Wishek Area Lodges


Goldenrod Rebekah Lodge

reprinted from Spirit of Wishek Golden Jubilee 1898-1948

No. 90. I.O. O. F.

The Goldenrod Rebekah Lodge, No. 90, was organized March 28, 1914, and was instituted April 29, 1914.

Charter members were

Anna Carolyn Timm
Nellie Bitner Gillis
Clara Belle Grant
Grace B. Nickisch
Emma Anna West
Lois Nancy Jennings
Faith Mary Mattesen
Genevieva May Nippolt
Rachel Bronner
Jessie Moore

The first presiding officer, the Noble Grand, was Mrs. Anna Carolyn Timm.

The Rebekah Lodge was the first Women’s organization in Wishek.

Its functions locally have been purely of a social and fraternal nature.

The present officers (1948) are Barbara Stockburger, Noble grand; Laura Bailey, Vice Grand; Eleanor Erbele, secretary; and Bertha Ottmar, treasurer.


Independent Order of Odd Fellows

reprinted from Spirit of Wishek Golden Jubilee 1898-1948

Wishek Lodge No. 99, I.O.O.F., was chartered by the Grand Lodge of North Dakota on March 15, 1906. The charter members and first officers were:

John T. Moore
R. C. Milles
LaMotte Miles
W.C. Kennedy
Wm. C. Soper
R. H. Gilman

The first members initiated by degree teams from Lodges at Oakes and Edgeley at the first meeting held on April 4th, 1906, were as follows:

M. E. Pratt
H. E. Wolf
Gottlieb Nickisch
R.J. Bailey
George Grant
J. Miles
J. H. Krien
Fred N. Gilles
S. P. Obershaw
John Lundberg
Fay Harding
Peter Schnor
D. G. Nickisch
W. T. Best
J. E. Monroe
H. D. Piper
P. T. Kretschmar
M. A. Godfrey
W. J. Forrest
W. S. Fulmer
J. W. Hoffer.

Since its organization the Lodge has functioned continuously and been very active. Meetings are held every Thursday evening. During the forty-two years of its existence, many of the men holding membership have passed away, while others have withdrawn. Those now holding membership who may be classed as Veterans are:

D. G. Nickisch
H.E. Timm
Nath Auerbach
Wm. H. Bettenhausen
O. C. Bettenhausen
J. W. Ackerman
F. W. Roehm
R. O. Greiser.

During the years, one member of Wishek Lodge No. 99 has advanced to positions of prominence in Odd Fellowship in the State of North Dakota. He is H. E. Timm, the oldest member of the Lodge still residing in Wishek. In 1923, he was appointed to the seven-man Board of Trustees, which operates and supervises the Odd Fellows Home of North Dakota, where aged and indigent Odd Fellows and Rebekahs may spend their sunset years. Mr. Timm has been elected to said Board continuously since his appointment and is now completing his twenty-fifth year of service as a Trustee and is the senior member. In the 1937, he was elected to the position of Grand Master, the highest office in Odd Fellowship in the State and served his year as such. In 1940, he was elected to the office of Grand Secretary of the Order in North Dakota, with offices at Devils Lake. This position he filled on a part-time basis for six and one-half years until January 1st, 1947, when he was obliged to resign, on the advice of his doctor and because of the illness of Mrs. Timm. Wishek Lodge is indeed highly honored in having one of its members rise to such prominence in the Order.

From 1906 till 1929 the Lodge held its meetings in the hall of the First State Bank building. In 1928 a movement was started for a Lodge home with ample room for the increased membership. Committees were appointed to work out plans. A suitable location on the northeast corner of Block 6 was purchased from the Wishek Investment Company. The Building Committee consisted of the following members:

Fred Thurn
M. N. DeVoix
George Roehm
A. F. Hoff
John Bronner
E. P. Treick.

The Finance Committee were:

J. T. Moore
Toralf Johansen.

Various methods were used to raise funds. Members bought Building Certificates. Much of the work was done by Lodge members. During the summer of 1929 a one-story concrete building, size 24 X 60 , with full basement, was constructed. It has recently been modernized with a club room for members, in the basement.

The Past Grands of Wishek Lodge No. 99 now in membership are:

D. G. Nickisch
H. E. Timm
Wm. H. Bettenhausen
R. O. Greiser
O. W. Bettenhausen
F. W. Roehm
J. W. Ackerman
Fred Thurn
Gideon P. Herr
W. H. Mehlhaff
John H. Wishek
A. R. Krein
Adolph Gall
R. W. Pfau
Elmo Nickisch
Walter J. Doyle
Ferdinand Ketterling
H. M. Larson.

Wishek Lodge has a present membership of 96 with a goal of 100 members during 1948. Meetings are held regularly every Thursday evening. Present officers are:

Ivar Knapp, Noble Grand
Enoch Stroh, Vice Grand
Vern C. Scott, secretary
J. H. Bellon, treasurer