Hettinger County Surnames


Hettinger County Surnames

ANDRE Mott (etc) Ronald Boyd [email protected]
ANDRE Mott ROXANNE ANDRE-STEIER [email protected]
Janelle L. Braithwait [email protected]
BARTH Mott, ND Theresa Thoen [email protected]
BERNAUER Graber Jane A. Kipp [email protected]
BIEBER Mott Jeff Allen [email protected]
Vi Ziepfel [email protected]
Randy Boschee [email protected]
BOYD Mott Ronald Boyd [email protected]
BROOKS Mott/Regent Susan Rittenhouse [email protected]
BUEHLER Mott Janice Hoftiezer [email protected]
BUETHNER Regent, ND Sharon Buethner [email protected]
CRANE Mott Robert K. Crane [email protected]
DIETZ St Placidus/Burt/Mott Vyola Schaff [email protected]
EKELAND Regent, ND Chuck Knox [email protected]
ELLIOTT Farnia Township Valerie (Elliott) Harris [email protected]
ELLIOTT Haley Keith Sankey [email protected]
ELLIOTT Regent Valerie (Elliott) Harris [email protected]
FIEDLER Mott Gerry Vance [email protected]
FIETSAM Beery Township/Mott Mark Martinson [email protected]
FISCHER New England Lisa DeCaussin [email protected]
GELLETT unknown Gloria Grazioso [email protected]
GORSETH Mott Tim Mjoen [email protected]
GRUNDHAUSER Regent, ND John Kronberger [email protected]
HAGESETH Kennedy Township Nola Schley [email protected]
Cara Thompson [email protected]
HEINTZMAN Mott Audrey Wilkinson [email protected]
Eileen Hettinger-Hume [email protected]
HEYD Mott JUDITH HEYD [email protected]
JOHNSON Hettinger Dot Varland [email protected]
JOHNSON Mott Sharleene [email protected]
Amanda Wehner Kennedy [email protected]
JORDAN Mott, ND Mary J Messer [email protected]
JUNG New England Lisa DeCaussin [email protected]
JURGENS Mott Kelly Thielen [email protected]
KELSCH Bentley - Mott - Lefor? Marie Mayer Sampson [email protected]
KIRSCH Mott Kaye Kirsch [email protected]
KRONBERGER Regent, ND John Kronberger [email protected]
LINDSAY Bentley Michael Lindsay [email protected]
LOH Regent, ND John Kronberger [email protected]
MACMILLAN Haley Keith Sankey [email protected]
MAERCKLEIN Mott Robert K. Crane [email protected]
MAYER Mott Marie Mayer Sampson [email protected]
MEININGER Graber Jane A. Kipp [email protected]
MELBY New England Mary Lindbo [email protected]
MESSER Mott, ND Mary J Messer [email protected]
MIKUSCH Mott Kelly Thielen [email protected]
MILLER Mott Terry [email protected]
NORBY Hettinger Denise Norby Belt [email protected]
OMDAHL Regent, ND Susan Sonju [email protected]
OSCHENFELD Regent, ND John Kronberger [email protected]
PENNER Hettinger Kathy Housman [email protected]
PETERSON Mott/Regent Susan Rittenhouse [email protected]
PEW Beery Township Mark Martinson [email protected]
PHILLIPS Mott T.S. Noble [email protected]
POOLEY Regent, ND Chuck Knox [email protected]
POWELL Mott, ND Judy Schoening [email protected]
REICHERT Mott/Dickinson Mitch Roll [email protected]
REMMEN Hettinger Chris Liner [email protected]
Norman Lewis [email protected]
RIFLE - RIFFLE Rifle Township Donna Dicksson [email protected]
ROLL Mott/Dickinson Mitch Roll [email protected]
SANKEY Hettinger Keith Sankey [email protected]
SCHAFF St. Placidus/Burt Delores Schrage [email protected]
Vi Ziepfel [email protected]
SIMON New England Amanda Wehner Kennedy [email protected]
SKARTVEDT Mott Sharleene [email protected]
SKOGEN Hettinger Denise Norby Belt [email protected]
SMITH Mott Barbara Schwartz [email protected]
SONJU Regent, ND Susan Sonju [email protected]
ULIJOHN New England Carol Haner [email protected]
WANDLER New England Mona Holt [email protected]
WEEKS Mott Paul R [email protected]
WEHNER New England Amanda Wehner Kennedy [email protected]
WEINBERGER Regent/Mott Marlene Kouba [email protected]
WELL Mott Eileen Brudwick [email protected]
WILHELM New England ND Jim Wilhelm [email protected]
WRIGHT Mott Soni Eads [email protected]
ZENK Regent, ND Sharon Buethner [email protected]


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