McLean County Settlers -- 1883 to Present

McLean County Settlers
Early Settlers from 1883 to Present

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Names of Settlers Nationality Spouse Place Date
Fred ADAM Romania/
South Russia
Ameilia KUNDT Turtle Lake Established the Town Turtle Lake in 1905.
  Anna Blumhagen   Married in 1901 and lived in Turtle Lake.
Minnie CLAUSEN     Elmpoint Married Adolph in 1914 and d. 1937
John Christian Hanson   Delphine
Victoria Anderson
Ryder, Blue Hill Twp John b. 1882 in Iowa, Delphine b. 1893 in Illinois, m. March 1917 Worthington, MN after marriage they came to Ryder
Swedish, son of Louis Larson found on the Settlers Page Hattie ECKLUND Elmpoint Hattie b. 1886 Ecklund Homestead in Louis came with parents. He died 1948.
Theodore MORTENSON Norway Alma BAKKEN Roseglen They homesteaded in 1912.  Theodore died in 1920 or 1921.
Johann C. G. REIMERS German Else Wilhelmsen RASMUSSEN Elmpoint They moved to Elmpoint in 1902. Johann d.
Adolph REIMERS Johann's son Annie JENSEN Elmpoint Adolph d. 1951 and Annie d. 1911
Leopold SCHAFFER Russia Elizabeth WAGNER Washburn Arrived in Washburn in 1906.

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