1999 Hettinger County, North Dakota Queries

1999 Queries
Hettinger County, North Dakota


Bernie Schwindt Sun Jan 10 12:18:38 1999
Desire any information on one Kataline HUNTZINER who emigrated to the United States 4 July 1905 from Kunzles/Lugosh?, Hungary. Kataline was married;
1 ? LISIUS and had son Henry Lisius and daughter Katie, wife of Peter Mesling, Sr.
2. ? Huntzinger and had son Dominic (Dominic very retarded), and possibly Mike and Matt Huntziner
3.Anton DORNER and possibly son Joseph born 31 May 1910. Anton died December 1918
4.? BAWLER OR BALLER and then moved to Montana where it is assumed she died.
Any and all information welcome


Bernie Schwindt Sun Jan 10 12:34:27 1999
Researching the family of George DORNER and Barbara BROWN. George born 28 August 1879, Molifalva, Torontal County, Hungary, came to the United States April 1902 with his father Anton DORNER. George married Barbara BROWN 21 June 1903, Lefor,ND. and died about 1940-1946 in either Phoenix, Az. or Los Angeles, Ca. Mary, his wife was still living in Los Angles, Ca. about 1947. children born to George and Barbara;
1. Franziska
2.Frank Dorner born 26 April 1905; died July 1964, California wife Irene ?. They divorced sometime into the marriage. Had no children.Frank and Irene were bartenders at the Sapphire Club.
3.Elizabeth Dorner born 1 May 1906, never married, possibly lived in Kansas. Baptized at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Lefor,ND sponsors were JosephAnton and Elizabeth Lefor.
4.Marianna Dorner, born 9 May 1907, possibly married a RAWLL/RALL Baptized St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Lefor, ND. Baptismal sponsors were Christopher Sosch (Schorsch?) and Marianna Lefor.
5.John Dorner born 13 August 1908, lived Indio, California and died about 1962, Los Angeles, Ca.
6.Michael Dorner born 13 August 1908, baptized St. Elizabeth's Catholic church, Lefor, ND. Baptizmal sponsors were Michael Daerner and Margaret Erbenholz (Herberholz?).
7. Henry Dorner born ?
I beleive John and Michael Dorner are one and the same person.
Any and all information welcome.


Mark Martinson Sun Feb 21 11:12:49 1999
Would like to contact others researching the family of Francis & Mary PEW. They appear in the 1910 US Census, Township 133, Range 92, Hettinger Co., North Dakota. Their children are Maria Rose and John F. Any help would be appreciated.


Don C Tuhy Mon Feb 22 12:06:03 1999
I am looking for information on the TUHY family. As far as I have found out so far, the TUHY's have come from Czechoslavakia sometime in the early 1900"s. My Gandfathers name was Leo P. Tuhy....He was married to Christine Tuhy ne:Trinka. They lived in Dickenson and the Mandan (?). I am doing research for a college project. Any information would be helpful.


Annica Mata Mon Feb 22 16:12:03 1999
Looking for more information on my great grandfather Anton IHLE who was born in Russia in Feb of 1898. His parents were Thomas IHLE and Gennevieve SHAEFER or SHAFFER. He was first married to my great-grandmother Valeria RIEHL in Dec of 1918 in Brisbane. The had a total of eight children but only six survived.She died in 1930. He remarried to a Eva "Fanny" HAAG in 1931 by which he had ten children He died around January of 1967 or 1968 of cancer and was buried in Hettinger Any information would be appreciated especially exact dates. Thank you!


Gen Mon Mar 15 00:28:53 1999
I am seeking information on an IDA Wilma Washburn Norton who died in Mott, ND December 22, 1917. I believe she died in giving birth to a child or two. Would that be info I could find out over the Internet? Perhaps a newspaper article - obit?
Thanks, Gen

Dave Dreyer Sat Mar 20 11:17:57 1999
We are searching for first person accounts by Germans from Hungary(Banaters) who homesteaded in Southwestern North Dakota, particularly, Stark, Hettinger, Mercer and Morton counties. We are searching for manuscripts which were written by original immigrants from the Banat describing life in the homeland, the trip to America and/or homesteading experiences in SW North Dakota

Those who may have such material or know of their existence please contact;
David Dreyer
2325 Donegal
South San Francisco, Calif 94080

Josette Hatter
23297 Pompeii Dr
Dana Point, Calif 92629


Kevin O'Halloran Sat Mar 27 09:05:17 1999
Looking for information on Gladys JOHNSON, born Feb. 15, 1915 in Regent or her parents Albert JOHNSON and Margaret COLLINS. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Bruce Williams Wed Apr 14 18:24:54 1999
Searching for info/descendants of Samuel BOYD of Mott (late 1800's to mid 1900's) Children included Arthur, Leroy, Anna Marie. Worked for the fed. government as a teacher during early part of century.


K. Otte Fri Apr 23 11:46:19 1999
I am looking for information on my grandfathers family. He, Anton MATZ, was born in 1915, not sure if he was born in ND. I know that he lived in Mott, ND, and had family in that section of the state. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Gerry Vance Sat Jul 10 09:06:14 1999
Dan Fiedler, Andrew Fiedler, Sophia Kost,Nicklous Kost, Emilie Groezman. Any of their descendents.


Ken Dworschak Thu Jul 22 12:45:59 1999
Lulu Mae Watters married Allen Bowers(born in 1884 in Mott) in 1908. They had three children. Allen died in 1931. Lulu remarried to Edward Thompson. Would appreciate any information on the families of Lulu.


Marie Hosdil Tue Aug 17 14:27:46 1999
I am looking for any info on Charles E Zanders who died in Regent, ND in August of 1937. His wife was Wilhemina Stelter, who died in ND in 1924. They had five children: Leona, Elda, Leonard, Viola, and Ruby. Charles had a half sister named Charlotte Krueger, a half brother named Lewis (Louis?) Krueger and a sister (half?) named Bertha. Bertha was married to Wilhemina Stelter's brother, Rudolph.


R. Peterson Sun Sep 5 23:20:59 1999
Any family information about Elizabeth Gertie Lamar or relatives


William R. Walters Thu Sep 23 21:25:44 1999
I would greatly appreciate any information, or links, to George W. ARMSTRONG who homesteaded in Hettinger Co. in 1911, his first wife (name unknown to me) and to his second wife Emma Montgomery Armstrong (my maternal grandmother) who lived in Regent until their deaths, and to any children born to either marriage. William Walters, formerly of Dickinson, No.Dak.

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