Swedish Festival at Oakland, NE

Valkommen is how you'll feel when you attend the biennial Swedish Festival held the first weekend in June on odd numbered years in Oakland, "the Swedish capital of Northeast Nebraska.".

The Oakland Swedish Festival is three days packed with fun, nostalgia, and an abundance of wonderful Swedish food. It is a family affair, with activities planned for for all ages. Festival officials feel it is important to schedule as many free events as possible, making it a festival the whole family may enjoy at a minimal cost.

You'll be able to see Swedish dancers, strolling minstrels, and a photo exhibit featuring many of the Swedish families who settled in the Oakland area. Or you may attend the quilt show, the craft/antique show and farm museum, the art shows, the piano/organ recitals, or the Oakland Community Players' production. You won't want to miss the Swedish Heritage Program with presentations by Swedish officials. And don't forget the delicious Swedish smorgasbord, featuring an abundance of Scandinavian dishes. After dinner, you might want to take a Troll Stroll in beautiful Four Trees Forest - it is said the trolls are there if you only know where to look!

Make the Oakland Swedish Festival a part of your family's vacation plans. You'll be glad you did.

Tach Sa Mychet - See you soon! 

Oakland, Nebraska "the little Swedish village"

Since it was founded more than 120 years ago, Oakland has prided itself on its Swedish heritage. Many local residents are direct descendants of Swedish immigrants, and have preserved the traditions, foods, arts, and crafts of their Swedish forefathers while adapting them to a modern American lifestyle.

Oakland's Swedish heritage is evident throughout the town, not only at festival time but all year around. The Dala horse and other Swedish decor adorn storefronts and light poles in the business district, and murals created from original Swedish stitcheries have been painted on sides of downtown buildings by local artists.

Another link to the town's Swedish heritage is the establishment of a sister city relationship with Hammenhog, Sweden. Residents from each town have visited the other, promoting a cultural and historical exchange between the cities.

The Swedish Festival provides local residents the opportunity to celebrate their heritage, and to do so by sharing it with those from other communities and areas. The festival is planned for early summer - between planting and harvesting time - so everyone in this farming community will have a chance to participate.

Oakland is located on U.S. Highway #77 and State Highway #32 in northeast Nebraska, just one hour from Omaha or Sioux City. It's practically on your way!

A smorgasbord of fun, food and festivities!

Activities for the Swedish Festival

The Oakland Swedish Festival officially begins on Friday morning of the first weekend in June on odd numbered years. It starts with the Swedish Pancake Breakfast at the Golden Oaks Senior Citizens' Center, and continues until Sunday evening.

A detailed schedule of events isn't available until shortly before the Swedish Festival so we can make it accurate and and complete. However, if you wish further information on any of the festival activities, send a large (#10) self addressed, stamped envelope to: Oakland Swedish Festival, 228 No. Oakland Ave., Oakland Nebraska 68045. You may also call (402) 685 5706.

Updated 17 September  2017 by Dianna G. Curtis