Traill County, North Dakota Queries

Traill County, North Dakota Queries


Lyle Copelan Tue Jan 16 10:27:43 2007
I am searching for more information about Marie (NEVER) STEUSSLOFF. She lived with her daughter and son in law, Bertha and Fred RACHOW in Bohnsack according to the 1920 census. Another of her daughters, Marie, married Friedrich MARKWARDT and they lived in Towner County. Fred and Marie are my great grandparents so Marie would be my great-great grandmother. Thanks!


Gary Allen Richardson Sat Feb 3 11:52:08 2007
Trying to sort out the wives of Oliver P. CLARK, of VT who moved to Traill County around 1880. I believe his first wife was Abbie HOUGHTON, and his second wife Evelyn CORLISS, who may have been the widow MILLARD. There are two entries for an Oliver CLARK, one marrying Evelyn MILLARD, the other Evelyn MILLAND, on same date, but different middle names for Oliver. I'm really trying to figure out if Oliver had any children with his 2nd wife, but if the 1 Oct 1889 date is correct, the kids came before then. One of them, Addie CLARK, married a RICHARDSON cousin of mine. Thank you.


Gunn Karin Sandmæl Sat Mar 31 14:51:42 2007
I'm looking for Ethel, Einar, Myrtle, Alton, Oscar, Edith and Robert MOEN and their families from Mayville.


Tom Wed Apr 18 21:29:27 2007
Hi, I am hoping someone can suggest how I might be able to proceed here. One of my ancestors, August Friedrich FERK, came out to the Dakota Territories between 1870 and 1880 from Wisconsin. I found him in the 1880 census living in Fargo. The census shows he married a girl named Sarah (from New York) and he is a carpenter.

I then found the family in the 1885 state census, the name is misspelled as "FEIK". August is a carpenter in Mayville, Traill County - he was born in Wisconsin. His wife is listed as "Lara" in this census but the age and state born (NY) match the 1880 census. They also have a child Henry, born in Dakota, who is 1 year old.

A biography for one of August's brothers states that August died in 1886.

I have not been able to find August or Sarah/Lara in the 1900 census and believe they both died.

However, in the 1900 census (Mayville, Traill County) I did find a Henry HANSON, adopted son, born Jan 1884 in North Dakota, father born in Wisconsin and mother born in New York - this information is a perfect match.

August FERK was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith.

How do I find death information on the parents? And how do I confirm that Henry HANSON is actually Henry FERK.
I appreciate any help...Thanks.


Barry Peterson Mon May 7 11:17:17 2007
I am inquiring as to any details of surrounding the death of my great grandfather, Peter Olof PETERSSON. He died in Hatton 17 Sep 1901, according to his death certificate (133-01-000574) filed in Bismarck. The death certificate lists his name as Pete O. PETERSON.

Are there written accounts in a local newspaper? Could he have been engaged in an ongoing harvest? (His residence was on a farm near Bagley, Clearwater, MN.) Could he have died after a scuffle of some kind? Is he buried in Hatton?

Information about Peter is solicited. Thanks.


Deanna Fri May 25 19:11:06 2007
I am looking for birth records for:
Beulah May FUGATE b. 23-4-1915
Margorie Althea FUGATE b. 31-5-1916
Kay Ivan FUGATE b. 6-11-1918

All of them are the Children of Ivan Lester FUGATE and Syliva SHOGER.

Also any death records for Ivan Lester FUGATE circa 1924
Thank you


Liv Loevtjernet Sat Sep 1 16:33:56 2007
One brother of my great-grandmother was Karelius HANSEN, born 12. March 1862 in Kongsvinger area in Norway. He emigrated to USA 07. April 1882, get Naturalization (in Grand Forks, ND) 07. April 1883, and did marry 09. April 1883 (Garfield town,Traill co., ND), to Karen LARSEN. I can't find them in the census 1885 in Dakota Terr. or another place. Karelius had 7 brothers and sisters who lived in S. and N. Dakota.

Where did Karelius and Karen take the way? Had they any kids?
Hope some can know about them! Liv


Diane Sun Oct 14 11:16:06 2007
Seeking my biological grandmother, Ida KOPPERUD, who was born in the late 1800s to early 1900s, may have had a sister named Alice & a brother with initials of A. H. Am told she was born in Buxton. In April 1921 we know she lived at 1513 University Ave., Grand Forks (possibly with her brother). Prior to that, we believe she may have lived in Fargo at a Lutheran home for unwed mothers. Desperately want to know more about my grandmother, thanks.


Diane Sun Oct 14 11:16:06 2007
Seeking my biological grandmother, Ida KOPPERUD, who was born in the late 1800s to early 1900s, may have had a sister named Alice & a brother with initials of AH. Am told she was born in Buxton. In April 1921 we know she lived at 1513 University Ave., Grand Forks (possibly with her brother). Prior to that, we believe she may have lived in Fargo at a Lutheran home for unwed mothers. Desperately want to know more about my grandmother, thanks.


Pat Bacon or Pat Bacon Sat Oct 27 15:10:01 2007
Ingbert BREKKE opened a hardware store in Galesburg summer 1903, moved there with his children Annie, Henry, Julie, Marie.
Any information on any of these folks -- Annie is my gmom.


Patricia D. Thompson Sun Nov 18 21:06:49 2007
An old trunk was sent to Halstad, Dakota and it was addressed to Ole M. OLSTAD. Does anyone know of an Ole M. OLSTAD who would have been in the vicinity of Traill County, ND or Norman County, MN. This would have been about the mid-1880's to possibly 1891. In about 1892 the OLSTADs were in the Fosston, MN area and then went up to Alberta, Canada and homesteaded in 1893. In the family besides the parents were 6 sons and at least two daughters. One son, Mikkel, stayed in Norway. Could they have worked on one of the Bonanza farms in the area? Are there records of the people who did?


Barbe Isaacson Sun Feb 17 06:54:14 2008
I am looking for information on Rollin Daniel WARREN. He came to Traill county from NY, with his wife Martha and two daughters after 1889 but before 1893. At least 4 children were born in Mayville, one being my grandmother. I can't find his name on any census or death/cemetery records.
Any information or a point in the right direction would be appreciated. Thank you. Barbe Isaacson


Sue Larsen Sun Mar 9 11:23:54 2008
My grandfather, R.S. OIUM ran a general store in Kelso until his death in 1915. I have 4 pictures that my grandmother had saved. One is labeled Mr. & Mrs. STRAND, Kelso, ND. The others are labeled Mr. & Mrs. Gus STRAND home in Montana. I assume the STRAND had moved from Kelso to MT before 1915. I would like to give these pictures to STRAND family members.
I didn't have any luck with Montana Census searches to find what county in Montana they moved to. Can anyone help me find a home for these pictures?


Virgil Mehus Wed May 7 12:03:18 2008
I am looking for information pretaining to my GGrandmother Bergit Torkelsdatter OPHEIM aka (Betsy HANSON / HANSEN) born May 23, 1817 and died sometime after 1874. Don't know when or where she died. She was married to Nils Hansen MEHUS of Silver Lake Parish, Worth County, Iowa.
Bergit and Nils had 6 children:
1. Anne Nilsdatter MEHUS, dob May 31, 1844 and dod is July 3, 1926. She was married to September 8, 1867 in Worth County, Iowa to Peder THORSEN.
2. Hans Nilsen MEHUS, dob February 2, 1847 on the Mehus Farm in Aal Parish Buskerud, Norway. Dod February 28, 1919, Worth County, Iowa. He was married to Gunvor Andresdatter TROIM. They were married May 9, 1871 in the Silver Lake Lutheran Church.
3. Torkel Nilsen MEHUS, dob February 11, 1850 Dod???. He went by the name Tom NELSON in the latter years. He married Thea Nilsdatter KORSMO in August 1894.
4. Ragnild Nilsdatter MEHUS, dob November 14, 1854 at the Aal Farm in Buskerud, Norway. She was married to Karl Olsen Nista BENSEN July 20, 1879 at the Nils Hansen MEHUS home at Rural Hatton, (Then Grand Forks County, Territory). She Died ???
5. Guri MEHUS, born June 24, 1859 in Rock Prairie,Rock County, Wisconsin. She was married to Bendick Knudsen PLADSON on November 18, 1878 at the Nils Hansen MEHUS Farm in Rural Hatton, North Dakota. She Died February 11, 1887 in Steele County, North Dakota.
6. Nils Nilsen MEHUS, born September 4, 1863 in Hartland County, Worth County, Iowa. He was married to Inger ENGEN in 1882. He died January 15, 1919 in Colquhoun Township, Renville County, North Dakota.

Legend says that she died in her home @ Silver Lake,Worth County, Iowa. She either died here or enroute to Traill County, North Dakota. I know that the wagontrain they where on stopped at Willmar, Minnesota and Breckenridge, Minnesota. She could be in those Church Records???
Any information with a connection would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely yours,
Virgil Mehus
[email protected]


inger randi ekeberg Thu Jul 24 17:27:44 2008
Bernt ( born 13 Apr. 1875 Norway) and Agnethe HANNESTAD (born 24 Aug. 1879) - sister and brother arrived USA with Britannic on 8th of June 1895. Seeks informations about persons.
(Bernt is my great grand pa-)


Josh Ensrud Sun Aug 17 21:55:58 2008
I am looking for any information on my great-great grandparents and their family: Ole J. ENSRUD, wife Matea, son Emil, daughter Marie (it is said in her obit that she was born in Mayville, ND in 1885).

My ancestors immigrated from Norway and settled in either Buxton or Mayville, ND in 1885 before moving to Rosebud Township, Polk Co. MN in 1886.

They used the last name ENSRUD in MN but originally their last name was JOHNSON. Any info. would be helpful.
Thank You,


Ann Mikalis Sun Aug 17 23:39:00 2008
I am trying to locate the father of Arden GJERVOLD. Arden was born 5/19/21. Mother's name Ada. Very important Any help would be appreciated.


Portia Harloff Thu Oct 9 10:01:39 2008
My grandfather was Ole BORGEN. He lived in Traill County from 1893-1914, his death certificate doesn't have his parents name and I cannot locate his marriage license in Wisc. Ken Enger has a tree that says Dina and Martin were his siblings.
Could anyone verify this for me? Could anyone give me the date Martin BORGEN died? The parentage on Dina's death certificate doesn't check. Ken Enger hasn't responded to my emails. Thank You!


Kitty Jensen Sun Nov 9 01:47:49 2008
I'm looking for information on Mrs. Edward FOSS who lived in Portland, NM. She is my ancestor's daughter and trying to find out all I can about her. I think her first name is Cora, but not sure. Please let me know. Thank you.


Anita (Kordahl) Groethe Sun Nov 9 12:43:25 2008
Searching for information on Pearl June KORDAHL, born 20 June 1921 - probably in Mayville to Ole J. KORDAHL and Ellen STANSTELEY. Also any information on Ole KORDAHL and Ellen STANSTELEY. Ole was born 1894 in Hof-Solør, Norway and died 15 October 1938 in Fargo. Ole was a baker in Mayville in the 1920's.


Linda Apted Tue Feb 3 16:51:42 2009
I am looking for the death date and place for Reuben Sylvester DALRYMPLE. He was born on Nov 1, 1871 in Montcalm County, Mi. to Sylvester and Olive (BARNES) DALRYMPLE. He married Nellie Mildred LAWRENCE on Dec. 3, 1893 in Iowa. She left him in 1912 and took the children to Seattle, Wa. He was supposed to have died at the age of 44. Supposedly, a telegram was sent to my great grandmother telling her of his death.


Vicki Engler Thu Feb 12 23:09:01 2009
Looking for ancestors of Grace L. (BELKNAP) and Charles H. DALRYMPLE who lived in or near Valley City, North Dakota in 1919.


Kenneth Miller Mon Mar 2 17:57:20 2009
Edith Mabel MILLER was born and died on 18 Jan 1900 in the Maybell, Traill County, North Dakota area. She was the daughter of Daniel G. & Delilah MILLER, my grandparents. They along with 5 children are shown in the 1900 Census for Steel County, Edendale Township. My son recently checked in Bismarck and there is no record of birth or death. I didn't know if there were any cemetery records that might show where the baby was buried. Thank you!


Elissa Thu Jun 11 08:25:41 2009
I am trying to find information on my ancestors, Henry and Henriette REDISKE. They immigrated to the US in 1866, settled for a short time in La Crosse county, WI, and before 1885 (not sure exactly when) they moved to Traill county, ND. I have come across another family of Pommerania origin that is unrelated to me, but did the same thing. My question is, could it have been related to religious beliefs (i.e. wanting to start a new church with other like minded people)?
Henry REDISKE died in 1884 and was buried in the cemetary of Emauel Lutheran Church. Could the history of the formation of this church have clues for me and my ancestors? He left behind some of one of his sons in La Crosse area.
Henry and Henriette's daughters married into the BOHNSACK and ROSENAU families, and I included those surnames in this post in hopes of reaching other distant "cousins".
Thank you for your help.
[email protected]

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