McLean County Settlers -- 1868-1883

McLean County Settlers
Early Settlers from 1868-1883

Only a handful of men settled in the area now called McLean County before 1882. One of them was John "King" Satterlund. He promoted the area and the settlement of the town called Washburn in November 1882. Many settlers started coming in 1882. Settlers are listed alphabetically -- this list is not a complete one.

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Names of Settlers Nation. Spouse Place Date Occup.
John E. Allen   N/A   April 16, 1883  
Erick Anderson       1884  
John  M. Anderson   Marie Christina Johanson   Oct. 1882  
Henry Bartel   Margaret Turtle Lake 1886  
James Boyle   N/A   July 8, 1868  
Thomas Burgum   Margaret Jane Ranard
Conkling 1884  
David Carlson   N/A   Oct. 12, 1882  
John D. Carson   N/A   June 20, 1882  
Ansel Colby   N/A   May 12, 1883  
John Erickson/Ecklund


Mari Larson


1883 Farmer
Luke Eskes   Emma Piper   Aug. 15, 1883  
S. A. Falconer   N/A   July 27, 1881  
Hans Johannes Fritz   Kristina L. Johanneson   1882  
Martin Hanson   N/A   June 15, 1883  
Isaac Larson


Margaret Sjöström


Robert LeRoy   N/A   July 1882  
Henry Frederick Lubker German   Wilton   Preacher
Allen McDonald   N/A   Dec. 25, 1883  
John R. Mann   Maria Page   April 1880  
W. H. Mann   N/A   March 1881  
Charles L. Murrell   N/A   1883  
John L. Mussen   N/A   July 12, 1883  
William Henry Harrison
Mercer aka Musser
  N/A   May 1869  
Olaf Oberg


Anna Anderson   April 1883  
Jens Olsen   Gunil Tveit   June 12, 1882  
Anton Person   N/A   June 11, 1882  
J. P. Person   N/A   May 10, 1883  
John Peterson   Anna   Oct. 22, 1882  
Nels C. Peterson   N/A   April 15, 1883  
Peter E. Anderson          
George Grafton Rhude   Never Married   1868  
Geo. L. Robinson   Janet C. Sharp   May 23, 1883  
John Satterlund   Charlotte Peterson   1882  
J. C. Staley   N/A   Oct. 14, 1882  
W. A. Staley   N/A   July 12, 1883  
P. A. Sunstrum   N/A   July 1882  
Henry Tatley   N/A   April 5, 1883  
Joseph H. Taylor   N/A   About 1869  
Dan Tjenström


Margaret Sjöström Larson Conkling 1883 Farmer
J. S. Veeder   N/A   1882  
Aug. H. Wahl   Bertha Maria Peterson   Oct. 1882  
Leonard W. Wallin   Agnes Johnson   July 2, 1880  
Charles Weller   Ms. Heath   1877  
Dan Williams   N/A   1869  
O. B. Wing   N/A   Feb. 1882  
Abraham (Karlsson) Youngquist Swedish Neta Gustafsson Conkling Township April 1883 Farmer

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