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Marriage Book H
Years 1945-1957

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In some instances a license was issued but no certificate of marriage was returned to the County Clerks office.
The spelling of names are as they appear in the book. No changes made to spellings or names.

One * means license applied for but no license issued
Two** means no certificate returned

GROOMBRIDEDate License IssuedPage #Exceptions
Allen, Lester C.Bartholow, Dora R.10-06-1947147
Bain, Harold R.Pancake, Leah Jane 09-16-1947143
Bain, Lester L. Schipporeit, Evelyn D.12-20-1947158
Bernt, William G.Janek, Mabel F.09-10-194674
Blue Thunder, LouisIron Nest, Lulu10-17-1947149
Bolish, Clifford E. Woods, Betty Lou10-27-1947150
Clay, William MyronJackson, Alice Inez06-21-1947127
Eberhart, James W.Webb, Lois I.11-22-1947156
Einspahr, MarvinLewis, Darlene Ruth05-25-194648
Fischer, Harry C.Wigent, Velma Jean07-18-1948207
Fix, Gale L.Prewitt, Myrtha L. 11-24-1947157
Hamit, Raymond W.Clark, Emma R. 09-23-1947145
Harriman, Vernard J.Armstrong, Luetta Gay10-25-1947151
Huelle, Arnold H.Rudnick, Mildred L.01-20-194630
Keim. Erwin L. Oakes, Bonnie J.09-28-1947146
Lackaff, Richard TorpinDillon, Genevieve F. 11-22-1947155
Langston, Charles Titus, Edna Mae05-25-194647
McConnell, Chester MiloFletcher, Virginia Rose09-21-194513
Middleton, Sumner EllsworthHitchcock, Margaret Ann09-13-1952449
Mikus, JoeVanderbeck, Geraldine11-05-1947152
Milne, Burton Y. Thumberg, Dagmar Mary11-15-1947154
Newton, EugeneFellows, Dell Ruth10-17-194684
Reinert, RoySchenk, Bertha Minna09-16-194512
Seger, CalvinVanderbeck, Velma10-14-1947148
Slout, LaVern S.Nachtman, Helen M.12-30-1947160
Stec, EdwardNelson, Jeannine12-29-1947159
Stenson, DaleGustafson, Marianne11-14-1947153
Taylor, Ferrol. P.Zlomke, Dorothy M.09-20-1947144
Williams, EverettMeyers, Marian L.06-20-1948200
These records were transcribed by Phyllis Quinn, August, 2001. A big Thank you to Phyllis for her help!!

We are sorry for any errors in transcriptions. Please contact the Brown county coordinator for corrections.

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