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American Baptist Mission Cemetery 13 miles W of Killdeer 144-97-6   Grassy Butte SE
Incorrectly referred to as Russian Cemetery on the Topozone map
Crowsheart Family Cemetery NE of Twin Buttes (Private) 147-92-2 NE Twin Buttes
Dunn Center Cemetery 1-1/2 miles W of Dunn Center 145-94-28 NE  
Emerson Cemetery Approx. 7 miles SE of Manning 143-95-24 SE  
Haven of Rest (Whetstone) Cemetery Approx. 10-1/2 miles W of Killdeer 145-97-24 NW Fayette
Kabanuk Family Cemetery W of Killdeer (Private) 145-97-18 NE  
Killdeer Cemetery 1 mile S of Killdeer 145-95-26 SW Killdeer
Korsun Cemetery (a.k.a. St. Pokrova of Holy Virgin Orthodox, a.k.a. Russian Cemetery) Approx. 13 miles W of Killdeer 145-97-34 SW Grassy Butte SE
Incorrectly referred to as Greek Church on the Topozone map
Kulish Family Cemetery W of Manning (Private) 144-97-30    
Kyseth Cemetery (a.k.a. Marshall Cemetery) 2-1/2 miles E of Marshall 142-92-12 NW Marshall
Loring Cemetery 3-1/2 miles S of Dodge 144-91-32 NE Dodge
Manning Cemetery Approx. 1/2 mile S of Manning 143-95-7 NW  
Normanna Lutheran Cemetery S of Lake Ilo 144-95-2   Lake Ilo
Incorrectly referred to as Mormannia
Oakdale Cemetery 4 miles N & 2 miles W of Killdeer 146-96-25 SE Lake Ilo
Our Savior Lutheran Cemetery 1 mile E of Halliday 145-91-31 NE  
Peace Lutheran Cemetery Approx. 5 miles N of Dunn Center 146-94-33 NE Dunn Center NW
Ridgeway Lutheran Cemetery Approx. 11 miles N of Taylor 141-93-3 SW  
Roshau Cemetery Approx. 6-1/2 miles N of New Hradec 142-97-24 SW  
St. Anthony Catholic Cemetery Approx. 5-1/2 miles N of New Hradec 142-96-30 SW New Hradec North
St. Edward's Catholic Cemetery (Fayette) Approx. 8-1/2 miles W and 3 miles N of Manning 144-97-24 NW Fayette
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery (N of Halliday) Approx. 5 miles N of Halliday 146-91-31 NW Halliday NE
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery (a.k.a. Bronco Cemetery) 7 miles S & 2 miles E of Dodge 143-91-14 SE Schaffner Creek
St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery Approx. 4-1/2 miles NE of Twin Buttes 147-91-24 NE  
St. Martin's Catholic Cemetery Approx. 7-1/2 miles S of Dodge 143-91-20 NE  
St. Paul's Catholic Cemetery 1 mile E of Halliday 145-91-31 NE  
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery 1 mile E of Halliday 145-91-31 NE  
St. Philip's Catholic Cemetery (a.k.a. Hirschville Cemetery) 11 miles N and 11 miles E of Dickinson 141-94-2 NW  
Sts. Peter and Paul's Catholic Cemetery New Hradec 141-96-29 SW  
Tooz Family Cemetery W of Killdeer (Private) 145-97-20 NW  
Twin Buttes Congregational Church Cemetery 2-1/2 miles N of Twin Buttes 147-91-22 NE Hay Flat
Incorrectly referred to as Lincoln Memorial
Vang Lutheran Cemetery 12 miles E of Manning 143-94-1 NE  
Werner Cemetery 8 miles E of Dunn Center 145-92-30 SW  
This list was comprised of information obtained from the 2001 Dunn County Plat Book & Directory, Price Murphy Funeral Home in Dickinson, ND, the USGS National Mapping Information website, Dauntless Dunn II - 1989 A History of Dunn County, the Dunn County Historical Society, the Dunn County Courthouse, and the ND Department of Transportation.   Details for private family cemeteries came from information volunteered by various individuals.

Please note:   Every care possible has been taken to obtain accuracy but mistakes do occur.   This transcription is only as accurate as the sources it was transcribed from.

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