2002 Hettinger County, North Dakota Queries

2002 Queries
Hettinger County, North Dakota


Del Dvoracek Sun Jan 27 11:16:00 2002
Am looking for any information regarding Henry ARNE, mother was Mary ARNE, some of first pioneers in New England area


Margie Tue Feb 5 13:05:34 2002
Mathias J. (Matt) MEYER (May 16, 1878 to June 6, 1945.) married to Katie Kohn (February 27, 1881 to February 2, 1974)
Both buried in a cemetary in Mott.
Looking for information on either of the above or Matt's parents - Aloysius MEYER and Theresia LEIBOLD.


Miss Rice Wed Mar 6 05:04:47 2002
Just want to know more about the town of Mott. Size, people, everyday life.
Thank you, JoEll Rice


Kent E. Kenniston Thu Mar 28 17:01:52 2002
Looking for information regarding my uncle Rev. George N. KENISTON. He was a minister in Hettinger and help build a church there. He had married into the OVERING or SCHOONOVER family.


Shirley Zurn Mon Apr 22 18:29:12 2002
I have just learned that some of my relation resided in Hettinger County. My relative, Charles DONNER, died on the 28 Sept 1989 there. He was married to Lillie LARSEN and they had 5 sons. Charles had several siblings, however, I'm not sure they all lived in that area. Their names were Albert, Freddie and two sisters Alvina and Bertha. I believe they were born in Minnesota and moved later to your area.
Thanks for any help; an obituary for Charles would be very nice.


Donna Rae Lipert Fri Jun 21 16:17:36 2002
I am looking for my great great grandfather Andrew SELLERS, he was married to Karen Mathea Anderson SONJU. In Barron Co. Wi. Marriage date May 3, 1884. He had a brother in law named Halvor SONJU that lived and died in ND. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kathy Strine Sun Sep 1 19:14:47 2002
My grandfather George RAINS went to Mott, North Dakota to Hettinger County to live with his dau and son-in-law, and he died while in that area and is buried in that county. The children are all deceased of this man and the ancestors do not have much info on him. So would like someone to look in death records there or cemetary between the years of 1902 to 1910. The family moved back to Selma, Indiana after husband Wm. F. WHITENACK got sick with cancer. Again have no dates for their return, but believe they were home about 1910 as Grandma Mattie FISHER, RAINS, remarried a PELLET. She is no t in records either. Cannot find her in Delaware County or Jay in Portland. Thanks so much for your help and hope this info is of value to others. KATHY


Kathy Strine Sun Sep 1 19:17:50 2002
Emma Jane (Jennie) RAINS, COOK, WHITENACK moved with her father George RAINS to Mott, ND and lived in Hettinger County according to my aging aunt. Have not been able to find him except in Jay County records as a young man. Thanks for you help in this search. Have been at this too many years and would like to finally close this one and move on to the others. Kathy
In God We Trust


Roxanne Andre-Steier Tue Sep 17 15:28:12 2002
I am looking for information on Ginger (Virginia) ANDRE. She was born to Robert Rex ANDRE and Donna Vee CONNYERS. I do not have any marriage or birthdates other than for Robert. Donna or Ginger may have married a man with the last name of McDANIELS. I am guessing she may have been born in the late 30's or early 40's.
She is my half sister.


Paul Theys Thu Oct 31 16:30:41 2002
Looking for Mary Matilda THAYS. born approx 1862 in Canada. THAYS was her name before going to Mott,ND her maiden name was LAFAVE or LEFEBVRE.She was French Canadian. Supposedly married a man and moved to Mott in 1890-1900 from Wisconsin. Did time in Wisconsin state prison for adultry. Had to children George J. THAYS B:October 1878, Olive A. THAYS (DAVIES)B: Abt. 1883
My web page: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~ptheys/photoindex.html


Brenda Johnson Sat Nov 23 17:27:57 2002
I'm looking for information for either a Paul SCHWINDT who married Eleanor WANDLER in 1907 in New England, Hettinger, N.D. I'm also looking for information on a Leonard SCHWINDT who married Francis HEISER. or Information on Francis after she married again to a ROURECK (I'm not sure on the spelling of ROURECK) Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.


Brenda Johnson Sun Nov 24 14:12:18 2002
I'm looking for information on a Francis ROUREK (not sure on spelling) her surname was HEISER then she married a Leonard SCHWINDT, and later a person by the name of ROUREK. She was my Great Great Grandmother any help would be appreciated. Thank you


Gertrud Lundkvist Wed Dec 4 11:43:31 2002
My motherīs cousin emigrated to America in 1910. His name was Johan Olof JOHNSON. Born in Sweden Dec 21 ,1886 and he passed away Jan 5 , 1946. He had a son, Olof Clairmont JOHNSON, born Jan 15, 1916. He and his wife lived in Hettinger in 1985. Their address was Box 686, Hettinger N.D 586 39. Are they still alive and do they have any children?

Kind regards from a second cousin in Sweden

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