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Logan County, North Dakota

Date: 05/14/1999
Subject: Family history books or centenial books
Name: Roger Metzger
Email: 122345metz@msn.com

Hi do they have and Family history or centunial books, if they do let me no the cost and were I can get them..
Roger Metzger


Korreena Taylor Mon May 13 15:11:14 1999
Would like more information on great/great grandparents. This is what I know. Maria BOGNER born May 23, 1880 in Bessarabia, South Russia came to this country in 1887 to a farm 14 mile NW of Lehr. Her parents were Ferdinand and Wilhemina (KREUEGER) BOGNER. She married Christ CHRISTMANN on Junly 12, 1902 At Emanuel Evangelical Chruch of rural Lehr.


Larry Gruszie Mon May 12 15:11:14 1999
I'm looking for the grave of a Katharine (WIEST) HAUX, she died in 1893 near Napoleon, ND. Her husband was Ludwig HAUX and she died from complications of child birth. we would like to visit her grave.
Larry Gruszie

Date:  04/11/1999
Subject:  County Lookups
Name:  Tim Stowell
Email:  ndst1@usgennet.org
Date:  03/20/1999
Subject:  Cousin Chart
Name:  Donnel Shaw
Email:  DonnelShaw@aol.com

Becky Hanson Mon Mar 7 15:11:14 1999
hi, i am researching the BOLLINGERs and i am wondering where your BOLLINGERa are from. i am looking for information on BOLLINGERs from Huntingdon county PA. Any information would help... thanks in advance..
Becky (Bollinger) Hanson


Penny Sun Feb 21 15:11:14 1999
Can You Help? I am trying to locate information about my Great Grandfather Andreas F. Lehr. He married Christine Meyer in Kassel, S. Russia and came to the U.S. in December 1858. They had the following children: Fredrick, Sam, Andrew, Mary and Albina. They migrated from Tripp, Hutchison County, S. Dak. in 1885 and their homestead was just south of Lehr, ND. If you can me help locate information please e-mail me @ WWAKEFI@prodigy.net. Need help with records of any kind.

Date:  02/07/1999
Subject:  Erbele
Name:  Roy Erbele
Email:  erbele@fallsnet.com

My father was born in this county. Jacob Erbele and married Paulina Harder. Looking for any information about them.

Date:  02/07/1999
Subject:  Can anyone help; or can i help anyone?
Name:  Jay W. Meeuwig
Email:  cyber_HiC@usa.net

Can anyone help; or can i help anyone?
Jay W. Meeuwig

Rooting at HUMMELs; ROTHs; SAUTERs; WIDMAIERs and associated families... from S.Russia...
[ Neuburg; Alexanderhilf; GrossLiebental; Rosenfeld {Konoplewo in Russian} ...
all near Odessa... ]

Date:  02/07/1999
Name:   Elaine Hummel
Email:   ac956@chebucto.ns.ca

Can anyoone provide any info about HUMMELs who will have come from S.Russia and settle down in this neck of the woods pardon! Prairies..

Any help will be appreciated


Timothy R. Leier
Email:  tleier@dttus.com

Greetings from a Logan County descendant. My grandparents J. Chris LEIER and Anne K. LEIER are from Logan County - Napolean to be specific. My grandfathers (J. Chris') parents were from Logan county as well - Joseph Leier and Klara (Gross) LEIER. This is a great site to browse around in - good work.


Date:  11/16/1998
Name:  Lorraine Anderson
Email:  LAnder3232@aol.com

Desperately searching for a Ben or Tom CANTEY who was living in North Dakota maybe 1920....Could be earlier or later.
Need information or descendents from these lines to complete family genealogy on my end. Please respond. Thank you.

Date:  10/28/1998
Subject:  August Heitz
Name:  Tamera Heitz-Peek
Email:  theitz@sbuniv.edu

I am interested in contacting relatives of my great grandfather August Heitz who was a resident of Gackle, ND in the early 1900s.
My grandfather's name is Arthur Heitz who now resides in Sturgis, SD. Any information you can provide me would be appreciated.

Date:  09/10/1998
Subject:  Looking for Greatgrandparents
Name:  Carroll Simmos
Email:  jsimmons@infomagic.com

I am looking for information on my greatgrand parents. Valentine and Johanna Dosch or Joseph and Elizabeth Roehrich. Valentine Dosch homesteaded around Napolean. My greatuncle Nicholas Roehrich had a store in Napolean and my greatgrandfather Joseph Roehrich had a cream station in Strasburg. I know a lot of my family in buried in St. Anthony's Cemetary. Please e-mail me if you have any information. Thank you.


Date:  09/05/1998
Name:  Bruce Bohlman
Email:  bb234@gfherald.infi.net

Does anyone have any information about the Emmet F. APLEY family that lived in the Napoleon area in the early 1900's? There was a daughter, Lillian, that I am interested in tracing. Any info would be appreciated.

Date:  09/01/1998
Subject:  Grandma Myrtle
Name:  Pamela Davis
Email:  pjdavis@mmm.com

My grandmother, Myrtle Clitty, was a public school teacher in Logan County just after she graduated from normal school. Since she was born in 1903, I figure she would have been teaching in Logan County probably around 1921-1923. At one time I saw her contract with the county, but recently it has been misplaced. I am taking a trip out to N.D. this weekend and would like to visit the school where she taught if it still stands. Would anyone have any information that could help me? I need to know asap of course as I am leaving Thur. morning. Appreciate any help.

Date:  08/21/1998
Name:  Linda Radke
Email:  lcook@hpux.mesd.k12.or.us

Daniel Radke homesteaded in Logan County, eight miles north of Fredonia. I don't see any Radkes in your list of surnames. Can you help?

Thank you,

Linda Radke


Date:  06/28/1998
Name:  Rocky Kramlich
Email:  Bonzee@cw2.com

I'm looking for information on the Fredrick Kramlich born oct 1 1846 and wife Elizabeth Schuh born Jan 2 1848 family who came to the Eureka, South Dakota area and settled in the Braddock area of North Dakota in 1894. He left Dakota around 1900 but, his son William stayed in the area.

I would like to find out where he settled and any decendents that may still be in the area. He had a brother Andreas who settled around Long Lake in SD. and another brother William somewhere in the area. One of his daughters married Fred Martin and settled around Mound City SD. Any information you could give would be appreciated. I do have a picture of the family to share.


Rocky Kramlich.


Date:  06/23/1998
Name:  Laura
Email:  LSchaeppi@aol.com

I am trying to find the obitaries for Peter and Katherine Reich from Lehr, ND. I dont know if they were buried in Lehr or a nearby community. Would appreciate a reply if possible.


Date:  06/20/1998
Subject:  Sahli, Kreitel, Dieffenbach, Spanger, Goetz, Hartmann
Name:  Susan Sahli Germani
Email:  Sgermani@compuserve.com

Saw your file on the web and noticed that you have several Sahli names in your line and from the area (Dakotas) that my father's family emmigrated to from the Odessa ,Russia area. I am looking for a connection to Seigfred Sahli, son of George Sahli and Barbara Spanger. Seigfried was married to Rose Kreitel and they lived in the Aberdeen area(SD) at one time in the 1880's where my grandfather Stephen grew up and married Eva Dieffenbach and 14 children one of whom was my father Frank John Sahli.

Surnames involved in my family are SAHLI, KREITEL , DIEFFENBACH, SPANGER, GOETZ, AND HARTMANN.

Any connections for you? Thanks.

Susan Sahli Germani


Date:  06/20/1998
Name:  Peggy Shore
Email:  pegary@softcom.net

I am looking for a child of a woman named Emma Kranzler. The child would have been born in February of 1935. I believe the child is a boy. Possible father on birth certificate would be Jacob Schneider.

I have found out that my father, Jacob, fathered this child and I am wondering if you could possiblely help my. I am coming to Napoleon ND in first part of July .

Any help would be appreciated.

thank you
Peggy Shore


Sonja K. Schwartzbauer

My fathers name is Carl Steven Schwartzbauer and my mothers maiden name is Irene Louise Bell. Carl is from North Dakota and Irene is from South Dakota, I would like to find out as much as I can about my ancestors.





Date:  05/17/1998
Name:  Glenn Hagele
Email:  ghagele@usaeyes.com

I ran across your GEDCOM page. You have several Hägele and similar spelling families. Is this GEDCOM available for download. You may find my website of interest.

Glenn Hagele
Hägele Family Genealogy
PO Box 60002
Sacramento CA 95860-0002


Date:  05/17/1998
Subject:  Conrad, Bollinger, Kelley
Name:  ROCKM123
Email:  ROCKM123@aol.com


My son is working on genealogy and thought you might help through obits.
Any info on the above surnames?


Date:  04/17/1998
Name:  Lyn Cook
Email:  lcook@hpux.mesd.k12.or.us

I'm looking for information on Sarah Rempfer (1871-1953) who was married to my great-grandpa, Daniel Radke (1868-1948). They lived in Fredonia, North Dakota, and had 10 children.

The 10 children were: Nathanial Radke, Mary Heidinger, Christ Radke, Gottfried Radke (my grandpa), Emilia Heller, Lidia Radke, Anna Katherina Radke, Jacob Radke, Hulda Sukut, and Bertha Gutschmidt.

Any leads on Sarah Rempfer would be greatly appreciated!



Date:  04/09/1998
Name:  Bruce Walter
Email:  1053@nethawk.com

I am looking for the WALTER family in North Dakota, their roots would be from Mich, Ohio or Pa. Common names appear to be Edward, Sheldon, Elizabeth, Abaishia. My family split in the late 1800's and some moved to N.D. If anyone has roots from the previously mentioned states I would be happy to hear from you.


Date:  04/01/1998
Name:  Penny Will
Email:  psw@olypen.com

I'm looking for decendents of Kier (Karl) Vanderwal. His father homesteaded 3 40 acre lots of land. Kier was married to Carrie Ryckman on Sept. 30 1910. Their children are Peter Karl, Fletcher, Thomas, David, Gertrude, Warren, and Albert. Peter Karl Vanderwal was married to Merle Jadin, who is know married to Ernie Jones. Please email me if you are a decendent or know of an decedents of this family.


Date:  03/29/1998
Name:  Diane Pritchard
Email:  vpritcha@micron.net

The object(s) of my search are Roloffs, specifically Danial and Lusia (not sure the spelling is correct). They were my father's father's parents. They had 7 children, Reinhold, Leah, Nathaniel, Lydia, Ted, Gottloff, Maleta, Rebecca and Albert. My father, Leo Daniel, graduated from Ashley High School in 1941, but the family may have lived in Kulm. I'm not sure where to look next. Thank you for any suggestions that you might have.

Diane Pritchard
email: vpritcha@micron.net

Date:  03/03/1998
Subject:  Speten, Johnson, Backman
Name:  Pam Jeans
Email:  jeans@sierranet.net

I am researching for my step-father's family. Surnames of interest SPETEN, JOHNSON and BACKMAN. Henry SPETEN married Hannah BACKMAN JOHNSON. This is a large farming family. Any help appreciated.
Date:  02/22/1998
Subject:  North Dakota Informaton
Name:  Raymond Ritola
Email:  cy.ritola@mcione.com

I am a 4th grader in Connecticut working on a state history project on the state of North Dakota. Please send me any information on places to go and things to do in North Dakota. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Date:  02/14/1998
Subject:  Jacob & Magdelena Rohrbach
Name:  Trudy Amiottte
Email:  genc@sundance.crooknet.k12.wy.us

Looking for info on Jacob & Magdelena Rohrbach, Jacob Speidel & Christina Rohrbach Speidel. Lived in ND prior to 1946.
Please reply to genc@sundance.crooknet.k12.wy.us
Date:  02/07/1998
Subject:  Welcome
Name:  Clarence Heier
Email:  clarence@heier.net

Welcome to the Query page for Logan County. Please submit your queries for people that lived in Logan County, North Dakota and they will appear on this page.

Clarence Heier


Date:  03/03/1997
Name:  Brian Klein
Email:  bklein@memlane.com

I am searching for information on the family of George and Sophia Berreth. They raised a family around Lehr, Logan Co. from 1899 to 1910. They emmigrated to Piapot, Sask. Family consisted of George (52); Sophia (48); Reinhold (19); Paulina (15); Emma (11); Albert (9); Ulda (Hilda) (6); Lea (Lena, my grandmother) (4); and John (1) in 1910. Looking for any information on the family, was believed to have ran a hotel in that area. Thanks for any assistance.

If you have resources for Logan County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail me at Tim Stowell, Chattanooga, TN

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