B Placenames

GNRR townsite in Schafer twp, founded in1913. The name noted the coal banks in the area, but had to be changed because the name was already used by a rural PO in the county established in 1900.  In 1914 Dr. Vaughan C Morris, the towns first physician, suggested naming it for his hometown of Watford, Ontario, Can.  This was done, but because of confusion with Wolford, Pierce, Co, the name was changed to Watford City in 1916.

A ranch PO established Dec 7, 1900 with Frank Banks pm. Located 26 miles NE of of Watford City near the S bank of the Missouri River.  In 1904 the PO moved 10 miles SW in Twin Valley twp 19 miles NNE of WC where a rural settlement developed.  A population peak of 25 was reported in 1920.   The post office, ran for many years by the Sax family, closed Sept 15,1955 with mail to WC.  Mr Banks, one of the counties first pioneers, came here in 1884 with WL Richards, forming the Birdhead Cattle Ranch. Banks reported a population of 10 in 1960, but disappeared from maps a few years later. 

Beicegel-This was a ranch Po established 6-2-1902 with Fred Hoerauf pm. It was located in Rhoades Twp, five miles SW of Grassy Butte, and closed 9-15-06 with mail to Fayette Dunn Co. It was named for nearby Beicegl Creek, which was named for George and August Beisigl, area pioneers who came here in 1884, with an Anglicization of the spelling. Another PO operated here in 1916-1935, and was likewise named for the Beisigl brothers, but this time the name was wildly corrupted in Bicycle.

Bicycle-Rural PO established 11-22-16 with Mrs. (Anna) Fane pm. It was located in Rhoades Twp, six miles WNW of Grassy Butte until 1920, when it was moved 6 miles west to the new home of Reuben A Lyon pm. Louis K Elstrand and Mrs Frances Cook then held this position at their homes just to the north, with the PO closing 10-31-35 with mail to Grassy Butte The name was a heavily Anglicized corruption of nearby Beicegel Creek, resulting in a recognition, of sorts, of the popular two-wheeled vehicles.

Benniepier-Ranch PO just inside the MT border, about 34 miles WSW of Watford City. It had been established about 3 miles NE in 1910 as RUBY, but when it moved to the new home of pm Silas R Bryant 2-17-12 the name was changed to note nearby Benne Peer Creek, which had been named for a Ft Buford soldier who had settled in the area. The one-word corrupted spelling was apparently done to satisfy postal officials. The community served by this post office was sometimes called Bryant’s Farm. It closed 10-15-10 with mail to EARL. Bennie Pierre is an erroneous spelling.

Berg-Rural PO establised 6-23-05 with Julius I Berg (1863-1945) pm, who came here in 1904 from Solor, Hedmark, Norway. Others say it was named for local pioneer Hans Berg. It was located in a large sod building in Blue Butte Twp, 18 miles ENE of Watford City. A population of 10 was reported in 1920. It moved two miles SW in 1936 to the home of pm Florence Ellen Rice, and closed 10-31-44 with mail to Keene.

Bluebell-Farm PO established 2-8-11 with Helen G Raze pm, who named it to note the many blue flowers native to the area. It was located 12 miles NE of Watford City, and closed 12-15-12 with mail to Tobacco Garden.

Blueshale-Rural PO established 8-4-16 wit Mrs John(Mary R) Barnett pm. It was located 26 miles WSW of Grassy Butte, until 10-29-18 when it moved 3 miles SW to the home of new pm Emma My Scott. The PO closed 8-30-19 with mail to Trotters, Golden Valley Co. The post office application was submitted with the name Poker Jim, which was rejected in favor of Blueshale, the origin of which is unknown, although it would seem to be descriptive.