Gackle, ND

The town of Gackle originated with the extension of the Northern Pacific Railroad.  In 1903 Johan Gross of Kulm, ND, Georg Gackle from Posttal, Bessarabia, and Georg Elhard had organized a store and stage coach station six miles south of todays Gackle.  Other partners were Christian Geissler and J. Gross.  In 1904, the railroad came to the site of the present town of Gackle to which the store and the post office in it were transferred.  Jakob and Johann Mueller were the first German Russians that came to this district.  They came from Neudorf in 1891.    They settled southwest of Gackle in the so-called Mueller Settlement.   Gackle was first incorporated as a village in 1914.  The founders of the town were George Gackle, George Elhard, Johann Elhard, Christian Geissler, Christian Kroll, C.G. Zoellner, Friedrich Rott, Jakob Bereth, Johann Hatz and A.F. Lehr.  At the suggestion of George Elhard the town was named after his companion G. Gackle.