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Marge Samuelson Fri May 11 14:53:09 2007
I am searching for information on the Elmer E. ORR and Lizzie (McCABE) ORR family who lived in Trotters ND from the late 1800s to the 1930s. I am looking for information on a son born in 1926 named Frank. Also the death date of their daughter Pearl (ORR) OMLEY.


Woody McLane Sat Jun 2 15:53:45 2007
We have a relative named Ettie NOLL who we know lived in Golva or Lone Tree in Golden Valley Co., ND in June 1917. There are no records of her in the 1920 Census. We assume she died in that area between 1917 and 1920. Are you able to check the County death records for her death? Are there any obituary or cemetery records on her during that time period? She was born about 1875 in Missouri and was married to a Frank NOLL who is shown as a patient in the North Dakota Hospital for the Insane on the 1910 Census..


Cindy Sun Jul 22 16:33:44 2007
I am trying to get information on Burkey Cemetery. I was wondering if there are any records pertaining to this cemetery. I am looking for the burial location for Johanna KOCH who died on May 13, 1905 and was buried there. Thank you!


Judy Zervas Fri Aug 24 11:32:02 2007
Would someone please send me a copy of the obituary for Harry HALSTEAD, d. 30 Dec 1971, Golden Valley?
Thank you,


Will K. Thu Nov 1 11:47:20 2007
I am looking for information concerning Lester ULFERS, his wife Lucinda.


Beverly Higley Mon Nov 5 15:51:11 2007
I am looking for information on Martha E & Daisy E JARCHOW.


Don Pennay Mon Nov 19 14:16:45 2007
I've recently discovered a relative on the 1920 and 1930 census living in Beach twsp. His name is Walter E.PENNAY. He was born in Dimock, Susquehanna County, Pa. Feb. 2, 1862. I been trying to locate Walter for 10 years or more.The family story was he went "West" and never returned. I first located him in Iowa and spent much time going thru the records there as to his family and death with no luck.

Since finding him in the 1920 and 1930 in Beach City, N.D.I'm asking for help as to when he died and where he is buried. As far as i know he had no children. His wife is Jennie E.(LEAN) PENNAY. They were 68 and 78 in the 1930 census so since I'm 70 myself now I would like to put this relative to rest before I pass on and pass the info to my family.
Anyone familiar with locating any information to help, cemeteries, newspapers, obits on Walter and his wife please pass your thoughts on to me. Thank You.. Don Pennay Zephyrhills,Fla.


Vishi Garig Tue Jan 8 14:24:14 2008
I am searching for any information on Olaus and Hannah LUND, both buried in Golden Valley. Olaus, born 1868, was from Norway and Hannah, his wife was from Minnesota. She was of Norwegian descent also. They first lived in Colfax, then Loyal, Mckenzie Co, ND, then Washington State. Not sure when they came back to ND but they are both buried in Golden Valley, not sure even which cemetery. They were Lutherans. I would appreciate any information on these folks, they are our great, great, great granparents.
Thanks to whom ever answers.


Lois Bartels Sat Apr 5 08:38:00 2008
I am looking for descendants of Willis and Cordia WALLACE, who lived in Beach. They lived in Beach in the early 1900's.
Thank you
Lois Bartels


Sandy Wicka Mon Apr 28 01:45:48 2008
Looking for siblings, ancestors, and descendents of Vincent and Philip WICKA. My father was Florian, and I was with him when we visited Beach and Montana relatives in the late '50's or early '60's. My brother Dan spent a high school summer with Beach relatives in the '50's.


Jo Ann Gesellchen Tue May 27 00:14:53 2008
I am inquiring about my greataunt Laura (GAFFEY) STRAHON who first homesteaded in Bowman County and was a school teacher and married Clinton E STRAHON Jan 1912. He lived 9 miles east of Golva from an old article I found in my father's, (her newhew's), things. Clinton died in Sept 1913. She continued to farm the land as a widowed lady and did her own ranching with the help of hired man until about the 1950's. They had no children and she did not re-marry. I would like to know exactly where the farm was how big it was, legal discriptions etc. I think Garner Township. Who owns the land today and any other interesting information. I believe my father and other nieces and newhews were left mineral rights to the land, (in her will) and I am trying to figure out if I should pursue further information on that but I am not sure how to go about it. I would like to find out any information or direction you could give me. Thanks.


Donald Pennay Wed May 6 13:22:08 2009
Rather than explain the story and time spent trying to locate this relative I'll just ask if it's possible for some one to direct me in obtaining the proof of death and burial for Walter E. PENNAY and wife Jennie PENNAY.
They lived in Beach, ND The earliest census is the State Census of 1915 and the last was the 1930 Federal Census. He was at that time 68 and his wife 78.
Thank You donald Pennay Zephyrhills, Fl.

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