1999 Pierce County, North Dakota Queries

1999 Queries
Pierce County, North Dakota


Terrance Jestin Sun Feb 28 02:44:16 1999
I am looking for family JOHNSON or LUNDBERG members who lived near Benton, North Dakota and who are related to families of same name that moved north to Preeceville, Naicam and Swift Current in Province of Saskatchewan around year 1900. Any information we have will be shared with American relatives.These Swedish families came from Foreston,Mille Lacs County, Minnesota and originally from the Jonkoping area, Smaland, Sweden. Thanks.


Douglas Schneider Sun Feb 28 16:39:54 1999
Seeking information about Michael Schneider and his wife Magdalena Gutenberg who were both born in Russia but died or are buried in Pierce County in St. Cecellias Cemetery. They had 8 children born to them. Would like to find out more about them and their parents.


Annie Desautels Tue Mar 2 21:26:57 1999
Hi my name is Annie Desautels and I am searching the Thomas Family Tree.
Could anyone me if you are related to Thomas' in Saskatchewan Canada?
If so are you related to ones in Landis, Sk or Leipzig, Sk. The other question I have for you is do you recognize any of these names:
Martin Thomas, Marie Thomas, Micheal L. Thomas, Elizabeth Ochs (neeThomas) John, Marie, or Anna(nee THOMAS) Peters. all from Russia.

Some of them were first settled in North Dakota and then moved to Saskatchewan in 1905- 1906. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.
Please respond to dadplace@planet.eon.net
Thank you for your time - Annie Desautels


Robert M Mason Thu Mar 18 15:03:00 1999
Looking for information on Andrew Les Volk and Marian Anna (Vetsch) Volk. They were the parents of my mother, Walburga Clara Volk. She was born in Orrin of Pierce county April 23, 1920 and died in 1944. Any information will be greatly appreciated. My ultimate goal is to someday see a picture of my mother. Thanks, Bob.


Michelle Patterson Fri Apr 2 08:10:26 1999
Hello! I am trying to research my maternal grandmothers side of Mathias Shjerve and Ronnaug Flaaten. I would really like to know the sibling order and birth dates of Peder Syverson Flaaten and Ranghild Johnsdatter Flaaten's children. They all lived in the Barton area of Dewie Township. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!Thanks!Michelle

Westgaard - Petersdaughter

Jinx.Engstrom Sun Apr 11 23:09:28 1999
Looking for the publisher and place published for 2 books:
The History of Pierce County by O.T. Tofrud 1936
Fifty Years in Pierce County 1943 by O.T. Tofrud
Also looking for information about Marker Church or Oymark Parish in Norway where Marker church founders were from. Andrew Westgaard and Ingrid Pettersdaghter family in Barton


Cathy Cox Tue May 4 16:41:32 1999
I am looking for information about Mathias Schaan and Barbara Jean Schaan. Barbara Schaan was previously married to a Braun and a Hilzendager. Her maiden name was Keifel.


George Hales Wed May 19 18:03:59 1999
Clifford Emory HALES and Anna Maria JACOBSON had four sons, two of which were born in Rugby - Harvey Hales (1902)and Elgee Hales(1906). Clifford owned a number of movie theaters in the midwest. Elgee was a musician, Harvey was a pressman. Any information anyone has on any of these people would be appreciated. Thanks. George Hales


Valery Frosty Tue Jun 1 09:45:14 1999
I am searching for information on my great grandfather, Aron Aronson. He lived in Bottineau, but supposedly died in Rugby. As legend goes, my great grandfather hung himself in the Rugby jail sometime during the 1920's. He had supposedly been arrested for vagrancy. Much of the story is vague, inconsistant and questionable. At his funeral there was no viewing of the body, and it is believed that his 'death' may have been staged rather than factual. Any information about my great grandfather (on his life or his death) would be greatly appreciated. Aron was also supposed to be in inventor, he supposedly built the telephone switchboard that brought telephone service to the Turtle Mountains area. Aron's wife at the time of his 'death' was Anna (Wickland), who soon became Anna Kvidt. Aron's children are Lloyd, Ester, Vanja, Milton and Reuben.


Sue Wed Jun 9 19:18:30 1999
Researching G-Grandparents; Angus BAKKEN b Feb 1842, emigrated from Norway 1875, his wife Caren (Karen) b Sep 1865 emigrated from Norway 1880. They were married 1885/6. Their children;
1. Anton Bernt b 01-Mar-1884 in ND, married Alma Karulina Lander, March 6 1909 in Barton, N.D.
2. Emma b May 1888 in Barton, married Carl Brynteson May 8, 1913
3. Clara b Jul 1890 in Barton, married name Mellon.
4. Anna b May 1893 in Barton, married name Larson.
5. Alice b Apr 1896 in Barton, married name Nelson. Lived in Canada.
6. Albert b 1902 in Barton
7. Esther b 1907 in Barton, married name Moore. Lived in Canada.
Angus is on the 1900 census, but Karen is head-of-household on the 1910 census. So far I have been unable to locate burial site or obit on either. Would like to find their ancestors and decendents.
Please respond to MyRoots1@aol.com Happy Hunting


Sue Wed Jun 9 19:46:08 1999
Researching Great-Grandparents; Nils Lander b 23Dec1853, emigrated from Sweden in 1890. His wife Kjersti (Christine) Anderson b 23Feb1861 followed Nils to America with their 3 daughters in 1892. The daughters;
1. Ellen Maria b 29Oct1880 in Sweden. Married name Johnson
2. Anna Amelia b 20May1882 in Sweden. Married Tideman Ruud
3. Alma Karulina b 20May1885 in Sweden. Married Anton Bakken.
4. Ida Louisa b 2May1888 in Sweden. Died 6Mar1889 in Sweden.
The family first lived in Minnesota where they had 2 more daughters;
5. Hilma Leonea b 15Apr1893
6. Clara Elina Ruth b 17Sep1895.
Hilma and Clara both died of TB.
I know Nils and Kjersti were from Sweden but don't know where. There is also mention in the family bible of a Hanna Joppson or Jeppson, but we don't know what her relationship was. If any of these names are familiar please E-mail me. Happy Hunting


Ruth-Helen Wed Jun 23 05:05:49 1999
I am trying to track down my relatives with the nam of FLAATEN(might have been shortened to Flaten).My great-grandfather's brother and sisters emigrated to The States.I know that at least one of them went to ND.And I have found a Iver Flaaten(born 10.10.1884) that died in Rugby,Pierce in 1969.It might be one of the people I am looking for.There was quite a few of them Their names were:Iver(1884),Ronnaug(1881),Mathias(1889),Marit(1879),Pauline(1891),Johannes(1899),Ingvald(1897) and Rangvald(1894).One of the women called Ronnaug left Norway 6th March 1903,and she was heading for North Dakota. I am also interested to hear from anyone that has heard of any of these people.They all came from Sel in Gudbrandsdalen(the place is now called Otta).Please let me know if YOU know anything.THANK YOU!


Steve Criss Mon Jun 28 08:53:38 1999
My father, Hubert Oscar Criss, was born in Pierce County on Feb. 15, 1919 to Oscar Wallace and Eva Myett Criss. Oscar was a farmer/oil field worker who was originally from Kansas and subseqently returned there sometime after my father's birth. I would appreciated any information/notice of birth or personal information which may concern these family members. Thanks.


George Hales Tue Jul 20 18:02:16 1999
Harvey, Dean, Jesse, Elgee Cleves, sons of Elgee Clifford HALES (NOT Clifford Emory as previously thought) and Anna Maria JACOBSON lived in Rugby, Pierce County, ND. Looking for any information on them. Elgee Clifford owned a chain of movie theaters.


Muriel Phelps Hansen Tue Aug 17 07:46:14 1999
Searching for information on my grandfather's siblings. Arthur D. Phelps b. August 13, 1871 in Hampton, Franklin County, IA; d. June 19, 1952 in Barton, ND; m. Lottie Mae FRONK April 1, 1900 in Alexander, Franklin County, IA. In about 1905, Arthur and Lottie moved to Barton, ND where they lived until their deaths. Arthur's parents were Josiah and Mary Eller Phelps. Their other children were Jennie, William or Wilbur, Benjamin, Jessie, Bessie, L.D., and Mary.


Jim Johnson Tue Sep 21 14:14:38 1999
Alfred Julius TORNEBY, born 10 Dec 1902, Barton, Pierce County,ND; married 13 Nov 1928, Bottineau County, ND; Evelyn Violet LEDING, born 10 Nov 1911, Maxbass, Newberg Township, Bottineau County, ND . Seek exchange of genealogical data on ancestors, siblings and descendants.


Jim Johnson Tue Sep 21 14:21:13 1999
Markus Halvorson TORNEBY, born 6 Sep 1862, Romskoven, Norway, died after 1902, Barton, Pierce County, ND; married 1889, Pierces County, ND; Thea O. RUDD, born about 1862, Rockstad, Norway, died after 1902, Barton, Pierce County, ND. Seek exchange of genealogical data on ancestors, siblings and descendants.


Scott Bachmeier Tue Sep 21 16:12:42 1999
Searching for information on Katharina "Bochmeirer" Bachmeier, listed on 1900 ND Census, Pierce county [Vol 8, sheet 8, ED 103, line 24] as widowed head of household; 5 children [Henesius - later "Daniel", Martha, Henry, Anton (my grandfather), and Barbra]; she (and her first child) were born in Russia, and immigrated to the US in 1894; her husband (my great grandfather) may have been named Karl/Carl; she may have later married a John P. Meier of Selz, ND (listed as "Cathryn", wife of John Meier, on 1920 ND Census Index; her oldest son "Daniel" later farmed near Esmond, ND (in adjacent Benson county ND).


Paul Halvorson Sun Sep 26 16:19:57 1999
My grandfather owned the general store in Tunbridge from 1907 until he died in 1918. His name was Willie G. Halvorson. He purchased 1 share of stock in the Western Telephone Ass'n and in The Brazil Farmers Telephone Co.. I am interested in any info about these organizations.


Janet Pederson Fri Oct 15 07:06:51 1999
I was looking for information pertaining to my grandfather Tor Teigen. I know that he homesteaded in Pierce County, in Rugby ND. His brothers Jens and Peter Teigen also homesteaded in the area. They originally came from Vik i Sogn, Norway.


Judy (Burkholder) Davis Sat Oct 23 15:38:55 1999
I am searching for descendants of my grandfather, Harry W. Burkholder who was born in Rugby, N.D. in 1891. His parents were Christian and Naomi Burkholder. He had eleven brothers and sisters, but I only have knowledge that one sister remained in Rugby. Her name was Gertrude Anderson- her husband was Walfred Anderson. She was deceased in 1983.
Would love to communicate with anyone having information concerning any of the family.


Mary Rogness-Stickney Wed Oct 27 11:48:31 1999
I am looking for information on my father who died when I was 2. His name is Robert Roy Rogness, born 02/15/1927 died 11/22/1963 On his Social Security Card applictaion it says:
He was born Big Rapids Michigan , BUT he applied for it in Rugby North Dakota in 1954. So he was apparently living there in 1954.
Father: Robert John Rogness Mother: Alice McKinzie
On his and my Mothers marriage certificate it says:
He was born Goldstone Montana
Father: Gulleck Sven Rogness Mother: Rose Swenson
I got no birth certificate from either state. He told my mother the Goldstone Montana story.


Stephanie Schaan Thu Oct 28 19:46:15 1999
This isn't a query but an answer to a woman's query, her name is Cathy Cox. I wasn't able to email her to answer her question. My great grandfather is Mathias Schaan. My grandfather is Pius Schaan, and Barbara was his step-mother. I will be able to answer questions regarding Mathias, but Barbara I would have to do some digging.

Cathy's query is dated May 4, 1999.


S Gitchell Mon Nov 1 18:40:51 1999
Seeking desc/anc/sibs for, FISCHER, Sebastian came to US ca. 1881. One sister was Rosina KRAFT-HELD. First husband was Peter Kraft, second husband was Steven Held. Rosina died 1945 is buried in Selz.Family came from Russia. Other sibs may be Gregory, Mikhail, and Eva.

Town Origin

Jim Hart Sat Nov 6 13:11:52 1999
We are looking for the history of the name of the town of Orrin. We have been informed that it was formerly named Kandel or Kondel and are looking for confirmation.


Mike Snyder Sun Nov 28 18:33:19 1999
We are looking for a Jack or John Jacob Lynch(Lench) born in 1879. He had a daughter, Leona, born in Rugby on 18 Aug 1914. Was married to Zela Pearson. She was born 7 Oct 1893.


Mike Oiseth Thu Dec 9 05:36:21 1999
Helga Loken BEAVER (b. Norway 1846) lived at/near Rugby, ND by 1906. She was then a widow and may have been running a hotel in the area. In 1910, according to BLM records, Helga received a patent for land in Section 10 of what became Jefferson Township, Pierce County. Her niece, Thora Marie Beaver THORSON (b. 1871 Norway) received a patent in 1904 for land in Sect. 9 of what was later named Ness Twp. In 1902, Martin THORSON (likely Thora’s husband) received a patent in 1902 for land in Sections 14 and 23 of Truman Twp. Two daughters of Thora and Martin O. Thorson may have been Rhea and Eva. Thora is believed to have died in 1911. Earlier, Thora had lived at Rolette, Rolette Co, Dak Terr, in 1885. It is not known where Martin O. Thorson had lived prior to about 1902, but it seems probable that his father was Johannes Thorson who lived in Willow City, Rolette County at least by 1905 and was residing in that county as early as 1888. Any additional information about these indivi! duals would be very much appreciated.


Sigurd Kvernhusvik Mon Dec 27 05:32:20 1999
I search any information of Anders (ANDREW) HAUGEN, born in Norway March 28, 1888. He left Norway 1911 (according to register of emigrants from Bergen) going to relatives in Rugby. Nobody heard a word from him since mid 1920thies. I found him in the Social Security Death Index (San Diego. A local volunteer in San Diego succeded to trace him there since 1941. That register didn't tell anything about children, but Irene E. Bennett (wife?) is mentioned
The gap from 1911 to 1941 is very interesting. Did he marry? Did he get any children? I hope Anders married Irene Bennett when they both (hopefully) lived in Pierce County. Are there any naturalization records for Anders (Andrew) Haugen? Anders was the cousin of my grand father.
Best regards,
Sigurd Kvernhusvik


FRANK kESSLER Thu Dec 30 11:15:48 1999
Looking for information on early settlers of Pierce Co. All were Catholic German/Russian from Kandal/Selz area of So Russia Original settlers were Nicholas Kessler Michael Dosch and Baltazar Hoffart, Kessler and Dosch died in 1909 Attempting to locate family.


George HALES Thu Dec 30 14:37:05 1999
James Andrew HALES, and wife, Clara DAVIS, lived in Rigby, Pierce, ND till 1903. Two sons: Clarence E. and Elgee Clifford HALES (not Clifford Emory Hales as previous thought), who m. Anna JACOBSON, daughter of Foennes JACOBSON farmed there also. Any info on them would be appreciated. George Hales

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