McIntosh County, ND Queries

McIntosh County, North Dakota Queries


Connie L. Nelson Sat Apr 18 11:13:03 2009
ZIMMERMAN, Christina and Conrad; GEORGE, John A. and Lydia:

The names above are my great grandparents and grandparents who all lived in McIntosh County. My father recently died (Clarence T. GEORGE), and I have some photographs of the extended families to give to a museum or historical society. Please let me know where they would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Connie L. Nelson
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Gene Wengert Fri Apr 3 22:27:18 2009
I am looking for information about Edwin Herman and Ella Cecelia (JOHNSON) MAERCKLEIN. He was a doctor from about 1905 to the 1940s. They had two children: Dorothy and Florence (married John GRAHAM). Thanks


Susan Tue Dec 2 17:39:08 2008
Looking for family of Caroline ENZIE. There's a couple differant spellings. She married Jacob JOB and they had about 6 children. I found info on the JOB family but I cant find ENZIE family. Any info would be appreciated.


Susan Tue Dec 2 17:36:20 2008
I am looking for Adolph BUCHHOLZ family. I have that he was born 1904-1949. had 2 brothers Herman 1907-1969 and Philip 1917-1957 and a sister Nathalizon??? (BUCHHOLZ) FINELY FEY?? not sure on her name. 1901-1966. I also have that his parents names are Theador and Elvina any info on this family.


Dana Aipperspach Thu Oct 16 12:27:37 2008
My great-grandmother died giving birth to my grandfather. I can not find any info on her and I am doing our family tree. Her name was Louisa (WEIST) AIPPERSPACH and she died on April 06,1925. She was born Dec. 03, 1897. She married Jacob AIPPERSPACH on Nov. 21 1916. I don't know if Louisa is a nickname or middle name. My grandfather's name was Eugene AIPPERSPACH. Any info will be greatfully appreiciated.


Emma Spitzer Tue Oct 14 14:34:22 2008
I wonder if you might have heard of Johan SPITZER? The will says he is "late of Township of New Germantown." The name on the legal documents reads "Johan SPITZER." His wife was Juliana "Justina" (RUFF) SPITZER (the daughter of Justive FANDRICH and Jacob RUFF) (Justive was a related to Christian FANDRICH who lived nearby in ND).

Mr. SPITZER was born Oct 5 1853 in Russia possibly in Malin or Kiev. He lived in Nue Kassel of Bergdorf Russia. His family went to Roumania in 1873 when Mr. SPITZER was 20 years old. In 1876 he married his wife. He was 23 years old. His family lived in Karomar, Mamasler Roumania. His most recent place of residence prior to coming to America was Taurontino Romania. He came to America in May 1906 and filed claims NW of Anamoose (Declaration of Intent).

It says the "grim reaper claimed him on the farm" at this location and that he was buried in Lincoln, Germantown Baptist cemetery In Sheridan County ND . Mr. Reiswig checked the First German Baptist cemetery near his farm and Johan is not there.

He and his wife had 12 children. Three children pre-deceased him. I do not know their names. His remains were interned at the German Baptist Cemetery, Lincoln on Jan 5 1913. He died Jan. 3rd 1913 according to ND State records. He was 59 years, 2 months and 28 days old. He had stomach cancer for 6 months & died at home.

He had five sons: Johan Jr. (Christina POHL), Samuel (Christina DOCKTOR), Andreas "Andrew"(Johanna SCHUERER), Ferdinand "Fred" (M1 Christina DOCKTOR and M2 Paulina AICHELE), Jake (M1 Lena FANDRICH (died Nov. 1 1907) and M2 (Carolina GEHRING) and four daughters: Sophie died: 21 Aug 1917 (Jakob BERG), Elisabetha "Louisa" 'Lizzy" (Fred WEBER), (Ana Maria "Mary" (Fred MARTIN), & Julia (Gottlieb KRUEGER).

I have his Declaration of Intent, his border crossing registration, his land records, his death certificate, his obit, his will and still no one can find him.
Do you think you can find where he is buried?


Ron Pfeifer Tue Jul 8 14:42:13 2008
I'm looking for a photo of Philipp FISCHER's tombstone from the Ashley Lutheran Cemetery. Philipp FISCHER lived 1889-1954. Would anyone out there be willing to email or send me a photo of his tombstone? Thanks! - Ron Pfeifer


Donna Tue Apr 1 19:10:19 2008
Any of the Wilhelm LEY family that settled in Ashley North Dakota.
Thank you


Lavone Tue Oct 16 17:44:51 2007
Would like to find information on the Dreng and Thea GRUNDYSEN family. They went to the Sand Lake Luthern Church and are buried there. Hopefully someone may have pictures of them and their family. Please help if you can I would really appreciate all the help.
Thanks so very much.


Mazelle Nohr Thu Aug 23 20:37:46 2007
Looking for descendants of Gotlieb and Magdalena METZ. Gotlieb was born Jul 1855 in Russia and Magdalena was born March 1863 in Russia. They had 14 children. Some moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta some time after 1910.


Darlene Sat Aug 18 13:40:57 2007
Looking for information on James & Emma HAVLICEK, who lived in Wishek, ND in the early 1900's, and their infant daughters. Their two daughters, Adeline and Esther, were my sisters who were born in 1917 or 1918 and 1922, respectively. Adeline died in Wishek in 1919, Esther in Iowa in 1924. Wish to find Baptismal (St. Luke's Lutheran?) and birth information on both, and burial information on Adeline, including cemetery name. A cemetery marker exists for Adeline. If you have anything useful, please contact my daughter at [email protected]


Tammie Carlson Fri May 11 16:28:53 2007
I am looking for info about Jacob WETZEL / Lydia JANKE and Ralph NEHL / Dorhty (Dolly) FINNEY - my grandparents


Catherine Thu Feb 1 13:29:15 2007
Looking for the family of Charles Henry PHILLIPS and Minnie Rachael GODFREY in very early 1900's.


Janet Adams Wed Jan 31 11:30:03 2007
Looking for info on my family, the SCHILLING and ISZLER families. From Ashley, Danzig, Wishek, Lehr. Any help would be so wonderful.
Thank you!
Janet Adams


Janet Adams Fri Jan 5 04:56:25 2007
My Grandfather is Christian ISZLER,son of Johann{John} and Dorothy {ZIMMERMAN} ISZLER. My grandmother is Magdalena (SCHILLING) ISZLER,she is the daughter of Christof and Dorothea SCHILLING {my mom says they lived in Danzig?}. I know most of the ISZLER history, but none of the SCHILLING. Anyone knowing of these families please contact me via [email protected]
thank you,
Janet Adams


Susan Sherren Wed Sep 20 13:22:34 2006
Looking for further information on the STEHR family from Bessarabia, Bessarina. In particular my ggggrandfather Nicholaus or Nicholi STEHR. Born in Bessarabia ?, died 29 Dec. 1905 in Klum, North Dakota. Any information would be appreciated.


Linda Bruski Fri Jul 7 21:20:44 2006
I am seeking information about my Grandparents, Guy and Ida (ORLOWSKI) McCLELLAND. I have read that he was influential in forming the first School Board in Bishof community. They lived near Zeeland and Wishek. Does anyone have any information about Bishof community? Thank you.


Philip Schroeder Mon Jun 12 23:40:00 2006
Need to find when Mr. WILLIAM BAUER was elected and served in the N. D State Legislature from Weshik. Date aprx 1920 thru 1935.


Barbara Davis Sun Apr 30 19:49:15 2006
I am searching for any information regarding my great grandfather Jacob Martin HUHN who resided in Ashley, N.D. between 1900 and 1922. He was a German from Russia who came to this country in the early 1890's. I understand he was a farm laborer and was a volunteer fireman. He played the piccolo in the Ashley Firemen's Band. He raised two sons there. If anyone has information or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


Teresa Rader Fri Jan 6 22:57:44 2006
I am researching the Benjamin DOBLER family of Ashley, North Dakota for my two DOBLER sons. Benjamin DOBLER is their great grandfather and we have never met him or even seen a picture of him. Please, DOBLER families of Ashley, I would like to obtain a picture of him to frame for them as a gift. Also, if anyone has a picture of Benjamin's father and mother, Fred and Sofie DOBLER of Ashley, please contact me at [email protected] or telephone 406-883-4511. Thanks.


Teresa Rader Wed Dec 21 23:27:31 2005
I am interested in a Benjamin DOBLER that married Katherina KLEIN about 1929 in Ashley, North Dakota. I would like a copy of an obit or a transcription for either or both. I would like to know the children of this marriage and where Benjamin and Katherine are buried.


Etienne Mon May 30 05:58:57 2005
I have taken in moral charge the grave of Pfc Johnny GEHRING who died on 1944, December 16th in the beginning of the battle of the Bulge. He was from Mc Intosh County, North Dakota. Does he still have family there?


linda price Tue Apr 19 01:55:19 2005
A relative of mine is buried in the cemetery of the German Reformed Church in Zeeland. Does this church still exist or has is changed its name?


Patti Rittenbach Sat Apr 16 11:03:46 2005
I am looking for information re: John KRANZLER in Lehr or Ashley ND from 1890-1920


darlene kirkvold Tue Mar 1 15:34:56 2005
Is anyone else researching the HERR families of North Dakota and South dakota? I would like to compare notes. My immediate problem is Fredericka Magadelina BAMESBERGER and Katherine Regine BAMESBERGER. They both married a George HERR or the same George HERR????? Katherine died in Wishek, ND on April 29, 1923. An obit would be great. If there are two Georg HERR's, I need to know who they belong to.


Lin Sun Feb 27 15:16:46 2005
Hello, looking for connections to my LANG family.
I have Rosina BOLLINGER who married Conrad Lang abt 1909 McIntosh area. Her Father was George BOLLINGER 1892-1965
Mother: Caroline HILDENBRAND 1895-1965

Lin - [email protected]


Lin Sun Feb 27 15:15:28 2005
Hello, Just trying to connect with LANG family.
I have Pauline KNOBLICH b. Dec 25, 1911 m, Isadore LANG. Her parents were Jacob KNOBLICH & Magdalena MAIER.
Lin - [email protected]


Linda Sun Feb 27 15:13:34 2005
I have Marie ARLT m. Gottlieb LANG.
Their daughter Marie Lang married -- ZIMMERMAN families from Ashley, Lehr, ND
Looking for info.
[email protected]

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