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I would like to receive information about Amy Alice Allen, who was born 16 Jun 1880 in Tekamah, Burt Co., Nebraska, the daughter of George Harvey Allen and Nancy Rebecca Miller.

"Mary Kay" < [email protected] > 20 Jul 2010

Response: Family is not in 1885 census for Burt County, NE.  They seem to be in Woodbury County, Iowa in 1900.


I am looking for info on my great grand father, Andrew Peter Anderson, who farmed in Oakland. He had four sons and a daughter. Sigert, Emil, and Ellen are the only names I know. Sigert was my grandfather who farmed in Oakland till the late 40's and retired in Fremont. Andrew Peter Anderson came from Sweden in the 1800's. He changed his name from Johansson to Anderson when he got here. Thank you for any information or help you may provide.
Ron Anderson <[email protected]> 18 Nov 2008


I have a photograph with a label from about 1950 – 1960 showing “Mrs. Kline Anderson Daughter from Oakland”. This is an adult woman probably in her 40’s with my Great Uncle Samuel August Carlson and his wife Minnie Josefina (Nelson).  The Carlson’s would have been living in Wausa, NE at this time.  I am not sure of the “Kline” spelling – it is a little messy.  My goal is to learn something about this lady – Mrs. Kline Anderson’s daughter of Oakland.
Joe Thurstenson < [email protected] > 13 Feb 2008

I am researching information on my paternal grandparents, CARLSON, Gilbert and CHRISTIANSEN, Mabel. Their son, CARLSON, John Samuel, is my father. I am also researching information on my maternal grandparents, NOVAK, Jake and his wife (unknown name). Their daughter, NOVAK Charlene Pearl, is my mother. Charlene and John moved to Round Lake, MN in 1968. If you have any information on the above persons, please contact me.
Darcy Markee < [email protected] > 17 Nov 2001 (email changed 8 Oct 2010)


Hamar (Hamer) Gilbert & Corada Cerelsda Way married (1883) Hillsdale Iowa and moved to Burt county.
Their children were:
     Aldia Floy b 1885 m Miles Alonzo Allen
     Norva Ivel b 1887
     Effie Azula b 1889 (Decater, Burt Co, NE) m George Philemon Warner
     Edna b 1893 m Homer Gaines
The only record I have of any children being born in Burt Co is for Effie Gilbert.
My question is why would they move to Lebanon, KS  for about 2 years then move back that Effie & Edna would be born? They later returned to Lebanon, KS and homesteaded there.
Or were all the children born there, then they moved to KS? After 1894 or so?
Edna was born in KS as far as my research tells me.  But was she?
I thought there may be some kind of records for these folks in Burt County.
Where did the name Azula come from (Effies middle name)? Were they Quaker?

I'd like to find some clues about these folks. Any information appreciated. Thanks.
Mary Grether <[email protected]> Sun. 19 Oct 2008


I am researching an ancester, Warren Wishard Huff, b. Feb. 1864 in Iowa and died June 22, 1928 in Lyons, Burt Co., NE. I am looking for burial records -- the cemetery where he is buried, obituary, etc. and am having no luck. His wife's name was Maude Violet (Waldon) Huff. I do not have a date of death for her. I know she was born around 1871 in Nebraska.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you,
Shelly Johnson < [email protected] > 2 Nov 2009  

30179 140th Street , Ackley, IA 50601

I am seeking any information I can obtain on John A. ISACKSON (b. 29 Jan 1855) and his wife.  I have a photo with notes indicating they were living in Burt County on 9 Jul 1884.  I believe he may have moved his family to a new Swedish colony being established in Silver Hill, Alabama shortly after 1900 but not sure of that.  He may have had his parents, Isak NILSON (Nelson) and his wife Lena Stina living with him because his brother, Frank Otto NELSON (John kept the traditional Swedish naming and Frank Americanized) moved his family to Julesburg, Colorado in 1888.  I had found Isak and Lena in Cumings Twp in Cumings County 1880 census but lost track of them after that.  I would like to learn where John lived – the attached photo with the 9 Jul 1884 date showing John and his wife may provide someone in Burt County some clues.
Joe Thurstenson <[email protected]> 2 Feb 2008

I am looking for John D KRUSE [b. 1865, d. 1944], his wife was Matilda HAHN [b. 1866, d. 1950] in Preston Minnesota, children: Metta [KRUSE] Anderson[b. 1891, d. 1957], Richard John KRUSE [b. 1894, d. 1976], Esther Anna KRUSE [b. 1898, d. 1920], and Dorothy Elsie [KRUSE] Sundell [b. 1904, d. 1995].
Nancy [Anderson] Thompson-Jones <[email protected]> Aug. 13, 2010


     Isaac (Isak Nilsson) and Christina (Lena Stina JOHNSDOTTER) NELSON were my GG Grandparents. Isaac was born 12 May 1817 in Smaland, Sweden (Hreda parish).  His wife, Christina, was born 06 May 1813 in Smaland, Sweden (Bckseda parish).  I am not sure just when Isaac arrived in the United States because he arrived several years before his wife and son, Frank Otto Nelson arrived 03 Oct 1872 with his mother.  In the 1880 Cummings twp, Cummings County, Nebraska census, Isaac Nelson is listed as a Blacksmith in that community.  He was 62 years old at that time.  I have been unable to find any trace of them in this area’s history after this census.  

     Frank Otto NELSON married a neighbor girl whose family (Charles RUNDQUIST) was also listed in Cummings twp, the girl being Christina Louisa RUNDQUIST 15 Sep 1883.  This marriage is recorded in Cummings county but family lore indicates this marriage took place in Oakland, Burt County. The Rundquist were charter members of the Salem church.  I visited this church several years ago and was given the privilege to search the church record books and found the Rundquist verification but never any trace of the Nelson family.  I know that Frank and Christina lived in or near Oakland, Burt County when their first two daughters, Ida and Minnie were born.  In 1891, Frank purchased 160 acres in Phillips county Colorado after moving there in 1887.  After about 7 years they returned to Knox County, Nebraska where they lived in Wausa.
     I’m sure that Isaac and Christina NELSON must have lived near their son Frank during the decade from 1880 to 1890 when Frank’s family was developing in Oakland. I realize Isaac was entering retirement age but don’t know when or where he passed away, and I am missing the same information on his wife, Christina.  Isaac may have continued his blacksmithing in the Oakland community for at least a few years.  I find no indication that they followed their son to Colorado so am wondering if they may have both passed away before 1887.  Isaac and Christina left a son and daughter behind in Sweden who were older than Frank and evidently supporting themselves.  The older son kept the traditional naming when he arrived in the USA in the Chicago area and married and developed his family there before joining a Swedish colony developing in Silver Hill, Alabama around 1900 – his name was Johann Alfred ISAACSON.
     If anyone has any clues on this family, I am most interested.
Joe Thurstenson < [email protected] >, Siloam Springs, Arkansas - 25 Dec 2007


Searching for descendants of John Snider b 1840 probly Indiana Co PA. He had 2 sisters Mahala Snider b 1836 and Mary A. Snider b 1838. Their mother was Isabella Snider b 1814. In 1850, this family was living in Loyalhanna Twp Westmoreland Co. PA. Their father was not in the household in 1850. So he may have died between 1840-1850. Mahala married and remained in Indiana Co PA until her death. Did Isabella & Mary A. go with John to Burt, Co Nebraska? Can anyone help me pick up a trail?
Regina Mathews <[email protected]> 12 Oct 2009

I am looking for information on George Steedsman b 1835 and wife Margaret Rankin King b 1829.  They lived in Everette, Burt, Nebraska. Their son James Steedsman also settled in Everette, Burt, Nebraska.  James married Elizabeth Kirkwood Turnbull and they had four children born in Nebraska - George, Verena, Sylvia and Sylvester.
I would appreciate any and all info on the Steedsman Family.
Thank you - Sherry Teed <[email protected]> 25 May 2011

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