Hettinger County Cemeteries


Hettinger County Cemeteries

Listing of cemeteries in Hettinger County
as provided by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Alden Township Cemetery In section 14-133-95 - Alden Township
Bethany Cemetery Burt, ND
Black Butte Norwegian Lutheran Located in section 9-135-94 - St. Croix Township It began in 1908 and the original church building was moved to Regent in 1928. It is now associated with Faith Lutheran Church in Regent.
Burt Hope Cemetery In section 5-133-91 - Cannonball Township - Burt, ND
Ebenezer Cemetery North Star Butte, ND
Eichenfield Baptist Cemetery In section 20-136-91 - Odessa Township It began in 1908 and belonged to the Hebron Antelope Church and in 1923 it went to the German Baptist Church.
Freidenfeld Cemetery Clark Butte, ND
Freidenfeld Cemetery Clark Butte SW, ND
German Lutheran Located in section 17-135-97 - New England Township It originally was aligned with the Missouri Synod until 1934 and is now associated with Our Redeemer's in New England. The church was located in New England and is now a house.
Havelock Cemetery In section 20-135-96 - Havelock Township - Jung Lake, ND It is a community cemetery started in 1921. Some workers from the nearby coal mine are buried here.
Johnson Cemetery East Rainy Butte, ND
Peace Cemetery Enterprise School, ND
Pilgerheim Baptist Cemetery In section 27-132-91 - Plum Butte, ND The original church building was moved to New Leipzig and used as an addition to the church there.
Pleasant Valley Cemetery In section 27-132-94 - Ashby Township Was organized in 1913 as a community cemetery. At one time it was farmed over so only one stone remains.
Pleasant View Cemetery Located in section 7-136-95 - Lefor SW, ND Began in 1914. It was organized by a Congregational group that met in the nearby school house. They later joined the Congregational church in New England.
Rainy Butte Cemetery Jung Lake, ND
Regent Cemetery Association In section 18-134-94 - Farnia Township - Regent, ND It began in 1910. Burials are on the west side of the cemetery.
Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery In section 32-132-91 - Plum Butte NE, ND Originally there was a Catholic Church here.
Saint Helena Cemetery Enterprise School, ND
St. Henry's Catholic Cemetery In section 18-134-94 - Farnia Township - Regent, ND Same as Regent Cemetery and burials are on the east side of the cemetery.
St. Placidus Catholic In section 10-135-92 - Steiner Township At one time there was a Rectory, School and Convent. Masses were discontinued in 1971 and the church was torn down in 1986. They are now associated with St. Vincent's in Mott.
Schmidt Cemetery New England SW, ND
Smith Congregational Church Cemetery Located in section 22-136-93 - Campbell Township It was interdenominational and built with limestone walls and a wooden roof. It was organized in 1906. The church eventually joined with First Congregational in Mott.
Sunny Slope Cemetery Mott North, ND
Tepee Butte Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery In section 8-133-96 - Wagendorf Township - Enterprise School, ND The congregation met in the school nearby. It began in 1913.
Zion German Lutheran Located in section 26-136-95 - Rifle Township Began in 1913. The church here is still being used for services.
Zoar Methodist Cemetery Located in section 24-132-91 - Baer Township This church is still being used for services.

Baer Twp. Section 26-132-91 is an early grave or graves.

1. Beery Township Section 32-134-92 has three graves.

2. Bentley Cemetery is located in section 13-133-91.

1. Chilton Township Section 20-133-94 has two graves.
2. Chilton Township Section 23-133-94 has two graves.

1. Farina Township Section 6-134-94 has one grave.

1. Section 30-135-96 has two graves.
2. Section 28-135-96 has two graves.
3. Section 15-135-96 has two graves.

1. St. Helen's Cemetery is located in section 14-133-97. It is a Catholic cemetery and the church building still stands there but the church closed in 1970. It was associated with St. Mary's in New England.

The first three cemeteries in this township are located just North of New England all in the same section. Section 33-136-97.
1. Our Redeemer's Lutheran is on the west side.
2. St. Mary's Catholic is on the east side.
3. New England City Cemetery lies between the other two.
4. Kunze Township Section 36-136-97 has 1 grave.
5. Kunze Township Section 32-136-97 has 2 graves. The stones are broken but readable.

1. St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery is located in section 25-136-94. It began in 1916 and is associated with St. Henry's in Regent.
2. Madison Township Cemetery is located in section 29-136-94. It began in 1909 as a community cemetery and most of the graves are unmarked.

1. Bethania Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery is located in section 8-132-92. Services were held in the Runkel school. It was a community cemetery near the town of Watrous.

These three cemeteries are on the North side of Mott and all in the same section. Section 35-134-93. Sunnyslope is to the south of St. Vincent's.
1. Mott (Sunnyslope)
2. St. Vincent's Catholic Old part
3. St. Vincent's Catholic New part is to the west of the older part.

1. Salms Evangelical Church is located in section 11-136-91. It began in 1937 and the church building was moved in about 1950. There is one grave to the south of the cemetery with a fence around it but no marker.
2. Neuburg Congregational is located in section 18-136-91. It began in 1905 and is now associated with the First Congregational Church in Mott. The church still stands on the site but is no longer used for regular services.

1. Rainy Butte Norwegian Lutheran is located in section 3-134-97. It began in 1908 as a community cemetery and was adopted by the church in the 1920's.
2. Strehlow Township Section 12-134-97 has one grave.
3. Johnson Cemetery is located in section 32-134-97. It is mostly a family cemetery but associated with the Rainy Butte Lutheran Church.

2. Peace German Lutheran is located in section 9-133-96. It began in 1908 and services were discontinued in the 1970's.
3. German Baptist Zions Station is located in section 16-133-96. These graves may have been moved.
4. St. Helen's Early Cemetery is located in section 30-133-96. It began before the church was built in Kennedy Township.

1. Freudenthal Congregational is located in section 4-135-91. It began in 1915 and was associated with the Neuburg Church. Only the area of the graves that were marked is fenced.

Information submitted by Patrice Hartman, compiler of the book Cemeteries of Hettinger County, ND - [email protected]

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