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North Dakota's 53 counties are replete with ghost towns, both old ones and new ones. The causes of this depopulation are various and open to speculation. But regardless of determinants, North Dakota's ghost towns delight the senses and captivate the imagination. They invite reminiscences of another time, another place. You, your ancestors, or your relatives may have lived in a town that is dehabited. If you can help supply information about a town, its buildings, or its occupants, please contact the web host at


There are six classes of "Ghost Towns," but we are mainly concerned with the first four:

Alphabetical Listing of ND Ghost Towns

Amidon Appam Ardoch Arena Argusville Balfour Bergen Berwick Blabon Bowbells Bucyrus Buffalo Butte Buxton Cayuga Danzig Dazey Fayette Garnet Gladstone Hartland Melville MerriCourt Michigan Pickert Pisek Rawson Regent Sanger Sherbrooke Westhope York

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