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Tekamah Journal
May 10, 1917


     The services of men having clerical experience within a short time to act as registrars in the several voting precincts of Burt county. It is expected that the volunteers will offer their services, in order that there will be no expense to the governement in taking this registration.
     The date of registration and the age limits of all persons will be required to register, will be made public as soon as the President issues his proclamation.
     Any man desirous of "doing his bit" will please communicate with one of the members of the the Registration Board.

    Registration Board
     Ran Stanfield, Chairman
     R. O. Lundstrom, Secretary
     Henry A Johnson M.D.

Tekamah Journal
May 24, 1917
Our Military Registration Boards

Names of registrars appointed to serve in the several voting precincts of Burt county, Nebraska

Arizona:              E. J. Gano, Rev. Benj. A. Fye         Tekamah
Bell Creek            Donald B. Hopkins, Archie Ford        Oakland
Craig: 1st Precinct   W. L. Crumbaugh, A. A. Danielson      Craig 
Craig 2nd Precinct    W. T. Minier, T. T. Plummer           Craig
Decatur 1st Precinct  Wm. Barnard, Geo. Eagleton            Decatur
Decatur 2nd Precinct  V. C. Dolpher, J. E. Moss             Decatur
Everett 1st Precinct  Van V. Boyce, D. E. Lyon              Lyons
Everett 2nd Precinct  W. C. Heintzelman, H. S. White        Lyons
Kerl                  D. E. Rosen, W. E. Minier             Oakland
Logan                 R. Linn Welker, C. W. Phillips        Lyons
Oakland Township      Gilbert Jacobsen, Harry G. Johnson    Oakland
Oakland City          C. O. Stauffer, Arthur B. Peden       Oakland
Riveside              M C. McKinnis, Ellsworth Hall         Tekamah
Silver Creek          R. T. Houston, C. G. Norseen          Tekamah
Summit 1st Precinct   C. A. Ellis, C. V. Haywood            Tekamah
Summit 2nd Precinct   R. K. Hancock, A. C. McMullin         Tekamah
Tekamah 1st Precinct  R. J. Smith, Hary Hemping             Tekamah
Tekamah 2nd Precinct  H. G. Wragge, Wm. Connealy            Tekamah

Tekamah Journal
May 31, 1917

     Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, the 5th day of June A.D., 1917, in each voting precinct in Burt county, Nebraska and at the following designed places, all young men who shall have obtained their twenty-first year and who shall not have attained their thirty-first year must register.
     A Board of Registrars will be found at the places designated in each precinct.
     The hours of registering will be between the hours of 7 o'clock in the morning and 9 o'clock in the evening of the same day.
     Do not look for any further notice as the President's Proclamation is all the notice that is necessary, and the said proclamation has been issued and published.
     Failure to register subject you to arrest and imprisonment.


Arizona Precinct, School House District No 2
Bell Creek Precinct, School District No 52
First Precinct, Craig Township, Lester's Barber Shop
Second Precinct, Craig Township, First National Bank, Craig
First Precinct, Decatur Township, Town Hall
Second Precinct, Decatur Township, E Rohde, Shoe Store
First Precinct, Everett Township, Town Hall
Second Precinct, Everett Township, Eckleen Wagon Shops
Kerl Precinct, School House District No. 40
Logan Precinct, School House No. 58
Oakland Precinct, School House District No. 17
Oakland City Precinct, City Hall
Riverside Precinct, School House School House District No. 24
Silver Creek Precinct, School House District No. 23
First Precinct Summit, School House District No. 29
Second Precinct Summit, School District No 16
First Precinct Tekamah, Tekamah city, City Hall-upstairs
Second Precinct, Tekamah City, office E. C. Houston & Company

Witness my hand and seal this 28th day if May, A. D., 1917

F. O. Lundstrom
County clerk



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