Who We Are

The James River Genealogy Club was formed by Alan Trullinger (deceased) of Carrington in August 1990. The club operates informally without charter or rules of order. It is a group of people with an interest in family history who enjoy sharing ideas.

The Club meets at 7:00 PM the first Tuesday of each month April through November.We meet every other month at Carrington and then Jamestown Our regular meeting place at Carrington is the Northern Plains Electric Coop, 1515 West Main, and our meeting place in Jamestown is at the Ave Maria Nursing Home, 501 19th St. NE. Occasionally meetings are held in other locations for special programs.

There are no dues, members donate a dollar or so when they attend to help pay for the cost of publishing and mailing the monthly newsletter. Programs are presented at the meetings for beginning and more advanced researchers. The club has many members from out of the area who receive the newsletter and who donate $5.00 or so to cover the cost of mailing.

Club Officers

Co-President .............................................................. Cathy Paulson
Co-President....................................................... Barb Gillis Caine
Vice President ...................................................... George Barron
Secretary/Treasurer/Newsletter Editor .............. Mary Kuhn


			Surnames of JRGC Members

To get a member address, contact a club officer. SURNAME MEMBER --------------- ----------------- ALGER George Barron ARCHER Sharon Hewitt ATCHISON Barb Caine AUER Wally Purcell AUSTIN Helen Fritchie BALCOM George Barron BARRON George Barron BARTLETT George Barron BASS Patty Hilbert BASSETT Joyce Lausch BAURICHTER Joyce Lausch BEAR Judy Bear BECKER Cathy Paulson BENDER Joyce Lausch BENNING George Barron BERNER George Barron BIERSTROFF Helen Fritchie BITZ Marcia Paxton BOOMGAARDEN Sharleen Boomgaarden BOSSERMAN Cathy Paulson BRATVOLD Ethel Oxtoby BROWN Barb Caine BURK(E) Cathy Paulson BURNER George Barron BYRUM Luella Steinbach CAHILL George Barron CHRISTIANSON Patty Hilbert CLEARIHUE George Barron COOK Patty Hilbert CRAWFORD Barb Caine CULVER Barb Caine DAVIS Wally Purcell Sharon Hewitt DEARDORFF Cathy Paulson DEGAN Marcia Paxton DIEHL Cathy Paulson DISNEY Helen Fritchie DUFF George Barron DUNCAN George Barron EDINGER Sharleen Boomgaarden ENGLE George Barron FALK Marcia Paxton FLAGG George Barron FLANNERY George Barron FOULSTON Wally Purcell FRAZER Patty Hilbert FREIGANK Mavis Miller FRIEGAND Mavis Miller FRIEGANG Mavis Miller FRITCHIE Helen Fritchie FULHAM George Barron FUNK Bette Vote GARRET Mavis Miller GILBERT Joyce Lausch GILLISS Barb Caine GIVENS Patty Hilbert GODDARD Wally Purcell GORDON George Barron GRAHAM Cathy Paulson Patty Hilbert GREGOIRE Mary Wrolstad GRENZ Marcia Paxton GRETTENBERG George Barron GREVER Cathy Paulson GULDSETH Helen Fritchie GULLICSON Ethel Oxtoby HAGAR George Barron HALVORSON Ethel Oxtoby HAPGOOD George Barron HARBO Cathy Paulson HARLEY Cathy Paulson HARTL Louella Steinbach HASKELL George Barron HAUSER Helen Fritchie HEIDEN Joyce Lausch HENNINGS Sharon Hewitt Wally Purcell HERMAN Marcia Paxton HEWITT Sharon Hewitt HILBERT Patty Hilbert HILDEBRAND Sharon Hewitt HIRD Cathy Paulson HORN Patty Hilbert HOUCHINS Patty Hilbert HUEBBE George Barron JACOBSON Luella Steinbach JAMES Patty Hilbert JANNISCH Patty Hilbert JENKS George Barron JOHNSON Luella Steinbach Patty Hilbert KAGEY Patty Hilbert KAPP (KOPP) Marcia Paxton KAUFFMAN Patty Hilbert KETT Cathy Paulson KILFOYLE George Barron KING Wally Purcell KJARSGAARD Mary Wrolstad KOLLER Patty Hilbert LAUSCH Joyce Lausch LEGACIE Sharon Hewitt LIL Luella Steinbach LIVERMORE George Barron LOVETT George Barron MAGGARD Patty Hilbert MARCH George Barron MARCOTTE Barb Caine MARTIN George Barron MC INTOSH Patty Hilbert MC KEE Sharon Hewitt MC KINNEY Cathy Paulson MC KONE George Barron MC PHAIL George Barron MELBY Cathy Paulson MEYER George Barron MILLER Sharon Hewitt MOORE Wally Purcell MUIRE Sharleen Boomgaarden NEULAND Wally Purcell NEUMILLER Wally Purcell NIESS Marcia Paxton O'CONNELL Wally Purcell OSTRANDER Helen Fritchie OTTINGER Marcia Paxton OXHOVD Ethel Oxtoby OXTOBY Ethel Oxtoby PALMER Cathy Paulson PARKER Patty Hilbert Mavis Miller Barb Caine PFAFF Sharleen Boomgaarden PHILBRICK Mavis Miller PIRIE George Barron PITZ Patty Hilbert PRODZINSKI Marcia Paxton PURCELL Wally Purcell PUTERBAUGH Sharon Hewitt Wally Purcell RADKE Mavis Miller RANSOM George Barron RAY George Barron REID George Barron REMBOLDT Marcia Paxton RENKERT Marcia Paxton REUTTER Joyce Lausch RHINEBARGER Cathy Paulson RIACH George Barron ROMSTAD Ethel Oxtoby ROOT Cathy Paulson ROSS George Barron RUDSHAGEN Cathy Paulson RUFFNER Patty Hilbert SANDS Wally Purcell SCHMUTZLER George Barron SEAMAN Cathy Paulson SHAW Mavis Miller SHEED George Barron SHOOK Judy Bear SLIND Helen Fritchie SMITH Barb Caine SPILMAN Luella Steinbach SPITLER Cathy Paulson SPRAGUE George Barron STEINBACH Louella Steinbach STOVER/STAUFFER Patty Hilbert STRECH or STRIECH Mary Wrolstad STRICKLER Patty Hilbert STROBEL Wally Purcell TANATA Marcia Paxton TEINBACH Luella Steinbach THIESSEN Bette Vote THOMAS Helen Fritchie THORNE Helen Fritchie TILDEN George Barron TONN Patty Hilbert TOWER George Barron TRACY Wally Purcell TSCHIDER Marcia Paxton TVETE--TWITO Luella Steinbach VAN BUSKIRK Sharon Hewitt VANDER WAL Cathy Paulson VANWINKLE Cathy Paulson VICTORIS Patty Hilbert VOLTMER Sharon Hewitt VOTE Bette Vote VRAA Wally Purcell WANDERSCHEID Patty Hilbert WARREN George Barron WEEKS Patty Hilbert WHITLOCK Patty Hilbert WHITNEY George Barron WILCOX George Barron WILIAMSON Luella Steinbach WILLARD George Barron WILLIAMS Joyce Lausch WILSON George Barron WITT George Barron WOBBEMA Cathy Paulson WRIGHT Helen Fritchie WROLSTAD Mary Wrolstad ZIMMERMAN Cathy Paulson

Club Services

The club offers help with searches in the four counties in which members reside, Eddy, Foster, Stutsman and Wells. Our members volunteer their time to do searches without pay, but the club accepts donations. The donation should be calculated to cover the cost of copy fees, mailing and incidential expenses, and provide a small amount over expenses for the treasury. In this manner we are able to acquire more research materials. We ask for a $20 donation to start the process. If the search nets more than 40 copies of documents, we will ask for another $10 or so. Many distant family reseachers have found our services to be of such value that they have made much larger donations.
We offer to mail photocopies of pages from our cemetery books for $2 for one or two pages, then $1 a page beyond two pages. We will also try to find obituaries and mail you copies for $3 an obit. If you have quetions, e-mail us for help.
We have access to:

Mail search requests to:

email search requests to: