2002-2003 Dunn County, North Dakota Queries

2002-2003 Queries
Dunn County, North Dakota


ireneboyer Sat Jan 26 13:34:09 2002
I am researching information on Jane (Elizabeth) HAMILTON who passed away in 1916 in Manning, ND. Also looking for her husband George HAMILTON, a Civil War Veteran. Last place of residence was West Union, MN in the 1900 census.

Also looking for records on Harry BOYER who married Theo HACKSTAD in Manning, ND in 1919. She passed away in 1920.

Any information will be appreciated.


Mike Koffler Sun Feb 17 20:53:04 2002
I am trying to determine if any Koffler's listed as prominent citizens of North Dakota in the book Pioneers & Their Sons, v1 are related to me. Can anybody do a lookup. I would be most appreciative. Thanks.


Joel Harris Thu Feb 21 10:53:54 2002
Looking for any information on my grandfather Helmer (Hilmer) CARLSON who came to Dunn Center approximatly 1923. He married Myrtle MOORE there in 1928. His brothers Frances and Theodore also lived in Dunn Center. Any help would be appreciated.


Jan Anderson Sun Feb 24 13:21:44 2002
I am researching the family of Melvin ANDERSON who lived in Killdeer, North Dakota. He died in Killdeer in 1987. I believe his father's name was Henry and his mother's name was either Valborg or Walborg. If you have any information on this family particularly Henry or Valborg, please contact me.


Tad Evans Thu Mar 21 14:24:27 2002
I am researching the family of Robert Edward Lee WILCOX. He was born in Ga in 1869. Moved to ND about 1881. Living in or near Killdeer in 1916. Was engaged in ranching and banking. Need name of wife and children, death dates and places of burial. Any other information would be appreciated.


Jim Simmons Sat Mar 30 17:34:54 2002
Looking for info on a Jacob DINIUS b. 1861, d. 1906, spouse Anna (FISCHER) DINIUS b. 1864, d. 1938. He had a farm near Killdeer. Both were born in Russia, probably Sulz. Also my grandmother Barbara DINIUS b. 1901, d. 2001 in Bismark. She was Baptised at St Patrick's


Jeanne Catron Sun Apr 7 13:55:45 2002
Looking for any family information for Martin K HOVDEN. He moved to the Killdeer area sometime after 1900. Thank you.


T. A. Godlevsky Sat May 4 12:26:32 2002
I'm looking for anyone who may have a copy of a book published by Frank NADVORNIK of New Hradec, North Dakota (probably around 1920) called "My Experiences". The book talks about what may have happened to some of the family members who were left behind when the others immigrated to the U.S.


Diane Hoffman Mon May 6 22:00:41 2002
Can you tell me what it means to have found an old Oil and Gas Lease in the papers of an elderly woman. Township 146N Range 96 and 97W in Dunn County. Any help as to where to start will be appreicated. Thanks


John Yearsley Fri May 17 22:14:16 2002
My grandfather, John BANG, was (so I was told by my mother) the first elected sheriff of Dunn County, North Dakota. He lived in various towns including Manning and Dunn Center. I would appreciate any information you might have regarding him or his wife, Ethel (MILLER) BANG.


Gretchen Farwell Sat Jun 22 21:47:10 2002
I am looking for the family of Alex and Axelina (Lena) LUNDQUIST. In 1932 when her sister died, Lena was listed as living in Kildeer, ND. I would like to hear from anyone who has information about this family. The names of their chidren were: Edgar, Elmer, Florence, Albert and Peter.


Barb Mavencamp Fri Aug 23 08:50:38 2002
I am looking for records of a Joseph McMULLEN who homesteaded north of Werner, N.D. I know he was still alive in the early 1930's. His DOB may have been between 1864 & 1868. His wife's name was Orphie.


Jodi Voegele Thu Sep 19 18:50:06 2002
Looking for any info on the Tole HANSEN family. I have a census record, but that's all. Any additional info would be very appreciated.


Denise Thu Nov 7 16:57:54 2002
I am looking for info on William Henry HILL, who married Clara Ellen BAIRD in 1898. She was a daughter of Marcus Marrit BAIRD and Maria Ann FILLEY.


Richard Harker Thu Jan 9 07:44:02 2003
Any information on the above names from about 1890 onwards in the Manning/Killdeer area would be welcomed


Bobbie Flowers Tue Feb 4 16:32:18 2003
Looking for any info on my gg grandfather Lewis Young JUNE. Last known address was in Dunn, ND in 1911. Lost track of him after that.


Kit Burden Sun Mar 30 21:38:59 2003
I am trying to find information on my mothers family.They lived in the Hebron N.D. area. My great grandfather was Herman EGGERT. His second wife, my great-grandmother was Carliona (REYSZ) EGGERT. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!


David Hahn Sun Apr 20 19:46:06 2003
Any record of an A. H. ULLRICH?


Tor Brobakke Wed May 21 10:55:29 2003
Arthur NUPEN of Dunn county ND, born 1908 dead 1975, was my second cousin. I'm lookin for any of his living relatives. Could you help me?
Tor Brobakke
Mosses vei 22,


Rose Marie Hoffer Gruidl Thu Jun 19 18:45:32 2003
My grandfather Paul HOFFER was the Werner blacksmith. He and my granmother Rosa were the parents of 11 children of whom 3 died in childhood.
Paul built the first home in Werner with running water and a cement basement. Paul died in Werner in 1929. Rosa lost her home to back taxes in the early 1940's. Do you have any information on them?
My father was their son John E. HOFFER born in 1919.
When the priest, Father Goldschmidt would arrive in Werner once a month to say mass, he would stay at my granparents home. Any information on that?
All of the children went to the Werner grade school. Any information on that? Thank you.


Kathleen Brousseau Tue Jul 1 18:46:38 2003
My great uncle George McGOWAN was burned to death in White Butte, ND. I am unsure of the date. I know that he attended his father's funeral in Bangor, New York on April 25, 1930. He was dead by the funeral for his mother, May 23, 1935. Can anyone help me find his date of death?


gayle kling Thu Jul 17 02:39:51 2003
Bernt and Carrie IVERSON homesteaded in Dunn County about 1907. Any information is welcomed.


Gabrielle David Tue Aug 5 21:09:48 2003
Seeking information on the life of Joseph DAVID, b. 24 April 1852 Bohemia, d. 9 March 1927 Killdeer, and his wife Julia MARTIN, b. 19 April 1855 Wisconsin, d. 4 Jan 1935 Killdeer. Both are buried in Killdeer Cemetery.

Would especially like information about Joseph DAVID's father, also named Joseph DAVID, and his wife, name unknown. Birth and death dates also unknown, both probably born in Bohemia.


Ranse Herzinger Sat Aug 16 20:25:18 2003
Looking for information about my grandfather born July 20, 1898 or 1899 on a farm approximately 10 miles north of South Heart, North Dakota. May have been born William Jack HALLER (HOLLER) or William Jack STAMPLE. Father, Charles, farmed and worked for the railroad. Mother's maiden name believed to be POLENSKY.
Thank you.


Charleen Becker Wed Sep 17 18:47:12 2003
I'm looking for any information on relatives that would have lived in Dunn or Stark Counties in North Dakota with these surnames. Any help would be appreciated.


Rose Marie Hoffer Gruidlr Sat Sep 27 12:13:26 2003
Do you have any documentaion of the contributions my grandparents made to Werner ND? They were Germans born in Russia. Are there any newspaer articles referencing them? Paul and Rose HOFFER bulit a blacksmith shop (1913?) and home (1919) in Werner ND. They were the parents of 9 HOFFER children who all went to the Werner grade School.

I do have pictures and documented bibliography to share if Dunn County would like it.Thank you.


Richard A. Davis Thu Oct 23 05:17:22 2003
I am looking for information about Bell FLOWER, originally from Porterfield, Washington County, Ohio, who wrote a friend in 1908 that in three years she would be the owner of 160 acres which she was homesteading. The homestead bordered the Knife River and Mississippi Creek.


M. Hradec Sat Nov 29 19:54:00 2003
While surfing the net the other nite I came across your website and the name of a village called New Hradec N.D. With my name being HRADEC of Czech. desent, I was naturally interested.I would like to know if there is any info on the origin or history of this town. Anything would be greatly apprieciated. Thank you for your time. Myles W. Hradec.

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