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Betty Risser Fri Jan 30 21:55:10 2004
I am looking for any information pertaining to these family names. My mother's maiden name is REEMS and she was raised in the Killdeer, Dunn County area. She was raised by her aunt and uncle.......Ralph and Mabel. My mom's name is Alwilda Verne Mary REEMS (MAHER). Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Cathy Paulson Fri Mar 5 18:31:13 2004
I sent a message about a Betty MELBY. I don't know if it went or not. Did you receive it? Cathy Paulson


Thelma Dorsey Fri Mar 12 11:46:50 2004
My mother's cousin, Frank Herbert BLYDENBURGH, born in NY located in the 1930 census as living in Dunn County, ND. He was married to Sofia who was born in Germany. They had two daughters, Frances and Mildred E. BLYDENBURGH. These ladies would be in their seventies now. Any information on their marriages and families would be appreciated.


Diane Rouane Tue Mar 30 11:32:43 2004
I am looking for the families of HELLICKSON's who homesteaded in the Halliday area, along with Gus RENNE who married Amanda HELLICKSON.
There was a family of STEVEN's that lived out there too, there were quite a few children in that family and I know that there was a set of twins named Lloyd and Leon, a sister named Bertha?
Another family I am searching for is named George and Mattie SABINS that lived in that general area.
Last but not least a family by the name of Pete and Sadie WHITE, from what I understand they were neighbors to each other and some of them married into each other families.
Any help that you could provide would be appreciatee and grateful and if I can do something for you here in Montana to pay it forward please let me know. Thank you. God's blessing on you.
Diane Rouane
Park City, MT


Diane Rouane Tue Mar 30 11:36:24 2004
I am looking for anyone that is related to the ROUANE name that is or might have homesteaded in the Halliday or Kildeer area. Please contact me, I have some Rouane genealogy to share with you. Thank you. God's blessing on you.
Sincerely yours,
Diane Rouane
Park City, MT


Roberta Cotton Fri Apr 30 23:13:46 2004
I am looking for the brothers and sisters of my grandparents. My grandmother was Barbara KOSTELECKY and she married Joseph ADAMSKI, probably about 1910. They had nine children and lived in New Hradec until about 1935 when they moved to Oregon. My father was Louis, and he was born in Dunn County in December,1919. Am trying to locate the names of her brothes and sisters and parents.


Kit Ritter Fri May 28 21:23:55 2004
Searching for information on George KILWEIN b.1905 brought from Germany via Russia to No. Dakota.


LARRY LAPP Wed Jun 2 08:52:00 2004
Magdalena LAPP is the sister of Johann LAPP. Her birth date is 12-15-1876 born in Neuglueckstal, Russia. Father Johann LAPP, mother Katharina PERRMANN. Looking for her last name after marriage and to whom she married, to research this lost branch of the LAPP family tree.

Sully's Hill

Brenda (Stroh) Forouzad Wed Jul 7 11:45:05 2004
Do you know of any documentation/information about the battle that took place on the hill just outside Manning (North, just west of the bridge)? Known to Manning local's as "Sully's Hill".


Pat Jividen Tue Jul 13 16:09:21 2004
I am looking for information on a suicide that took place in October 1953, 20 miles from Dunn Center N.D. The body was found in a parked jeep by some hunters. The man's name was George KRENDICH. I am needing any and all info on this man . Such as newspaper clippings and Death Certificate info., etc.. If you can help me contact me please ! Thank you.


Eileen Kendall Thu Mar 31 12:08:09 2005
My motherI Da LAUSER was born in Oakdale, ND, My gfather was August LAUSER, ggfather was Chris LAUSER. My gmother Susan LAUSER is buried in Dunn Center Cemetery, as well as my ggparents. I hope someome could give me any information about the LAUSERs from about 1911 when they homesteaded the land. If anyone has any pictures of the area of Oakdale I would be interested... Thanks for any information Eileen


Andrea Wed Aug 17 13:04:34 2005
I am looking for information on Charles WIERSON of Killdeer, ND. He was a friend of my husband's great-grandfather and I believe they were perhaps lumberjacks together either in WI or MN. My husband's great-grandfather was Albert J. CHRISTIANSON who resided for many year in Blackduck MN before returning to Sweden and raising his family. We have a number of photographs of Charles WIERSON and letters written by him which may be of interest to relatives.


rohnn kostelecky Mon Aug 29 17:55:27 2005
Looking for KOSTELECKY's from Dickinson, ND. My great grandparents are Fredrick and Maria KOSTELECKY from Bohemia, via the Crimea.


Clayton T Johnson Wed Sep 28 11:20:01 2005
Seeking info on SKJEFTE and ROSCHILD surnames in Dunn County.


maggie iseley Wed Oct 26 18:22:45 2005
I am looking for any information for the William DEPEW family who lived in Halliday, Dunn, ND and was listed in the 1930 census. My stepfather was William's son. Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide.


Scott Heiser Mon Jan 30 21:13:35 2006
I am looking into my family's history as it pertains to my great grandfather, Joseph HEISER. My grandfather, George was his first son born April of 1910. I am searching for history on Joseph's family prior to immigrating from Europe to the U.S. Joseph HEISER retired to Dickinson after leaving his farm.

1916 Plat Map

Barb Mavencamp Tue Mar 28 10:11:48 2006
Where can I get a copy of the 1916 Plat map? I have reviewed the index and a number of relatives are on it.


Roberta Cotton Thu Jul 20 14:43:35 2006
Received this from a cousin and I don't know who the person is that he is trying to communicate with. If you know, please pass this on.
Keith Kostelecky wrote:
My name is Keith. Born & raised in Dickinson. I've been in Illinois for 30 years. I have a lot of family that still resides in ND.
There was a girl/young woman that called me @10 yrs ago. She was put up for adoption and she thought that ahe might have traced a relative to Galesburg, IL. I have the obit. I would like to get it to her if you might know anything about her.
God Bless


Lynelle Asberry Wed Jan 24 18:34:02 2007
Looking for information on Mollie R. MORRIS b:2/18/1891 in Mauston, WI. Daughter of Robert R and Sarah J (CLAWSON) MORRIS. Looking for marriage or death information. Robert died in Dickinson, ND in 1943. Sarah in Dickinson, ND in 1947


Roberta Cotton Sun Feb 4 15:31:20 2007
Am looking for any information on my great grandfather, Fedor(e) KOSTELECKY. He died about 1933 and is buried in Dickinson Cemetery. Any information about his parents and brothers and sisters would be helpful. Thanks!


Jeffrey Dean Jacobs Sun Apr 1 15:20:12 2007
My name is Jeff Jacobs ([email protected]) I've started a family tree and would love some help from anyone in the Werner-Dodge area who knows any info on JACOBS - Knapps.
My father was Clemens JACOBS (Jake)
His family: brothers & sisters by age Joseph, Gertrude, Fred, Christine, Lawrence, Peter, himself, Mary, Helen, Eugene.
His Parent's: Barney & Anna JACOBS
His Grand parent's: I Think? Lorenz Lawrence JACOBS & Anna / Annie JACOBS (Maiden MARQUART).
I would appreiciate any help Thanks Jeff Jacobs


Patty Harris Sun Apr 8 18:43:57 2007
Looking to connect with anyone who has information on the family of John Russell (or Russell John) HARRIS. They were living in Dunn County in 1930. JR was born in 1894 in Iowa and married a Hattie (last name not known). They had 3 sons who could still be living. JR's father was born in Pennsylvania and is related to my family in PA. I can be contacted at [email protected] Please use HARRIS in the subject line.
Thank you


Belinda Mohl/Kier Sun Aug 26 14:42:47 2007
My father's name was Wilbert MOHL, and I have found a cemetery listing for a "Wilbur" MOHL in the "Our Saviour's Lutheran Cemetery" which I believe to be him, but I'm not sure. I have some half-siblings whom I have not seen since I was an infant, and I would dearly love to contact them. I have very little knowledge of my family's history. I have found my father's SS death index info., which indicates that he was indeed in the Halliday area when he passed away, but I have no idea if that is where my family is from originally. This is what I know: Wilbert MOHL married my mother Daisy EDWARDS. He had at least 4 other children from a previous marriage; Cynthia, Wilbert(Jr.?), Rodney, and Gerald(?). I would appreciate any information regarding my father and/or any other MOHL relatives.


Jackie Manning Sun Dec 30 07:57:10 2007
Looking for any information on Phillip and Magdelina MEISSEL from Halliday, North Dakota (Dunn County). Settled there from Russia in 1905.
Anyone know how to go about getting citizenship papers on them when they became US citizens in 1912.
Thank you.


Susan DeLeon Fri Mar 14 19:03:13 2008
As a young girl, I visited my cousins who were ranching on the old Fayette Post office site. They told me that the LITTLE's had a younger daughter that was buried by the house. Is this true?

My Grandparents on my Mother's (Dorothy FISCHER-MAGELKY) side (Peter and Rose FISCHER) homestead was near the site. My Grandfather on my Father's side was Dunn County Sheriff or Auditor, Anton MAGELKY as was my Father, Donald J. MAGELKY (Dunn County Auditor around 1950). My Cousin, Roberta FRITZ (Dunn Center) and David WATKINS still reside in Dunn County. My Father now resides in Bismarck.


Marcia Zeigler Thu Mar 27 12:27:41 2008
I am looking for marriage dates for Leonard N RUDD and Minnie SCHULBERG who lived in Dunn County about 1913-1921.

They had a child Carol who was born in Kildeer about 1919 or 1920. I am searching for birth records for her.


Judy Walker Thu Apr 10 20:57:38 2008
I am looking for information on my great grandfather, John HAAG. He was married to Magdalena HAAG. He immigrated to the USA in 1903 from Rastadt, Russia, and arrived in Quebec on the SS Lake Erie. He came with other family members (named misspelled...HACK. I know that he filled out his intent to Naturalize, but died. My great grandmother completed the second phase in 1910. I am assuming he died sometime in 1908-1909, but can't find any records on him. Can you help me. please. Thank you, in advance, for you efforts and assistance.


Harold Lyster Wed Jul 2 16:24:55 2008
My grandfather was Henry LYSTER, grandmother Ida (SIVERTS) LYSTER, and my father was James Martin LYSTER. They lived in Marshall ND, Dunn County. I have seen a map of the area and see an Andrew LYSTER near the Henry LYSTER land. I can not find out who this person was.
Can you help?
Thank you, Harold Lyster


Wayne Stein Fri Oct 24 11:47:34 2008
I saw an inquiry wanting information on the REEMS / DAVIS family from the daughter of Alwilda REEMS, which was posted in 2004. I have lots of info on the REEMS family and would be willing to share.
The email address provide for Betty Risser is no longer active.
Thanks, Wayne Stein


James Halliday Mon Apr 13 16:08:05 2009
I am from Massachusetts. HALLIDAY is not a common name. I am in North Dakota because of the flooding and, while studying a North Dakota map, I came across the town of Halliday. Can you tell me about the history of Halliday and why the town was named Halliday? Thanks for your help.


Tim Ahern Sun May 3 19:34:34 2009
I'm looking for info on the folks who homesteaded and built the old farmstead 3.5 miles north of Dodge. The big barn is gone and the house is caving in. I'm interested about the history of this place. I grew up there in the 70'S and am trying to find out more about it.
Any info would be helpful.
Thank you for your time.
Tim Ahern
[email protected]


Ronald Fischer Sat May 23 20:31:28 2009
My great-grandfather was Anton (or Antone) FISCHER (1882-1949) and my grandfather was Raymond FISCHER (1913-1992). Our family Bible says that Anton was from Germany, but I have also seen some references to Russia, so this might be a possibility. Anton had a wife named Marie Christine from Sweden. My grandfather, Raymond FISCHER, married Helen PLAGGE, who had a stepfather named Harvey LAWHEAD.

If anyone has any information or can recall anything about where the original FISCHER (Anton and any relatives) came from or about siblings, children, family recipes, pictures, anything you might have, I would be grateful.

If you have resources for Dunn County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail me at Tim Stowell / Chattanooga, TN
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