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Churches in Dunn County

Many of the churches in Dunn County technically started much earlier than some of the dates shown here.   The dates on this page reflect mostly the "organized" date or the date when the church building was finally purchused or built.   Before that, services were usually held in the homes of their congregation or in area school houses.   Often, services were conducted in the native languages of their congregation (Norwegian, German, Bohemian, Russian, etc.)   Many Catholic masses were conducted in Latin which served as a universal language.

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Church Name


Approx. Date Established

Discontinued Date


Reformed Presbyterian Church Dodge 1917   It was first known as the First Congregational Church. In 1982 it joined with the Presbyterian Church in America to current.
Spring Creek Scandinavian Lutheran Church Dodge 1910 1959 Organized in 1910 and merged with St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Dodge in 1959 under the name of St. Paul's Lutheran Church.
St. John's Lutheran Church Dodge 1945   Moved into the Presbyterian Church in Dodge in 1949.
St. Mary's Church Dodge   Early 1920's Unable to find more information on St. Mary's.
St. Paul's Lutheran Church Dodge 1910   Originally located in Section 17 moved to Dodge in 1959 when it merged with Spring Creek and St. John's Lutheran Church of Dodge.
St. John's Lutheran Church
a.k.a. Bronco Church
7 miles S. of Dodge 1913 1942 Called Bronco Church because of its proximity to the Bronco Post Office in Mercer County.
St. Martin's Catholic Church 9 miles S. of Dodge Early 1900's 1986 Records might be kept at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Dodge.
Normanna Lutheran Church Dunn Center 1908    
Peace Lutheran Church
a.k.a. Friedens Church
Dunn Center 1910 1952 The church record book was placed with the Normanna Lutheran Church in Dunn Center.
Vang Lutheran Church Dunn Center 1915    
St. Edward's Catholic Church Fayette 1914 1986 Records might be kept at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Killdeer.
Congregational Church Halliday 1915 1978?  
Halliday Assembly of God Church Halliday   Active  
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Halliday 1908 Active Once known as the Spring Creek Church.
Merged with St.John's Lutheran in 1959 and became Our Saviour's Lutheran.
St. Paul's Catholic Church Halliday 1916 Active Merged with Precious Blood Church in Dodge and St. Martin's Church in rural Dodge in 1986.
St. Paul's Lutheran Church Halliday 1909    
St. John's (St. Johannes) Lutheran Church 5 miles N. of Halliday 1912 1959 Merged with Spring Creek in 1959 and became Our Saviour's Lutheran.
St. Philip's Catholic Church Hirschville 1909   Records might be kept at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Killdeer.
Christ is the Answer Church Killdeer   Active  
First Baptist Church Killdeer 1910    
Seventh-Day Adventist Church Killdeer 1942 1986  
St. John's Lutheran Church Killdeer 1917 Active  
St. Joseph's Catholic Church Killdeer 1914 Active Has records for most of Dunn County Catholic churches.
St. Pokrova of Holy Virgin Orthodox Church
a.k.a. Korsun Church
a.k.a. Russian Church
13 miles W. of Killdeer 1919    
St. Anthony's Church 4 miles E. of Mandaree      
Manning Baptist Church Manning     Yoked with Killdeer from 1972-1978.
Manning Community Church Manning   Active  
Precious Blood Catholic Church (German-Russian) Manning   1986 Originally located in Manning, moved to St. Mary's church building in Dodge in the early 1920s. Records might be kept at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Halliday.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Manning 1917?   Information regarding St. Joseph's Catholic in Killdeer said their priest lived here at Sacred Heart in 1917. Records might be kept at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Killdeer.
Marshall Lutheran Church Marshall 1907   Started in 1907 as a missionary project until about 1915-1916. In 1917 it became part of the Norwegian Lutheran Church. Organized in 1931 as Marshall Lutheran Church to current.
Sts. Peter and Paul's Catholic Church New Hradec 1898 Active Records are kept at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Dickinson.
St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church North of New Hradec 1915 1948 Records might be kept at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Killdeer.
Ridgeway Lutheran Church 10 miles N. of Taylor 1915 1976 The building was moved in 1981 to Prairie Outpost Park in Dickinson and restored. This park is open to the public to tour the many old buildings from Memorial Day until Labor Day every summer. It is also in the basement of this church building where volumes of old proofs & photos are stored. These were donated to the Stark County Historical Society by two local photography studios when they stopped doing business. These proofs are also available for purchase from the S.C.H.S.
St. Joseph's Catholic Church Twin Buttes     Records might be kept at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Killdeer.
Twin Buttes Congregational United Church of Christ Twin Buttes 1925 Active Began about 1925 as the Nueta Church near the Missouri River. It was forced to relocate to Twin Buttes in 1953 after the Garrison dam was built and this area of the Missouri River was flooded. At that time it became the Twin Buttes Congregational Church to current.
Werner Lutheran Church Werner 1914 1970  

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