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Below are a some materials we will be posting online for the benefit of family historians and researchers. Anyone knowing of other materials available concerning the four regiments of U.S. Colored Troops formed in North Carolina during the Civil War, please contact me. Thanks.

The Allen Parker Slave Narrative: A history research project by students at East Carolina University on the slave narrative of Allen Parker, a slave from Chowan County, NC who escaped on a Union gun boat, went to New Bern, joined the Union Navy, and after the war migrated to Worcester, Massachusetts. Allen Parker is listed on this web site with the Union sailors.

Freedman's Colony on Roanoke Island during the Civil War, by Patricia C. Click, author of a new book, "Time Full of Trial: The Roanoke Island Freedmen’s Colony, 1862-1867" (UNC Press). This web site contains a history of the Freednmen's Colony, Documents, Maps and other materials.

"The War Within the Confederacy: White Unionist of North Carolina," By Michael K. Honey. Reprinted from Prologue (Journal of the National Archives), Summer 1986, Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 75-93.

"Recollections of My Slavery Days" by William Henry Singleton. Originally published in a local Peekskill, New York newspaper in 1922, the autobiography of William Henry Singleton, from Craven County, NC, recounts his years as a slave, his Civil War service in Company B, 35th UC Colored Infantry and his life after the war.

"Raising the African Brigade: Early Black Recruitment in Civil War North Carolina", by Dr. Richard Reid, Dept. of History, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada; in North Carolina Historical Review, 70 (1993), pp. 266-301.

"Report of the Services Rendered by the Freed People to the United States Army, in North Carolina, in the Spring of 1862, After the Battle of Newbern," by Vincent Colyer, Superintendent of the Poor under General Burnside; New York, published by Vincent Colyer, No. 105 Bleecker Street; 1864.

“Two Years With A Colored Regiment: A Woman’s Experience,” by Frances Beecher Perkins; New England Magazine, XVII, pp. 533-543; January, 1898.

"History of the Thirty-seventh Regt. U.S.C. Infantry From Its Organization in the Winter of 1863 and '64, to the Present Time, With List of Names of All Officers and Enlisted Men Who Have Belonged to the Reigment...". Phila: King & Baird, 1866. pp. 136.

“The Forgotten Sons: North Carolinians in the Union Army”, by Glenda Hicks; Masters Thesis, Appalachian State University, Boone, 1968; pp. 59.

"The African-American's Civil War: A History of the 1st North Carolina Colored Volunteers". Masters Thesis by Jonathan William Horstman; 1994. Western Carolina Univ., Collowhee.

"Just Learning To Be Men: A History Of The 35th United States Colored Troops, 1863-1866." Masters Thesis by Shana Renee Hutchins, 1999, North Carolina State University, Raleigh.

"A Model Regiment: The 36th United States Colored Infantry in the Civil War." by James Kenneth Bryant, II; Masters Thesis, University of Vermont; 1996, 154 pp. [ NOT AVAILABLE ]

Thanks to Kay Lynn Sheppard and Robert Parrish for their valuable assistance in preparing these materials.

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