Burt County Surnames

Burt County Nebraska Surnames

Surnames with links to Biographies and Researchers


SURNAME with link to biography if available RESEARCHER with email address
AKIN/AKINS Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>
ALBRIGHT, Matilda Rosa Weaver <[email protected]>
ANDERSEN, Laurence - Lyons Linda Brink <[email protected]>

ANDERSON: Anders Peter, Carl August, Amanda

     Sophia, Johanna Matilda, Albertina

Linda Stewart <[email protected]>
ANDERSON, Johanna Connie Clark <[email protected]>
ANDERSON Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>
ARLINGTON Carla Rigby <[email protected]>

ASKWIG: Edwin Johnson, Eva, James, Martin Van


Barbara Johnson <[email protected]>
BALL David Ball <[email protected]>
BAXTER Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>

BEAIRD (Beard): Ann, Nina, Sanford (Bud), or

     William Henry

Norman Bolduc <[email protected]>
BECK, Hannah Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
BLACKSTONE, Charles Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
BLACKSTONE Dave C. Redding Jr <[email protected]>
BLENKIRON, Matthew  
BOLDEN, Grace Norman Bolduc <[email protected]>
BRAND, Edvinna Carol West <[email protected]>
BRINK Linda Brink <[email protected]>
BROCKWAY Tami Froelich <[email protected]
BUNDY: Joseph, Hannah, Abram Connie Foulk <[email protected]>
BURYER (BURRIER) Linda Brink <[email protected]>
CARLSON Linda Stewart <[email protected]>
CHILCOTTE Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
CLEMENTS Linda Brink <[email protected]>
COCKRELL Donna Madrid < [email protected] >
CONKLING Clifford C. Pinkerton <[email protected]>
CORNISH Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
CORNISH, Marguerite Hal Haswell <[email protected]>
CRAIG: Benjamin Henry or Debie Jane Judt <[email protected]>
CREAMER Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
CROM Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
CRONK: Lafe or Margie Norman Bolduc <[email protected]>
CRANNELL Tami Froelich <[email protected]>
DARLING Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
DARLING Dave C. Redding Jr <[email protected]>
DARLING, Levi Lincoln Rosa Weaver <[email protected]>
DAVIS, Caroline L. Jane Judt <[email protected]>
DeVORE Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
DICKEY Lorene Fort <[email protected]>
DUNCAN, Edith Lorene Fort <[email protected]>
EASTBERG Linda Stewart <[email protected]>
EDVARDSEN, Ane Marie Janet Priest JONES <[email protected]>
EGGERT Jim Eggert <[email protected]>
ENGDAHL, Gustaf Wilhelm and Gustaf Joni Gray <[email protected]>
ERICKSON or ERICSSON Jan Plambeck <[email protected]>
ERNST, McPherson Valerie Ernst Locke < [email protected] >
ETTELMAN Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>
EVANS, Grace Stanley W. Cowan <[email protected]>
FONTENELLE Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>
FREED, Johanna Mary Lofquist <[email protected]>
FRIIS, Christen Petersen Carol West <[email protected]>
FULLER, Layton Norman Bolduc <[email protected]>
GAMMEL Tami Froelich <[email protected]>
GANTZ David Ball <[email protected]>
GARDNER, Joseph Connie Roy <[email protected]>
GARNER David Ball <[email protected]>
GARNER, Della Marie Carol West <[email protected]>
GATES Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
GIBSON Mary F. Kelley <[email protected]>
GIBSON, Edmund (Hoot)
GIBSON, Isaac & Isabelle (Walker) & desc. Mary F. Kelley <[email protected]>
GIBSON, James S. Connie Roy <[email protected]>
GILBREATH, Angeline Jane Judt <[email protected]>
GLEESON, William H. Janet Priest JONES <[email protected]>
GREEG: William B. or Florence Rosa Weaver <[email protected]>
GRIFFEN: DeWitt Clinton, Earl V., Roy DeWitt Barbara Johnson <[email protected]>
GROTHE Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
GROSVENOR Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
HANSEN, Hannah - Lyons Linda Brink <[email protected]>

HANSEN: Andrew Andreas, Berthe. Marie, Charles,

     Donald, Maxine, Wallace

Janet Priest JONES <[email protected]>

HANSEN/HANSON: Bernice, Faye, Glen, Grace,

     Hemming, Homer, Neils

Beverly Murray Hlavnicka <[email protected]>
HANSON, James/John - Oakland Linda Brink <[email protected]>
HEGERT, Carl & Hannah (Grothe) Margaret L Goyen <[email protected]>


     Carl J., Anna, Edwin, Edith, Anna Kristina

Pamela Nelson <[email protected]>
HIGHTREE, Estella Alsine Norman Bolduc <[email protected]>
HILTON Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>
HOLLAND Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>
HOLMES, Gertrude Janet Priest JONES <[email protected]>
HOWE, Nellie Jane Judt <[email protected]>

HULTMAN: Gustaf Ivar, Anna Kristina, Arnold,

     Victoria, Lorraine, Marilyn, Eleanor, Hjalmar

Pamela Nelson <[email protected]>

HULTQUIST: Nils Robert, Virgil Robert, Gladys

     Estelle, Grace Evelyn, Winston Venoy

Mary Hultquist Garrison <[email protected]>
HYATT Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
JENNEWEIN, Guy Norman Bolduc <[email protected]>
JENSEN, Ludvig and Julia Christine Joni Gray <[email protected]>
JOHNSON, Clarisa C. Barbara Johnson <[email protected]>

JOHNSON: Deloris, Donald, Elmer, Gaylan, Gust,

     Jerome, Lars (aka Claus), Leona, Leonard, Lottie,


Mary Lofquist <[email protected]>
JOHNSON: Julia E. H., Martin Lorene Fort <[email protected]>
JONES Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
JONES, Gerald Donald Janet Priest Jones <[email protected]>
JOURDAN Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
KESNER, Margaret Anna Leanne Wiese <[email protected] >
KNEPPER, John Thomas Leanne Wiese <[email protected] >
KOHLMEIER Jim Eggert <[email protected]>
KROGH, Jennie Barbara Johnson <[email protected]>
KRUSE, John D. & Mathilda (HAHN) Nancy Thompson-Jones <[email protected]>
LAKE, Frank Emmett Shirley Shinners <[email protected]>

LANGFORD: Joseph Albert, Sarah Jane (Hamilton),

      Eliza, James Milton, Sarah Elizabeth, Mathilda

     Fanny, Samuel S, Eli Francis and Joseph Albert Jr.

     - lived in or near Craig, Burt Co., NE

James A. Nethery <[email protected]> 4 Apr 2008

LARSON, Anna Mary Lofquist <[email protected]>
LERIGER, Henry of Lyons Lee Leriger <[email protected]>
LEW or TUE: Dorothea Ann Barbara Johnson <[email protected]>
LILLIE, Julius Ludwig Heinrich Carol West <[email protected]>
LINDMAN, Ernest Janet Priest JONES <[email protected]>
LOPPNOW Hal Haswell <[email protected]>
LUNDMARK, Signe Johanna Mary Hultquist Garrison <[email protected]>
MAJOR(S) Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
MALLUS: John, or Justina E. Hal Haswell <[email protected]>
MARLIN, Jennie Leanne Wiese <[email protected] >
MAW, John Elton or Nellie Jane Judt <[email protected]>
McKENZIE, Henry Jane Judt <[email protected]>
MOGENSEN: Amanda, Herman, and Nels Connie Clark <[email protected]>
MORGAN: Dora, Mallory, Myron Silas Beverly Murray Hlavnicka <[email protected]>
MORMON, Lucy Hal Haswell <[email protected]>
MORRELL Tami Froelich <[email protected]>
MORTER Linda Brink <[email protected]>
NEAL Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>
NELSON Linda Johnson <[email protected]>

NEWTON: Alvin, Clarence, Daisy, Donald, George,

     Nancy, Samuel, or William Albert

Stanley W. Cowan <[email protected]>
NEWTON Connie Roy <[email protected]>
NICKOLSON Linda Stewart <[email protected]>

NILSSON: Nils Peter, Carolina Samuelsdotter,

     Johan Peter Wilhelm, Oscar Fredrik, Emilia

     Kristina, Karl Ludvig, Hilma Margareta, Anna

     Sofia, Nils Robert

Mary Hultquist Garrison <[email protected]>

NILLSON: Karl Johan Edward, Anna,

     Edwin, Edith, Anna Kristina

Pamela Nelson <[email protected]>
NOHLING Mary Lofquist <[email protected]>
OAK, John Barbara Johnson <[email protected]>
OSBERG Linda Stewart <[email protected]>
OWENS Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
PARKER Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>
PARSONS, Molly Stanley W. Cowan <[email protected]>

PATTERSON and married intos - CRELLIN, INCE,


Donna Madrid <[email protected]>
PEMBROOK/PEMBROKE: Enos, Hannah Martha Beverly Murray Hlavnicka <[email protected]>
PERRY Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
PHILLIPS: Charles, Gladys Connie Foulk <[email protected]>
PIERCE Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>
PLUMLEY, Bud Norman Bolduc <[email protected]>
PRIEST, James Edgar, Janet Elizabeth Janet Priest Jones <[email protected]>
QUICK Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
REDDING Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
REDDING Tami Froelich <[email protected]>
REDDING Dave C. Redding Jr <[email protected]>
REWINKEL Jim Eggert <[email protected]>
REYZLIK Randy Reyzlik <[email protected]>
RICHARDS (decendents of John, 1828-1913) Dennis D. Richards <[email protected]>
ROGERS: Caroline L., Debie or Jeremiah Jane Judt <[email protected]>
ROHDE David Ball <[email protected]>
SCHOLTTMAN, Fred Stanley W. Cowan <[email protected]>
SHAFER Mary F. Kelley <[email protected]>
SHANNON, Susan O. Lorene Fort <[email protected]>
SHEPARD, Marjorie Janet Priest JONES <[email protected]>
SHREVE Lorene Fort <[email protected]>

SILVER: Paul, Edith, Lawrence, Glenn, Leroy,


Pamela Nelson <[email protected]>
SLADE Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
SLATT Jan Plambeck <[email protected]>
SMITH: Alexander J., Evert Wm., or Louis E. Lorene Fort <[email protected]>
SMITH: descendents of George F. Tami Froelich <[email protected]>

SMITH: James K., Lottie B., Lydia H., Orphy Maude,

      William or Wm. R.

Lorene Fort <[email protected]>
SMITH, Susan E. Dave C. Redding Jr <[email protected]>
SORENSEN Linda Brink. <[email protected]>
SOUTHWELL Linda Brink <[email protected]>
SPANNUTH Jim Eggert <[email protected]>
SPRAGUE Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
STOKES Dennis D. Richards <[email protected]>
STOLZE Hal Haswell <[email protected]>
STORY Bonnie Marks <[email protected]>
THORPE Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
TIPPERY, Evangeline LaVann Norman Bolduc <[email protected]>
TORREY, Jennis Amelia - Oakland Linda Brink <[email protected]>

TOXWORD: Carie, Carolyn, Chester H., Eda, Edward S., Elizabeth Sophia Robertson, Glades M.,      Hans Christian Hansen, Hans Sørensen, Jennie

     Viola, Niels Hansen

Janet Priest JONES <[email protected]>
TOWNSEND Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
TOWSLEY Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
TUE or LEW, Dorothea Ann Barbara Johnson <[email protected]>
WALKER Mary F. Kelley <[email protected]>
WALLACE: James W. & Elzora (Harlow) & desc. Mary F. Kelley <[email protected]>
WARD Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
WATERHOUSE, Ronald Janet Priest JONES <[email protected]>
WELLS, Lillian May Barbara Johnson <[email protected]>
WETJN Dave C. Redding Jr <[email protected]>
WHITE, Martha Lorene Fort <[email protected]>
WILLIAMS, Angeline or Wm. W. Jane Judt <[email protected]>
WOOD Carla Rigby <[email protected]>
WRIGHT, Douglas or Maranda Lorene Fort <[email protected]>
YOUNG, Andrew Jr. Carol West <[email protected]>
YOUNG, Andrew Sr.  


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