North Dakota National Guard

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North Dakota National Guard

From the Spirit of Wishek Golden Jubilee 1898-1948

The History of the State of North Dakota had to be lived before it could be
written. Among those who have lived it most nobly are the thousands of its
sons who through many gererations served the military traditions by which our
honor as a State and as a nation have been kept alive and shining.

Service Battery 188th FA Bn North Dakota National Guard was organized in
Wishek, North Dakota , January 24th, 1947. This unit now has 31 enlisted men
and 5 officers. Full strength required for this Unit is 55 enlisted men and 5

The new National Guard is vital to all of us as a force to be trained,
equipped and ever ready for instant mobilization to supplement the Regular
Army in time of threat. It commends itself for many other reasons.

Here at home, the individual may train while pursuing his regular
occupation and living a normal civilian life. He draws a full day’s Regular
Army pay for two hours of spare-time training and for each of 15 days of field
training. He may learn new skills or improve old ones, and acquire valuable
experience in organization and leadership.

As active National Guard unit is a community asset. It is a spark to real
community service. It is citizenship at work. The community and local
merchants benefit too, from Federal funds. A single company of 50 enlisted men
receives $10,000 annually.

The National Guard is a State and Federal organization. It functions at
the call of the Governor or Unit Commander as a protector of life and property
or at the call of the President in national emergencies. It has an
outstanding record of service in the nation. But of all its functions, the
most important is :

Your National Guard Helps Guard the Peace.

Marvin Brandt
Robert Doering
John M. Doyle
Robert C. Duncan
Arthur Erbele
James A. Feigum
Elmer Frank
John Gall
Edward Junkert
Allen H. Ketterling
Vernon E. Kramer
Robert D. Larson
Christ G. Ley
Raymond Meidinger
Harold F. Mensing
Arthur Okerlund
Lawrence Pape
Gideon A. Perman
Myron E. Pfeifle
Gary D. Rott
Clarence Rueb
Arthur Sayler
Edward Sayler
Edwin Stroh
Gideon Stroh
Leroy G. Stroh
Hilmer M. Vossler
Milton Wiest
Raymond E. Wiest
Elton G. Wolf

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