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Pierce County, North Dakota


Maggie and Bruce Bessette Wed Jan 12 14:44:25 2000
Hi, We are doing some research on the W.B. Paterson (Geographical Center) Family. He is Bruce's maternal great grandfather. Any information on the PATERSON Family Tree would be appreciated. His daughter Victoria married Howard L. Bessette. We are also looking for information on Howard's father Roger(s) Bessette and mother Ella (Larson) Bessette.THey were married in Rugby 9 Nov 1909--They had three daughters-Anna, Mildred, Myrtle and son Howard. ANY INFO. WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.


Mary Egan-Elbert Thu Jan 20 18:23:14 2000
I am attempting to find more information on a Katie S. Egan, she moved to ND from Livingston Co. ILL. in the early 1900s and purchased land in Pierce (152N & 072W - 2/13/1908) and Benson county (154N & 071W - date unknown). Her parents were Thomas & Agnes Eagen. Any more information would be greatly appreciated.


Ken Heil Wed Feb 2 08:32:59 2000
Looking for infro on my relatives Konrad, Bernard, Jacob, John Heil family and Steve Helvik family and Heck family. All in the Harvey and Selz area after 1900.


George Millar Sat Feb 5 23:17:53 2000
We have a marriage announcement for Annie Millar and William Fitzgerald. It was in the "Mirror" news paper of that time (1900??). The wedding took place in Moorhead, Minnesota on "June 17", (the year is not mentioned but we think it is 1900 ??). Annie was from St. Johns, ND and William was from Wolford, ND. William (Billy) had lived in the area for approximately 10 years prior to the wedding and was well known. They resided in Wolford, ND. Any information on either of these two persons would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


Gayle T. Hilzendager Wed Mar 15 18:14:26 2000
Looking for any information on Ferdinand (Fred) HILZENDAGER 1874-1950 married to Anna Marie Wangler (1874-1953) who lived in Pierce County (maybe Rugby). Children were Baltzar, Mathew, John, Jacob, Lena, Clara, and Ann. Any information would be helpful. Have a start on the family tree, but need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance - Gayle


Ron Fuhrmann Thu Mar 23 08:33:36 2000
Jodi Krenzel Neal posted in 1997 searching for these families. Her email address is cold. Is anyone out there searching for these two families?


Mary (Summers) Van Meter Wed Mar 29 20:07:57 2000
I am looking for any information on Silas Edward and Annie (Hershey) SUMMERS. They are the parents of John SUMMERS (born Dec. 13, 1909) I believe that they lived in Pierce County in the early 1900's.


Bill Hemmings Wed Apr 5 20:16:20 2000
I am looking for a George W WHITE who was 32 years old in 1900 and I am told moved to Rugby, ND after 1900. He may show up in the 1910 or 1920 census. We believe he died in this area. Any information on him or his family would be greatly appreciated.


Kathy Wolford Davis Fri Apr 14 04:36:03 2000
I am a WOLFORD descendant who grew up in MN. I have run across the name Wolford, N Dak. several times. Can you tell me what WOLFORD person it was named for? and why it was named for them? The WOLFORD family is a big one, but we are all related.


Cindy Parnell Fri May 5 15:52:30 2000
Where do I send, and what is the cost, to get a copy of a marriage certificate for Charles HUFF and Myrtle YOUNG, married October 22, 1912 in Pierce County?
Thank you for your help, Cindy Parnell, AG, for Sharon Hall Carr, the Huff's grandaughter


Rae Omoth Willms Fri May 5 21:55:52 2000
I am searching for any information on Olaus OMOTH or Martin OMOTH who, according to the land records, had patent on the land 158N 074W 012 (Martin)and 158N 073W 005 (Olaus)in Pierce Co. ND. I have no information on these people except I think they are brothers of my gggrandfather Theolai OMOTH.
Any information you can offer would be appreciated, I am starting from square one! Rae Omoth Willms


andy monson Thu Jul 20 12:20:08 2000
Searching for ANY information on Andrew and Hans MONSON, two brothers who emigrated from Norway in 1904 and lived in Rugby about 1905 to 1912. They were employed as millers at a local flour mill. They filed their Declaration of Intention at Rugby on March 12 , 1907, (Andrew) and November 21, 1910, (Hans).
Many thanks for any information you can provide. Andy Monson


Lawrence E. Powell Jr. Mon Aug 7 10:45:47 2000
I am looking for any connections to the RICHTER or GANJE families located in Selz, Pierce Co. Both families were identified on the 1900 Pierce Co., Census. Any help is appreciated. I have other info if needed....


Vern Evenden Tue Sep 5 20:20:44 2000
Am looking for any information regarding Fred EVENDEN such as his parents names, date/place of death, and first name of his second wife (PLANTE or PLANT)from Barton or Willow City ND. He had two childern, Eva with his first marriage and Clarence with his second wife. Any information would be appreciated. Thanking you in advance.


Lori Nelson Sun Sep 17 17:41:51 2000
Halvor NELSON froze to death in a snowstorm between Dec 19-21 of 1955 at the age of 79 near his farm in Pierce County near the township of Tuscarora. Seems like that might make the newspapers (unless that is a daily occurence in ND) Does anyone have access to Newspapers in Pierce County around Dec 21, 1955 for an obituary or article about that?


Barb Jay Thu Sep 28 10:41:16 2000
I'm stumped. I'm not even sure I'm in the correct county, it just looked familiar, somehow. I'm from Canada and unfamiliar with your counties. Sorry for any confusion. I'm trying to find information about my gr grandparents, Elvira WAMPLER born June 19, 1859 ( formerly MILHOLLAND), and David WAMPLER born Oct. 10, 1849. In July, 1920 they lived in Olmstead, N. Dakota.
My father believes they were DUNKARDs. I have a declaration made by Elvira WAMPLER in Olmstead, North Dakota in July, 1920, stating that there is no birth certificate or certificate of baptism for my grandfather, Charles Francis WAMPLER, and that he was born Dec. 15, 1890 in Boyleston, Indiana. There seems to be no birth record in Boyleston for him.
Unfortunately my grandfather ran away from home at 14 yrs. and didn't know any family history. He eventually ended up here, in Alberta, Canada. According to a bible record, he had the following siblings: Lillie born 1874, John Isaac born 1876, Phoebe Ellen born 1879, Jacob Omer born 1888 Lula belle born 1882, and baby Josephine born and died 1886. There is also a nephew to Charles named Mark Wesley EMSWILER born 1906.
If anyone rings a bell on my list, I'd really appreciate any information you could give me. Thank you Barb


Bjarne Jørmeland - Tananger, Norway Sun Oct 8 02:26:16 2000
I,m researching the JERMELAND family from Ossian (Military Twp.,Winneshiek County. Selma Johanne JERMELAND was born May 3. 1891 in Military twp., the daughter of Johne Olson JERMELAND (1835-1923) and 3. wife Karen Døvik (1853-1920). Serina m. a BLESSUM ( Obert or Oscar?)and lived in Rugby. They had at least this children: Lester (1912-1995?)Paul (1918-1992?)Edna Mary and Herman (1825-1971?).
I would like information about this family !


Laurel Hintz Tue Oct 24 20:21:22 2000
Jacob or Kathrine RITCHER - I am looking for any information about my great grandfather. I believed he worked for the railroad. They lived in Selz, ND.


Larry Shjerve Sat Nov 4 20:47:43 2000
Hello, I am looking for any information on any of these families. My grandparents came from the Barton area. Both my Dad and Mom's parents farmed around there.
If any info is available please email me at surev@rea-alp.com


E.Davis Fri Nov 17 19:23:29 2000
I am looking for anyone related to Howard H. CROWELL, born in Mich about 1855, Branch Co.,Coldwater TS. He had a number of children born in MN, except for the last one, Gladys CROWELL, bor in N.Dak about 1903. Howard CROWELL is my grandmother's brother.


Sigurd Kvernhusvik Mon Dec 11 10:05:52 2000
I seek any information of Anders (Andrew) HAUGEN, born Norway 1888, d 1969 San Diego.
He went to US 1911, and broke all connections to Norway mid 1920. John Earl (see below), has done a lot of reserach for me.
I need additional information in order to fill the gap from 1911 to 1942. - Are there any US relatives to Andrew (Andrew was cousin to my Grand father)?

John Earl: "Hi Sigurd,
I checked the San Diego County Directories for you, and found the
1927-40 no listing for Andrew HAUGEN
1941 HAUGEN, Andrew, carpenter, r [= resides] 2106 L st
1942 " , Andrew, carpenter, r 2256 L st
1943 " , Andrew (Irene), carpenter, h [= householder] 2256 L st
1944/5 " , Andrew, carpenter, (no address)
1947/8 no listing for Andrew
1950 HAUGEN, Andrew (Amy L.), carpenter, h 1848 2nd av
1952 " , Andrew, carpenter, r 1432 1st av
1953/4 " , Andrew, carpenter, r 1317 1st av
1955 no listing for Andrew
1956 HAUGEN, Andy, h 734 Portsmouth ct
1957 " , Andy, dishwasher Hi Tide Cafe, r 734 Portsmouth ct
1958-62 no listing for Andrew
1963/4 HAUGEN, Andrew, retired, h 833 Tangiers ct
1965 no listing for Andrew
1996-68 HAUGEN, Andrew, retired, h 833 Tangiers ct
1968 MAGEE, Robert L (Luella I) Magee's Club Lido, h 829 Tangiers ct
1969/70 no listing for Andrew

I couldn't find Andrew HAUGEN living anywhere else in San Diego County during the period 1927-40. There was a Nils [sometimes Niels] HAUGEN living in San Diego during that period, and shortly after Andrew turns up, but he did not live near Andrew, so I don't think that they were related.

I suppose that the Irene that Andrew was married to in 1943 was Irene (Bennett) Barrett, mother of Louella Irene Magee. I don't know who Amy L., wife of Andrew in 1950, was.

It looks like Andrew was employed as a carpenter until at least 1954; unfortunately the directories do not list his employer. The L street address for Andrew would be east of downtown, while the First and Second avenue addresses for Andrew would be just north of downtown San Diego. The Portsmouth street and Tangiers court locations would be in the Mission Beach section of San Diego. Sorry I couldn't find out more about Andrew.
John Earl

I just checked the North Dakota section of the AHGP < www.AHGP.org/statelinks.html >, and found many naturalization applications (for U.S. citizenship) for people named Anders (or Andrew) Haugen. The following people applied from Pierce county, where the town of Rugby is located:
Anders Haugen, applied 28 Nov 1914, 1st papers, Vol. D-4, page 033;
Anders Haugen, applied 3 Apr 1912, 1st papers, Vol. D-3, page 248

If you have resources for Pierce County and would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail me at Tim Stowell Chattanooga, TN
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