American Legion

American Legion

Taken from Pages 29 to 30 of the Spirit of Wishek, 1948

Fred Kelle Post, No 87, of The American Legion

After World War I Veterans in towns and cities throughout the United States started organizing the American Legion.
The Local Organization was named after Fred Kelle, who lost his life in that War.
The Post carried on with sometimes only enough members to hold their charter.
Men of the World War II have strengthened the membership and will carry on the high ideals of the Legion.

From 1919 to 1948, inclusive, the following men were elected as Post Commanders and served in the order named:

H. T. Holz John Weber, Jr.
John W. Ackerman Christ J. Schock
F. R. Duerenburger G. S. Boettcher
F. E. Ackermann Christ C. Huber
H. H. Nolte John H. Wishek, Jr.
T. Johansen H. E. Lemke
J. C. Larson Edwin T. Brost
E. P. Treick John M. Doyle
Andrew Schlenker Grant J. Hofer


History Of The American Legion Auxiliary Unit to Fred Kelle Post #87, Dept, of N.D.

On September 28, 1927, the wives, sisters and daughters of the members of the Fred Kelle Post met at the home of Mrs. E. P. Walker to organize an Auxiliary. Mrs. A. G. Porter of Edgley, N. D., District Committeewoman, very ably assisted us. Mrs. J. W. Ackerman was elected President and Mrs. E. P. Walker, Secretary. The remaining officers being left open until the next meeting. It was decided to meet at the home of Mrs. Ackerman on October 7, 1927, to complete the organization. At this meeting the election of officers was completed. Mrs. T. Johansen was elected Vice-president, Mrs. E. P. Treick, treasurer; Mrs. Emil Herr, chaplain; and Mrs. Nolte, historian. Besides the officers there were six other members whose names are on the charter, namely; Mrs. John H. Wishek, Jr., Mrs. Fred Roehm, Mrs. Ivan Maerklein, Mrs. John C. Larson, Mrs. F. R. Duernberger and Miss Adeline Herr ( now Mrs. Art Nickisch).

The aims and purposes of the organization: "To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; To maintain law and order; to foster and perpetuate a one hundred percent Americanism; to contribute to the accomplishment of the aims of the American Legion; to consecrate our association by our devotion to mutual helpfulness."

Rehabilitation, Child Welfare, Community Service and Youth Conservation have always been closest to our hearts. In 1929 we adopted Lloyed Thorson, a six-year-old boy of New Rockfort, N. D., the son of a veteran who left his family. The mother not being well several Auxiliary units assisted her to supply school clothing for her four children, of which Lloyed, the youngest, was our care. We continued to help him until 1942 when he became self-supporting. Our biggest efforts at present are devoted to the sponsoring of the Wishek Girl Scout Troops.

We’ve had three Gold Star Mothers of World War I as members, Mrs. Jakob Kelle, after whose son, Fred Kelle, the local post is named; Mrs. August Sukut and Mrs. Frederick Meidinger. Mrs. J.J. Kramer is a Gold Star Mother of World War II.

We lost three members through death, Six dropped out, twelve moved away and forty-two are on our membership list today. Four of our twelve charter members are still members, Mrs. J. W. Ackerman, Mrs. J. H. Wishek, Jr., Mrs. Emil Herr and Mrs. T. Johansen of Enderlin, N. D.. The latter always kept her membership here.

The officers serving the unit at this time are: Mrs. Ruben Rueb, president; Mrs. Emil Herr, Vice-president; Mrs. Gust Boettcher, secretary; Mrs. J. W. Hofer, treasurer; and Mrs. C. P. Ritter, Chaplain-historian.

Picture Captions

Back Row, Left to Right Mesdames; Christ Ruff, Otto Brandt, J. G. Ritter, Henry Vossler, John Fandrich, E. P.Pfeifle, Raymond Pfeifle, Armand Pheifle, John Weber, John Wishek.

Third Row, Left to Right: Mesdames: Frank Roehm, Christ Ritter, Philip Burlack, John Ackerman, Gus. Boettcher, Emil Herr, John Rott, C. C. Huber, George Meyer.

Front Row, Left to Right Misses Jonna Wishek, Joan Herr, Virginia Wishek, Roberta Wishek, Loretta Kramer, Nina Wishek,

Members not pictured: Mesdames Ida Alexander, Theo. Brandt, John M. Doyle, T. Johnansen, George Scharf, C. J. Schock, A. A. Whittemore, Misses Lillian Wishek, Joan Weber, Arlene Kramer.