Crowsheart Cemetery - Dunn County, ND

Crowsheart Cemetery

The NE Quarter of Section 4 in Township 147 N, Range 92 W
Twin Buttes, Dunn County, ND, USA

Crowsheart Cemetery is the most difficult cemetery in Dunn County to get to. It is not marked and because the terrain is so steep and rugged it is marginally accessible with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. It is a small family cemetery located on private property approximately 7 miles northwest of Twin Buttes. In order to respect the privacy of the landowner and because of the challenge with accessibility, specific directions to this cemetery are not provided.

Crowsheart Cemetery overlooks Lake Sakakawea and is not fenced or maintained. The northwestern most gravesites are only several feet away from the 100 or so foot bank of the shore. The view is breathtaking.

There are no interment records for Crowsheart Cemetery. This list was created only from the tombstone transcriptions and is not complete. As of 5/30/2003, there were 9 visible markers.

Please note: Every care possible has been taken to obtain accuracy but mistakes do occur. This transcription is only as accurate as the source it was transcribed from.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
3 Crows Breast Dora 1889 1945
6 Crows Heart Lester 4/23/1909 11/8/1942 North Dakota PVT 47 INF 9 DIV World War II
8 Crows Heart Emily S. 1860 4/10/1928 Age 68 Yrs; This marker contained a very clear,
very well preserved photo of a woman.
9 Crows Heart Bret 12/28/1910   Age 24
1 Crowsbreast Frank 1884 1951
5 Crowsheart Edgar 1884 1948
7 Crowsheart Paul 1856 1951
11 Women Front 1846 1933
4 Whitney Frank C. Jr. 8/30/1929 8/26/1952 PVT US Army Korea

Tombstone Transcription Done May 30, 2003
Transcribed by T. A. Godlevsky
Contributed by: T. A. Godlevsky - Nov 2003
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