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Logan County, North Dakota Queries


Jay Meeuwig Thu Jul 10 22:50:12 2008
Can anyone help or can Ihelp anyone?

Rooting at HUMMELs; ROTHs; SAUTERs; WIDMAIERs and associated families... from S.Russia... ESSIG; HILDENBRAND; OTTMAR; GRUEBELE... et al. [ Neuburg; Alexanderhilf; GrossLiebental; Rosenfeld {Konoplewo in Russian} ... all near Odessa... ]
Jay W. Meeuwig


Mavis Dobler Thu May 15 19:13:30 2008
I am looking for the marriage date & place of marriage for John HOFF & Lydia SCHWARTZ. I was told they were married in Minnesota, & resided in rural Lehr, N.D. Thank you!


David Nelson Fri Mar 21 22:12:30 2008
Looking for information on Erick WIITALA, (Father), Mary Christine WIITALA (HIMANGO?) Mother, Children: Fannie WIITALA, Hillie WIITALA, Erick William WIITALA, Anna WIITALA,Toivo John WIITALA. Lived in Finn Township 1900- ?, Moved from Brown Co., SD 1899-1900.


rod walters Mon Feb 12 14:44:46 2007
Am looking for info on Hulda Johanna SAYLER b. 7-14-1902 in Napolean ND.


Judi Schimke Wed Feb 8 12:17:37 2006
Looking for birth records for:: RITTER, Elsie Eloise - May 15, 1922. Father may be Fred.


shawn ready Tue Feb 1 16:51:34 2005
I'm looking for any info on Lars Oleson BOYUM and Henry (Henrick) Larson BOYUM. This would be my grandfather's dad and grandfather. Lars died in Logan County. Don't know when and then Henry moved to Men. in 1939. I want to know if Henry had any brothers and sisters cuz i don't know.


Alexis Sun Jan 9 15:38:15 2005
I am looking for information on my grandmother's grandfather's arrival into the United States. I do have a little bit of information already, but just can't seem to find the correct places to go.

Are there any websites, that will be able to provide me with what I am looking for. Some of the sites that I have looked at so far don't go back as far as I need to go.

His name is "Meron SEMENOK", came from Antiverpin on Oct 11, 1901. Ported in New York some time later. Eventually settled down in Fredonia or Kulm, North Dakota, and became US Citizens in 1903.

Any more information, or where to go to find more information is greately appreciated. Thank you


Mary Leidner Sat Nov 27 09:43:05 2004
John TILLY listed in the 1910 census in the Kroeber School District 1 in Logan, ND. Interested in where the Kroeber School District was/is. John TILLY was a native of Grover, SD, a farmer and probably lived in Logan only a short time.


Donna Weispfenning Wed Oct 13 23:19:39 2004
Seeking information on George and Johannes WEISPFENNING.


Martin Ruffner Wed Sep 15 15:18:17 2004
I am looking for information on the Christ? KRUEGER that fathered a daughter Ottilia RIEBHAGEN with Mary RIEBHAGEN about 1902. Ottilia married John SCHWEITZER and lived in Alfred ND.

Ottilia was raised by the RIEBHAGEN grandparents, Jacob and Wilhemein until she married John.

Rumour was that KRUEGER was half Indian, which I think was just that. Cited black hair as evidence, I am sure amny Germans had very dark hair as well.


Marla Gray Wed Jul 14 07:22:05 2004
I'm trying to gather information on Ryder SCHIEFFELBEIN born March 11, 1908 in Ryder, ND.

I have found a Ryder J. SCHIEFFELBINE in the Logan County Cemeteries, page 78. Is it possible if someone can tell me if this Ryder has the same birth year?

Also in the Logan County cemeteries listing is a Lorriane Grace SCHIEFFELBINE, on page 77, which does not match the wife information I have for Ryder.

Just trying to determine if this is my Ryder SCHIEFFELBEIN / SCHIEFFELBINE before I ask the Genealogy Club to gather further information.
Thanks for any assistance,
Marla Gray


Davis Tue Mar 9 20:02:18 2004
Searching for information on Jacob Martin HUHN, a German who immigrated from Odessa, Russia to the Dakotas in 1900 and resided in Napoleon from the 1930's to 1950. His wife's name was Anna. Any information on him would be appreciated.


Jo Mon Dec 29 20:56:10 2003
Looking for information on a Michael GARDNER born 10 May 1887, Russia and died 10 May 1949, Logan County, N.D. Married Elizabeth GEISSINGER, 17 November 1911. This is all the info I have on Michael and would like his parents names and so forth. Thank you.


Barbara Bail Tue Oct 28 09:36:56 2003
Looking for information on Lawrence JOHNSON in Logan County (Napoleon Township)... around 1925.


Larry Bullis Fri Oct 17 22:56:31 2003
Looking for info about my grandfather, Ira BULLIS and his fourth wife, Jessie JANSEN. Ira moved to Fredonia, Logan County, ND some time between 1927 and 1940. Jessie lived in Edgeley. They were married in Lamoure on May 31, 1940, at the Methodist Church by Pastor Smith.
My grandfather had previously lived in Quinn, Pennington County, SD, where he had a farm, taught school, and carried the mail.
Ira BULLIS died at age 67 in the North Dakota State Hospital, Jamestown, on September 4, 1946. Jessie is reported to have lived for several more years.
Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.


Lyn Radke-Cook Fri Sep 26 18:36:46 2003
Looking for KRUEGER connections in Logan County, primarily Fredonia and Kulm. Christoph KRUEGER was my g-grandfather. He married Anna Maria BUERKLE. They had several children: Andreas, Christof, Justina and more. I would love to exchange information. Thank you, and God bless! Lyn Radke-Cook, Boring, Oregon


Lyn Radke-Cook Fri Sep 26 18:32:49 2003
Looking for any connection to the RADKE family of Logan County, primarily Fredonia and Kulm. Daniel RADKE married Sarah REMPFER. A son, Gottfried RADKE, married Justina KRUEGER. Their son, Royal C. RADKE, was my father. There were several sibblings and cousins. There must be several genealogists out there with connections to this line. I would really enjoy sharing information. Thank you, Lyn Radke-Cook, Boring, Oregon.


Jim Hauck Sat Aug 16 17:42:55 2003
Am searching for any information on Henry (Heinrich) SCHMIDT from Napoleon, North Dakota. Know nothing about his family background. Know that he married Mary Eve GLATT about 1915-16. Henry was buying eggs and cream in Emmons County when they first met. They had their first daughter in April, 1917; born at Anamoose, N.D. Henry and Mary Eve had three daughters and one son; Mary Eve died during childbirth of her son about 1922-23. Don't know if they were living in Anamoose or Napoleon when she died.

After her death, the children were placed in an orphanage for awhile, then they moved about five times to foster homes and finally they were "farmed out". The oldest was taken in by her uncle (her mother's brother), Tony GLATT and Agatha Materi GLATT who farmed in Emmons County. Sometime after the death of his wife, Henry moved to Washington state (I believe to Seattle) where he later died destitute. Word has it that he died as a result of his drinking. I need to connect Henry to his parents and other relatives and his wife, Mary Eve, to her parents and relatives. If anyone has any information about these two and their families and wishes to share I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Jim


Clark McEwen Tue Aug 5 22:46:26 2003
I am looking for any information on Wilhelm ( William, Willie ) KROGEL born in Logan County Jan 2, 1899, father Friedrich KROGEL.


Mavis Dobler Sat May 24 18:11:36 2003
I am searching for the marriage date of Lydia SCHWARTZ & John HOFF. Lydia's parents wrere Paul & Katherina SCHWARTZz from Napolean. John's parents were Simon & Mathilde HOFF from Lehr. I believe they were married around 1913;1914;1915. Any information you can give me is greatly appreciated. If you do not have the info, perhaps you can tell me from what other counties I could acquire this information.


Patricia McCarley Thu Nov 21 09:19:46 2002
I am looking for any information on Jacob HOCHSTETTER.


Peg Horner Sat Sep 28 10:24:24 2002
Am looking for any information on the family of John HORNER from Russia who married Barbara BOEHM. I think they arrived in Dakota between 1870 and 1900, because their son Frank was born in Linton in 1905


Patti Leischner Thu Sep 26 16:55:53 2002
I am looking for any information on Ida and William KARIUS. I know that they were found dead in their home. She was the daughter of Sophia KROLL and Gottlieb MUND. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Patti


Patti Leischner Sun Jun 2 04:54:23 2002
I am looking for any information on the LEISCHNER Family. Many of them lived in or near Lehr, Logan County, North Dakota. I would like to find out where they are buried. Gottfried S. LEISCHNER and his wife Anna Rosina MUELLER came from Kulm, Bessarabia, South Russia. They had 10 children. If the children all came with them I am not sure. Karolina (Carrie) married Peter KOENIG in 1863 but I don't know where they are buried. Thank you


Cindy Courtier Fri May 31 13:23:05 2002
The 1900 Census for Logan County, Finn Township lists the Koop family:
John KOOP b. Feb 1866
Mary (Sperling) KOOP b. Jan 1864
Cornelius KOOP b. May 1881
Eva KOOP b. Nov 1883
Maggie KOOP b. 1884
John KOOP b. 1885
Mary KOOP born 1886
Henry KOOP b. 1888
Lizzie KOOP b. 1890
Sarah KOOP b. 1892
Bertha KOOP b. 1894
Anna KOOP b. 1896
Susanna (KROEKER) KOOP b. 1828

This Russian Mennonite family arrived in Dakota Territory in 1875 and settled in Dakota Territory. I believe they moved to Logan Co. in 1896/1897 and then to LaMoure County before 1910. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has more information on this family or other Mennonite families in the Logan and LaMoure areas. Thanks! Cindy Courtier [email protected]


Keith L. Miller Tue May 14 14:55:53 2002
I'm looking for information about Friedrich HENNE and his family, Margaretha (spouse), Gottfried (son) and Othilia (daughter). I know that they emmigrated from Klostig and arrived at Ellis Island March 9, 1898. My family are direct decendants of them. I do know also that Margaretha was confirmed in the German Congragational church April 9, 1909 in Gackle.
Any more information you could give me regarding them would be very appreciated.
Thanks you and God Bless,
Keith L. Miller


Trisha Ferguison Mon May 13 15:11:14 2002
I'm trying to research my G-Grandfather's family. I know that he was born in Napoleon 11-25-1891. His name is Winney Elmer CROUCH (a.k.a.: W.E. CROUCH). His parents were Ernest J. and Cora B. He had 12 siblings, but I only know of 6 of them: Ernest, Harold, Lu Lu, Maud, Emma, and Genevieve. Any info you might have would be appreciated, even if it is just a mention in an obit.
Thank you,
Trisha Ferguison

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