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Bottineau County ND Queries

Ron DePriest
THADEUS M. DEPRIEST - I am searching for information on an uncle who died near Grandville working on the railroad. I have a death date of Dec. 17, 1907. I would be interested in which newspapers might have covered this story. Also am interested if the paper would have microfilm.

Searching for info on EZRA HUDSON. He lived in Bottineau, ND according to two obituaries in 1904 and 1907. Thanks. 

Susan Spies
I have several ancestors who helped found Bottineau and would like to find out more information on them. My grandmother was born in Bottineau - names are: WILLIAM STEWART (father of JANE) and CHRISTY MCARTHUR STEWART; JANE STEWART married 1886 to CHARLES WERNER BEYER; ETHEL BEYER. Thank you for your help. 

Annelie (Feb 21, 1998)
I'm very interested in knowing about people who emigrated from the parishes around Falkoping, Skaraborg, Sweden. The local Society here, Falbygdens Genealogy Society, has a project going on to try to find persons and publish them every year in a book. Am interested in their full names, birthdate and place plus death date and place. The parishes are: Bjurum, Bolum, Borgunda, Brismene, Broddetorp, Brunnhem, Borstig, Dala Falkoping (2 parishes), Fivlered, Floby, Friggeraker, Grolanda, Gudhem, Gokhem, Hornborga, Hakantorp, Hallestad, Hogstena, Jalam Karleby, Kinneved, Kalvene, Luttra, Marka, Mularp, North Asarp, Nas Segerstad, Skorstorp, Slota, Smula, Solberga, Stenstorp, Satuna, S. Kyrketorp, Sorby, Tiarp, Torbjorntorp, Travattna, Ugglum, Ullene, Valtorp, Vartofta-Asaka, Vilske-Kleva, Vistorp, Varkumia, Yilestad, Asle, Ostra (East) Tunhem. Also have a personal interest as I have found out in my research that I have a lot of people in my family who emigrated to North America. Kind regards, Annelie 

Reginald R. Butchino (March 14, 1998)
Hello, my name is Reginald Butchino and I am doing research on my family history and find that Pierre Bottineau who founded your county is possibly a relative of mine. In an article that I have received, it said that Pierre met his third wife in Champlain, New York and all of my family came from Canada and our name was originally Bottineau and was changed in the early 1900s to Butchino. Any information that you can send me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you: Reginald R. Butchino, 1162 Goode Road, Ballston Spa, NY 12020; tele (518)885-8486 

Jim Lord (April 14, 1998)
Hello, I am trying to find information about my father's side of the family. My grandparents lived around Bottineau, ND. His name was John B. Lord, Jr. and my grandmother's name was Eva. I would like as much information as possible about both sides of the family. Any contacts that can be made available would also be very helpful. I understand that my great grandfather settled in this area, also. Any information and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Jim Lord. 

Kelvin D. Cruise (March 31, 1998)
Hello, Looking for information to update my family tree. Pierre Bottineau is my 4th great grandfather. I'm searching for information to expand my data base at 250K and growing (like rabbits, haha no pun intended). Bottineau Museum was a great help, but I'm waiting for snail mail. Kelvin D. Cruise. 

Cathryn Worden (May 30, 1998)
Looking for information on descendents of Ruel (sp?) Detling who was in Fort Yates at the time of his parents deaths in the mid 1950s. His grandfather was Pierre Bottineau. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for anything you can do regarding this matter.

Opal Myers (August 1, 1998)
Am trying to find a marriage record of CHARLES AGUSTUS SMITH and EUGENIA MARIE BARRIL. Married in Bottineau, ND on January 1, 1894. Possibly in Catholic Church. Can you help me? Thanks.

Amy Kistner (September 13, 1998)
Searching for any information on REINHOLD PICK born before 1874. Married about 1893 to CLARA KINTZ. They had a son, CHRISTIAN R. PICK, born March 18, 1894 in Willow City, ND. Also, searching for any information on HENRY DRYER (DREYER) born before 1879. Married about 1898 to ELSIE KOHN. They had a daughter, ESTHER DRYER (DREYER), born July 17, 1899 in Willow City, ND. Thank you in advance for any information/help you can give.

Paula Ayres (Sept 13, 1998)
Hello, I received a news clipping from Minot Dailey regarding statue of Pierre Bottineau in the town of Bottineau. This was very interesting to me as I read some of his descendents attended the deication. I am very interested in contacting the person in charge as Pierre Bottineau is my gg grandfather and I would truly appreciate knowing some of my descendents. I lived in Minot and graduated from St. Leo's in 1941 and graduated from St. Joe's Nursing School in 1944. Thank you, Paula Choiniere Ayres.

Rockester (Oct. 3, 1998)
Searching for OLINE or JOHN or LARS or LINA or MARIA SLYGSTAD in Bottineau county about 1901. Any descendents please contact me. Thanks

EReyn (Dec. 12, 1998)
This computer stuff is pretty new to me, but I am trying to find out a little about my family. My dad was born March 17, 1900 in Kenmare, ND. He died in March 1973 in Missoula, MT. His dad was THOMAS REYNOLDS. His mom was GENEVIEVE VADNESS. Both of them died between 1910 and 1914. My dad's brother, WILLIAM, was buried at Crosby, ND late 60s or early 70s. Not much information to go on, but thought you might have some records at your disposal as to who were my grandparents, etc. Earl M. Reynolds (born Aug 29, 1934 at White Earth, ND)

Cecilia Brasseure (March 27, 1999)
Seeking information on BRASSEUR Family of Bottineau. PETE & MARY BRASSEUR, son: OVILLA LEON BRASSEUR(E), b. Feb 11, 1900, d. Nov, 1964. Thank you, Cecilia Brasseure

Sharon (May 29, 1999)
Looking for information on a SAMUEL WIGGINS that lived at Willow City, North Dakota. I am guessing between 1880 to 1930. Thank you, Sharon

Mary Zurkle
Looking for a Ronald Eugene MARQUARDT, born June 8, 1929 in Crosby or Noonan, ND. Also, looking for a death record for an ELLQA NEITERMEYER, died about 1940. Her maiden name was LADD and her previous married name was MIGHT. She was married to an ALFRED MIGHT and they lived in Douglas, ND.

Dean Cameron
I am just starting the research for these surnames in my family. Orris Clark married Clara Loerch in 1897. There are many Loerch's who owned property in Bottineau Co in the 1890's and early 1900's. Orris owned property next door to Charles and John Loerch. How does someone get land records in ND.? Does anyone out there know the surnames that I am speaking of? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Dean Cameron

Erica Iverson
Looking for information on Michael Ludwig LAMBRECHT who died in Kramer, Bottineu, North Dakota on 5 February 1906. The 1900 Census shows him living in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin with daughter, Amanda "Emilie" Augusta LAMBRECHT BIRKHOLZ and her husband, Julius Ferdinand August BIRKHOLZ. His wife, Juliane MOLDENHAUER LAMBRECHT died in Augusta, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 6 August 1875. Their daughter Emilie was born in Germany 12 December 1861. They had two older children, Adolph Georg Gottlieb LAMBRECHT, born 19 April 1857, and Amalie Wilhelmine Marie LAMBRECHT, born 1 September 1859. Their sons, Leopold Friedrich Julius LAMBRECHT aka Fred LAMPRECHT, and Gustav Erich LAMBRECT were born in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. Fred was born 6 June 1869 and married Wilhelmine Caroline BAHR 19 February 1892 at St John Lutheran in Lincoln Township (now Fall Creek), Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Gustav Erich was born 10 May 1873 and died 25 February 1874 from Scarlet Fever. His parents were David LAMBRECHT and Anna Elisabeth ROSENAU. He was born in Karnvowv boi Nokel Kries Wirsitz, Pruesen (Means: Town of Karnvowv by the Nokel River in the county of Wirsitz, Prussia) alternately known as Karnowo, Nakel, Posen, Preussen. Their name was spelled LAMPRECHT in the church records at St John Lutheran in Fall Creek, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Erica Iverson

Robin February 26, 2000
Seeking info on the family of Joseph and Alixie/Alice (De MONTEGY) CORNEAU/CORNEAUX who came to Bottineau Co. ca 1883. Joseph purchased land in Dec. 1890. They had at least the following children: Lydia b ca 1868/Canada, Anna b ca 1869/Canada, Verna b ca 1872/Canada, Alma b ca 1879/Hillsborough Co., NH, Ernest b 1882/NH, Joseph b 1886/ND. By 1899 they were in Los Angeles, CA. Does anyone know this family in ND? Robin PO Box 3215 Seal Beach, CA 90740-2215

Pat U.April 6, 2000
Robert and Sarah Kell(e)y were listed as living in Bottineau Co in Oct 1907, on a warranty Deed #29. His wife was buried in Cassville,WI, we can't find anything for Robert. I'm sorry this is so little, if anyone is familiar with the names please contact me....Pat U.

R. D. BowersMay3,2000
I'm interested in locating descendants of Isaac Bowers and Magdalene Dengel (Hearonamus) who Moved from Hastings Co. ON Canada to Bottineau Co. ND around 1899. R. D. Bowers Langley, BC Canada 

Rich Bowman, Jr.May 3, 2000
Looking for information on Christopher Ludwig Rosenau and his wife Eva and their 5 children, August, Theodore, Gustav, Emil, and Robert. They settled in the Willow City, Upham area of North Dakota.

Rich Bowman, Jr.May 3, 2000
Researching the Julius Anderson Ihla family. His wife was Louisa Johnson. They had 6 children, Gilmer, Alma (my grandmother who is still living, 93 years old) , Nora, Albert, Otto, and Orpha. I'd like to go to the next generation, which all I know is that his father's name was Anders and he came from Norway. Love to hear from you if anything sounds familiar.

Dawn Buchanan (July 5, 2000)
I was wondering if you had any information on a death record of a Bradford Grimes. We think he died in that county. Unfortunately, this is all the information we have on this name. Please reply if you will.

Judy Burritt (Sept. 26, 2000)
Am seeking to connect with anyone researching the SCHWANBECK or SWANBECK surname. I believe one or more of brothers Fred, Joseph, Karl & John settled in that area in the early 1900's coming from Germany via Chicago to N. D. I have a letter from a son of one of those brothers [don't know which one] named Frank SWANBECK dated 1920 from the town of Bottineau. Any help would be appreciated. Judy Burritt

Wes Richards(Sept. 27, 2000)
DESROSIERS/LATENDRESSE: Seeking information on DESROSIERS and LATENDRESSE families or individuals who may have migrated to Bottineau County. Any help greatly appreciated! Wes Richards

PDQ (Dec 28, 2000)
i am writing to you today for help finding a birth certificate or any related material from my family history. my grandmother was gladys hunter she had a twin goldiehunter. they had a brother william that is all the info i have. they moved to canada sometime in the early 1900's. moving i believe to cadillac sask. but there is no proof of this . my grandmother passed away in the early 1950's no record's can i find. i would appreciate your help.

Jackie Dill (June 24, 2001)
GREIG, MCBAIN, MYER--Looking for any information or those related to the William Francis Greig Family, wife Sarah Myers all 16 of their children who were from Bottineau County. William was a music teacher and also played his fiddle for many dances, etc. He arrived in this County in 1882 and remained until his death in 1941 . Angus McBain Family and daughter Catherine, also John and Sarah Myer family. Jackie Dill 

Denise McGinnis (Dec. 26, 2001)
I am the great granddaughter of SAMUEL and ORA (FARGO) HEDBERG. I would like any info on this family or a family contact. Also, I am searching for any information on the Tronson families of Newburgh, North Dakota who were descended from Kristoffer and Marthe Tronson. And also the Wright family which would have descended from Robert Wright. Thank you. Denis McGinnis

Walt Niblick (Dec. 26, 2001)
I am connected to Bottineau County through my wife's family. Henrik and Ingeborg Haugan who farmed near Souris at the turn of the century. The reason for writing is that I have uncovered, in a forgotten box, a complete Bottineau High School Courier, Vol #1, No #1, dated June 3, 1920. I also have a class photo for that year, and one of the basketball team. My wife's mother was BERGLIOT CHARLOTTE (HAUGAN) BUER. I have her blue velvet paper graduation book for 1920 which includes her signed diploma and the names of all of her classmates. I also have many photos of the HAUGANS, including their tar paper shanty and their sod house. Plus some photos of the BRANDVOLDS and BURNS families. Even a photo of downtown Bottineau in 1920 and the band from Kramer in a 4th of July parade. I would be delighted to scan and mail these items to anyone that is interested. Walt Niblick

Otis Slusher (June 11, 2003)
Seek any addit info/connections to the following family which is believed to have moved from Lewis County, KY, to Bottineau Co., ND, in about 1907/08. All chidren belived to have been born "Turtle Mountains", Bottineau Co., ND: Husb: William Robert COUNTS (1881-1967) Wife: Laura (nee PROBST) COUNTS (1883-1971) Married: 28 Mar 1907 Vanceburg, Lewis Co., KY Son: Wesley Everett COUNTS (1908-1959) Son: Allan COUNTS (1910-1986) Son: Clarence Robert COUNTS (1912-1959) Son: Harold COUNTS (1916-1916) More children????? Burial info or obits especially appreciated.

Isabel Vandervelde (October 5, 2003)
I have a long genealogy of the Chambers and Bullock families, ancestors of Archie W. Chambers who with wife Cora Hall Chambers migrated to Lansford, Bottineau Co. ND and raised their family there. Have his obit, his death notice, pictures of his family, in depth research of the Chambers family. Isabel Vandervelde

Vance Bailey (October 5, 2003)
I have a record of all the tombstone inscriptions in the Mount St. Mark Cem. Vance A. Bailey, Tempe, AZ