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Karen Boblett Wed Jan 3 12:39:34 2007
I am looking for my great grandfather William CLEAVES who married Rufina N in approximately 1897. He was a vetennary surgeon according to the census of Fairmount village County of Richland ND in the 1900 census. He was born in Wisconsin approximately 1865 and Rufina was born in Germany in 1876. If there is anyone who are decendents of this family I would like to hear from them. Also need death notice dates for family geneology.


Becky Breck Lewis Sun Jan 7 17:03:38 2007
I would like any information on BARBOs from Norway. Family of Anreas, Ingre, Albert, Hilda BARBO. Listed on newspaper estate article, March 11, 1920 it stated heirs, niece; Mrs. Warren STRAND of Barren, Wis. & nephew; Albert A. BARBO of Abercrombie, N.D. They were my Greatgrandfather, Mikkel BARBO's family. Also his son, my grandfather, Sivert BRACK immigrated to Colfax, N.D. On the 1910 Census they lived at Eagle, Richland, North Dakota. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


Loraine Manke Sun Jan 21 21:49:19 2007
Looking for a sister of my Great Grandfather Fredrick Albert MANKE. He was born in Germany July 26th 1847 He had a sister and a brother whom came to N. Dakota / Minnesota and possibly Canada


Lynne Hartung Fri Apr 27 20:58:50 2007
My great-great uncle Peter Mathias KRAMER (b 1850 Wisconsin; d. 1920 Clark County, Washington) lived in North Dakota for 30 years and during that time he served 4 years as county commissioner of Richland County, according to his obituary date 9/9/1920. He moved from North Dakota in 1908. His wife was Margarethe ZENZ.

Anyone have any information about Peter KRAMER?


William Jarvis Wed Jun 27 16:46:18 2007
I am interested in finding out what you have if anything about the JARVIS family in the Dakota Territory Census for 1880. I'm not sure if anything is told about what houses are related to or anything besides what is on the census pages. The first names are:
F. (I think it is short for Francis)

Thank you,
Wm Jarvis


Rick Kasparek Tue Jul 3 13:26:57 2007
Looking for Vincent KASPAREK who had a harness shop in Lidgerwood.


stacy simonson Wed Jul 18 20:54:23 2007
I'm doing research on Micheal E. and Rosa Margaret (BLENNER) KING, who in 1914 came from Iowa to the Fairmount area and later to Hankinson. They came with a son who was Mattew KING. I'm Interested if anyone knows who Micheal and Rosas parents were. Or even what country they came from. Please help


Scott Faust Mon Jul 23 13:46:17 2007
I am seeking information on Valentine DORN (1864 - 1908), born in Wisconsin and Lived in Wahpeton. He married Elizabeth MAYER at St. John's Church on February 4, 1889. He was the manager of the Wahpeton Hotel in the 1890's and 1900's. He died on New Years Eve 1908 by gunshot. It was thought to be suicide. - Scott Faust


Stephen A. Black Tue Aug 28 00:32:46 2007
I would like any information about my grandparents, John A. BLACK and Ada (SHATTUCK) BLACK who were living in Lidgerwood in 1899 when my father, Stephen Ames BLACK, was born. I believe John BLACK built a grain elevator in Lidgerwood. My grandmother may have given piano lessons and may have taught school. There was a family newly arrived from Germany who lived next door. The BLACKs remained in Lidgerwood until about 1911.

I plan to drive to Lidgerwood later this week and would be glad to talk to anyone who knows about the history of the area.



Frank Thu Oct 25 10:19:01 2007
Looking for any information concerning the REDEMSKE family who lived in the vicinity of Hankinson and Mantador ND. Carl and possibly brother or cousin Fred both obtained citizenship and homesteaded in that area. BLM records on file. Carl and family appears on a 1880 census. Carl apparently died or left around 1900 not shown on 1900 census, as his family moved to Iowa in 1903. Fred and none of his family appear on any census. One child Hudla, may have been captured or lived with Indians in that area.


Elaine Simon Mon Oct 29 12:50:53 2007
I am the great-granddaughter of Hermina DICHROFF aka DeCROF, DICKRAFF, DECKROFF etc. I believe she and Heinrich DECKROFF came over in 1872, before her father William DeCROF and family came. They lived in Horicon, Wisconsin for several years. Heinrich went to North Dakota and William went to Merrill, Wi.
Are there any relatives left in Richland County or near by?
Is there a records of Heinrich's father and mother. I cannot find Hermina's mother. William could have been married two or three times. He and Hermina were born in Saalsfedl, Germany according to church records.
I would appreciate any information you may have and I could share more DICHROFF information if you like.
Yours truly, Elaine Simon


SHAREN Sun Dec 23 13:42:15 2007
Looking for relatives around Lidgerwood, North Dakota. Please e-mail me. Thank you.


John Bernard Mon Mar 3 20:03:02 2008
I am looking for information on the family of Jacob ECKES, who migrated from Wisconsin to the Dakota Territory in the 1880s with his three sons and two daughters. Jacob and sons ran the Eckes Hotel in Lidgerwood until around 1930 and may have farmed in that area. One son, Nick, my great-grandfather, farmed near Wahpeton. Jacob's daughters lived in Wahpeton/Breckenridge. I'd be grateful for any information on this family and their descendants.


John Bernard Mon Mar 3 20:13:37 2008
I am looking for information on six BERNARD brothers (sons of Anton BERNARD) who migrated from Wisconsin to the Dakota Territory in the 1880s. Initially, they all farmed near Great Bend but one relocated to Tyler and another, my great-grandfather, to Canada. I would be grateful for any information about this family group and their descendants.


Wayne Mabee Sat Mar 8 15:00:49 2008
My greatgrandfather is buried in Wyndmere N.D. died in Saskatchewan in 1911 after only a few months here.They lived at DeLamere for many years before packing up and heading to Canada. Came from Norway and married Magaretha THOMPSON in Wisconsin and went my the name ERICKSON. She died and he married Margaretha OVERBOE and moved to N.D. and changed his name back QUAM. Would like to know what cemetery he is buried at. Jens Erickson QUAM born abt.1835, lived in Sterling, Vernon, Wi.and DeLamere, N.D. Thanks,


JANET JONES Mon Mar 31 09:42:41 2008
My family settled in Brightwood, Richland County around 1881. My grandmother was born in the late 1880s or early 1890s. Any information on them would be appreciated. She was Caroline STAPLES, the daughter of Hiram and Olive STAPLES, the granddaughter of Tom and Caroline FAIRBROTHER and the g.granddaughter of Giles MACKIE.


Patricia Klint Sun Apr 20 14:22:41 2008
Could you please tell me what churches were in Christine, ND back in the 1880's and 1890's Thanking you beforehand.
Patricia Klint


Dave G Tue Apr 29 11:39:19 2008
Looking for information about the KAMPESÆTER (also known as SATER or SATHER) family who lived in or near Abercrombie in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They came from Norway.


Dave G Tue Apr 29 11:39:19 2008
Looking for information about the Kari KAMPESÆTER (also known as Ole SATER or SATHER) family who lived in or near Abercrombie in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They came from Norway.


Max Casey Tue Jun 10 11:49:08 2008
I am looking for information on an Alfred HINGTEN, who might have owned a General Store near Ft. Totten. I know of someone who has an old headress that once belonged to a Joe RED DAY that was pawned at the Hingten General Store and want to find out more about it and them.


Charlotte Konopa Tue Jun 10 13:02:28 2008
I'm trying to find where my GGGrandmother Katherine (EDRICH) KOHLGRAF is buried. She was born 23 March 1859 in Rodalben, Germany, she married Adam KOHLGRAF in 1881-4 in WI, MN, or SD, she died on 31 March 1895 possibly in Wahpeton. There is an abandoned cemetery, St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Summit township, sec 31 NE 1/4, SW corner of 175th Av. SE and 89th St SE. Can anyone tell me the history of this cemetery, ie.. Where is church, headstones, graves, burial records? There is an Anna M. KOHLGRAF, d. 1895 buried there, not sure who she is.


Sharen Fri Jun 13 18:24:54 2008
Horace CRANDALL wrote a piece on Hamlin, North Dakota, which I'm trying to locate. Also does anyone have a list of people who are buried in the Hamlin Cementary or is it Goolsbey Cementary around Hamlin, North Dakota. I only have a few relatives that are buried there and I want to restore it as it is not taken care of by anyone. Thank you.


Cheryl Jensen Fri Jun 27 11:34:30 2008
I am looking for information on Prexida Anna (BORSZICH) WALLACH. She died in Hankinson ND 27 Nov 1955.


Virginia Sun Jul 13 14:37:43 2008
I will be driving through Richland County later this summer. I would like to drive by the farm my great-great grandmother homesteaded in the county. She was Kunigunda MOURER and later Kunigunda SMITH. She homesteaded Sec. 33 in Greendale twp.
She later gave to her son Peter. Her other son Andrew also homesteaded.
I have all the land records so if something would be useful to make it easier to answer my question.
My second cousin Cleon MOURER is deceased so I no longer have anyone to help me fine the places or tell about the history.
My part of the family stayed in Iowa.


William Borgen Treumann Tue Jul 22 23:53:29 2008
My grandfather Otto BORGEN, nee Otto HANSON and his father Hans BORGEN, nee HANS OLSON, emigrated with families from Wisconsin to Mooreton area about 1880. Otto died about 1895; Hans about 1900.

I would appreciate any information about them. I have been told a photo of Hans appeared in a Richland County history. Is it possible to scan this photo and email it to me?


JUDY STREGE Tue Aug 12 08:41:27 2008
Please provide link to photos of the Holy Cross Cemetery Duerr, Richland County, ND of the STREGE headstones.
Any history on the Albert H STREGE family would be wonderful.


barbara leonard Wed Aug 13 07:18:46 2008
My grandfather, Anton SCHUMACHER, was buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Lidgerwood, ND, He was born on 03/17/1868 in Roxbury, WI and died on 03/11/1909.
My question is what was the name of the Catholic Cemetery in 1909 and is it still open? Since my grandfather was a homesteader in Sisseton, SD, I wondered why he was buried in Lidgerwood, ND.


De Scanlon Tue Sep 2 09:28:10 2008
Looking for infomation on Nils SATTERLUND who lived in the Hankinson area in the 1880's and 1890's.


Roger Vick Sun Sep 21 11:59:39 2008
Trying to locate history on Torger GREEN / GREENE who was a brother or half brother to Maren (HOFF) VICK wife of Hans Peter VICK from Mooreton, North Dakota.
Christian GREEN was a son of Torger GREEN.

GREEN's and PETERSON's were supposed to be brother (half brother) and sisters to Maren (HOFF) VICK.
Would like to know where Torger GREEN and Christian (Chris) GREEN are buried.


Cheryl Jensen Mon Sep 22 12:28:21 2008
I am researching Anna Borszick WALLOCK who died in November 1955. She is a great aunt and she left the Lesterville SD area and moved to the Lidgerwood-Hankinson ND area. I know she had children that were born in Lidgerwood. I have little information on her and her family. If anyone knows any family member they can contact me at:
Cheryl Jensen
PO Box 467
Scotland SD 57059
Telephone: 605-583-4745
I am also looking for any photos of the family.
Thank you!

Indian Tribes of Richland County

diane Fri Sep 26 16:49:22 2008
My grandmother's father was give a peace pipe by Indians in trade for food in the early 1900's. (Possibly 1910-1920). I am wondering, does anyone know the name of the tribes of Indians roaming, living, in the Richland County area during that period of time. We are wondering which tribe the peace pipe comes from.


Clifford L. Kath Sun Oct 12 15:44:06 2008
Please furnish the date of death for George KATH circa 1984 and buried in Lidgerwood, ND.


Lisa Shasky Sun Oct 19 13:24:34 2008
Interested to find records of my grandmother, Marian J FINK. Her father was Theodore FINK. She was born in 1908 or 1909.


John Kosek Thu Oct 23 16:40:18 2008
My Great Grandfather came from Bohemia in 1866. His name was Jan (John) KOSEK / KOSSEK. His date of birth is March 7, 1842. I have a ton of information on him but I have a gap. He arrived in New York in 1866. The best information I have is that "he went west and farmed for a couple years and did not like it so he settled in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania." I have all his information after he came to Wilkes-Barre but I am confounded by that gap. His mother was Barbara WAWRA and his father Vincent or Waclaw. They lived at 13 Prusice in Konojedy. He had 9 brothers and sisters. I am the the 4th of 6 John KOSEKs in my line. We all have the middle name Vincent except my Great Grandfather who was just Jan (John).I know there are a lot of KOSEKs in Richland. Perhaps you can be of some help.
John Kosek


Sara Mon Nov 3 15:35:10 2008
Seeking information on the PODLISKA family of Richland County.


Ellinore Tronsgard Wed Nov 12 20:27:26 2008
My father was Raymond Ellis TRONSGARD, born in No. Dakota. At that time the only TRONSGARDs were related. As I see many from that area, I want to know if we are related. My grandfather was Thor and my grandmother was Matilda. I only recall one Uncle, also Thomas. Any information would be well received.


Lisa Shasky Sun Nov 30 08:56:06 2008
I am looking for any information on maternal grandmother's family - her maiden name is HENKENIUS and I think there was a Gottfried, Albert, Adolph and also a Josephine. We believe the family came to North Dakota from Iowa.


Corrine Thu Jan 22 19:03:33 2009
I am trying to find out how to get a birth record for someone born abt.1888 in DeLamere? Do I just email the Richland County Recorder?
Thank you

WWI Memorial plaque

Mark Anway Mon Jan 26 09:48:57 2009
These men are listed on a WWI Memorial plaque: BAKKEN, NORMAN, DANIELSON, GUNNESS, HOBSON, HOFF, HUSMOEN, IHLAND, JACOBS, JENSEN, LARSON, LEER, LODAHL, NYPEN, OLSEN, LILLEGAARD, OLSON, PAULSON, SCHMIDT, SKAMFER, SNYDER, STAFNE, STRAND, TINGELSTAD, WOLD, of reinforced plaster marked "Our Boys" Apirl 16, 1917 to November 11, 1918. Can any one be able to tell me where in Richland County, ND this came from, cemetery, church building, VFW, Municipal building? 763-434-9388
19348 Leyte St.
Wyoming, MN 55092


Sharen Sun Feb 8 13:13:31 2009
Winfield Scott WOLFE married Ellen V. GOOLSBEY (folks were William GOOLSBEY Sr and Frances (SMITH) GOOLSBEY and their children:
Myrtle (WOLFE) married William MAAS or MAASS from Germany. Maybe lived in California.
Frances Irene (WOLFE) married Henry PARIZEK and his folk were Wenzel and Louisa PARISEK from Lidgerwood, North Dakota and moved to California in 1926.
Harold WOLFE, I don't have anything about this man.
Hazel J. (WOLFE) married William J. PARIZEK and lived in Lidgerwood, North Dakota.
Claude WOLFE, I don't have anything about this man.

I would appreciate any additional information on these people.
E-mail me:
     under the words Wolfe-Parizek-Maas
Thanks in advance for any help.


C. Barnes Thu Feb 12 02:07:34 2009
looking for the family of Roy Edward WOYTASSEK.
C Barnes


deb Tue Feb 17 20:23:03 2009
Would like any information about a Doris CURRID or a boyfriend of hers, Alvin HAUGEN . She grew up in Wahpeton and he attended the School of Science approxiamately 1937-38. Many thanks, Deb


Wayne M. Sletten Fri Mar 13 14:17:35 2009
Information have on Lester Monroe SLETTEN, who was my father, is that he was born in Wyndemere, ND, Oct. 6, 1908. His father was Carl SLETTEN, born Apr. 5, 1880 in I believe Chimney Rock, WI and his mother Minnie INTSTENESS who was born in 1881. Location I am not sure of.

I am attempting to locate information on my great grandfather Martin Amundson SLETTEN, born De. 14, 1843 in (? ......Norway) and died Feb. 9 or 19, 1912 in Chimney Rock, WI The information listed on his death certificate only lists place of birth as Norway, and I have no information as to when or which Port of Entry that he and my great grandmother (Maria (ANDERSON) (HANSON) SLETTEN) born ? in Norway, died Oct. 19, 1913, when they arrived in the USA.

Any assistance or direction would be helpful. I do have names of other children born to grand parents and great grand parents also.
Thanks for any information that can be provided.


Darrel Goth Fri Mar 20 22:24:25 2009
Researching Friedrich (Fritz) and Anna GOTH, Otto and Hedwig ERNST, Paul and Lizzie BEHNKE, and William and Margaret BRENNER that were in Hankinson area from around 1898-1928.
Friedrich worked for the railroad.


Milton Mikkelson Tue May 19 11:39:00 2009
Many years ago, my grandmother"s sister, (last name KORBEL) was a murder victim. I visited your museum in 1972 with my father, Harold MIKKELSON, who was born in Wahpeton, and there was a display of part of the railroad trestle from which a group of local vigilantes "strung up" the perpetrator. The MIKKELSON family is trying to put together a geneology and this would be an interesting sidebar, since the MIKKELSONs and the KORBELs have a long history together in the Wahpeton-Breckenridge area.
I would appreciate any written accounts that may exist.


Peggy Wed May 20 20:17:46 2009
I am looking for any information on a man that lived in the Fairmount ND area in the 1930-1950's. His name is Waxley HEINTZ or HINES. Waxley may be a nick name.


Lana Weir Tue May 26 07:49:11 2009
I am looking for information on the above family who lived in Summit North Dakota. My grandfather William F. HAMMERMEISTER was born in this county in September 1889. His father is William F. HAMMERMEISTER and his mother is Wilhemina GOETSCH. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Lana Weir


Ellen Grimm Fri May 29 19:16:45 2009
I'm looking to see where Everett Martin DICKERSON is buried. He was born November 28, 1904 and he died March 28, 2002. His last residence address was Wapeton, North Dakota, but I cannot find an obit for him or what cemetery he buried in. Can you help me? He previously lived in Vallejo, California.


Sharen Spaar Tue Jun 2 12:53:18 2009
Looking for information on Fred and Wilhelmina SONNENSTUHL that homestead in Richland County, Lidgerwood, North Dakota back in earlier 1900 or before. She died March 22, 1944 at the age of 85. They moved from Elkton, South Dakota with Michael and Henrietta (RADTKE) WAGNER and 4 other families. They farmed next to each other and were very good friends.
Thanks for any help,
Hankinson, ND
Sharen (
using subject line "Sonnenstuhl"

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