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Twin Buttes Congregational Church Cemetery

The NE Quarter of Section 22 in Township 147 N, Range 91 W
Twin Buttes Congregational Cemetery is easy to get to and very well marked. It is approximately 2 1/2 miles northwest of Twin Buttes, ND on the Fort Berthold Reservation. The Fort Berthold Reservation is the home of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Tribes, which together comprise the Three Affiliated Tribes.

This cemetery is fenced with a large, clearly visible sign over the gate. It had been mowed and was well maintained. Directions from Twin Buttes are to follow Highway 8 north 1.6 miles. At mile marker 129, turn left onto Road 20 and proceed northwest another 3/4 mile. The cemetery is to your right, on the northeast side of the road.

Many graves at Twin Buttes Congregational Cemetery may have been relocated from other sites. Most likely their original burials had been various sites in the bottom lands. In 1954, the reservation lost 152,300 acres to the United States Army Corps of Engineers for the filling of Lake Sakakawea. These relocated graves appear to have been identified with the same type of marker. These markers are cement blocks, approximately 5 inches by 5 inches square with a plastic-type plaque mounted on the top which makes note of the individualís name, and birth and/or death years when available. Some markers also indicate a cemetery by a single letter of the alphabet, and grave number. Unfortunately, the plastic-type material on which the engraving was done is not holding up well to the elements. Many of these markers are too lichen populated to decipher completely or have broken and are now missing.

There are no interment records for Twin Buttes Congregational Cemetery. This list was created only from the tombstone transcriptions and is not complete. As of May 30th, 2003, there were 93 marked gravesites.

Historical information was obtained from the book Dauntless Dunn II - 1989 A History of Dunn County North Dakota page 24.

*These sites are marked by what may be a standard relocated grave marker. Most are lichen filled, weathered and difficult to decipher. Some may have had more of an inscription at one time.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
    ow Belt       * The first name ends in "ow", the beginning was illegible.
Benson Alice   1933 * The birth year was illegible.
Benson Annie     * It showed no dates but the number 1214 was visible on the last line.
Benson Ben 1865 1939 *
Benson Edmund 2/14/1944 10/15/1977  
Benson Leonard 1950 1983  
Benson Lewellyn 1942 1991  
Benson Mae Blanche 1919 1989  
Benson Noreen 1/20/1954 8/3/1954 Daughter
Benson Philip 12/29/1923 5/1/1985 PVT US Army World War II
Benson Susan Ann (Bull) 3/23/1915 1/21/1992 Mother
Benson Troy 1954 1998  
Bogers Yvette 10/7/1964 9/7/1986  
Brown Chest       *
Clear Paint       *
Coyote Front     *
Coyote Mrs     *
Crow Belt Mrs     *
Crows Breast Burr 1938 2002  
Crows Breast Burr 4/11/1907 4/19/1968 North Dakota PVT 309 Air Depot GP AAP World War II
Demaray Flora 1923 1974  
Demaray Kelly 1957 1991 IíSHU (Feather) Note: A 2nd marker shows the name as Benjamin K. Demaray.
Demaray Richard Jr. 1956 1956 This site was outlined with rocks.
Eagle Anna C. 3/25/1889 8/17/1975  
Fox Harley Maurice 1960 1995 This site was outlined in rock.
Fredercs Alice 1918 1969 This is transcribed exactly as it appears on the marker.
Frederick Peter     *
Fredericks Cyril E. 1919 1986  
Grens Woman       *
Grinnell Helen 1889 1969  
Grinnell Joyce 1936 1939 *
Grinnell Louise   1936 *
Hall       This marker read "Hall Family Cemetery Relocated 1988".
Jacob James Ray 10/30/1956 8/19/1983 SP4 US Army Vietnam Note: This is transcribed exactly as it appears on the original marker.
Jacobs Shawn 1972 1977  
Jacobs Eugene Jr. 8/9/1960 8/19/1983 This is transcribed exactly as it appears on the original marker.
Joy Naomi 1943 1943 *
Lincoln Bessie     *
Lincoln Clarence     *
Lincoln Clarence 11/8/1895 1/30/1922 *
Lincoln Eli     *
Lincoln Ester   1949 *
Lincoln Gladys     *
Lincoln Rebecca     * CEM. F. GR. The GR number may be 135.
Lincoln Robert 1870 1953 Father
Lincoln Zora F. 1879 1953 Mother Note: A 2nd marker shows Zora Burns Lincoln as her name.
Lincoln     1928 * The first name and birth year are illegible.
Lincoln Eunice     * Eunice Lincoln 1sttime.
Lincoln Robert Jr.     *
Lincolns Son Es   1935 * The first name may be Esther.
Linder Loretta 1934 1978  
Little Owl Albert   1933 * The birth year was illegible and the death year may be 1933 or 1953.
Little Owl Albert 12/28/1893 2/27/1975 CPL US Army World War I
Little Owl Donald     *
Little Owl Josephine 1908 1971 Mother
Little Owl Mercyln     *
Nagel Dennis   1944 * The last name may be NACEL. The birth year was illegible.
Owl Bert L. (Baby)     * CEM. F. The first name may be ALBERT.
Punzal Lois Roberta 1933 1954  
Rush Elmer 3/12/1923 1/2/1984 PVT US Army World War II
Rush Terrance 1955 1986  
Sage Alex     * CEM. F. GR. 163 The GR number may be 163 or 160.
Sage Alvin     * CEM. F. GR. 150
Sage Anna     * CEM. F. GR. 1 9
Smith Angel 1954 4/4/1954  
Smith Clay Whitney     North Dakota PVT Army Air Forces World War II Note: This marker is partially buried. The last line containing the dates is buried several inches down.
Spott       * The first name starts with "Spott", there may have been more of an inscription at one time.
Stone Hazel B. 6/1/1912 8/7/2000  
Stone John Sr. 2/26/1906 10/9/1986 Wasukaewiats
Turtle Oman       * There is a lichen spot where a possible "w" in the beginning of the last name may be, making the last name "Woman".
Unknown       This site was marked with a small American flag but had no inscription.
Unknown       This site was marked with a metal funeral home marker that had broken. The only part of the inscription that remained was the birth year of 1936.
Unknown       This site was outlined with rocks but had no inscription.
Unknown       This site was outlined with rocks and was also marked with a small wood cross but had no inscription.
Unknown       This site was marked with a small, white, wood cross with no inscription.
Unknown       *
Unknown       This site was marked with a metal funeral home marker that had broken; the inscription was missing. This site was also outlined with rock.
Unknown       *
Unknown       *
Unknown       *
Unknown       *
Unknown       This site was marked with some artificial flowers.
Vinings Edwards     *
Water Chief Mrs     *
Water Chief       *
Wilson Delbert S. "Bud" 6/4/1904 3/2/1990 Father
Wilson Viola Benson 10/18/1926 9/23/1989 Mother
Wolf Ghost       *
Young Bear Leonard     *
Young Eagle James 8/22/1874 1/28/1954  
Youngbear Twins 1957 1957  
  Baby 1938 1938 *
  Maria 1923 1923 * The second line was illegible.
Tombstone Transcription Done May 30, 2003
Transcribed by T. A. Godlevsky

Please note:   Every care possible has been taken to obtain accuracy but mistakes do occur.   This transcription is only as accurate as the source it was transcribed from.

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