Benson County, North Dakota Queries

Benson County, North Dakota Queries


Louie Sun Jan 1 23:07:07 2006
Looking for ant info. on James A and Anna CALDWELL in Twin Lake area they had a homestead there in 1903.
Thank you so much.


Bjorn Christensen Mon Jan 16 16:47:25 2006
I am seeking information about my Great Grandmother's brother, Hans NIELSEN (HANSON) and his wife Turi who emigrated from Norway arround 1883/1884 and settled in Brinsmade, Benson County, ND under the name Hans HANSON where he probably lived for the rest of his life.

Hans was born 7/6-1864 and christened 26/6-1864 in Årnes,Nes at Romerike, Norway and died in Benson Co. on 20/10-1953, 89 years old. His parents were Nils HANSEN, Fjug and Randine Andersdatter.

Turi was born in Norway on 16/3-1864 and probably died in Benson Co. 4/5 1929.

Hans and his wife Turid had the following children that I know of:

Henry HANSON, born on 27/4 1908, died in Benson Co., ND 12/11 1967.
Arthur HANSON, born on 3/7 1902, died in Benson Co., ND 8/9 1983.
Alma R. HANSON, born on 7/6 1898, died in Benson Co., ND 3/4 1987.
Nellie O. HANSON, born 1900.

I do not know the names of actual husbands/wives or children of these 4 persons (sons and daughters) and I would be delighted if anyone have any relevant information on these emigrants.


Carra Johnson Callies Fri Feb 24 21:07:42 2006
In an old photo album of my father's, is an old photo of a large group in front of a Hotel, whose sign reads "McClellan Hotel". In the photo is my grandfather, Martin Ole JOHNSON, and Jules JENSON with wife May (MIKKELSON) JENSON.

I googled "McClellan Hotel North Dakota" and this great geneology site came up. I believe after looking through the land records on your site that my grandfather's brother Bernhard JOHNSON may also be in the photo, because he is listed in the landowners records. I don't know what he looked like, so am unable to identify him in the crowd.

I would be happy to share this photo with anyone who might be able to give me further information about it. Thanks! Carra Johnson Callies


Jane LaFever Fri Mar 24 14:34:22 2006
I am looking for family history for Elam and Ada HILL. My research shows they farmed near Oberon around 1930. I have a picture of what I believe is their farm with the words Clover Lear Dairy Farm on the silo. I would like to find information on their son Byron to complete my family tree.


Kenneth Hediger Sun Apr 16 18:11:18 2006
Looking for the family of Alvin HALL m. Oativia ? . The 1900 U.S. Census shows this family living in Minnewaukan.
Fred E. (Fredrick) HALL b. 1871 Iowa, was Minnewaukan's city marshal in 1900
Elmer E. HALL b. 1873 Minn.
Mabelle (BELL) HALL b. 1877 Minn.
Ben HALL b. 1879 Minn.
Lewis D. HALL b. 1877 N.D.
Polly HALL b. 1883 N.D.
Rosco HALL b. 1887 N.D.


Jim McCurdy Thu May 18 13:55:14 2006
I am trying to find out any information regarding the Rasmes STENERODDEN family (our great-grandfather) of South Viking Township and a possible law suit in about 1927 or 1928. It was filed against either the HAUGENs (of Arne Township) or LARSON family of Wells County. Any information would be helpful, including how to access the court records.
Thank you,
Jim McCurdy


Shirley Payne Sun May 28 17:15:55 2006
I am searching for information on the family of John DRUMMOND and Ann RANKIN who moved to Jamestown North Dakota about 1883 from Ontario. Their family is believed to be as follows: Mary, b. Sept. 16, 1884, married Joseph O'LEARY; Christina b. May 1867; Elizabeth, b. Jan 23, 1869; Celinda, b. Jan 24, 1871; Daniel, b. Sept. 12, 1872; James A. b. Jan 3, 1874; William b. Sept 24, 1876 - married Winnifred? ; Archibald b.. Aug 24, 1879; Jennie b. Aug. 19, 1882; Rebecca b. May 19, 1885 (Jamestown)

It appears that William married Winnifred KEYES ? and had at least 3 children - Eleanor A; born about 1917; William D. born about 1924 and Harriet J. born about 1929 - It is believed they lived in Benson Co, Oberon Twp.

Does anyone know anything about Elizabeth, Christina, Celinda, Daniel, James, Archibald, Jennie and Rebecca? Did some of them marry. Did some die young? It appears that Archibald, Celinda and Rebecca are together in the 1920 Census, at Benson and Archibald and Celinda in the 1930 Census.

I have info to share on the parents of John DRUMMOND and his family who remained in Ontario.


Helen Wamstad Mon Jul 3 20:15:22 2006
My grandmother is buried in a small rural cemetary in Benson County. I would like to find directions to located this cemetary, highway or roads to take etc. I was there once many years ago. My grandmother is Mary SCHMIDT. She passed away in the 1940's. Thank you.

Town of Esmond

Wanda Henderson Mon Aug 21 13:45:51 2006
On the 1900 census, under what town would I find the community that will become Esmond?


Gary Olson Thu Oct 19 12:18:44 2006
Henry H. UHREN is found on the 1920 census in Minnewaukan, West Bay Twp., ED 29, Sheet 6A. He is listed as a Jewler, I assume, in the town of Minnewaukan. He was 46 years old at the time; his wife Mary was 47, and his son Harold was 8.
Henry registered for the WWI draft on 12 Sep 1918 in Minnewaukan. The family later moved to Linn County, Oregon.
I would be interested to know if there is any other records of this family. Perhaps he advertized in the Farmers Press, was a property owner, birth record of his son, etc.
Any help would be appreciated.
Gary Olson ( a former Benson County resident, and distant relative of Henry UHREN. )


Ed Perkins Thu Nov 16 12:40:58 2006
I, researching the families listed above, all of whom were pioneer settlers in Normania Township, Benson County in the early 1880s. Other than census and BLM records and, in the case of the WARDROPEs, newpaper articles, the only mention I have of these people is the many references in a diary kept by 16 year old Mae ROBERTS in the summer of 1885 when she boarded with the WARDROPEs. If anyone knows anything about the following people and their children and what happened to them, I'd appreciate hearing from you. The pioneers are:
Thomas and Abigail WARDROPE and their children: Victor, Evaline, Maud, and Elmer
Louis and Albert HAUSMAN
Emil and Georgiana INGEBRITSOM
Lars and Thora NILSEN and their children, William, Priginer, Olaf, and Oscar
John and Anna KUDERMAN.
Thank you, Ed Perkins.


James Cooper Sun Nov 26 16:56:31 2006
Seeking family/descendants of WWII veteran Casper PFEIFER who served in the 78th Division. He died 1999 at Esmond, ND. Would like to obtain a photograph and obituary for a unit history.


Nancy LaGore Wed Nov 29 12:48:01 2006
Trying to find information regarding John W. LOLLIS, who married Rose Etta TAYLOR. They had three children: Mable, Glenister & Gwendolyn.


LeRoy Nassif Sat Jan 6 07:34:22 2007
I am looking for informaton on David UNDERHILL. He was born August 8,1879 in Iowa. WWI draft registration card states he was working A C BACHER? of Leeds, ND in Benson County. I am not sure Bacher is spelled correctly because the WWI card is hard to read.


Linda Cox Sun Feb 18 21:04:00 2007
Looking for information on:
Martha Emma GORDON born about 1845 in Maine and died February 24, 1921 in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri; married John SPAULDING born about 1835 in New Brunswick – married about 1860 (perhaps in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin?). They had children born in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin in 1861 and 1864 and 1872, so they were probably living near her father, Jefferson GORDON in those years, probably farming. It is thought that they immigrated to Minnesota with Jefferson and Catherine GORDON. John was a farmer in Grand Prairie, Nobles County, Minnesota in 1880 living next to father-in-law Jefferson and his wife Catherine GORDON and family. In 1884 John was in West End, one of the several outposts that sprang into quick existence during the first days of civilization there, was just north of Minnewaukan, Benson County, North Dakota near his son Frank and his family.
Martha and John had 4 children:
i.     Martin SPAULDING born January 14, 1861 in Trempealeau, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin; married Laura HOWERY born 1863 in Cross Plains, Dane County, Wisconsin – married about 1883. They had 5 children born in North Dakota.
ii.     Frank Granville SPAULDING born March 4, 1864 in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin died May 1, 1946 in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California; married Agnes Rosella HOWERY born November 29, 1864 in Cross Plains, Dane County, Wisconsin died November 16, 1948 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California; both are buried in Sunnyside Memorial Park, Los Angeles – married May 1, 1884 in West End, Benson County, North Dakota. Agnes came to Dakota Territory with her parents in 1883. Her father, Thomas HOWERY, was first Leeds postmaster and is said to have built the first house at Leeds. After farming on a homestead several years near Minnewaukan, Frank and Agnes moved to Leeds in 1892, where Mr. SPAULDING was engaged in the mercantile business 28 years. The couple moved to Minot in 1924, remaining there until 1944, when they moved to Long Beach, California. They had 7 children born in North Dakota.
iii.     Charles Jefferson SPAULDING born January 30, 1872 in Osseo, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin and died May 1935; married Mabel Lulu Cecilia STOWELL born June 20, 1876 in Otter Creek, Wisconsin – married January 1, 1895 in Bottineau, Bottineau County, North Dakota. They had 12 children.
iv.     Adaline May SPAULDING born August 16, 1880 in Adrian, Nobles County, Minnesota and died February 12, 1973 in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri; married Joseph Eli STOWELL born May 2, 1879 in Otter Creek, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin and died July 16, 1949 – married July 15, 1903 in Bottineau, Bottineau County, North Dakota. They had 6 children – the first was born in North Dakota and the rest were born in Iowa.

2)     Alfreda GORDON born about 1847 in Maine.
3)     Weltha ‘Hannah’ GORDON born about 1849 in Maine; a teacher in Maine.
4)     Adeline GORDON born about 1854 in Wisconsin.
5)     Andrew GORDON born about 1857 in Wisconsin.
6)     John GORDON born about 1860 in Wisconsin; with Herbert in 1880.
7)     Herbert GORDON born about 1862 in Wisconsin; in Grand Prairie in 1880.
8)     May GORDON born about 1864 in Wisconsin.
9)     Jane GORDON born about 1868 in Wisconsin.

Any further information on this family is appreciated, [email protected]


Gunn Karin Sandmæl Fri Mar 30 15:17:19 2007
I'm looking for the family of Sadie or Orvil ALBERTSON born in Knox about 1912 and 1909. Their mother Sigrid was my grandmother's sister.


Richard Stokes Sat Nov 10 17:17:09 2007
I have a photograph of Mr. and Mrs John CHANCE who homesteaded in Rock Township about 1910-1912.


Jyoti Tue Feb 19 12:18:28 2008
Am looking for any information on my great-grandfather, Thomas J RUSSELL. I found a deed for land that was sold from Thomas B STONE (and wife Martha A STONE) to Thomas J RUSSELL on October 19th, 1898. The deed specifies section numbers of land that was purchased. I'd love any information!


Ronald Rolle Fri Feb 29 09:09:09 2008
Seeking ROLLE family information in Benson County, ND


Jeannie McKenney Sat Mar 1 23:26:13 2008
I am intrested in any information relating to any relations of Dewitt and Hazel HUFFMAN and/or George and Ada DICKINSON both families of Minnewaukan. They were all my paternal great-grandparents. Thanks!


C Miller Mon Apr 14 06:14:40 2008
I am looking for plat maps that show where Lester and Florence (CARLSON) HEGLAND would have owned land in the late '40's to mid '50's. I've been told the farm may have been NE of Maddock.
I'd also like to find where Edward and Emma (HJELDEN) CARLSON farmed for a brief time, probably in the 1920's and likely in the Maddock area.
If there are plat records on line, it would be wonderful to share that link on your site....OR....find a way to add them?


Allen Adkins Thu Apr 24 18:08:12 2008
My grandmother is Jewel Carmen ELLEFSON. Her father was Roland ELLEFSON. Her grandfather, August BERG. Homesteaded property in Benson county and about 40 acres is still in our family. My grandmother moved from Bensen county in 1944 and moved to Seattle. Her father was a butcher in Benson county and I believe they owned a hotel there as well.

Allen Adkins
Attorney at Law
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Sharon Allen Tue Jul 1 21:16:49 2008
Looking for information on the Robert S. SMITH family who lived in Baker 1901-1910 and 1912-1917 (approx). Also, what township is Baker in?


Carol Paine Sat Aug 2 18:12:33 2008
I'm looking for any information on my grandfather Howard O. PETRY. He was born January 3, 1904 in Leeds. His father's name was Sylvana F. PETRY and mother's was Clara Bell WRIGHT.


Wesley Johnston Sun Feb 8 15:49:27 2009
Seeking any information on BUTSON family in or near Leeds. Particularly interested in any information on spinster Mary Jane BUTSON who died at Leeds 15 Aug 1899.


Jim Schultz Sun Mar 15 20:21:18 2009
On 19 Nov 1907, Alex (possibly Alexander) McISAAC (possibly McISSAC) married Elizabeth Marie ROCHE. Their Avon, Stearns, MN marriage was witnessed by Katie McISAAK who I believe may have been Alex's younger sister. Their marriage license states that Alex resided in Benson, ND.

Alex and Elizabeth had James Byrd in Mpls on 11 Sep 1908. Rumor has it that sometime when James Byrd was an infant, Alex said he was going to go the bathroom and that he never returned. The rumor has merit because Elizabeth never talked about her husband yet her 1949 marriage death certificate states that she remained married to him and names him as Alek. His diappearance is a mystery that can best be solved if I can locate additional info.

If I had to guess, his name may be Alexander Alek McISAAC and he may have been born in Brockway Township, Stearns, MN on abt 1877 to Alexander McISAAC. He appears in the 1880 census there as Elexander and his father is name Isaac (mistake--real name is Alexander; Isaac appears to come from a potential McISAAC nickname.) His mother's maiden name may have been KENNEDY.
Other census material includes the 1910 Devils Lake, ND census under Alex McISAAC.

Anything you can do to help me would be greatfully appreciated.

If you have resources for Benson County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail me at Tim Stowell / Chattanooga, TN
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