Hettinger County Queries

Hettinger County Queries


Lisa deCaussin Thu Jan 9 12:37:05 2003
I am looking for information on the family of Anna YOUNG born in New England, Hettinger County, North Dakota Jan 17,1908.
Her parents were Jakob JUNG and Katherine (nee: FISCHER).
Her siblings were Theresa, Nicholas (Nick) and Jack.
I believe the family immigrated to the U.S. about 1907 from Austria Hungary.


Karen Smythe Sun Jan 12 03:36:36 2003
I'm interested in finding anyone who may be related to either of these families or know any family information about them. Our uncle (now deceased) said a photo of one of our ancestors came from Mott, ND, and showed her standing on what was described as a homestead, probably in the late 1800's. Our family settled in Indiana, so IF they were in ND, they may have returned east. Any help will be appreciated.


Don Barth Sun Feb 2 17:07:32 2003
Seeking obit/family information on Elizabeth WOLF / WOLFF b:abt 1904 rural Hettinger Co.,married to Mike KUNTZ. Her brothers Anton, Vincent and Joseph were all area farmers.


Don Barth Mon Feb 10 05:45:42 2003
Trying to establish links to my maternal great grandparents. Franziskus WOLF b:16 Oct 1861 d:4 Apr 1931 and Margaret RUF b:16 Feb 1862 d:1918. Tthey are both buried in St. Placidus Cemetery in Mott. I have been unable to advance the RUF / RUFF side and have very little on the WOLF / WOLFF side. Would appreciate any leads.


Jeff Hettinger Tue Feb 11 11:25:16 2003
My family is from central Indiana - Logansport, Fort Wayne area - is there any connection to the North Dakota HETTINGERS's?


Kent E. Kenniston Tue Mar 4 15:49:20 2003
I am looking for any information relative to the KENISTON's and the cemetery where my great grand uncle, Rev. George N. (aka G. N.) KENISTON who died on 13 March 1943 in Bismarck, and was buried in Hettinger, North Dakota. George is buried next to the gave of his mother, Clementine Elizabeth KENISTON.

My GreatGranduncle had lived in ND for a long period of time. A bio of him follows:

George KENISTON was born June 15, 1866 in Keokuk, Iowa, the youngest of a family of seven children.

In the spring of 1907, Mr. and Mrs. (George) SCHOONOVER, daughter Edna, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. OVERINGS and children, Irene and George, decided to make use of their homestead rights. They arrived in the new town of Hettinger and filed on adjoining quarters of land just east of town.

In the spring of 1908, the KENISTONs with their two daughters, Florence and Leah joined the other members and moved West, and filed on land seven miles west of Hettinger. Florence and Leah graduated from High School there.

The first church organized in Hettinger came about because of a meeting held May 28, 1907 by Rev. E. E. SMITH. This resulted in the election of officers and a call for Mr. KENISTON to serve as their pastor.

A loan of $800.00 was secured, due to Rev. KENISTON's personal efforts from the Congregational Building Society. He supervised and designed the First Congregational Church, which remained a land mark in Hettinger until recently, when it was replaced by a larger and more modern edifice.

Rev. KENISTON officiated at the first wedding which united Louis O. RAMSTEAD and Emma MUNGER.

Another house of worship was dedicated to the honor and glory of God on Sunday, February 28, 1909, when the society of the First Congregational Church of Hettinger, through it's building committee and pastor, the Rev. George N. KENISTON, presented for dedication their new church. (Note.. a picture of the church is shown, same being a square two-story building with a outside stair case leading straight up to the second floor with a pourch and roof over same with a large bell tower roof set back a little from the pourch roof. The bell tower has the sides open and you can see the wheel that is turned by a rope to ring the bell.)

The ceremonies were conducted by the pastor, assisted by the Rev. Dr. VITTEM, President of Fargo College and Rev. C. L. POWELL.

At the morning services the ceremonies of dedication took place and the sermon was by Mr. POWELL. In the evening the sermon was by Dr. VITTEM. At both services there was special music, the Dedication Hymn being composed by the pastor. The members of the Congregational Society, the building committee, the pastor, Mr. KENISTON, and the people of Hettinger and vicinity are deserving of congratulations and many well rejoice over the finishing of their pretty new chapel. For awhile, to the it means the comfort of a church home, to the community it means an added inspiration of righteousness and high moral tone for the city.

The pianist for the dedication was Mrs. George OVERINGS .

George KENISTON was a fine public speaker and his services were in constant demand.

He was an ardent worker and the prime support of the old Yellowstone Trail.

In 1916, Rev. KENISTON resigned his pastorate at Hettinger, accepting a call to Beach, North Dakota.

A few years later, the KENISTONs and their young adopted son, Donald moved to Bismarck (North Dakota), where George KENISTON served several years as Secretary of the Commercial Club. He was instrumental in securing funds to build the Bismarck Hospital, and the Ben IIson Memorial, and the Dickinson Normal College.

Mr. KENISTON traveled widely in Europe and also studied at Heidelburg.

On his return, he accepted a position as a lecturer on the Vaughter Chautauqua and the Winter Lyceum. His speaking tours covered many cities of the mid East and West.

George N. KENISTON passed away March 13, 1943 in Bismarck; still active in state work. The burial was in Hettinger. His wife Mabel died eleven years later at her daughter Leah's home in Elliston, Montana; where she had lived since her husband's demise. Florence's decease occured in Seattle, where she had taught for many years. On August 24, 1970 Donald's death occured behind his wife Lucille, son Donald and daughters, Judith and Dawn.

Leah now retired, lives in East Helena, Montana and has many happy memories of her early years in Hettinger. (Reprinted from the Adams County Record)

Leah L. Keniston, lived to 100 years of age. Leah died on 23 August 1996 in Broadwater, Montana per Montana Death Index, 1989-1998 file #4454, she was my first cousin-twice removed.

Kent E. Kenniston
Saint Louis, MO 63128-3619
E-mail: [email protected]


Ruth Dance-Whitney Mon Mar 10 18:08:49 2003
Is there a cemetery book available for the listings of burials for the three cemeteries in Mott? I would like to purchase one if possible. If not is there anyone availble to do lookups? Thank you, Ruthe


Stacy Simonson Mon Apr 21 22:29:16 2003 (email address invalid - Nov, 2006)
Johann BAMBUSCH - Hettinger County, by Reeder area
BAMBUSCH and JALBERTS are also from Hettinger County, was wondering if anyone had any info on the BAMBUSCH family.
Any input on the BAMBUSCH family will be appreciated


Lori Wicks Sat Jun 14 07:50:35 2003
Looking for information on George CALEY Jr. b. 1909 or 1910, Possibly from SD. Living in Hettinger, ND in November 1937, age at that time was 28. Occupation at that time was clerical work.
Would like any information and to corespond with desendents.
Thank you. Lori ([email protected])


Otmar Adames Sun Nov 9 13:37:43 2003
Who was Mathias K. HETTINGER? Did he come from Germany? I am living in the western part of Germany, close to the Luxemburg border, where I the name HETTINGER is very current.
Tthanks for your answers and have a good time over there!!
Otmar Adames


Rick Meier Sun Nov 16 20:13:07 2003
Looking for roots
My father was Frank MEIER
Grandfather George MEIER - his wife Margaret [EARHARDT]
My mother is Irene [OTTO] MEIER, any history of her family
Sad all is so vague .


Kuntz Ed. Sun Nov 30 07:25:55 2003
I am looking for the family of Christian KUNZ born in Speier, Russia 1850 ? imm. to USA 1888, got land from BLM ND 1899. Wife was Maria Eva SCHAEFFER. My grandfather was their son. I am looking for the rest of the family. So far I have 5 children:
Joannes (John ) KUNTZ b. 1874 Speier Ru. d. Ronan, Montana 1947
Anna Maria KUNZ b. Sep. 1880 Speier Ru d. ??
Michael KUNZ b. Mar 1884 Speier Ru d. Glen Ullin, N.D:1961
Emilia KUNZ b. Jul. 1887 Speier Ru. d. ??
Mathias KUNZ b. Mar 1891 N.D d. Glen Ullin, N.D. 1972
Leo KUNZ b. Feb 1893 N.D. d. Dickenson, N.D. 1959

Could use your help. I live in Germany, was born in Montana.
Father Henry A KUNTZ born in Mott, N.D. 1913
His father and mother was
Joannes (John ) KUNTZ b. 1874 Speier Ru. d. Ronan, Montana 1947
Francisca ROTH Nov 1879 Russia d. Ronan, Montana 1939
Thank You,
Ed Kuntz


Linda Stowik Mon Feb 2 15:38:11 2004
Looking for Amelia Adams SCHMIDT and E. H. FRITSCH (Edward Harold) lived in Mott, ND. I know there is an Adams County in ND and perhaps there is some connection. DO you know who Adams County was named after? Linda


Edward Kuntz Wed Feb 4 02:47:02 2004
I have been looking for my g granddad KUNZ / KUNTZ. I found out last week that his first name was Frank (Franz) that's what is on my granddads death cit. Name of wife was not on the cit.? I could use a little help if anyone has info. I don't know if he came to USA or if he died in Russia. My granddad came over in 1893 no record if NY or Canada first time mentioned was 1900 census ND Stark Co. with Grandmothers bro. and sister Roth's. Married Franziska ROTH. She entered US 1898 with father and mother and first child 8 mo. old then moved to Hettinger co. 1906-1908 . Where just about all my dads brothers and sisters were born (Mott).


Gretchen Levings Sat May 29 19:51:11 2004
My mother, Gertrude B. SMITH, was a school teacher in Mott about 1939-41. She taught in a one room school house and lived with a family by the name of MESSIER / MESSER.
I am hoping there may be a photograph of the school out there somewhere?


J. Cala Fri Aug 13 04:01:39 2004
Just wanted to inform anyone interested that the name HETTINGER originates in Bavaria, Germany, and is most common in villages located between Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg. Schöne Grüße und Aufwidersehen


Mark Bosanco Sun Dec 5 16:54:25 2004
I wanted some information on John BOSANCO who is buried in Mott. He died in the 1930's. I was in Mott this summer with my brother and we discovered his grave next to our grandparents Julia and William (Bill) BOSANCO.
Any information you may have would be appreciated.
Mark Bosanco


Ake Kjellqvist Mon Dec 13 10:09:41 2004
Hello !
I have letters and pictures that tell us that a man born in Sweden had a farm in ND, Hettinger, from about 1918-1955. His name was Andrew MONSON, born 1878 and come home to Sweden 1957. Passed away here 1962. He was his whole life single, unmarried.

I have searched for him in the 1920 yr census and 1930 yr ditto but don´t have seen him noticed there. Are Hettinger both county and town or township? If so: is the town/township Hettinger situated in another county than Hettinger county?

The last images in the 1930 yr census had error - it is possible that he could be there?

Thanking you in advance/Best Wishes/AK


Mark Bosanco Mon Dec 20 19:25:07 2004
I am looking for information on my great grandfather who is buried in the cemetery at Mott. Can you provide me with any information about a death certificate. Thanks


Gerry Klug Sun Jan 23 20:15:01 2005
Looking for information on Ben and Ida (NESHEIM) HILLESTAD and their children: Cleo, Donald, Ole and Norman. Cleo died in New England, Hettinger County in 1981.


Cathy Bell Sun Jan 30 11:19:36 2005
Looking for information on Frank BLOCK. He was born 1882 at Mn, married twice. First wife is Clara SCHMIDT, who he divorced. They married on Jan 27, 1905. Frank married Anna TEN BROEK in 1917 at Mott, but I don't have a date. One son Frank Jr was born to them.


C. Schnebly Thu Mar 31 23:28:47 2005
Seeking any SCHNEBLY or WOODRUFF family in Hettinger County.


Jakeh Culver Sun Aug 28 21:53:35 2005
I am looking for anyone who knew Paul & Paula CULVER in or about 1976


Bob Buesing Tue Dec 27 19:40:29 2005
I am researching Michael MEYER, born 1869 in Germany and died on December 15, 1915 in Mott, Hettinger County, ND. When he died, he had a brother Phillip MEYER of Glen Ullin, ND and two uncles George HOERAUF of Elgin ND and Michael HOERAUF of Hebron and 3 sisters living in the old country (source: obit)


Mary Davis Fri Aug 4 22:16:40 2006
My records show that in 1912 Herman J WAGNER homesteaded in Hettinger County. In 1919 his wife, Mary, died and Herman passed away in 1929. These are my late husband's gggrandparents, and information is more than thin!

I have not ordered the official documents, but am very interested in any information that may be available. Obituaries for both of them would be fantastic!

Thanks so much for your help with this.


Jolene Ackerman Sat Sep 2 12:39:45 2006
Looking for information on my husbands great great grandfather. Edwin ACKERMAN (b. 13 Nov 1848 d. 1912) or his wife Harriet JONES (b. 1849 d. 1910) according to family records they are buried in New England, Hettinger, North Dakota. I don't know the cemetary. My husband comes through their son Carl. Any info. would be GREAT!


Stephanie Martineau Sat Oct 7 10:53:30 2006
Stacy Simonson posted a query in 2003 that I just found. The e-mail address no longer works. I have information on Johann BAMBUSCH and would be happy to exchange information if she will contact me.


Cassandra Wed Nov 21 20:24:21 2007
My grandfather's name is Jacob HETTINGER and his mother's maiden name was McDOWEL. We are all from Ohio. I wondered if we might be related?


Dave Kremer Tue Jan 1 16:05:45 2008
Bernard or Peter KREMER Where did they own land by Mott, around 1916-1925? Clarence and Ervin KREMER were born there in 1918 and 1921.


Bernie Thu Apr 3 10:06:50 2008
Searching for a "photo" of Michael DORNER, son of Anton DORNER and Franciska MILLEN. He was born July 1890 in Molifalva, Hungary, and came to western ND with his parents in the early 1900's. He worked for the C. A. ALBRECHT family, and boarded there as well. He took strycnine poison, killing himself over a lost love affair, he died at the Anton HERBERHOLZ farm, and was buried at St. Elizabeths Catholic Cemetery, Lefor, Stark county, North Dakota. He was survived by his father, Anton, two brothers, Matt and George DORNER, and a sister Elizabeth KOCH. A note was found in DORNER's room addressed to Mr. ALBRECHT. In the note DORNER asked ALBRECHT to give his clothes and trunk to his father as he would need them no longer. The note closed with "goodnight all people, I will see you no more in this world."

Surely a photo exists of this young man, if anyone has or knows where to obtain a picture please contact me at the above address


Dennis Bladow Sun Nov 2 18:58:29 2008
I am looking for any information on William GEBHARDT who was married to Dorthea? SCHWAB. Also their daughter,Margaret. I believe that they lived in the rural Mott area. I have a lot of information on Margaret's descendents, but would like more info if anyone has any. Margaret, was born in 1903.


Mary Cudmore Tue Apr 7 18:24:05 2009
Elizabeth PENMAN
Birth: 1770
New England, Hettinger, North Dakota, USA
Death: 1849
North Bedeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Hello there from PEI, Canada and home to Lucy Maude Montgomery's famous book "Anne of Green Gables." This lady, Elizabeth PENMAN was L. M. Montgomery's great grandmother and she supposedly was born in New England, but I didn't think that North Dakota, was considered as being part of New England. Is there any way we can confirm the birth of Elizabeth PENMAN and her parents? We know her father was George PENMAN and her mother the widow Mary COLE, who married George sometime after 1762.

The widow, Mary COLE, had a son, Benjamin COLE, born in 1762, (we think in Kingston, NY.) The information regarding Elizabeth's birth in your area, was posted on somebody's family tree. I have no proof and don't know how to find out if it is correct, so that is why I am sending in this query. I had thought that Hunterdon County in New Jersey is where the COLE family resided. Thank you.


Ed Kraft Tue Apr 14 22:09:24 2009
My grandparents moved to Bentley, ND in 1916 and farmed there until October 1919 when the dry weather forced them to leave. I'm looking for any information possible. There names were Henry KRAFT and Appolonia KRAFT. They had three children at that time - Viola, Bernadette, and Anthony.
We would like to locate and visit the land they farmed way back then. I found information in a 1917 platt book, there was a reference to:
Kraft, T.K.? 132N 2W 30.

I'm wondering if this could be them? Please provide any information available. Also, please confirm receipt of this request to: [email protected]
Thank you so much!
Ed Kraft


sue knudsen Sat Jun 13 00:22:17 2009
Marriage of Karen (ERICKSEN) OLSON to John N. OLSON in 1910 in Hettinger, North Dakota please. Thank you so much.


Kaye Kirsch Tue Jun 16 23:30:22 2009
Seeking information on the KIRSCH family in Hettinger County, ND.

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