Banner County Post Offices
Post Offices of Banner County

There were many post offices in Banner County. Many were located in the homes of the settlers. As the postmasters change, the locations of the post offices change.

ASHFORD with a population of 8 was located in Sec. 4 & 8-19-55. Named for William Ashford. Located on Pumpkin Creek on Stage road; was named temporary seat of Banner Co. on 1/25/1889. Post office established 10/1887, discontinued 7/24/1902. First postmaster, William Ashford, 2/06/1888. Others were: Charles Dooley, 7/20/1889; Clara Shumway, 5/17/1890; Lena Anderson, 3/09/?; Sarah G.Egleston, 5/21/1892; Milton Shafto, 12/11/1894; James Thomas, 1/02/1896; Cora A. Ashford, 1/07/1898. Mail sent to Harrisburg 8/15/1902.

BANNER was located on Sec. 32-20-56, with a population of 8. Town named by a Mr. Robinson and Ebenezer Wells Established 5/15/1888. Ebenszer Wells was the first postmaster. Other postmasters were Harvey Ransier 4/22/1889, Harvey Rancier also operated a grocery store. The goods were sold to John McCalm August 1889. The Ransiers moved to Oregon. Other postmasters were: James McCalm, 10/16/1889; Ira Gallup, 9/01/1890; Dora Pierson 12/05/1890. Discontinued 5/01/1895. Mail sent to Harrisburg.

BIG HORN Post Office located Sec. 10-18-54 in a farm home, was established 4/26/1912, located near Table Mountain and Bighorn Mountain. First postmaster was Mrs. Hope Brown.Last postmaster was Mrs. Meggie Brown 8/06/1914, when discontinued.

CENTROPOLIS Post Office----name changed from Randall 2/01/1889, changed to Harrisburg 5/09/1889. It was just north of Harrisburg and probably named by C.A. Schooley. First postmaster of Harrisburg was Theodore Friese, 2/01/1889. Second postmaster was Charles H. Randall 4/22/1889. Mail to Harrisburg 8/10/1889.

CLYDE was located on Sec.10-18-57 which is 3/4 mile west of Gabe Rock. Established 9/28/1888. First postmaster was William Lownan. Mail was sent to Harrisburg 5/01/1895.

EPWORTH Post Office was in a farm home, Sec. 22-18-58; established 1/25/1906, and discontinued 10/15/1918. Elizabeth Cox was postmaster.

FLOWERFIELD established 5/15/1912. Location, 5-17-57. Postmasters were George A. Millet, 5/05/1912; William N. Warner, 3/27/1920; Lottie VanPelt, 4/03/1925; Alice E. Lundberg, 10/16/1929; Myrtle Penick, 4/12/1935; Roda Williams 10/06/1936. Post Office discontinued 9/30/1936, became affective 11/30/1936. Mail was sent to Bushnell.

FREEPORT was located Sec. 20-19-53. In 1890 the population was 10. Post Office was established 8/06/1887 with Elisha Cowen as postmaster. Others were Robert D. Crabtree, 5/04/1891; James P. Westervelt, 4/11/1890; Thomas H. Wilson, 6/25/1891; Amand E. Harmon, 3/22/1894; Emma Mosier, 4/30/1909; Scott Darnell, 8/19/1911; Loria J. Ames, 1/21/1913.

GARY Post Office was in a farm house, Sec10-17-55, established 6/22/1897. William Reep was the first postmaster. Others were John M. Mann 8/01/1899; John Smith, 3/28/1908. Discontinued 10/31/1921. The mail was sent to Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.

HARRISBURG, Sec. 2-16-56. It was named for the hometown of C.A. Schooley, Harrisburg PA. The name was changed from Centropolis to Harrisburg 5/29/1889. The population was 40. The first postmaster after the change was C.H. Randall, 8/10/1889. Others were Calvin M. Moffit, 8/22/1890; Elisha Cowan, 12/09/1890; Henderson L. Graves, 10/03/1891; Charles J. Carlisle, 5/10/1893; Benjamin R. Lewis, 7/15/1897; Lora A. Grubbs, 2/07/1916; Bess E. Brennan, 11/01/1921; Jessie Cross, 11/05/1921. She retired 8/31/1958. Merle Griggs, 9/01/1958, term ended 10/30/1959; Doretta E. Klopping 10/30/1959, retired 5/31/1978. Officers in charge from 6/01/1978 to 1979 were; Bonnie Jo Crabill and Mary Gadway. Lloyd Hams postmaster,1/12/1979.

HEATH Post Office, location, Sec. 6-17-54, established 1/25/1890. Postmasters were: Samuel G. Swezley, 6/29/1890 Seven N. Larson, 9/01/1890; Acting Postmaster Minnie Larson, 9/21/1917. Discontinued 12/21/1917. Mail was sent to Harrisburg.

HULL Postoffice located Sec. 23 & 25-20-58. First Postmaster Albert B. Hull, an early settler who had a tore and the post office which was established 2/26/1887. Other postmasters were: Ziba V. Cleveland, 5/04/1891; Moses W. Soop, 2/20/1892; Louise Noyes, 8/09/1905; Grace Bolin,9/05/1918; Louise Noyes, acting postmaster, 2/05/1923; and postmaster 2/12/1923. Discontinued 10/15/1929. Mail sent to Harrisburg.

KIRK Postoffice located Sec. 32-18-53 in a farm home, established 8/27/1890, named for A.O. Kirk. First postmaster was Sarah E. Kirk, wife of A.O. Kirk. Others: Eva Maynard, 5/18/1891; Charles W. Johnson, 6/27/1894; William Helsing, 7/20/1907; Carl A. Jensen, 1/10/1920; Discontinued 5/15/1929 Mail sent to Harrisburg.

LORAINE Post Office established 5/16/1888 in farm home, Sec. 19-17-56. First postmaster, Frank Edwards. Next postmaster James A. Keith, 2/16/1892. Discontinued 5/18/1895. Mail sent to Harrisburg.

MYRA Post Office established 6/15/1895 and discontinued 3/16/1896. Ernest C. Wisroth was the first postmaster. The mail was sent to Salem, Loraine Co, Wyoming.

RANDALL Post Office, located Sec. 11-18-56, established 2/26/1887. Name changes to Centropolis 2/01/1889. Named for C.H. Randall.

RHOID Post Office established 5/09/1888 and discontinued 6/01/1888. Shortest lived post office in Banner County. Location unknown.

VAN Post Office located, Sec. 4-17-57 in a farm home, established 2/27/1907. Postmasters: Thomas VanPelt, first postmaster, George Millet, 1/08/1912. Discontinued 5/15/1912. Mail sent to Flowerfield.

VINTON Post Office established 3/07/1899. Charles Gingrich Postmaster. Rescinded 5/07/1899.

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