Gottfried Hass Family

Gottfried Hass Family

Fredonia, North Dakota

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Photo was taken about 1909/1910 in Gottfried Hass' Hardware store in Fredonia, North Dakota..  Left to Right - Juliana (Julia) Seefried Hass, Unknown Man, Emma (wearing the white scarf/shawl), Lydia and Gottfried Hass.  The gentleman in the derby hat is not identified.  He may have been a customer in the store at the time the photo was taken or worked for Gottfried.


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Gottfried Hass Family - 1913


Lydia     Rudy     Emma

Hilda    Herb    Gottfried     Julia    Nettie


This portrait was taken at J.J. Rochhalter's photography studio in Streeter, North Dakota in 1913.


Gottfried Hass, born April 3, 1875 in Kulm, Bessarabia, Russia, died January 23, 1919, Mission, Texas

Julia Seefried Hass, born August 28, 1879 in Friedensfeld, Bessarabia, Russia, died November 26, 1957, Mission, Texas

Lydia Hass, Born February 27, 1899, New Sarata, Bessarabia, Russia, died February 15, 1994 in Denton, Texas

Emma Hass, born April 22, 1901 in New Sarata, Bessarabia, Russia, died October 13, 1990 in Lake Dallas, Texas

Rudolf Hass, born December 7, 1902 in New Sarata, Bessarabia, Russia, died April 27, 1966 in Florida

Natalia Hass, born January 9, 1905 in New Nikolajefka, Russia, died June 23, 1927 in Kingsville, Texas

Hilda Hass, born October 26, 1906 in New Nikolajefka, Russia

Herbert Hass, born March 4, 1912 in Fredonia, North Dakota, died July 4, 1984 in Kerrville, Texas


Gottfried Hass, his wife, Juliana (Julia) Seefried Hass, and five children immigrated from Bessarabia to Fredonia, North Dakota in 1908.  A sixth child who was born a month before they left Russia died before they reached New York, and was buried at sea.  The 7th child, Wilhelm, was born in Fredonia, but only lived 12 days and was buried by Pastor Ebertz on 26 November 1910.  Two more children, Herbert William and Arthur Edward, were born in Fredonia.  The family lived in two rooms attached to the hardware store until Gottfried was able to acquire a house.  The house had an upstairs where the bedrooms were.  The school teacher, Mae Hayes, used to board with them and had one of the rooms upstairs.  Lydia remembered taking the heated water up to Miss Hayes' room so she could take a bath, because they didn't have a bathtub.  Hilda felt like she was Miss Hayes' pet at school.  In December, 1915, the family moved to the warmer climate of south Texas, where two more sons were born, Roland Reinhard and Melvin Gottfried.


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