Kulish Family Cemetery - Dunn County, ND

Kulish Family Cemetery

Township 144N Range 97W Section 30
Dunn County, ND, USA

This is a small family grave site on private property. It is on the half-section line of Section 30 approximately 11 miles west of Manning, ND in the Fayette area. Sergey and Mary Kulish homesteaded the SE quarter of this section in 1910. She is buried here with four of her grandbabies. Two babies were born to Mary's daughter Nasta and her husband, and two babies were born to Mary's son Mike and his wife.

Sergey (aka Sergery or Sirhy) Kulish was married to Mary (last name unknown) around 1880 and lived in Russia until they and their 8 children came to America November 14, 1910. At that time, there was really no opportunity for prosperity in Russia. They came to North Dakota because it was the only remaining homestead area in 1910 and their son, Egnat had immigrated here in 1906. Most of the families that had immigrated to the Fayette area of Dunn County had known each other in Russia and had lived in the same area there.

Kulish Family information was obtained from the book Dauntless Dunn II - 1989
A History of Dunn County, please reference pages 487-491.
The following is a complete list transcribed from the tombstones in this grave site by a dedicated volunteer of the Dunn County

Please note: Every care possible has been taken to obtain accuracy but mistakes do occur. This transcription is only as accurate as the source it was transcribed from.

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathAgeComments
Grandma, Anna Spelvoy's mother.
CerkoneyBaby (1)

Nesta (Kulish) and John Cerkoney's baby.
CerkoneyBaby (2)

Nesta (Kulish) and John Cerkoney's baby.
KulishBaby (1)19281928
Mike and Pauline (Hurinenko) Kulish's baby.
KulishBaby (2)19281928
Mike and Pauline (Hurinenko) Kulish's baby.

List obtained April 10, 2002
Original List Obtained and Transcribed in November 2000 by A. Fisher
Transcribed by: T. A. Godlevsky
Contributed by: T. A. Godlevsky - July 2002
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