry Anderson and George Service went to Omaha Christmas day.

John A. Lindell and wife are up from Omaha spending a few days.

Emil Gustafson left for St. James, Minn., to be absent a short time.

Miss Pauline Swanson returned to Omaha after a visit at home.

E. Ferdinand, a young friend of M.W. Johnson's family was down from Wausa.

Mrs. Blaney of Lincoln, arrived to make her daughter, Mrs. O.H. Anderson a visit.

Eric Gustafson Christmased at Omaha.

Miss Nina Swanson is home from Omaha this week.

Harry Anderson was a morning passenger for Laurel.

Miss Rena Swanson is spending the week with Wausa friends.

Sidney Swanson returned to Omaha after making the folks at home a brief visit.

Olof and Andrew Anderson arrived from Sweden last night and went to their sister's Mrs. Fred Adeen.

Carl E. Anderson, of Essex, Ia., who has been making headquarters at John Hultman's, his relatives, and showing the Bell Creek how to husk corn fast for several weeks.

Gust Anderson and wife went to Ceresco, Saunders Co., to visit relatives.

Charley Anderson, one of Van Cleve's popular caterers was down to his home at Elk City over Christmas.

Fred Peterson, who has been sojourning at Manhattan, Kan., the past year, and is stopping with his uncle, Oke Johnson.

Arthur Johnson, who attends the State University at Lincoln, and his brother Elmer, who attends the Grand Island college, were home making Christmas merry at P.G. Johnson's.

John W. Wakefield of Makato, Minn, was a Christmas guest of W.A. Harding. They formed a warm acquaintanceship at Ashville, N.C., last winter when they both stopped at the same house while in quest of health.

Lieutenant J.W. Crawford, private secretary of Admiral Dewey at Washington, stopped off on his return from the west to pay W.A. Harding and wife a visit, and was a guest of C.K. Cull's to Christmas dinner. He has been an intimate friend of H.A. Harding at Washington for several years.

Dr. Samson has been called to Argo several time this week to attend Peter Johnson who is quite ill.

J.F. Westrand's family of Bloomfield and C.O. Stenberg of Wausa, who came down to attend the funeral of Carl Johnson, left for their homes Saturday.

Hattie Johnson and Sadie Bowman went to Wakefield Monday from Swaburg where they will spend holidays visiting friends.


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