St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery - Dunn County, ND

St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery

The SW Quarter of the SE Quarter of Section 14 in Township 143 N Range 91 W
Dunn County, ND, USA

St. Johnís Lutheran Church was also known as the Bronco Church because of its proximity to the Bronco Post Office in Mercer County. The church had been built around 1913 with services held until 1942 when the church burned down after a lightening strike. The cemetery had begun before the church was built and was later annexed to St. Paul Congregation in 1980. (From Dauntless Dunn II - 1989 A History of Dunn County North Dakota page 77.)

The sign beside the gate for this cemetery states ďSt. John Cemetery Annexed to St. Paulís Lutheran Dodge, N. Dak.Ē.

Directions to St. Johnís Cemetery: From Dodge, ND: Take 81st Ave S.W. seven miles south to 15th Street S.W. Turn left and go east 2 1/2 miles. From Marshall, ND: Take Hwy 8 four miles north to 15th Street S.W. Turn right and go east 8 1/4 miles.

The cemetery is located on the north side of 15th Street S.W. and is not well marked. It does have a small white sign beside the gate, however it can be easily missed if not specifically looking for it. The portion of the cemetery where the actual graves were located had been mowed and well maintained. A path had been mowed along the north side of the cemetery that leads to the Marvin Sayre marker. The area around that grave had also been maintained.

St. Johnís Cemetery was a difficult cemetery to transcribe. There were many markers engraved in a language (most likely German) which I am not familiar with. The engravings themselves were often in a font that was difficult to decipher. Also many of the markers had not been deeply engraved and had weathered over time adding to the challenge of reading them.

The cemetery had been maintained. The area from the north fence heading south 195 feet and from the west fence heading east 93 feet had been mowed. A path had also been mowed along the north fence to the grave site located in the northeast corner and that site had also been mowed.

This list was created only from the tombstone transcriptions and is not complete. There is a great deal of evidence of possible missing markers on many sites. As of 04/10/2003, there were 31 visible markers.

Please note: Every care possible has been taken to obtain accuracy but mistakes do occur. This transcription is only as accurate as the source it was transcribed from.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Aipperspach Alma Hulda 7/18/1922 3/20/1924
Aipperspach Johann 6/6/1878 8/14/1919
Bauer Emilie 8/18/1911 9/2/1911
Dockter Paulina 5/21/1914 4/2/1915
Ehli Darlene I. 1946 1946
Ehli John F. Jr. 1913 1998
Ehli Robert 1951 1997
Ehli Robert W. 6/12/1919 3/20/1920
Ehli Ronald Keith 7/19/1945 9/10/1978 PFC US ARMY
Engwicht Clarence 12/28/1923 4/29/1941
Grossman Katherina 1881 1929
Halter Mathaus 4/16/1884 11/1/1939 Vater
Kiesz Anna 11/29/1910 10/17/1943
Kiesz Harold C. 1922 1980 PFC US Army World War II
Kiesz Katharina 7/15/1881 1/20/1917
Link Barbara 1880 1949 Mother
Link Eugen Alwin 4/27/1906 4/25/1920
Link Friedrich 1880 1960 Father
Link Irvin E. F. 1922 1958
Lorenz Lorena 2/17/1929 7/11/1929
Lorenz Viola 5/15/1933 1/1/1934
Neumullee Dottb^l     (This marker was a concrete table which had sunken
into the ground and was partially covered with sod.
The inscription had been shallowly handwritten on
the table when the cement was still wet. Also, the
second to the last letter of the first name appears to
be the Greek letter Lambda.)
Otnhir Fafob 7/4/1951 4/29/1921 The style of script this inscription was
engraved in made it very difficult to decipher.
Sayre Baby 12/17/1939 12/17/1939 Infant Daughter of Mr and Mrs Marvin Sayre.
Sayre Marvin 6/22/1906 7/31/1940
Siegele John 1840 1915
    This is a sunken area outlined with rocks.
No marker, no inscription.
    This is a sunken area outlined with rocks.
No marker, no inscription.
    This site is marked with a stone cross
which had no inscription.
Witt Eva 1872 1919
Ziegler Edgar O. 11/19/1906 6/20/1931 This marker contained a very clear,
very well preserved photo of a man.

*Assumed surname from family marker.
Tombstone Transcription Done April 10, 2003
Transcribed by T. A. Godlevsky
Contributed by: T. A. Godlevsky - Nov 2003
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