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Jessica Youness Sat Jan 21 14:56:52 2006
I am looking for information regarding my grandmother, Jessie (ZAHEYA) SAWAYA. She married Sam Youness MALOUF in 1903. Her parent's names were Joseph SAWAYA and Annie (BOUSHALA) SAWAYA. They all came from the Furzul, Zahlah area.
Please contact me if anyone has any information.


Katy Schmitt Mon Feb 27 19:16:58 2006
Otto HERMANSON (1888) m. Inga PEDERSDATR. ENEBAK (1889-Norway). Inga was my grandmother's sister. They show on 1920 & 1930 census living in Rugby, Pierce Co. Children are Oscar, Morris, Alice & Clara. Would like to know death date for Inga. Also hunting for info on Tobias Hansen ENEBAK (1872)and Even Hansen ENEBAK (1878). Thank you.


Carol Moe Lesch Mon Apr 3 17:56:44 2006
Iver A BYE was the brother of my great grandmother, Lena BYE. I'm looking for descendents of the BYE family. Three brothers settled in the Barton area Iver, August, and Kristian. I have some information about the family through census records but would like to know more. If anyone has information, I would greatly appreciate your contact.


Ann Norby Tue Apr 25 16:32:03 2006
This is in response to the query by Valery Frosty. Aron AARONSON is the father of my husband's step uncles. My husband's grandmother is Anna Wickland KVIDT. His mother is her child from her second marriage to John KVIDT. Uncle Lloyd lives in Wisconsin, Uncle Milton in Oregon, Rueben in Minnesota and Aunt Esther is deceased. I have heard the story about Aron being staged also. Valery you can look up Rueben KVIDT (he took KVIDT as last name) in Northfield Minnesota area.


Michael Fri May 12 19:36:34 2006
My grandmother Wilma BUSH was born in Pierce County in 1894. Her parents were John H. BUSH and my great grandmother was Etta WOLFROM. Their two sons Edward and Daniel would have been there with them, They were born in Parma N.Y.
Any information would be greatly appreciated
[email protected]


John Erickson Mon May 22 10:31:09 2006
I'm looking for the cemetery that contains the remains of Josephine and William A. PETTERSON. Her father and mother were Elias and Ane Marthe JOHNSON (sometimes called "Noem"). Thank you.


Larry Parks Thu Jul 6 13:18:20 2006
Looking for info on Peter Conrad HANN, b. 1870 IL, d, 1929, MO, m. 1906, MO, Frances M. PARKS, b. 1882, MO, d. 1968
Known children of Peter and Frances
Irene, b. 1907 ND
Paul, b. 1909 ND

Owned farm in Pierce Co. ND from 1905 to after 1910
Brother of Peter, Samuel Andrew HANN, b. 1872, IL d. 1956, CA, m. 1903, ND, Mary SHEVLIN, b. 1877, WI, d. 1959, CA
Samuel owned land in same area from 1904


Ruth Hill Mon Jul 10 21:04:47 2006
I'm just wondering how the town of Leverich got its name and where it's located. Were there any LEVERICH families in the area then?


Karen Lemes Wed Aug 9 23:27:08 2006
My great grandfather's brother was Anders SAND. I think he was also known as Andrew SAND and have found a Bureau of Land Management record of a homestead for Andrew SAND dated 1903. The Anders/Andrew SAND I am looking for was born Jan 27, 1853 in Norway. Is he found in Pierce County census or other records where his birthdate could be verified?


Arve Holmeide Sun Oct 8 12:54:07 2006
I am looking for information about Anna and Lee T. BOLLINGER who lived in Wolford, Pierce, ND. Anna was born Dec. 17. 1892 and passed away September 1984. Lee was born around 1894. An obituary - or two - would have been wonderful. Where can I get such?


jan webb Sat Oct 28 23:16:13 2006
I am looking for my g-g grandmother 's grave. Her name was (Britta) Marie (nee Svensdatter) LUNDBERG - born 1845 Sweden - died 1902 ??

The 1900 Census has her lving with her husband Charlie (Carl Gustaf) LUNDBERG in East Barton.

Carl G LUNDBERG  	Maria  East Barton, Pierce, North Dakota  abt 1850  	Sweden  	White  Head
Maria LUNDBERG 	Carl G East Barton, Pierce, North Dakota 	abt 1846 	Sweden 	White  Wife 	
Walter LUNDBERG 	Carl G,Maria East Barton, Pierce, North Dakota 	abt 1882 Minnesota White Son 	
Ida LUNDBERG 	Carl G,Maria East Barton, Pierce, North Dakota 	abt 1886 Minnesota White Daughter

Ida married Charlie Johnson
Other daughter Josie married Ole Peterson

I am not sure if Maria is buried in Barton or not? Can anyone help me find Maria?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Abbotsford, Canada


Kathleen Iverson Fri Nov 17 22:39:09 2006
I have the 1910 census for my grandparents and children. They lived in Elverum Township, Pierce County, North Dakota . I didn't even know some of these people existed until after my father's death. My father was the, name unknown son, Trygva Selmer IVERSON not named at the time of the census. I knew my grandmother, Sophie / Sofie when I was young but nothing else about her. Except she and her husband (Toones or Thomas} came from Norway about 1905. I know that Anna Joanna born Nov. 3, 1905, at her Baptism on July 12, 1906 at Bethny Lutheren Church, she had the name Anna Joanna HAUGHOM. My dad said we came from The House of HAUGHOM, I don't know what this means. If anyone has information on my family I would certainly appreciate it. I don't know about Otto I., Mattie G., Christine O. These were all born in Norway. Anna J., Thomas A., Trygva were born in North Dakota. I know she lost twin girls, on her journey to North Dakota, Their names were Anna and Joanna. About 9 months old. After their death I presume she named he next child Anna Joanna. There is still one child missing according to the census. I am not sure of the spelling of their names or dates of birth. Please help, any pictures or papers papers I will be glad to pay for. Thank you. Kathy Iverson


Pius D Waldman Tue Dec 19 22:57:53 2006
Markus WELK with family migrated to the USA in 1898. The 1910 census lists him in Pierce County age 64 wife Margaratha 61.

Ship list had daughters Barbara born 1877, Marianna 1880 and Franziska 1887. Older sister married to a SELENSKI with four children also migrated to North Dakota. No follow up information on his daughters. Son Balthasar 28 with wife Christina appears in the 1910 census with children Anna 5 and Thomas 4 Margaretha less than one.

No information on either Markus WELK or his son Balthasar in the 1920 census.

Another family Michael WELK also was in the 1910 census with a son named Balthasar age 26 who appeared later in both the 1920 and 1930 census.

Wanting to contact someone with genealogy interests or knows about the Markus WELK family.


VERN LYNGSTAD Thu Dec 21 12:04:56 2006
Hi Betty. I knew you a long time ago. I want you to get in touch with me if you can.
VERN LYNGSTAD - [email protected]


Steve Torgeson Tue Dec 26 14:47:47 2006
I am trying to track down information regarding Hannah CORNELIUSON. I believe she was married to C.H. CORNELIUSON on June 13, 1903 in Chippewa County Minnesota. It may say she was the daughter of I or J ELLERTSON or possibly Ole TORGESON (conflicting information).


John Wertschnig Mon Jan 8 10:08:41 2007
Who can I contact to get a certified copy of Virgil N. AXTMAN's birth certificate. I am the Fond du Lac County Veteran Service Officer in Fond du Lac, WI. Mr. AXTMAN is applying for one of the Veteran's Homes in WI. The application requires a Certified Copy of his original Birth Certificate. Is there a Register of Deeds at the County Courthouse? Since this is a veteran's benefits, the birth certificate should be provided at no charge to the veteran. I can be reached at (920) 929-3120 or reply to this inquiry. Thank you.


Renetta Engleson Mon Jan 29 13:12:09 2007
Looking for any relative of Andrew and Emma ANDERSON.They lived in or around Rugby. Emma"s maiden name was ENGLESON, Emma came from Mn. Her parents were Jacob and Maren. Maren passed in 1912 while visiting her daughter. Trying to find death certificate of her and any information of Emma and Andrew. Thank you


Mary Wentz Sat Feb 24 15:39:18 2007
I am looking for the marriage and death dates of Mike FRANK and Josefina WENTZ. They had 4 children Katherine, Margaret, Joseph, and Josephine, I don't have any dates of the children. I believe they lived in Selz ND. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


nancy Sun Feb 25 04:34:44 2007
Looking for family history on Carl LYNGSTAD birth 7-17-1884 / 10-23-1964
Marvin E LYNGSTAD 4-14-1913 - ?
Carl's father was Peder H LYNGSTAD


David Oyen or 2nd address Fri May 11 09:49:12 2007
I am searching for information on where my Grandfather lived while he was in the USA. Born 1872 in Ytre Rendal, Norway. Sailed from Kristiania (Oslo) Dec 4, 1891 en route to New York, and arrived there on December 21/1891.

Melkor's birth records list him as Melkor Gurenus ANDERSEN. His departure from Norway lists him as Melkior Andersen ōIEN. Andreas went by the name Andrew, and stayed in the US until 1909, when he walked to what is now Oyen, Alberta in Canada from Spokane Washington. Andrew is listed on the 1900 census as Andrew A. OYEN of Crookston, MN. A fellow named Gilbert UNDSETH often signed documents for Andrew, and I think this may have been Bertin Olsen UNDSET who left Rendal, Norway at the same time as Andrew did (1889). Another person who seems to be connected is Ted MOMB, and maybe he was Tomine MOMB who also departed the Rendal Region of Norway in 1889. The MOMB and UNDSETH families may also have gone to Canada to live later on.

Crossing into Canada seems to have changed the last name to OYEN from the OIEN spelling used in the US. Melkor and Andrew also had an older brother Gustav, born in 1867, who may also have traveled with them. Gustav is thought to have lived and died in the Chicago area. They all departed Norway at different times, as far as I know.

I am wondering if Melkor changed his name to Mike ANDERSON or ANDERSEN and went to North Dakota to homestead. There seems to have been a person in the Rugby or Brazil or Devil's Lake Area of Pierce County, North Dakota who has very very similar information, including a wife named Bertine/Berntine ANDERSON by 1908. This Mike ANDERSEN or ANDERSON started out in Aiken County, MN. Persons named Halvor N. VOLD, Edwin HOFF, and H. O. FOSSUM often signed documents stating that they were well acquainted with Mike ANDERSON.

Melkor returned to Norway somewhere around 1906? or 1907? and married Bertine/Berntine/Berthine BOLSTAD, the sister of his brother Simon's wife SynÝve. They had one son, Bjarne (Barney). Bertine also had another sister Alma and brothers Berent and Baard. Alma and Berent stayed in Norway but Baard went to Canada to farm for a number of years, and later in his older years, returned to Norway.

In 1910, Melkior went to Canada where he became Melcor (Mike) OYEN / OIEN. If anyone knows their whereabouts of any of these three brother during the 1890's until 1909 (the time period when they were in the USA), OR even knows anything about this OIEN or OYEN family, I would be very grateful for the information. and like to get in touch with you. I can be reached at [email protected] or at [email protected] Thanks


Douglas Wolf Fri Jun 15 05:49:06 2007
We are trying to find out if Jacob J. WOLF was born on May 27, 1907 or May 27, 1908.


Sue Thu Sep 6 10:46:04 2007
Looking for descendants/information on my 2nd-Great Grandparents; Christian and Elizabeth FOSSER.

I have census records on them for 1900, 1910 & 1920 in Barton, Pierce county, ND. According to the census they immigrated from Norway in 1880. I don't know where they were from 1880-1900. From what I've gathered they had 6 children;
Caren (or Karen) b. 1865 in Norway - my Great Grandmother.
Maren b. 1869 Norway
Hans b. 1872 Norway
Sigvart b 1875 Norway
Anna b 1879 Norway
Carl b 1882 North Dakota

Karen married August BAKKEN in 1886, according to census.
My real dilemma is my Grandfather Anton Bernt BAKKEN, was born March 1, 1884. Begs the question whether or not August is his biological Father? I haven't been able to find a birth record for Anton, although family lore says he was born in Minnesota.

I'd love to hear from any descendants of the FOSSER or BAKKEN families.


Michelle Wed Sep 19 23:20:07 2007
Looking for any information on the MARTIN - DEGENSTEIN families of the Orrin area. Trying to find ancestors of Stonas MARTIN and Josephine BUCKMEIER, whose son Martin MARTIN married Rosina DEGENSTEIN. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Myron Senechal Wed Oct 17 14:43:29 2007
I am looking for information on Harold ANDERSON that may have lived in Fillmore, Pierce Co., ND He would have been about 38 years old in about 1913 and 1914. Anderson would have been born in about 1876. I am looking for direct descendants. Thanks you.


Prof. Frederick Hale Fri Dec 14 12:30:32 2007
Good afternoon from the University of Cambridge in England. I am a former Minnesotan, the son of Raymond F. HALE, who (if I am not mistaken) was born in Rugby, ND, in 1905.

If it is not too much trouble, could you perhaps confirm the date of his birth, and also the dates of his older brother, Clarence (who was probably born in 1904), and their younger brother Vern, who was perhaps born around 1908.

Thank you very much. I hope to return to ND next year. I did research at the Heritage Center several times during the 1980s when Larry Remele edited the historical magazine and I had the privilege of being a guest speaker there on three occasions.


Laurie Richter Sat Feb 16 20:56:06 2008
I am looking for information regarding Rochus SENGER b:1861 married to Katherine SCHMALTZ b:1864. They arrived in New York via Ellis Island in 1909. They are listed in the 1910 Federal Census in Pierce, ND. The census lists Rochus, Katherina, Johannes, Rochus, Michael, and Ketherina.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Laurie Richter


Ron Orvik Wed Feb 27 09:03:24 2008
I am looking for information concerning my great grandmother's sister, Maria GUSTAFSON. I know that Maria was born in 1860 in Waseca County, Minnesota to Ole & Barbro HALLAND. She died in Pierce County in 1933. Her first name is sometimes listed as Marie or Mary. I know she had a daughter, Agnes SATERLIE of Rugby. She had two other daughters, Isabel (YAEGAR I believe) and Jennie BLESSUM. I think there were two sons, Harold & Oliver. Maybe there were more children. I would like to know who Maria's husband was and information on any of her children. Any help would be appreciated.


Sandy Oyen Cumberford Fri Mar 7 00:40:08 2008
I am wondering if there is any historical society in Pierce County? Where are newspapers and other historical information housed. If you have any information on this, could you please get back to me.

Leverich, ND

L.G.P. Fri May 30 07:36:12 2008
Does anyone remember Leverich, ND? When did it cease to exist? Exactly where was it located from Rugby, ND? Thank You.


Gail LeCount Fri Jul 25 13:01:57 2008
Hi I am been tring to locate the grave of my brother Danny Allan LUNDE who passed away a few months of age. He was born 4-6-1953 to Clayton and Arla (RUSTAD) LUNDE.
I would just love to have photos of the cemetery wher he is, what the county, etc. looks like as I am from MI.
Can you locate the newspaper with the death, burial, etc that would be great.
Can you please find someone who can please help me with this? Thank you so much. Gail.


Carol Hegel Lang Mon Oct 20 18:47:50 2008
I am searching for information on the family of Frank LANG and his wife Anna OSMER who lived in Pierce county, North Dakota in the early 1900's. They had five children; Clyde F., Gladys Irene, George A., Harold Clifford, and Mable M.


clough Mon Nov 10 14:46:33 2008
I am seeking information about circumstances surrounding the death of Patricia K. EDIE. She died in a car (automobile?) accident 'near Rugby', North Dakota on 2nd September 1953. I know that her death was registered in Pierce County, but no other details. Will the accident have found its way into local newspapers or other local records? Patricia's daughter (my cousin) would like to know more, but is worried about what she may find. I am the filter! Thank you for any help you may be able to provide. Yours, Andrew Clough


RENETTA ENGLESON Tue Nov 18 17:46:58 2008
Looking for any information on Maureen ENGLESON had gone to visit daughter and died in Rugby. Unable to find any information about this person.
Thank you for any information.


Devona Cook Mon Nov 24 21:24:25 2008
Have info to share on the family of Ole TORGERSON who was in Berwick, ND around 1900-1940's. His parents lived in Canby MN.


Schile Wed Nov 26 10:21:46 2008
I am looking for information on the Ignatz SCHILLE family that lived in that area around 1901 - 1925 Wife - Maria Eva.
They arrived in Jamestown ND. They homesteaded in Berwick, McCerney County until 1904 Then moved to Pierce, County. Originally came from Slez Russia. They came to the US on the ship Marie Theresa owned by Lloyds of North Germany and arrived in New York in Oct 1900.


Trisha Quam Sat Nov 29 19:36:10 2008
I am looking for Theophilus QUAM, father of David Jonathan QUAM. He was the President/Reverand at Sheyenne Kreds Hospital in 1911 and 1912. I found records of Pastor E.T. QUAM in cemetery records in Eddy County. I am not sure if they are the same person. I am also looking for his wife's name. Theopilus has 4 boys, but I haven't found any records with their mother's name on it.
Thank you,
Trisha Quam


Dale Shook Tue Dec 2 20:08:11 2008
Looking for the location of William W. SHOOK's farmstead which should be T151N, R74W probably, close to Anamoose to the north. Wilhelm/William was born 21 Nov 1850 in PA, died 2 Sep 1932 and is buried in Anamoose cemetery SW corner of the town. He was married to Amelia BOWER and had five children: Edgar, Harry, Lester, Charles, Stella.


Renetta Engleson Mon Feb 9 15:11:46 2009
Looking for Maureen ENGLESON that was visiting her daughter Mrs. Andrew ANDERSON of Rugby ND. She had been there a month when she passed. She came from Swift County Minn. Unable to find death certificate or any real information except a short bleep that says her son went to Rugby and returned with the remains. This occured around July of either 1912 but have also found a date of 1913. So not sure which.
Thank you for any help. Renetta Engleson


Sara Kassis Thu Mar 19 23:48:48 2009
I'm looking for any information about the following:
I'm looking for more information about the parents of John SHIKANY. I know his parents are Will SHIKANY and Mary SAWAYALA. I'm trying to find Mary's information (dates-parents-etc)

I know that John SHIKANY (my great great grandpa) and Abraham KASSIS were huge influential people in Williston, ND. I am also looking for more information on Abraham's wife Freda SHIKANY.

Pierce County Courthouse

Jimmy Emerson Fri Apr 3 12:56:14 2009
I was searching the National Register of Historic Places website and ran across mention that "few county courthouses survived vacation by county offices" inclduing Pierce County. I know the current courthouse @ Rugby was constructed in 1908, but is there a previous or original courthouse standing in Rugby, or Pierce County if the original county seat was elsewhere? Thanks.


Janice Cox Yost Jenkins Sat May 16 14:37:37 2009
In the early 1900's my late husband moved from Indiana to York/Leeds North Dakota. I always wonder why they made such a move, what was going on in this area for them to make the move. My husbands great-grandmother died in York in 1906 (est) of milary (sp) only after 3 mos of giving birth to their 3rd child.


Aprile Hyder Mon May 25 18:34:14 2009
Looking for info on the BENTLER family (John/Martha) between 1860 and 1900.


Jack Picard Sat May 30 15:48:59 2009
My grandfather Harry Lincoln PICARD was buried in Rugby in early 1924 ( don't have exact date). I want to find his grave but am not sure just where to go to find out. Can you help?

If you have resources for Pierce County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail me at Tim Stowell / Chattanooga, TN
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