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2001 Queries
Pierce County, North Dakota


Kim Waller Sat Feb 10 13:07:50 2001
I am looking for obituaries for the following persons buried in Rugby, Pierce Co., ND.
Simeon WILTSE died 21 Apr 1927
Wife: Abbie A. Bartlett WILTSE - death date unknown
Daug: Bertha WILTSE KING died Oct. 1967 (SS Death Index)
Hus: Peter KING - death date unknown

Mary Bartlett GILLETT BURTON - Death date unknown
Hus: John O. BURTON - died between 1915 and 1920
Daug: Laurine "Rina" BURTON - Death date unknown
Hus: Nathan BURTON - died between 1910 and 1915
Son of Mary: Ira GILLETT - died 1943
wife: Emma GILLETT - died 20 May 1940 buried Persilla Watts Cemetery, Rugby, Pierce Co.
Hus: Nathan BURTON - Death date unknown Would appreciate any help. Thank you.


Riley Cottingham Fri Feb 16 22:33:38 2001
We are looking for information on Andrew Johonnason LAVIK born 11/26/1860. He married Hilleborg M. NELSON, 10/18/1888 in Rugby. They had five children, Agnes, Jesse, Marvin, Adolph and Maglie. Hilleborg died there and Andrew remarried and went to Canada and California, where he died.
Thank you for any information you can provide us with.
Riley Cottingham - Arvada, Colorado


sandra Tue Feb 27 22:43:38 2001
I need the 1910 census on Peter FOSNESS in Pierce County. I need to know all his kids names and birthdays, I have the 1900 but it only gives a couple names thank you so much


Linda Brewer Wed Mar 7 10:50:05 2001
I am trying to locate a birth record for a Glenn Wood BREWER. He was born in Rugby, ND 24 Feb 1902. I believe his parents were Herbert Wilbur BREWER & Patricia COATS.


Carol Mahre Mon Mar 12 12:56:08 2001
I heard that the Pierce County Courthouse burned in the 1920's. I am not sure if that is true or not, so would appreciate it if someone could fill me in on the details. Above families moved to Pierce County in the 1880's and 1890's. Lived on a farm in Twp 155, Range 72, Sec. 10. Also possibly in Rugby village.


Sylvianne Penner Fri Mar 23 11:18:13 2001
MATERI families settled in Balta, N.D. area in the late 1890's and early 1900's I am searching for their descendents. If you want to see if if your family is already connected to my web page, check my URL address. http://members.home.net/syl.penner I have the Generations of the MATERIs right back to the early time of their residence in Neeweiler, Alsace, ( Now part of France). Alsace is on the northern part of the Alps Mountains, on the south east corner of France. From there they went to the Odessa area of Russia (now the Ukraine).

So far i have traced four family branches who came to North America. Two in Canada: Philip MATERI and Joseph MATERI (my branch) who came to St. Joseph's colony, Balgonie, Sask, near to Regina, sask, the capital of Sask. It was known as Assiniboia District, North West Territories, at that time. I look forward to hearing form anyone who may be related.


Yvonne Stone Slonaker Thu Apr 12 06:31:35 2001
I recently found a letter written by an ancestor, Lucy Stone (STIFF) ZIMMERMAN, a lady approaching 80 years of age who was in poor health and living with a son whose first name she did not mention, but whose surname would be STIFF. This family had migrated to Rugby, ND from Virginia and the letter was dated 1904.
I feel that she probably died in the area, and would appreciate any information that anyone could give me about this family. I know that her son was a farmer and his crops had done very poorly that year.
Thank you very much for your help. Yvonne


Rick Walden Sun Apr 15 15:35:29 2001
Im looking for census for Pierce county research on my ancestors or if anyone has any info on the following names:
Lena BERDAHL - she may have been blind in one eye.
Nellie NESTE married a hobbs.

Thanks for any kind of help Rick Walden


Debra Sat May 5 12:33:16 2001
I am looking for any information about Mary KOZEL WASTA (WASHTA) and James (Wencel) WASHTA (WASTA). They were said to be living in the Tunbridge area in 1908 with a daughter Sylvia, who would have been about three years old. From newspaper clippings in their original home town of New Prague, Minnesota, it may be possible that they had a second child while in North Dakota, who died before the 1910 census. Any information from cemetery records or death records, etc. Would be very much appreciated. I live in Oregon, and am unable to travel to your beautiful state. Thank you.


Lucy Parker Tue May 22 15:37:47 2001
Looking for an obituary of an Johannes "John" Albert Paulson who died 23 July 1940 in Rugby, Pierce County, North Dakota. trying to connect to John Albert Poulson (Paulson) from Warren, Ohio.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, Lucy Parker


Linda Knapp Fri Jun 1 13:24:11 2001
Trying to find any information about Benjamin Harrison JACKSON. He was inducted at Rugby, Pierce Co., ND on May 24, 1918 and was discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa Aug. 11, 1919 as a Private in the 1st World War. He was listed as a farmer. He was born 18 Nov. 1889 in Oden, IN Did he return to Pierce Co. ND after discharge or move on elsewhere. He was my grandmother, Mary E. (JACKSON) ANDERSON's brother.
Linda Knapp k5693028@midwest.net


C. Michas Sun Jun 3 19:10:35 2001
I am researching the James Monroe JOHNSON family who lived in Rugby, Pierce County around 1900-1910. His wife was Maria Louiza Hathaway JOHNSON, children living in Rugby: Levi, Clarence William, Jennie, Blanche, Clara, & Cyrus. Any info. much appreciated. Thanks.


Laurel Hintz Sat Jun 9 11:12:49 2001
I am looking for information on my great-grandmother Katherina or Katherine (BACHMEIER) RITCHER. I believe she had 4 bothers, August, Anton, Sigmund, Joe and sisters Mary and Christine. Lived in Pierce County and was born in Odessa Russia.


Jared Johnson Sun Jun 24 21:57:39 2001
Maybe someone can help me?
I am searching for information on a man named Arthur Selmer GROVE who was from Tunbridge, ND. During WWII he was in the US Navy and from 1944-1945 served on a minesweeper in the Pacific. I would love to know what happend to him. If anyone can help, please email me. jaj0769@ksu.edu


Yvonne Slonaker Mon Jul 2 18:38:42 2001
Lucy Ann Stone Stiff ZIMMERMAN migrated to Rugby around 1900-01 with a son whose last name was STIFF. She was still there in 1905, but nearly 80 years old and not in good health. She had come from Virginia and I have copies of letters which she wrote asking for financial help from relatives.

The ND Dept. of Vital Records searched for a death record for her, but did not find one. I found land transactions for 1910 under her name, and would greatly appreciate it if someone would be willing to check the 1910 census to see if she really was still living then. I would also like to know the name of the son that she was living with. He had 3 young boys in 1905.
Thank you very much for your help. Yvonne


Riley Cottingham Sat Jul 21 21:52:57 2001
Will the lady who contacted us about Andrew Johonnason LAVIK and her relative who was Andrew's brother please contact us again, the computer crashed and your address was lost.


Yvonne S. Slonaker Wed Aug 1 20:55:12 2001
The Bureau of Land Management information which is on the Pierce Co. website lists the name of a possible ancestor.
She was living in Pierce County in the time frame that is given.
I know absolutely nothing about what information I would get by filing the proper form which has already been sent to me. The cost is now $17.00+, and there are 3 records. I frankly do not want to incur the expense if it isn't even my ancestor. The land seems to be in the eastern part of Iowa.
Again, I am confused as to why Iowa records would be in Pierce Co. Can anyone explain to me what might be in the records? I'd like to know if it is worth the cost of filing them.
Thank you very much for your help. Yvonne S. Slonaker


Yvonne S. Slonaker Wed Aug 1 21:03:07 2001
The ND Department of Vital Statistics was kind enough to search their records for the death of Lucy Ann Stone (STIFF) ZIMMERMAN.
There was nothing found. Is there someone who would be willing to see if there was an obituary in a local newspaper for her?
She was close to 80 in 1900, but may have still be living in 1910. She lived very close to Rugby on a farm with her son, and I guess his wife, and 3 young grandsons. The son's surname was Stiff, but she never mentioned his given name in any of her correspondence. I'd be so grateful for anything that anyone can turn up on her or her family.
Thank you. Yvonne


Bill Holbrook Fri Aug 3 19:39:26 2001
Looking for any descendants of Welcom J. HOLBROOK, or W.J., as he was called. Two brothers I know of are Liston and Calvin. Welcom was my grandfather. Any relatives out there, I'd love to hear from you. Or, if you know of the family, would also love to hear from you.


Jane Fasching Sun Sep 2 21:29:29 2001
Looking for any information on Marius GEREIN who was married to Katherina MACK. Their children were Anton, Margaretha (Margaret) and Magdalena


Rhoda Cook Wed Oct 17 12:49:26 2001
My Mother's sister, Lena OVERBY married Oria Cleavland PITTMAN, October 18, 1911 at the Methodist Episcopalian Church in Rugby, ND. Where can I find information from the church records about this marriage.
Thank you. Rhoda Cook


Jan Worker Sat Nov 3 13:57:26 2001
I am trying to find information on Charles WORKER, whom I believe was a founding member of Pierce County he moved there from Clinton County, Iowa. He emigrated to Syracruse from the UK in the early 1860 and joined the Union Army and fought in the American Civil War.

He and his wife and daughters eventually moved to Pierce County taking a homstead in Section 32, township 25, range 3 bringing all his lumber from Clinton.

Can you help with any information on him while he was in Clinton. I am trying to build up a family tree and this information would really help.


Tom Dorsher Fri Nov 9 16:27:07 2001
In April (About) 1901 Katharine TORSCHER (Age 21) was in company with Agnes TORSCHER (54), Agnes married a KESSLER, we do not know what happened to Katharine, what her relationship was to Agnes and to whom she married. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You. Tom Dorsher


Joel Zimmerman Wed Nov 28 19:07:45 2001
I am looking for information on Augusta (HILDEBRAND) GARNHARDT, 2nd wife of John F. GOERNHARDT. John homesteaded east of Rugby in Meyer Township, section 5, in 1897. His sons Charles and Otto homesteaded in Torgeson Township, section 33 and 27 respectively. All but Augusta are in the 1900 census.

If you have resources for Pierce County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail me at Tim Stowell Chattanooga, TN
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